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Cloud Cost Management Software

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AWS Cost Explorer

AWS Cost Explorer - Amazon Web Services
(13 Ratings)

AWS Cost Explorer has an easy-to-use interface that lets you visualize, understand, and manage your AWS cloud costs and usage over time.

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Azure Cost Management

Cloud Cost Management | Microsoft Azure
(12 Ratings)

Monitor, allocate, and optimize cloud costs with transparency, accuracy, and efficiency using Azure Cost Management.

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AWS Budgets

AWS Budgets - Amazon Web Services
(37 Ratings)

AWS Budgets is the simplest way to monitor your AWS spend and be alerted when you exceed or are forecasted to exceed your desired spending limit.

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AWS Cost and Usage Report

AWS Cost & Usage Report - Amazon Web Services
(14 Ratings)

The AWS Cost & Usage Report contains the most comprehensive set of AWS cost and usage data available, including additional metadata about AWS services, pricing, and reservations (e.g., Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances (RIs)).

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IBM Storage Insights

IBM Storage Insights - Overview
(7 Ratings)

Optimize your storage infrastructure using this cloud-based storage and support management platform with predictive analytics

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vRealize Business for Cloud

What is vRealize Operations? | vROps | VMware
(2 Ratings)

vRealize Operations (vROps) delivers self-driving IT operations management powered by AI from apps to infrastructure to optimize, plan and scale VMware Cloud and HCI deployments while unifying public cloud monitoring. Free Trial.

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Cloud Computing Cost Management Software | Flexera
(39 Ratings)

Make cloud computing cost management across multiple platforms simple with Flexera’s software. Reduce or eliminate wasted cloud spend with full visibility.

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AWS Cost Management | Cloud Cost Management Tools : Site24x7 CloudSpend
(31 Ratings)

CloudSpend is a cost management solution for public clouds. Built from the ground up by Zoho, CloudSpend helps provide precise insights into the cloud cost accrued.

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ParkMyCloud Platform - ParkMyCloud
(189 Ratings)

ParkMyCloud helps enterprises automatically identify and eliminate wasted cloud spend. More than 1,200 enterprises trust ParkMyCloud to cut their cloud spend by tens of millions of dollars annually.

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Automate Cost Optimization, Real Time Events,Backup & DR | GorillaStack
(1 Ratings)

Take control of your Cloud Backup Automation, Cost Optimization & Real Time Events for instant observability of cloud environments

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Cloud Cruiser: Hybrid Cloud Consumption & Cost Managment
(1 Ratings)

Take advantage of Cloud Cruiser’s hybrid cloud cost management and optimization capabilities, proactively meter usage, analyze consumption, and optimize services.

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Centilytics Cloud Visibility

Cloud Visibility | Centilytics – Intelligent Cloud Management Platform
(0 Ratings)

Centilytics is a cloud management, governance, and optimization solution. It enables businesses and organizations to fully manage their entire cloud infrastructure, apps, and processes. Centilytics comes with powerful and fully customizable reports that deliver detailed analysis of cloud usage and costs.

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CloudForecast: ?AWS Cost Monitoring and Optimization
(0 Ratings)

CloudForecast is a AWS cost monitoring and management tool that helps your team monitor and eliminate wasted AWS cost with an easy to understand reports delivered to your team directly. Get control of your AWS budget without significant engineering time & resources.

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Improve Margins with AWS Cost Management
(0 Ratings)

Taloflow Instance Manager (TIM) helps to alleviate the headache of managing the cloud-hosted virtual machines by monitoring the AWS resources and suggesting automation in real-time. It enables the users to reduce the expenditures by as much as 40%. TIM enables the user to drill down to the hour of costs for each instance or category of instances. With the help of this information, the users are able to make proper decisions on what instances need to be continued or shut down and schedule them in TIMS’s supported automation framework. TIM provides recommendations to engineers on how to optimize the performance and cost in the cloud. It is also very convenient as the user is not required to log in to the web UI to view metrics, receive alerts and recommendations. With Taloflow, the users can also automate simple tasks such as scheduling startups or shutdowns of virtual machines. The software also helps the users to evaluate the reasons behind the cost fluctuation. show more

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vCom vManager Software

Technology Expense and Lifecycle Management | vCom
(6 Ratings)

vCom Solutions is a cloud-based software and managed services company laser-focused on helping enterprises manage their IT spend from procure-to-pay.

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Build effective apps with proper cost optimization
(0 Ratings)

Cloudthread is an app analytical software that helps developers to build cost-efficient applications with access to better data, fewer meetings and more engineering autonomy. The software understands the cost efficiency levels of users’ apps in half a second, and assists developers to create great apps efficiently. One of the main features of the Cloudthread platform is that it allows users to catch cloud cost raises in an instant along with relevant endpoints driving it. Thus saving a lot of time and energy for the user companies. Cloudthread also forecasts cloud bills for the upcoming week, month or even for a year based on the performance of individual applications. It comes with a cloud cost telemetry framework that lets developers build apps with cost-efficiency. The software also empowers engineering teams with the right kind of metrics that help them to manage application costs and work on KPIs in real-time. In addition, it bridges the gap between FinOps and engineering teams to align incentives without affecting the internal workflow. show more

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Azure Costs

azure costs - azure cloud cost optimization made easy
(52 Ratings)

azure costs - Azure Cloud Cost Management & Optimization made easy. 100'S of customers are already using azure costs to manage their cloud costs.

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Cloud Compare

Compare cloud hosting prices | Free matching & analysis tool
(3 Ratings)

Cloud Compare maps your existing server assets to leading cloud providers globally. It matches each existing asset to the nearest IaaS machine for each cloud provider. Enabling you to generate a bill of materials and detailed costs in seconds.

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Demand Cloud

The simple automated solution
(0 Ratings)

Follow easy steps to connect to cloud account or subscription. Once connected, all the cloud resources that can bring savings will be fetched and displayed on the Cloud Resources page. Manage resources and assign them to specific projects and team members. Create permissions for colleagues and work efficiently.

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Profisea Labs

Visualize your cloud
(0 Ratings)

The AI-based multicloud platform is designed to give users full control over their infrastructure while reducing their cloud bills by up to 75%. With its easy-to-use visual cloud architecture, users can review and share their information with the team in real-time. In addition, it makes managing, spotting, resizing, turning off/on and tagging machines on a visual map simple. Furthermore, the platform provides security insights and vulnerability recognition to ensure the highest level of security. Finally, users are provided with 24/7 DevSecOps insights with automated security issues monitoring, giving them the ability to spot any security issues quickly and easily. With this platform, users can be sure that their infrastructure is secure and running efficiently. show more

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List of Cloud Cost Management Software

AWS Cost Explorer 4.4
Azure Cost Management 3.8
AWS Budgets 4.1
AWS Cost and Usage Report 3.7
IBM Storage Insights 4.4
vRealize Business for Cloud 4.5
Optima 3.7
CloudSpend 4.5
ParkMyCloud 4.5
GorillaStack 5