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Updated on: September 17, 2019

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A Solution to Gain Insights with Feedback

UserVoice software is a platform used to collect feedback for customers and gain actionable insights into product development. Measure trends and customer satisfaction to optimize your NPS widget. Connect your Roadmap to measure the project's progress. It integrates with Salesforce, Zapier, and... read more

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Concur Expense

A Simple Expense Management Software

Concur Expense software is a platform used to create expense reports from credit cards, select suppliers, and receipt photos pre-populate. Categorize and map expenses based on receipt images. Capture E-receipts transaction data and can review and approve expense reports from any device. Small,... read more

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Sharing Content Made Simple

linkfru software is a platform used to create shareable pages to propel your links, offers, and content. Build multiple pages in 60 seconds and share content. Marketers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.

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A Simple Solution to Get Forms Signed

Paperjet software is a platform used to get documents signed. Drag and drop your document and fill the forms in 2 seconds. Fully compliant with 256-bit SSL encryption to make documents safe and secure. Engage customers and close deals faster. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the... read more

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A Simple Online Voting System

Polys software is a secure online voting system used to optimize your election with a blockchain-based online voting tool. Create a vote and you can cast your vote on a smartphone or tablet. The software uses blockchain technology and measures the count. Integrate Polys functionality into your... read more

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Managing and Filling Tax Made Simple

TaxJar software is a platform used to automate your sales tax calculations, reporting, and filings in minutes. Generate Sales Tax Reports and connect to other platforms where you sell like eBay and Amazon. The software has SmartCalcs transactions to make sales tax tracking simplified. It integrates... read more

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A Simple Tool to Build Transactional Website Chatbots

Airchat software is a Chatbot used to engage your website visitors and generate leads. The software offers Code-less drag & drop chatbot editor, branding and personalization to optimize high conversion. Manage chatbots with a unified dashboard. It integrates with Office 365, SendGrid, Stripe, and... read more

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A Simple Tool to find Images

JumpStory is an AI tool used to measure the performance of photos. Search for photos and illustrations and select your favorites with unique AI-features. Edit your photos, remove the background, etc. Freelancers, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.

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Decent Budget

A Simple Tool to Manage Budgets and Expenses

Decent Budget software is a tool used to optimize your spend and track expenses. Create budgets with expenses to find the money spend. The software offers no banking integrations and to measure your progress with metrics. Receive reminders via email to reconcile transactions. Freelancers, Small and... read more

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A Simple Solution to Track your Website Performance

Raileo software is a Website Analysis tool to measure your website's performance. Increase the performance of the webpages to optimize the customer experience. Rank your site's in Google Search Engines. Monitor the site's performance via the dashboard. Small and Medium companies make use of the... read more

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A Simple Automotive Software Solution

DealerSocket software is a platform used to optimize customers' experience. Engage your audience with email campaigns through your marketing channels. Generate Leads to boost your dealership’s productivity. Build customer loyalty through the integrated web-based DMS increases to track cost,... read more

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A Cloud Solution to Manage Printing Services

PrinterCloud software is a platform to manage and simplify your printing services. It is a unique tool that offers Print Queue Migration, IP and Name Change Control, Driver Change Management, and Printer Profile Enforcement. It also has a Role-Based Access Control for your team and supports Mobile... read more

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Gain Analytics into your eCommerce Growth

DataHawk software is an Analytics platform used to optimize your eCommerce sales, margins, and gain insights on Amazon. Track traffic, and enhance your rank better in search results on Amazon and benchmark your performance against your competitors. Optimize the performance of your ad campaigns and... read more

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A Simple Cloud Monitoring Solution

Datadog software is a Cloud monitoring and Analytics solution for applications. Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize application performance with auto-generated service overviews. Search, filter, and analyze your logs for troubleshooting and open-ended exploration of your data. Monitor with... read more

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FineDine Tablet Menu

A Solution to Manage your Restaurants with Digital Menus

FineDine Tablet Menu is a Menu App used to optimize your dining experience. Customize your digital restaurant tablet menu and manage your orders in the cloud. Take orders and integrate your menu with your POS and kitchen printer to streamline your ordering process. It supports Mobile iOS and... read more

