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Updated on: September 22, 2020

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Nalpeiron Licensing Service

A Simple Licensing Platform for ISVs

Nalpeiron is a Software Monetization tool to manage your softwares across all environments. The software offers a Account Based Licensing Models, Connected and Integrated Software Licensing, Reseller and Distributor Ready to deliver end-user entitlements for customers to buy Perpetual,... read more

InetSoft Style Scope

A Visualization Dashboard for Workflows

InetSoft Style Scope software is a Self-Service Analytics tool to mashup and visualize a single web application. The software offers a user portal to optimize business and understand visualization with charts, tables, and more. Measure the KPI indicators with pre-designed dashboards to maximize... read more


A Smart Facility Tool for Buildings

Microshare software is a Smart Facility tool used for building safety and wellness. The software connect buildings, assets, people and devices to make smarter decisions with feedback from tenants. It offers tools like Environment Monitoring, Predictive Cleaning, Leak Detection, Activity Level... read more


Assessment Made Easy

JustProtect software is a Cloud-based platform used to manage assessment process for companies. Capture data for assessment with compliance and can gain insights by sharing data with key stakeholders of your enterprise. Measure your company's standards and regulations process towards full... read more

Dasha Assistant

An AI Assistant for your Needs

Dasha Assistant software is a platform used to screens suspicious callers and blocks them with a personal AI assistant. The software offers a secure tool to manage phone number and information. View history of all calls and blocked calls that were transferred back to your phone by Dasha Assistant.... read more


Create Notes From Videos

Annotate.tv software is a platform used to optimize your learning with video by taking timestamped notes. The software offers a search tool used to manage notes associated with a time in the video. Collect feedback by sharing your notes with friends or classmates. Export your notes to PDF or... read more

Unleash live

A Video Analytics Software

Unleash live is an A.I. video analytics to deliver actionable data in real-time to optimize productivity. Connect any mix of cameras to share over a live stream and can manage pie charts with stacked bar and linear charts via dashboard. Collaborate with your team and gain insights with Visual... read more


End to end hiring platform

Filtered uses performance data to maximize the quality of your current and future workforce. Choose from one or many dynamic project-based templates, customize your own, or copy and paste your job description for maximum efficiency through automation. Schedule and conduct your second round... read more


A Simple Cookie Consent Tool

CookieHub software is a Cookie consent used to integrate on your website. The software offers a customizable widget to match your brand and is GDPR compliant. Scan websites to identify cookies and can generate cookie declaration showing cookies in use and purpose. Denies Cookies are removed from... read more

ExactHire OnboardCentric

Employee Onboarding Software

ExactHire OnboardCentric is an Employee Onboarding Software. All employee documentation is completed perfectly, easily accessible online, or fed into your existing payroll/HR system. Many of the fields use data validation to prevent employees from entering data in the wrong format e.g. too many... read more

ClearPoint Strategy

Strategy Execution Software

ClearPoint makes it simple for you to link and align goals, KPIs, and projects, to integrate data from multiple sources, and to automatically generate and distribute reports. Use the Balanced Scorecard (or any other strategy management framework) to accelerate your time to results. Create strategy... read more


College Recruiting Made Right

RippleMatch helps employers hire diverse, high-performing teams by virtually building relationships with the best students on 1200+ college campuses. Build your most diverse team ever by expanding opportunities for women, minorities, and other underrepresented groups. The most powerful platform for... read more

Igneous DataProtect

Protect petabytes of data and billions of files

Igneous is scale-out NAS backup and archive for petabytes of data and billions of files so user can handle even the most demanding SLAs. Igneous integrates via API with NetApp, Isilon, Pure Flashblade, and Qumulo to simplify data management. Simple and flexible policies to manage data at scale. Set... read more

WellSky Home Health

Improve care and grow the business

WellSky Home Health is the most widely used software in home health. They are passionate about helping the clients successfully increase their efficiency, grow profit, improve communication, and coordinate care for their patients. With a 99% client retention rate, they are the trusted partner for... read more


Manage and distribute audio and video from a centralized platform

uStudio is an enterprise SaaS provider that helps businesses modernize the way they communicate. uStudio's secure mobile and desktop products are purpose-built for enterprise use cases, helping business leaders reach increasingly remote and hard-to-engage employees with 5x the effectiveness of... read more


