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Updated on: March 20, 2019

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A Solution to Manage your Workflow
( 19 Ratings)

Metatask is a Workflow Management tool used to automate work and optimize your team's performance. Start the work process with Templates, and approve tasks. A simple editor is available to view all your tasks. Monitor the performance via a dashboard.

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A Solution to get Scrape Search Results

Zenserp is a tool used to get Scrape Search Results from Search Engine in real-time. The software's API returns result in JSON format and can monitor location-based and geolocated search engine results. Freelancers, Small, and Medium companies make use of the software.

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Wimo App

A Solution to Streamline Delivery operations
( 1 Ratings)

Wimo App is a Logistics Management platform to track, analyze and automate your delivery operations. Receive Real-time alerts and can track and route your agents. The software supports multiple Payment options. Generate reports to monitor the performance.

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A Simple Company Perks Software

Compt software is a tool to manage accounts in the hands of your employees. Employees receive perk within the categories you choose. Reduce money spent by allocating stipends. Monitor employees stay within the budget determined by you.

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Scraper API

A Tool to Build Web Scrapers

Scraper API is a Web Scrapers tool used to handles proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs with a simple API call. Send a Get request to our API endpoint with your API key and a URL. Freelancers, Small, and Medium companies make use of the software.

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A Simple Office Automation Tool

Autto is a solution to Automate Office Processes and optimize your workflow. A secure platform to automate legal documents, approval processes, standard emails, and more. Small, and Medium companies make use of the software.

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An Onboarding Solution for Remote Teams

AsyncMatic is am Employee onboarding and Team management for remote teams. Create onboarding sessions, and assign roles using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Automate employee onboarding and measure feedback on each session.

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A Simple Solution to Manage Leads

OhMyLead is a Lead Management Software used to connect, and qualify Leads in real-time. Capture your leads in a centralized and identify campaigns generate the most qualified leads. The software integrates with WordPress, MailChimp, GetResponse, amoCRM, and more. Small, Medium and Large companies... read more

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Optimo Analytics

A Simple Sentiment Analysis Solution

Optimo Analytics is an AI-powered solution to gain actionable audience insights platform built for brands and agencies. Analyze your comments and reviews, visualize your audience. Manage multiple accounts and users and generate CSV or PDF reports to monitor the performance.

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Employee Trail

An Employee Monitoring Software Solution

Employee Trail is a Monitoring tool used to optimize productivity and track employees activity. Track applications used by your employees in the working hours, and receive alerts. Generate reports on the performance of the employees. Project Managers, Small, and Medium companies make use of the... read more

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A Solution to Automate Workflow
( 11 Ratings)

Cloudpipes is a Cloud-based application for Data Integration and Workflow Automation. A secure platform with fault tolerance capabilities. Drag and Drop Rapid Prototyping with a set of unique features to keep records between multiple instances of different systems with a single setting. The... read more

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Fiind AI

A Simple Self Service Customer Intelligence

Fiind AI is a Digital Assistant tool used to discover, research and connect with your customers. Engage your customers with CRM Database. The software integrates with Dynamics Widget, SalesForce, Outlook, and more.

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Brain Builder

A Simple AI Solution for tagging data

Brain Builder is an end-to-end SaaS platform that offers an all-in-one tool for data tagging, training, deployment, and analysis. The software can be deployed on Cloud or on Linux, iOS, or Android. Collect feedback at every stage of development to optimize performance.

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A Simple Screenshot Capture API Solution

GetScreenshot by Rasterwise is a Programmable API used to do screenshot operations at scale for less than the existing solutions. A secure platform to get a request passing the desired parameters and the API key. The software integrates with Zapier. Developers, Freelancers, Small, and Medium... read more

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A Solution to Optimize Website Sales

Nextsale is a tool to boosts your sales by engaging users with websites is with Social proof and urgency. Convert traffic into sales, and social proof in customer’s purchase decision. The software integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and BigCommerce.

