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Updated on: April 9, 2020

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Design Graphs with No-Code

KgBase software is a platform used to design Knowledge Graphs with a search engine to spark new ideas and finds unexpected connections The software offers a versioned database to track of every change made to a dataset. An advanced API with client libraries in Python, Ruby and JavaScript used to... read more


Start making your new logo

Logo.com branding package you'll get everything you need to launch or relaunch, your brand. Your logo social media kit includes pre-sized images for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many more platforms so that you can keep your branding consistent right away. Get high definition copies of your... read more

VCV Pages

Create job landing pages in minutes

VCV Pages software is a platform used to create landing pages for your jobs by a bot. Share the link on social media career portals, job boards or email. Manage all incoming candidate leads with a unique video database. HR Managers, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.


Announce Product updates and Company News in Minutes

AnnounceKit software is a platform used to design newsfeed powered with in-app notification widgets, email notifications and feedback collection. Engage visitors with latest updates and respond by clicking on emoji or send a comment. Segment your users based on responses. Product Teams, Marketers,... read more


A Tool to Manage Online communities

SuperFans platform is a tool used to launch networks on own white labeled platform built for users, partners, brands, and sponsors – on Web, iOS and Android. Drive engagement and Generate income with paywalls including memberships, subscriptions and exclusive content. Measure engagement with... read more


Defect Monitoring and Root Cause Automation

Seagence is a developer tool that automates defects and the root causes of identification in production environments. Receive alerts with the root cause as failures manifest in production with complete debug information. Root cause includes the exception stack trace causing the failure, HTTP URL of... read more


A Autonomous Monitoring Platform

Zebrium is a software used to monitor log structure using machine learning. The Machine learning detects correlated anomalies and patterns in logs and metrics to characterize critical incidents. Measure metrics with chart any time-series with a click. The software offers AES-256 encryption and... read more


Recognition and engagement platform

Assembly is a FREE cloud-based platform that helps businesses manage processes for employee rewards and recognition. Build a scalable culture by empowering everyone to recognize their peers. Announce and reward anniversaries and birthdays with a personalized message. Announce and reward... read more

Smart Attendance

Managing online attendance made simple

Smart Attendance software is a smart attendance app is used to manage attendance system in your mobile. The software offers Check-In and Check-Out used to access online/offline to record attendance system. Manage leave and can calculate attendance with past record. The software supports Mobile... read more


A Client Onboarding Tool

GuideCX software is used to streamline on customer experience to automate workflow. Collaborate with your team to increase customer insight and accountability which leads to greater satisfaction. Measure customer experience with build automated capabilities to support your team to built loyalty.... read more


Best way to actively involve your customers

ChangeKeep is the result of us scratching their own itch. Draft releases ahead of time and schedule a time of publishment. They will take care of the rest while you keep building and improving things. Follow Keep a Changelog and provide valuable changelogs to both your customers and developers to... read more

Nima CRM

Simple gmail collaboration

Nima saves you time by letting you share the right emails with the right people. In the time you spent on work email this year somebody climbed Mount Everest twice. With Nima you can share contacts in a team address book. You can also merge multiple threads together into a single nima which all... read more


Cloud Native Data Platform

Qubole is a fully self-service multi-cloud data platform based on enterprise-grade data processing engines including Apache Spark, Presto, Hive, Quantum, Airflow, and more. Qubole automatically provisions, manages and optimizes cloud resources balancing cost, workloads, and performance requirements... read more


Matching developers with great companies

Hackerrank is powerful online assessment software that helps a user to testify its knowledge in particular skills. Evaluate any skill set with a robust library of challenges: from simple coding tests to complex real-world projects. Make them your own with powerful customization tools. Whiteboard... read more


Increase Sales with Customer Engagement

Faqprime software is a platform used to help customers with incoming support tickets to improve sales conversions and engagement. Send targeted messages with custom segments by URL to trigger an action. Add hotspots to draw user’s attention to an important feature or offer. Generate content with... read more


