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Website Security Software

Website security software uses cloud-based technology to automatically detect internet based threats and attacks on your website. These attacks include malware distributions, website hijacking, heavy adware activity, DDoS and complete website shutdown. Web security software is an all-inclusive website protection solution which combines functionalities of DDoS protection software, web application firewalls and content delivery networks. It helps to improve website performance by keeping threats at bay and securing website information. It facilitates amendment of the website and application-level malware. Some Website security software also help websites to be PCI compliant, giving more credibility to online merchants.

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CWIS Security Antivirus Scanner - Website Security Software

CWIS Security Antivirus Scanner

The best professional solution for website security check and malware removal
(3 Ratings)

CWIS Security Antivirus Scanner pricing: Starts at $6.9. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is CWIS Security Antivirus Scanner and how does it work?

CWIS Security Antivirus Scanner security plugin for WordPress complete protection Antivirus for all kind of PHP site, and Extension Antivirus for Joomla. This experienced team will Scan, Detect and remove any and all types of malware and malicious codes from your website.

Detectify - Website Security Software


Automated web application security
(2 Ratings)

Detectify pricing: Starts at $85.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Detectify and how does it work?

Detectify automate the work of hundreds of ethical hackers to help keep your web apps secure. Scan for the latest critical vulnerabilities daily and continuously monitor your web application security.

ThreatSign! - Website Security Software


Establish effective cyber risk management
(8 Ratings)

ThreatSign! pricing: Starts at $10.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is ThreatSign! and how does it work?

ThreatSign! brings a cost-effective yet professional web-based platform that features: comprehensive malware scanning of websites to analyze in-depth each and every file, malware, and blacklisting reporting, monitoring statistics and security metrics, malware, and blacklisting removal with a click. This website security monitoring & malware alerting solution does not require setup, installation, and maintenance. Customers can access it from any computer or mobile device through a web browser. They work with any hosting and Content Management Systems (CMS) out there. show more

Trust Guard - Website Security Software

Trust Guard

Security Designed To Make You More Money
(75 Ratings)

Trust Guard pricing: Starts at $97.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Trust Guard and how does it work?

Trust Guard Seals are specially designed to eliminate your customer’s security concerns and improve trust, which makes customers much more likely to buy from you. With Trust Guard, you can fully protect your website without being a rocket scientist. They’ve made the control panel so easy that if all the lights are green, you’re protected. Trust Guard utilizes Malware Scanning to look for strange patterns or abnormal types of code that have been found on other sites and then alerts you about any suspicious findings. Malware issues are difficult to detect, and in many cases, hackers can be stealing information for months before they're ever discovered. show more

Virusdie - Website Security Software


Resolve security related issues for your website with a single click
(53 Ratings)

Virusdie pricing: Starts at $15.0.

What is Virusdie and how does it work?

Virusdie is an advanced website security management software that helps businesses clean up and protect their website in an automated way. It is equipped with a unified dashboard where users can find all their websites, hosting platforms, and security protection tools in an efficient manner. The software’s antivirus technology scans the entire website and automatically removes redirects, backdoors, Trojan horses, shell scripts, and other malicious code from HTML, JS, PHP, system files, images, and binary files as well. Virusdie not only detects viruses but also points out other vulnerabilities of an individual website affecting their performance. The software provides a complete description of malware and detected vulnerabilities along with detailed recommendations that help users to take appropriate action in real-time. In Virusdie, companies can deploy a Website Firewall that protects websites from the most common attacks. It also sends instant notifications to users over email, related to possible threats and automated issues resolution. Moreover, it also generates weekly and monthly reports that contain detailed information about essential events. show more

Astra Security Suite - Website Security Software

Astra Security Suite

Complete Website Security Suite
(284 Ratings)

Astra Security Suite pricing: Starts at $19.0.

What is Astra Security Suite and how does it work?

Astra Security is a privately held U.S. & India-based web application security & solutions company. They offer holistic website security solutions via real-time malware monitoring, threat protection, malware removal & website protection services. Stop worrying about your site's vulnerabilities. Sleep stress-free at night with Astra guarding your website from any and all threats. With Astra security, you can sleep sound knowing that your website is safe from hackers, bad bots, SQLi, XSS, spam, and 80+ other types of attacks. All in one. show more

Assertible - Website Security Software


The easiest way to test and monitor your web services
(59 Ratings)

Assertible pricing: Starts at $25.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Assertible and how does it work?