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andcards Suite

A Simple Coworking Software Solution

andcards Suite is the app for coworking spaces to automate management routines - from membership, payments, room bookings through to marketing. The software offers Meeting room bookings, membership plan management, IoT devices, community feed with push notifications, card payments, and more. Invite... read more

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A Simple Study Recruiter Solution

Positly is a platform to find high-quality participants and makes it simple to manage complex studies. A dashboard is available to recruit, screen, survey, message, re-target and reward participants. HR Managers, Small, and Medium companies make use of the software.

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A Simple Content Moderation Tool

Modagrate software is user-generated content for your users safe from malicious comments, images, spam and more. Block banned words, phrases and more. Verify contents, and moderation rules to fit your content and needs. Content creators, Small, and Medium companies make use of the software.

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A Simple Document Approval Solution

ApproveForMe is a document approval tool for feedback in one place. Sign in and select the file, update Details, and send Messages. The software works with Google Drive, Google Document, Google Sheets, and more. Freelancers, Small, and Medium companies make use of the software

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A Simple Algorithmic Monitoring Solution

Unomaly is a platform for Software data is systematically analyzed, scored, and prioritized. Analyzes raw data, detect problems, and manage insights. Collaborate with your team on issues by commenting, sharing, and interacting on anomalies. The software integrates with API and Slack.

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A Solution to Monitor Your Website Performance

KissFront is a tool used to monitor your Website Performance With Lighthouse as a service. Test your website with no coding. Small, and Medium companies make use of the software.

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A Simple AI-Powered People Analytics

Isaak by StatusToday is an AI changemaker analytics to drive organizational. Get real-time insights into your customer relationships, and can detect collaboration with Organizational Network Analysis. Small, Medium, and Large companies make use of the software.

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A Simple User Approval Solution

ApproveAPI software is a Real-time Approval via email, SMS plus Mobile push. Confirm suspected fraudulent credit card charges, large withdrawals or transfers, or unusual activity. Require approval from multiple account admins. It is a secure platform with two-step verification, and get the audited... read more

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A Simple Meeting Software Solution

Maze software is a User Testing Platform used to turn your prototype into actionable insights from real users, bringing confidence to the design process. Create user tests is easy as pie. Test InVision, Marvel or Sketch prototypes, and see how your design performs with actionable metrics. Small,... read more

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Team O'clock

A Simple Meeting Software Solution

Team O'clock is a tool for managing meetings for retrospective and daily stand-up. Prompt your team to make decisions, engage, and share. Track time, and report to their colleagues. Get Notifications and reminders of meeting notes in your tool of preferences. Small, and Medium companies make use of... read more

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A Simple Coworking Space Software Solution

myHQ software is a platform for cafes and coworking spaces with 80 plus locations to bring you a workspace. Connect with over 10000 plus like-minded individuals. Optimize work experience with coworking wifi, stationery, printer, meeting rooms.

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An Uptime Monitoring Solution

Loadping software is a Website Monitoring from locations with API. Receive SMS and track your website loads for your visitors. Small, and Medium companies make use of the software.

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A Maintenance Management Solution

Maintena is a Maintenance Scheduling Software used to manage a complex system of people, locations and assets. Track equipment, build custom templates and schedule recurring maintenance activities. Manage and monitor maintenance costs.

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An Online PDF Tool
( 67 Ratings)

iLovePDF software is a PDF software used to Merge, split, compress, convert, rotate, unlock and watermark PDFs with just a few clicks. Convert your PDF files into documents, presentations, Excel, and more. Convert each PDF page into a JPG, and Organize pages of your PDF file. Freelancers, Small,... read more

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A Simple Equity Management Solution
( 3 Ratings)

Capdesk is a shareholding tool to streamline your equity plans and report to financial authorities. Track employee equity, and generate reports. It is a secure platform for transferring of data. The software offers Multiple access levels for users. Small, Medium and Enterprises make use of the... read more

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