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Updated on: May 25, 2022

Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) Software

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Cisco Stealthwatch

Cisco Secure Network Analytics (Stealthwatch)
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Cisco Secure Network Analytics (Stealthwatch), provides pervasive network visibility and sophisticated security analytics for advanced protection across the extended network and cloud.

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Symantec Network Forensics &...

Network Forensics: Security Analytics
(12 Ratings)

Blue Coat Security Analytics delivers full network security visibility, advanced network forensics, anomaly detection and real-time content inspection for all network activity. This effectively arms security and incident response teams to identify and detect advanced malware crossing the network.

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Citrix Analytics

Security Analytics Solutions for Application Security Threats - Citrix
(7 Ratings)

Citrix Analytics is an intuitive analytics service that allows you to monitor and identify inconsistent or suspicious activity.

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Check Point Advanced...

Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) | Check Point Software
(4 Ratings)

Threat protection with Check Point’s Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) identifies and controls applications by user, and scans content to stop threats.

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Check Point SandBlast Network

Advanced Network Threat Prevention | Check Point Software
(4 Ratings)

SandBlast Network is an advanced network threat prevention solution, offering network protection against zero-day cyberattacks and evasion resistant malware

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Progress WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp Gold Network Monitoring Software - Ipswitch
(107 Ratings)

When network services go down, the entire business starts losing money. Administrators need to find and fix problems fast – preferably before they impact end users or customers. This has to be one single tool that is vendor agnostic.

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FireEye Network Security and...

Network Security and Forensics Solutions | FireEye
(13 Ratings)

Network Security and Forensics tools help you detect, monitor and respond to complex cyber attacks and zero-day exploits that bypass signature-based defenses.

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Network Insight

Network Traffic Analysis | Network Insight | Core Security
(1 Ratings)

Core Network Insight monitors and analyzes network traffic to reveal critical threats in real time on any device. Multiple detection engines provide definitive evidence and pinpoint the specific location of an infection.

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Kentik Detect

Network Intelligence for Visibility, Performance and Security | Network Traffic Analysis | Kentik
(1 Ratings)

Kentik offers a scalable and customizable AIOps platform that provides full network visibility. We combine a NetFlow network monitoring tool with solutions for ingesting data like VPC Flow Logs, business context & application context. Kentik's platform unifies network operations, performance, security, and business intelligence.

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Flowmon Platform

Nextgen Network Monitoring and Security Solution
(10 Ratings)

Flowmon provides IT operations with a deep understanding of network and application behavior to avoid these situations. Based on performance, scalability and ease-of-use, Flowmon is trusted by companies globally.

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