Assertible is an online-based Website Security Software. Assertible provides a reliable first line of defense against web service failures by providing simple and powerful assertions to test and monitor your APIs and websites. Lower the number of false positives in your automated QA tests and be confident your APIs are healthy. Keeping your tests up to date can be a burden, but with Assertible you can automatically sync your API tests with the latest changes in your specification. Gain high-level insight into your web application's health, any failing assertions, and problematic endpoints. show more

Guardio - Website Security Software


Creating a Secure Digital World
(44 Ratings)

Guardio pricing: Guardio Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Guardio and how does it work?

Guardio is a lightweight extension designed to help browse quickly and securely. It will clean browser, speed it up, and protect private information. Advanced anti-phishing protection from emails and webpages that attempt to steal personal or payment information. Intrusive notifications aren't just annoying ads. Eliminate all invasive and malicious notifications that could be harmful. show more

AppTrana - Website Security Software


Built for comprehensive protection
(10 Ratings)

AppTrana pricing: Starts at $99.0.

What is AppTrana and how does it work?

AppTrana software enables users to determine the risk posture of the application, reinforce the vulnerabilities promptly, enhance website performance, and ensure your proactive compensation against emerging threats through consistent monitoring in a single place. AppTrana is an extremely useful tool to filter requests from particular Geo-location IP addresses and offers detailed information of blocked attacks in daily reports. Apart from filtering the traffic based on the IP source address, it is very potent against DDOS attack protection. AppTrana is a robust security solution software that completely manages and detects application-layer vulnerabilities with web application detect features and a firewall. It consistently monitors website traffic through machine learning algorithms and inbuilt security experts that inhibit emerging threats and DDOS attacks. No other software is feasible and practical than AppTrana, even with the same features. This tool takes complete care of tuning, analyzing, and upgrading security policies to maintain web application security. AppTrana is very easy to set up and gets implemented with just a few clicks. Moreover, it comprises three pricing strategy premium, basic, and advance, which are easily affordable. show more

WebARX - Website Security Software


Protect websites from vulnerable activities
(58 Ratings)

WebARX pricing: Starts at $12.74. Offers Custom plan.

What is WebARX and how does it work?

WebARX software is an effective forum to enhance website security, block traffic, and prevent any malware activities. If users built firewalls rules with the Web ARX firewall engine, it can monitor site errors and Blacklist proficiently and generate weekly security reports. Developers are choosing WebARX for their website as it is an excellent thing to do. It is a very useful software as it reduces website vulnerabilities and offers security that allows developers to create their personalized firewalls standards, identify the malware activities and shield it by all means. WebARX is an excellent website security platform that offers exceptional protection and monitoring for the user's website and makes it impossible for hackers to perform any other activities on the website. It offers a cloud-based web application Firewall that works efficiently. Proper website security software is a must for any business to keep their websites safe from malicious activities. As hacking has become a common activity nowadays, opting for WebARX software becomes mandatory. WebARX makes no compromises when it comes to security with a pricing plan of $12.74 per month. show more

ServicePilot - Website Security Software


Intelligent and secure observability of Information Systems
(6 Ratings)

ServicePilot pricing: Starts at $435.0.

What is ServicePilot and how does it work?

ServicePilot offers a complete view from the web browser or the desktop to the details of each application transaction. All the essential monitoring functions: topology, alerts, dashboards, PDF reports, event trays.

PatchStack - Website Security Software


Protect WordPress websites fromplugin vulnerabilities
(23 Ratings)

PatchStack pricing: Starts at $12.74. Offers Custom plan.

What is PatchStack and how does it work?

Patchstack security researchers uncover plugin vulnerabilities to automatically deliver security patches to your websites. Be first to receive protection from new security vulnerabilities.

Web Application Security Assessment - Website Security Software
(28 Ratings)

Web Application Security Assessment pricing: Web Application Security Assessment Offers Custom plan.

What is Web Application Security Assessment and how does it work?

Web application are one of the primary entry point for attackers. These apps are often left vulnerable due to factors like enormous pressure on development teams to meet strict deadlines, vulnerable third-party APIs, insecure platform usages and lack of secure coding methodologies.

Barracuda Website Vulnerability Manager - Website Security Software

Barracuda Website Vulnerability Manager

The shortest path to protecting your web applications
(12 Ratings)

Barracuda Website Vulnerability Manager pricing: Barracuda Website Vulnerability Manager Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Barracuda Website Vulnerability Manager and how does it work?

