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Video Hosting Software

Video hosting software lets you upload, store and manage video files that can be shared with an audience without the need for specialized tools or technical skills. Most video hosting platforms also provide additional features which ensures your videos are a success, such as video marketing tools, analytics dashboard and tons of software integrations. Some video hosting solutions also make sure that the videos are not interrupted or delayed due to ads being bombarded, which can be a constant distraction for the viewers. It can be used within an organization by content, marketing or sales team in order to share intelligent and visually appealing content with employees or clients which improves employee engagement as well as increases ROI on live events and training programs.

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RecCloud - Video Hosting Software


Supercharge your business with intriguing videos
(1 Ratings)

RecCloud pricing: Starts at $4.99.

What is RecCloud and how does it work?

RecCloud is a comprehensive video creation platform that enables businesses and individuals to record and share videos online and even experience video collaboration as per their needs. The platform allows users to record their screen activities, along with system sound or their own voice, to create intriguing videos. Businesses can upload all of their videos in the cloud and save their local storage space. They can even set an exclusive password for the videos to keep the content safe and secure. With ReeCloud, users can also allow their colleagues, family members or friends to manage the playlist. While recording the screen, video creators can customise video format, recording mode, audio quality, frame rate and other preferences as per convenience. RecCloud is in compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), following which it collects and uses all the data in the right way. The platform is available in 19 different languages making it easier for businesses. show more

Vidalytics - Video Hosting Software


Grow your customers through marketing videos
(23 Ratings)

Vidalytics pricing: Starts at $79.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Vidalytics and how does it work?

Vidalytics is a compact video hosting and marketing platform that helps marketing teams reach their targeted audience via engaging videos and convert them into customers. The platform allows brands to customise their autoplay messages as per convenience, keeping in mind specific target areas. Also, with Vidalytics, marketing teams get the facility of adding ‘opt-in’ option within their videos to collect information about individual viewers in real-time. The information collected includes names, phone numbers, emails and more. Further, dedicated Call to Action Buttons (CTAs) within the same appear at the right time in the videos when the viewers are ready to take action and buy the product. Video Heatmaps facility offered by the same helps users to spot extra engaging or boring parts of the videos, where viewers might skip or rewind the videos. Marketing teams can even add their viewers to the pre-existing CRM or email list to send information about specific points of the videos, like pricing or discount coupons. show more

ShowMore - Video Hosting Software


Create videos by recording screens and host them instantly
(2 Ratings)

ShowMore pricing: Starts at $4.99.

What is ShowMore and how does it work?

ShowMore is an accurate video creation and hosting platform that helps businesses generate simple yet comprehensive videos by recording screens. It can also be used to host and share the generated videos online for multiple purposes. Moreover, with the software’s screen recording feature, users can record video and audio from the computer and add a range of annotations, like text, shapes and arrows to them. They can also host videos over this platform simply by uploading them on cloud storage. ShowMore comes with various recording modes, such as full-screen, custom region and picture in picture recording options that creators can use to make attractive and engaging videos. It also allows users to upload and host videos that are created and edited with third-party apps, besides switching access to private or public viewing facilities. The platform uses HTTPS methodology to keep users’ data safe in terms of network transmission and communication. Inbuilt CDN network accelerates the speed of the platform and allows users to upload and watch videos at a fast speed. show more

Onemob - Video Hosting Software


Quickly create pages of content to engage prospects and employees
(102 Ratings)

Onemob pricing: Onemob Offers Custom plan.

What is Onemob and how does it work?

Onemob is used to quickly create pages of content to engage prospects, customers, partners, and employees. Create a webpage of content, including Videos, Documents, Links, Buttons, YouTube, and social media. Track video and document viewer, time spent, and location. Leverage contact management in OneMob and sync back to Salesforce and MS Dynamics. show more

kPoint - Video Hosting Software


Record, Engage & Analyse Video
(10 Ratings)

kPoint pricing: Starts at $39.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is kPoint and how does it work?

kPoint Engage users with videos and it is the top online video platform for businesses and institutes. With kPoint, anyone can record, engage, analyze, and share professional on-demand videos securely. kPoint’s offers seamlessly integrate with existing tools and hardware to make life easier. kPoint Reduces travel costs and keeps employees in the know with on-demand videos and it supports encrypted video distribution and uses enterprise-grade security practices. show more

ThankView - Video Hosting Software


Send thankyou videos to your donors and build better relationships
(155 Ratings)

ThankView pricing: Starts at $89.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is ThankView and how does it work?

