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Updated on: December 3, 2020

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A Asset Management Software

VUEWorks software is an Enterprise Asset Management solution used to automate the workflows of physical assets. The software offers modules like Request Portal, Resource Manager, Service Request, and more. Manage online access for citizens and customers to place their requests using the Web.... read more


Gain Insights with Asset Lifecycle Management

AgileAssets software is a platform used to manage asset types and can analyze investment strategies. The software offers an Enterprise data visualization tools to monitor the pavement maintenance, preservation, rehabilitation, and replacement by predicting future performance. It works with Mobile... read more


An Enterprise Asset Management Tool

4Site software is a platform used to manage suite of assets for business. The software offers tools to monitor maintenance, purchasing, inventory, accounting and financial activities for a streamlined workflow. Collaborate with your team to gain insights with better decisions on equipment's and... read more


Helps you grow your money

Acorns is the first company to offer micro-investing to the world. The proprietary financial engine allows customers to round up spare change from everyday purchases and invests these sub-dollar amounts into a professionally managed portfolio of index funds. Asset classes represent certain... read more


Manage Physical Assets in MInutes

SAP EAM software is a platform used to manage the entire lifecycle of your physical assets. Monitor the asset information to manage risks with effects analysis and predictive analytics. Plan, schedule, and execute maintenance tasks with real-time and resolve issues. Collaborate with your team to... read more


A Coaching Tool for Clients

Introwise software is a platform used to manage online coaching for clients. Schedule booking with instant calendar notification for your tasks. The software offers a Video call tool to optimize better experiences and works on any device in minutes. Manage instant payments via Stripe. Individuals,... read more


A Entity Verification Tool

Entify software is a platform used to manage business decisions. The software offers Legal entity verification process and Private person verification process tools to manage customer onboarding to verify partners and customers. Generate reports to measure the business workflows. Small and Medium... read more


Image recognition for the beverage industry

WineEngine is powered by TinEye's unparalleled image recognition technology and has been engineered and optimized to work with photographs captured by users' smart devices. They use image recognition to provide a better user experience and more reliable results than approaches based on barcodes,... read more


Image Recognition API mobile and web developer

The API allows you to implement image recognition technology within your web or mobile applications. Your user takes one photo and they will recognize all images which can be seen in this particular photo.


A Productivity Tool for Inboxes

Mailman software is an Email Assistant tool used to shield unimportant emails to automate better workflows. The software offers a Do Not Disturb mode to hold back all email during that window. Add senders, domains, or keywords to the VIP list for immediate response. Block emails and schedule email... read more


Image recognition for your mobile applications

MobileEngine makes it easy for you to add image recognition to your app. MobileEngine helps you connect the physical world to the digital, using image recognition. The MobileEngine API makes it easy for developers of all skill levels to integrate image recognition technology. MobileEngine is... read more


A Data Collection and Verification Made Software

PlanetVerify software is a platform used to automate the personal data collection in minutes. The software offers tools to manage the status with compliance checks of requesting entity. Capture and verify identities with authentication in real-time tracking of data requests. HR Managers, Small and... read more

Azure Video Indexer

Automatically extract advanced metadata from video and audio content

Video Indexer (VI) is the Azure Media Services AI solution and part of the Azure Cognitive Services brand. Video Indexer provides ability to extract deep insights (with no need for data analysis or coding skills) using machine learning models based on multiple channels (voice, vocals, visual).... read more


A Identity Tool for Business

Onfido software is a platform used to measure verify real people in the digital world. The software offers tools for customers to prove their identities with just an ID and their face. The AI tool used to prevent fraud and build better user experiences. Measure the identity verification process... read more

Azure Content Moderator

Machine-assisted content moderation APIs

Azure Content Moderator is an AI service that lets you handle content that is potentially offensive, risky, or otherwise undesirable. Scans text for offensive content, sexually explicit or suggestive content, profanity, and personal data. Scans images for adult or racy content detects text in... read more