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Clearwater Analytics

A Accounting and Reporting Solution for Investments

Clearwater Analytics software is a web-based tool for transforming your investment operations. It is a unified platform for investment accounting, compliance policy monitoring, risk analytics, portfolio reporting, and investment management tools. The software offers risk monitoring solution for... read more

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A Simple Mineral Title Management Solution

Tracts software is a platform used to determine mineral ownership. The software offers Patented Math Engine to calculate ownership for all interest types and multi-dimensional severances. Manage your documents with a single document entry, search by book, page or instrument. Generate Automatic... read more

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CloudBees DevOptics

A Simple Solution to Gain Insights into Analytics

CloudBees DevOptics software is a platform used to Measure DevOps Performance for actionable insights. Access standard metrics to benchmark and automate the collection of data in real-time data calculations. Visualize and track the flow to connect your teams, tools, and applications across software... read more

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A Simple Solution to Manage Hybrid Cloud

Platform9 software is a platform built on open-source cloud frameworks for optimizing powerful hybrid cloud management. Manage VMs via OpenStack hybrid clouds to support a broad range of applications and Managed Kubernetes solution for adopting containers and microservices at scale. It offers... read more

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A Simple Solution for Monitor Uptime and Traffic

SwitchURLs software is a platform used for managing your campaigns with landing pages. Redirect your traffic to the next destination url within 5 minutes. Send email notification and validate the quality of the traffic. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.

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A Simple Amazon Associate Link Monitoring

AmznHawk software is an Amazon Associate Link Monitoring solution. Monitor the broken link and availability with a live dashboard and receive alerts. Increase sales with unlimited Backlink Monitors for All Domains. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.

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A Simple eCommerce Rental Software Solution

Reservety software is an Online booking and reservations system for any industry. Send and receive orders and manage Multiple Shipping Options like UPS, USPS, FedEx, and local pickup zones are all supported. Send automated emails to your customer and accept shipping for multiple locations. It... read more

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A Simple Customer Communication Platform

Avis.help software is instant communication with customers. The software offers a promo-code management system to solve customers' queries. Build Brand Loyalty and Process reviews in social networks to manage your reputation. It supports Mobile Android and iOS. Small and Medium companies make use... read more

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A Simple Reviews and Rating API Solution

justLikeAPI software is an Advanced-Data Crawling / scraping API to perform actions on complicated sites like review sites and social networks. Access, monitor, analyze the content displayed. Respond to reviews or other data related to user accounts. Developers, Social Media Monitoring Systems, Big... read more

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A Solution to Upload and Manage Files Made Simple

Transloadit software is a platform used to Uploading and Processing files like Images, Video, Audio, and Documents. Import, capture, filter, convert, resize, merge, and more. Export uploads and embed the file URLs into your app. Freelancers, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the... read more

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A Simple Solution to Generate Leads

Kollect software is a platform used for collecting emails and phone numbers via inbox or comment in real-time. Download files in a format like XLSX/CSV or send it directly to a CRM by using our very simple webhooks. Send automatic responses to lead. Marketers, Small, Medium and Large companies make... read more

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A Tool to Optimize Learning Experience

Eduflow software is a platform used to engage students with effective active participation and collaboration. Create courses with different learning activities and track student progress to gain actionable insights to course. Educational Sectors, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the... read more

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OSI Feedback

A Simple Real-Time Customer Feedback Solution

OSI Feedback software is a platform used to collect customer feedback and share the results with the entire organization to optimize customer retention. Generate traffic with a powerful marketing strategy. Customizable Email Survey and import customers emails through CSV file format. Measure the... read more

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Kosmos eSync

A Simple Tool to Integrate Applications

Kosmos eSync software is an Integration software tool to connect applications to list products on more channels to optimize your business solutions. List and Sell more products in your online stores like eBay and Amazon. Synchronize inventory levels and manage customer data in a single location. ... read more

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Generate Leads with Calculator

InteractiveCalculator is a tool used to help your customers with custom calculations with growing your business. Build a powerful calculator and embed on your website without code. Answer repetitive questions with formulas and interactive content to optimize your website's Google search. Small and... read more

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