ThankView is an advanced video generation platform that helps universities and non-profit organizations with their personalized video creation, send and tracking parts. Furthermore, it also helps users to raise awareness, update supporters, promote events and thank donors for their contribution. Organizations can depend on the platform to send birthday videos, donation updates and gift reminders automatically at a pre-set date. ThankView allows users to record back-to-back personalized videos for their target audience. For this, they can group their recipients by class year, name and other criteria as per convenience. The platform also allows recipients to respond to the video messages in their own way and send their feedback. With ThankView, created videos can also be shared over social media platforms to improve online presence and attract new donors. Besides this, users can also monitor the views generated by a particular video and take actions accordingly. show more

Bonjoro - Video Hosting Software


Customer engagement through personalized videos
(40 Ratings)

Bonjoro pricing: Starts at $20.83. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Bonjoro and how does it work?

Bonjoro is a customer engagement app equipped with a simple platform yet with powerful integrations to draw customers and also to change the mindset of the customers to favourable response. Users can integrate with thousands of integrations and focus on goal-oriented campaigns to create a customer funnel. Users can use the app to send videos at intended targets and boost engagement to achieve the goals set. There are over 20 languages and users can choose their language accordingly and connect over the mobile app as well as the desktop version. It provides CRM, CSV data uploads as well as Zapier connectivity for a thorough and filtered customer funnel. Calls, messages, custom branding features provide users with detailed knowledge of customer data. Users can send videos through their own mail id or animate messages using HTML for an even far-reaching objective. Work as a team and boost ROI by managing a single dashboard and sync results with real-time CRM integration. show more

Dubb - Video Hosting Software


Your best video platform for sales conversion
(90 Ratings)

Dubb pricing: Starts at $8.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Dubb and how does it work?

Dubb is a video hosting platform designed to create relationships and close business sales offers. It's a sales-driven video platform that lets you share videos from a screen or video camera to sell more. The software can be integrated with Slack, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. The application was based on the presupposition that everyone should be able to share intelligent and visually appealing content with third parties without the need for specialized tools or technical skills. The mission of the company is simple: change the way people in the company communicate through video. Thanks to its outstanding video sharing features, it is also easy to use and offers excellent customer service, a sleek user interface and affordable prices. The video suite also includes a Chrome extension and a site where you can manage a custom video portfolio that you can share with the network. show more

Quickpage - Video Hosting Software


The quickest, most effective closing tool in sales
(370 Ratings)

Quickpage pricing: Starts at $29.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Quickpage and how does it work?

Quickpage is the fastest-growing video follow-up solution in the world. It's a sales app that helps you create real, human relationships with your customer so that you can build trust and close deals. Easily and quickly record or upload videos from your phone or desktop. Send video pages from your phone or desktop by animated email (gif) and text message (gif), embed in most crms. Share to social media. Copy the link and paste it anywhere. Built-in a live chat on every video page allows your prospect to easily communicate with you from the comfort of their phone or computer. show more

Viewed - Video Hosting Software


Play in-email personalized videos to dramatically increase your sales
(3 Ratings)

Viewed pricing: Starts at $29.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Viewed and how does it work?

Viewed instantly create thousands of data-driven and real-time personalized videos to boost email marketing and retargeting results. You can upload your video, copy the video embed code and paste it into your HTML Email Template. Use VIEWED in your email marketing or remarketing campaigns. As a pioneer in embedding and playing video in an email, Viewed is the first company worldwide capable of creating thousands of one-to-one data-driven personalized videos for email marketing campaigns. Recover abandoned shopping carts with real-time personalized videos that play within email retargeting campaigns. show more

Coolix - Video Hosting Software


Given you the best interactive video experience
(44 Ratings)

Coolix pricing: Starts at $19.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Coolix and how does it work?