Recognize and automate your images

Vize.ai is an Image Recognition Software. Use deep learning algorithms with the highest accuracy on the market. Implement cutting-edge vision automation faster with no development costs. Create powerful and custom image recognizers in an intuitive web interface. They always improve the underlying... read more


Build Business with Phone Numbers

EveryoneAPI software is a platform used to identify business with phone numbers. The software uses an authoritative sources to make data requests for a phone number using your SID and token. Identify online fraud based on carrier, billing address and name matching logic to increase higher... read more

Alibaba Image Search

Product search and generic search

Alibaba Cloud Image Search is an intelligent image search service that helps users find similar or identical images. Based on machine learning and deep learning, the product enables end-users to take a screenshot or upload an image to search and find the desired products and fulfill other search... read more

Jumio Identity Verification

A Identity Verification Made Simple

Jumio Identity Verification software is a platform used to automate the verification process with AML and KYC regulations. Measure the conversion rates by authenticating against known ID templates for requisite security checks. It has a AES 256-bit encryption to retake a picture of their ID or... read more


Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence for all

Clarifai provides a platform for data scientists, developers, researchers, and enterprises to master the entire artificial intelligence lifecycle. Search for people, places, things, and topics in your images, videos, and text. Create and train your models using user-friendly tools that make it easy... read more


A Monitoring Tool for AWS BILL

Billgist software is a platform used to automate the AWS billing expenses. Add your AWS account and track changes with notification preferences. Gain insights with the snapshots and can analyze your AWS bill from dashboard. Individuals, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.

DEITY Falcon

A PWA Platform for Business

Falcon PWA software is a platform used to optimize the storefront to build the best experience for your shop. Measure the traffic peak to optimize the project workflows with customizations. It can be integrate with any platform or data source by API and GraphQL. Developers, Small and Medium... read more

Azure Face API

An AI service that analyzes faces in images

The Azure Face service provides AI algorithms that detect, recognize, and analyze human faces in images. The Verify API does an authentication against two detected faces or from one detected face to one person object. The Find Similar API does face matching between the target face and a set of... read more


Open source computer vision and machine learning software

OpenCV is an open-source computer vision and machine learning software library. These algorithms can be used to detect and recognize faces, identify objects, classify human actions in videos, track camera movements, track moving objects, extract 3D models of objects, produce 3D point clouds from... read more

Azure Custom Vision Service

Create a custom computer vision model in minutes

Azure Custom Vision Service is an AI service and end-to-end platform for applying computer vision to your specific scenario. Start training your computer vision model by simply uploading and labeling a few images. The model tests itself on these and continually improves precision through a feedback... read more

Amazon Rekognition

Automate your image and video analysis with machine learning

Amazon Rekognition makes it easy to add image and video analysis to your applications using proven, highly scalable, deep learning technology that requires no machine learning expertise to use. With Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels, you can extend the detection capabilities of Amazon Rekognition to... read more

Microsoft Computer Vision API

An AI service that analyzes content in images and video

Microsoft Computer Vision API is an Image Recognition Software. Extract printed and handwritten text from images and documents with mixed languages and writing styles. Pull from a rich ontology of more than 10,000 concepts and objects to generate value from your visual assets. Run Computer Vision... read more


Use drag & drop to create emails in minutes

TOPOL.io is a cloud-based Email Template Builder Software. The intuitive drag & drop editor helps you create engaging, professional‑looking emails. They are constantly testing TOPOL.io with numerous email platforms so you know your emails will look great on any browser, on every device, and in... read more


Pixel perfect email production

StoryPorts is an application that helps businesses save 95% of the time and money needed to create brilliant, highly relevant email marketing campaigns. Streamline your email design, creation, feedback, and approval process with email versions and enterprise workflows. Manage multiple language... read more


Email builder that feels like Sketch & Google Docs combined

Chamaileon is a collaborative email design platform for marketing teams. Edit emails simultaneously and finish email projects in a fraction of the usual time. You can send an email for approval with a click of a button and make changes in real-time if you need to with a drag-n-drop email editor.... read more

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