Vulnerabilities in your websites and other public-facing applications can lead to costly data breaches that disrupt your business operations and erode customer trust. There are hundreds of ways to bring down a website, hack into your data, and introduce malware into your network. In fact, more than 80 percent of websites have vulnerabilities that put businesses and data at risk. show more

Acunetix - Website Security Software


An Automated Web Security Scanner Tool To Keep Your Organization Secured
(213 Ratings)

Acunetix pricing: Starts at $4495.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Acunetix and how does it work?

Acunetix is an end-to-end security platform that provides a complete view of an organization’s security issues. It’s a tool that helps to find, fix, and prevent vulnerabilities. It comes with the highest detection rating of over 6500 vulnerabilities in custom, commercial, and open-source apps with nearly 0% false positives. The AcuSensor allows users to find and test hidden inputs not discovered during black-box scanning. Users can run Acunetix manually before beginning a penetration test to find common web application vulnerabilities. The tool can be set up to work in real-time within the SDLC and can also work with other security tools. Users can prioritize and classify detected issues to know how to invest their time. Users can create management and compliance reports to find out what needs to be addressed. It allows users to track fixed issues to know if they reappear and automatically retest them to stay safe. The tool gives detailed technical reports to understand and address identified vulnerabilities. show more

Shield Security - Website Security Software

Shield Security

Protecting WordPress sites all over the globe
(21 Ratings)

Shield Security pricing: Starts at $6.58.

What is Shield Security and how does it work?

ShieldPRO is accessible to everyone. It gives you a toolkit with everything you need to expertly secure your site, without being a security expert. ShieldPRO isn't about security alerts. We're all tired of those. Instead, Shield does most of the heavy lifting for you, so you can get back to focusing on the work you love to do. show more

GoDaddy Website Security - Website Security Software

GoDaddy Website Security

Smart Tool That Offers Website Security And Protects Your Server Data
(57 Ratings)

What is GoDaddy Website Security and how does it work?

A Godaddy product that protects user websites from hackers, malware, and other online security threats and keeps the data safe. Users get protection for unlimited pages within a single website, security analysts for advanced issues, Google blacklist monitoring and removal, complete malware removal, hack repair, and much more. Users don't have to install any software, the security scans will run daily, and if there is any issue, automatic removal tools will fix it. In case it is not able to be fixed, then security experts will repair it manually. Depending on the requirements, users can choose from a 30-minute, 12-hour, or once-a-day security plan to monitor the website. Website Security monitoring not only protects the user's website, but it also protects their rankings by checking a variety of different blacklists and notifying them if they have been placed on rank one. Various kinds of required security checks like Brute Force Prevention, Injection Prevention, Zero-Day Prevention or Cross-site Scripting Prevention are taken care of. show more

WP Hacked Help - Website Security Software

WP Hacked Help

Protect Sites from Malware in Minutes
(2 Ratings)

WP Hacked Help pricing: Starts at $89.99.

What is WP Hacked Help and how does it work?

WP Hacked Help software is a WordPress Security Scanner for analyzing your website from threats and malware. The software removes Google SERP Warnings, Malicious Redirects, Defacements, and more. Receive automatic Backup reports to analyze all of the files with malware issues on your WordPress website. Fix issues and can clean up websites with multiple scanners in minutes. show more

Imunify360 - Website Security Software


(1 Ratings)

Imunify360 pricing: Starts at $12.0.

What is Imunify360 and how does it work?

Imunify360 Is A Comprehensive Security Suite For Linux Web Servers. Antivirus, Firewall, Waf, Php Security Layer, Patch Management, Domain Reputation With Easy Ui And Advanced Automation.

SiteLock - Website Security Software


Cybersecurity Solutions Built for Every Business
(1,080 Ratings)

SiteLock pricing: Starts at $12.49.

What is SiteLock and how does it work?

SiteLock is the global leader in website security, currently protecting more than 12 million websites globally. SiteLock delivers cloud-based 360-degree website security solutions with the technology to find vulnerabilities, automatically remove malware, provide WordPress database scanning, core CMS vulnerability patching, defend against DDoS attacks, meet PCI compliance standards, provide static application security testing and accelerate website performance. SiteLock also provides website support services that are available 24/7/365. show more

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List of Website Security Software

CWIS Security Antivirus Scanner 5
Detectify 5
ThreatSign! 4.9
Trust Guard 4.8
Virusdie 4.8
Astra Security Suite 4.7
Assertible 4.6
Guardio 4.6
AppTrana 4.6
WebARX 4.5

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