Coolix is the best interactive video platform for original content, advertising, and live video. The goal of the platform is to change the way millions of video users interact with content and add values to an existing video. The video marketing app enables you to possibly carry out high technical tasks without technical knowledge, Creating interactive video experiences is easy such as: creating interactive catalogs, potential customer formats, calling to actions allowing users to select the route, all within the content of the video. As if that is not enough, the platform also offers advanced analytics that enables you to determine what you are doing and what you need to focus on to achieve your goals. The software offers video optimization templates for marketing purposes and is compatible with mobile devices for iOS, Android or a desktop computer. The software integrates with your CRM platform, such as Salesforce, MailChimp, Slack, HubSpot, etc. Freelancers, individuals, project managers, medium-sized companies and more used software. show more

muse.ai - Video Hosting Software


The power of video made simple for you
(43 Ratings)

muse.ai pricing: Starts at $5.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is muse.ai and how does it work?

muse.ai is a next-gen ad-free video hosting platform that includes a powerful embedded video player and the most advanced video search. muse.ai Embed your videos on any website using the most advanced player and benefit from: Adaptive streaming, Multi-modal search, Glimpse preview and stream using Chromecast or Airplay. Empower your audience to search for anything inside your videos using our leading video search. show more

Adilo - Video Hosting Software


А Video Hosting Platform
(2,562 Ratings)

Adilo pricing: Starts at $29.0.

What is Adilo and how does it work?

Аdilо is an all-in-one video hosting and marketing platform for businesses and соnneсt сreаtоrs offering seamless, and buffer-free streaming that gets your videos to your аudienсe faster. Beyond super-fast video hosting and аdvаnсed соntent security, Аdilо has many solutions to make your videos interactive, monetize your соntent, build а team and get more out of every video. Аdilо lets you аutоmаtiсаlly generate сарtiоns, so your videos саn be more ассessible to all аudienсe. Аdilо аlsо аutоmаtiсаlly adds subtitles in your video in many other languages including Роrtuguese, Sраnish, Russian, French, Chinese, and Korean, providing a global reach to your video. With the Соntent Scheduler, you саn also schedule your video stream’s starting and expiration point, using the tools to drip feed or build urgency. The video рlаtfоrm is the first business video hosting service to providing enterprise-grade соntent рrоteсtiоn and anti-рirасy teсhnоlоgy at аffоrdаble rate for businesses, online marketers and e-learning course creators to рrоtесt their premium content. show more

Vidyard - Video Hosting Software


Add a personal touch to your videos and improve sales on remote marketing
(786 Ratings)

Vidyard pricing: Starts at $15.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Vidyard and how does it work?

Vidyard is a set of tools that helps professionals and businesses with video creations, making their remote selling process quite easier. It allows users to record an hour-long video using their iPhone or internet browser. They can also record screens with or without a camera. With Vidyard, businesses can create unique messages in video form for each of their recipients and personalize them on demand. They can also generate a video playlist in a sequence and create a 3 second GIF preview that can be included in the emails. It also includes video editing tools that can be used to trim videos from the beginning or the end. Vidyard tool also allows professionals to integrate with pre-existing sales engagement platforms. Users can even customize their webcam bubble by adding their name and title at the beginning of the screen recording. Lastly, the tool allows them to host ad-free high-quality video streaming and upload the videos in different formats. show more

Spotlightr - Video Hosting Software


Video Hosting and Marketing Platform for Business
(73 Ratings)

Spotlightr pricing: Starts at $24.0.

What is Spotlightr and how does it work?

Spotlightr is a professional video hosting solution with a sophisticated suite of video marketing tools that helps businesses grow with video. Spotlightr Video Hosting Suite For Businesses, Educators, Coaches & Marketers. Post the Spotlightr videos to any social network and they will play seamlessly. It integrates with major email service providers, marketing platforms, and other apps through Zapier. Spotlightr is the Video Protection for Authors, Coaches & Experts. show more

VdoCipher - Video Hosting Software


Secured Video Hosting Platform for Businesses
(17 Ratings)

VdoCipher pricing: Starts at $129.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is VdoCipher and how does it work?

VdoCipher is a secure video hosting platform for e-learning, media, and marketing businesses that fear for piracy. Videos streamed through VdoCipher player cannot be downloaded using any internet plugins or software. This is ensured by a DRM encrypted video streaming technology which is the highest security for video piracy. Additionally, the tool allows businesses to add customized viewer-specific watermark and also secure dynamic URLs and Geo Restrictions for additional security. These two features enable easy integration with CMS like WordPress and Moodle. The platform has an AWS powered server, transcoding, and CDN infrastructure that ensures smooth playback of videos across different continents. The multi-quality, adaptive, and responsive HTML5 player allows users to change the speed, forward/rewind, change player themes, and even add subtitles. Users can also integrate and automate their workflows for uploading and embedding using the tool’s SDKs and APIs. Some other features of VdoCipher include easy dashboard, device compatibility, and the ability to upload from anywhere. show more

Wistia - Video Hosting Software


A complete video hosting platform for marketing
(391 Ratings)

Wistia pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Wistia and how does it work?