All-in-one data science Platform

cnvrg.io is a full-stack data science platform used to build, manage and automate machine learning. Run and track experiments in autopilot and Build more models with a drag-n-drop interface. Navigate machine learning with dashboards, reproducible data science, dataset organization, experiment... read more


Organize Events with Google Sheets

Sheet2Cal software is a platform used to use Google Sheets to plan your posts, events and more. Create your Google Sheet document and manage your event list in google sheet. Generate sheet2cal URL and Import the URL to your calendar in minutes. The software offers Ready-to-use templates to manage... read more


Delivery and Pickup for Your Restaurant

Pridie is built on top of the most popular eCommerce platform, Shopify. They integrate your products with platform, whether you have a website already or not. You just have to give us a list of the products with descriptions, pricing, and images. You'll be instantly able to receive orders paid with... read more

Dash ComplyOps

Compliance Configuration and Management

Deploy Dash ComplyOps into your Amazon Web Services (AWS) account via the AWS Marketplace. Establish custom administrative policies, set technical controls across cloud services, and customize your security plan. ComplyOps scans and monitors your cloud services, detects HIPAA compliance issues, and... read more

Every Time Zone

Remote work doesn’t have to be

Every Time Zone Pro gives you unlimited contacts for your sales leads, customers, clients, freelancers. Customize just the time zones you need to know for your work and none of the ones you don't. Share straight from your timeline, with a link or (pro-only!) iCal file. Keep tabs on your team: View... read more


Securing Industrial Facilities in Real Time

ePortPass™ is a cloud-based mobile solution that allows security personnel to control and restrict access to all points of a facility in an easy to use, common sense, way. They provide live-camera feeds, geo-location mapping services, and real-time messaging from both sensor technology and... read more


Tele-health software

EMR-Bear is a Web-based electronic health record service designed specifically by, and for, behavioral health organizations. Every feature and functionality built into EMR-Bear has been carefully designed to ensure the highest quality of data integrity and usability. EMR-Bear's clinical wizard... read more

Think Exam

Create Online Tests and Exams in Minutes

Think Exam software is a platform used to engage your candidates to increase performance with a highly interactive platform and simplify the assessment cycle. Generate scorecard and collect feedback boost your skills and grades. Educational Sectors, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the... read more


Building a better interface to your Google Sheets

Toga lets you create an app powered by your existing Google Sheet that’s easier to use, and impossible to break. Toga is more like using an app than a spreadsheet, it’s much easier to view data in a way that’s easy to understand, highlights the important info, and hides the rest. You can... read more


Host Meetings in Minutes

ailable is a web-app used to create an event, share the event link with your friends. Schedule meetings for corporate meetings to automate workflow. Organizers, Small, and Medium companies make use of the software.

Bg Eraser

A Background Removal Tool for Images

Bg Eraser software is a platform used to remove the image background with machine learning and AI technology. Drag and drop your images and upload them to our servers with a click. Download your images with an AI system. Professionals, Small, and Medium companies make use of the software.


PDF Converter

PDF.to is fast, sleek, and easy to use. It can convert a lot of files to and from PDF's. PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to Images, and even rotate, merge or delete pages from your PDF.


Engage retail personnel and increase retail sales

SellPro makes it super simple to train retail associates and inspire them to passionately sell your products. The more retail sales associates know about your products, the more they sell them. Creating deep learning courses is not the way to get there though. Create a SellPro account and start... read more


Turnkey restaurant delivery system

DeliverLogic provides a complete turn-key delivery logistics solution to delivery providers looking to manage, automate, and enhance their end-to-end systems. DL•Core (short for “DeliverLogic Core”) is the premium design template and user experience for capturing orders quickly and easily... read more


Digital Signage Software

DatabeatOMNI is a proven digital signage solution used by hundreds of companies across thousands of screens. The digital signage software is cost-effective and simple, helping you to tell the story of your brand, its people, and its history in a matter of clicks. Tell your story, share information,... read more

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