A Data Modeling Platform

Narrator software is a platform used to transform all your data into a single column data model. All your data is made in one table and each definition is shared company-wide with reports. Changes to BI tables (adding new columns, updating logic, etc.) can be done in a few clicks. Collaborate with... read more


Multiply your innovation potential

Be-novative is the Design Thinking-based Ideation platform for teams and enterprises to get the most out of their ideas and achieve more. Go through creative problem solving and fine quality ideas to implement from members in different locations. Speed up your innovation process from ideation to... read more


Oyster Farm Management

OysterTracker is an aquaculture software that helps farmers manage their teams, optimize their farm activities, comply with regulations, and record inventory. You need to make sure they’re spending time on the right stuff, and that the work gets done on time. Missed cleanings or tumbling costs... read more

TaxAdda PMS

A Simple Practice Management Software

TaxAdda PMS software is a platform used to manage your tax practice. Collaborate with your team to create tasks for GST & Income Tax returns for all clients. The software offers a secure platform to manage client’s details by adding comments, tasks and more. Increase communication with SMS and... read more


Benchmark for Managing Your Intellectual Property

Inteum is a new intellectual property management software solution. Inteum provides state-of-the-art tools for managing the innovations, relationships, and transactions that carry ideas forward to commercial realization. Responsive form layouts contain all the data fields you need to limit... read more


B2B Firmographic Data and Sales Intelligence Software
(178 Ratings)

EverString offers the world's most reliable business data & B2B sales intelligence solutions. With a few clicks, quickly build a list of accounts and contacts that look like your existing customers and are in the market for a solution like yours. Seamlessly integrate accurate account and contact... read more

Next Caller

A Simple Call Verification Tool

Next Caller software is a platform used to optimize customer experience with Call Verification & Spoof Detection. The software offers VeriCall to identify the threat-level on every phone call in 200 milliseconds immediately after answer. A Machine Learning solution allows your business to make... read more


A Sales Marketing Tool
(2 Ratings)

MixRank software is a Business Data Platform used to automate business workflows. The software offers Mobile apps to identify potential clients based on their SDK usage and businesses based on their size, revenue, location, industry, and more. Manage database of companies and validate them in... read more


Helps advancement teams engage constituents

The EverTrue platform helps advancement teams engage constituents and increase giving potential with easy access to amazing data. By connecting institutional data with dynamic insights from LinkedIn, Facebook, Zillow, the U.S. Census, and more, EverTrue provides advancement offices with the modern... read more


Engage Workspaces with Short Videos

Voodle software is a platform used to capture important business moments. The AI-powered search allows to discover trending topics and share the knowledge with teams to drives action. Collaborate with your team to measure the workflows. It integrates with Salesforce, Hubspot and Slack. Remote... read more


Customer data management solution
(14 Ratings)

Insycle is a Customer data management solution that makes it simple to manage, automate, and maintain clean CRM data, enabling your teams to execute more efficiently. Import from CSV using templates and flexible update controls in order to avoid creating duplicates or overwriting important data.... read more


Build Bot with No-code tool

Typebot software is a platform used to create and automate a conversation. Customize your bots with color palettes, and more. Embed your typebot in few minutes and start engaging with your prospects to increase the response rates. Small and Medium companies make use of the software.

OptiMine Insight

Agile cross channel attribution

OptiMine Insight works together to measure the contributions and value of all campaigns and then guide you to an optimized media plan. The most actionable, detailed measures, guidance and recommendations- at ad and campaign levels- across both digital and traditional marketing channels. Delivering... read more

Threat Stack

Cloud Security and Compliance

Threat Stack provides full-stack cloud security observability and compliance for infrastructure and applications. The Threat Stack Security Team has observed strong evidence of malicious actors leveraging the unique characteristics of public cloud environments to launch or hide their breaches. In... read more


Application Lifecycle Management Software
(5 Ratings)

WizeHive is the most flexible solution for managing grants, scholarships, fellowships, and more. From a simple web form to a multi-step submission portal, it’s all possible. With deadline timers, word counts, customized instructions, and email or text confirmations, applicants never have to... read more

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