Wistia is an innovative video Marketing software that allows organizations to create enrapturing viewing experiences on their websites and offers them the tools to discover, engage and grow a community of brand promoters. Wistia is an exclusively useful tool explicitly built to capture organizations that use videos on their website for marketing sales and support. For organizations that post onsite videos that require a unique strategy, in their case, Wistia, is an ideal option. Wistia has proven to be one of the easiest platforms that aim at turning business videos and postcards into a practical marketing machine. Marketing professionals who make use of videos to drive growth and build a lasting brand can very easily employ Wistia to their advantage. Wistia makes it possible for businesses to manage and update existing videos as their marketing and product evolve without losing historical engagement data for modifying URLs and those critical customer insights. Wistia is extremely easy to use with multiple customization options and valuable analytics, offering exclusive features under a subscription pricing strategy. show more

Consensus - Video Hosting Software


Offer a better buying experience with Consensus
(134 Ratings)

Consensus pricing: Consensus Offers Custom plan.

What is Consensus and how does it work?

Consensus is an intelligent demo automation platform that delivers better buying experiences. Presales are in demand. Hence, Consensus helps scale prescale instantly and shortens the sales cycle with interactive video demos. With Consensus, businesses can prioritise demo qualified leads, and automate a self-guided experience at scale. Also, businesses can discover such experiences organically with embedded virality. The interactive demos of Consensus help businesses scale their SES. Consensus is the ultimate revenue force multiplier. It takes less than one minute to create an interactive video demo on this automation platform. First businesses need to understand which demos their buyers need to make a decision. Next, they must use the content on hand or record something new on Consensus. And lastly, the platform takes care of the rest. The platform features a demo creator where one can create straightforward simple videos. It also combines a screen recorder, which ensures screen recording easily. A demo player, demo library, content mapping, and public demo links are also available. show more

Hippo Video - Video Hosting Software

Hippo Video

A one-stop platform for video creation and marketing
(320 Ratings)

Hippo Video pricing: Starts at $7.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Hippo Video and how does it work?

Hippo Video is a personalised video editing platform that helps professionals and businesses easily create personalized videos and distribute them over multiple channels. The software allows users to create brand-specific videos driving higher engagement levels. Users also get to share videos through emails directly from their inbox. Companies can create videos to fulfil their particular objectives related to sales, customer support, marketing, training and communication. Hippo Video also provides video recorder API to developers, enabling quick video generation. As per the marketing needs, users can also create industry-based videos, serving categories like technology, services, health care, insurance, real estate etc. The software allows team members to connect and collaborate with each other seamlessly and share progress and ideas. Hippo Video has a dedicated team of professionals to help users with every feature and tool available on the platform. The video engagement platforms’ other notable functionalities include dedicated call to action buttons, a voice-over facility, inbuilt multiple effects, brand-specific watermark etc. show more

Cincopa - Video Hosting Software


An ideal video hosting platform
(233 Ratings)

Cincopa pricing: Starts at $9.0.

What is Cincopa and how does it work?

Cincopa software is a comprehensive online video class platform that empowers users to entirely brand their videos and add chapters, annotations, forms, and CTAs that can appear on their videos. This software allows users to publish, distribute, and host their content and enhance their lead engagement and generation with their audience. Cincopa holds the capacity of transforming the user's website into a video destination by using the powerful bulk uploading tools that include uploader iframe, FTP that embed users' videos on their websites. This tool also estimates the analytics of videos and reports promptly with just a few clicks. The software creates an immersive video channel in a few clips for existing and new videos. Moreover, Cincopa's advanced analytics lets users learn how, where, and who is watching their videos. It makes it easier for the users to monetize their video content either through video syndication or on their websites. Small, midsize companies and professionals make use of this ultimate software. Cincopa offers a free trial to its users and follows a subscription-based pricing strategy. show more

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ThankView 4.9
Bonjoro 4.8
Dubb 4.8
Quickpage 4.8
Viewed 4.8

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