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Updated on: July 30, 2021

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AI powered assessments, evaluation

Jungroo pricing: Jungroo Offers Custom plan.

Jungroo helps you digitise your entire education needs using our easy to use platform. Our award winning AI algorithms also gives personalised practise and learning solutions for learners. Jungroo Learning is a B2B SAAS based startup that helps educators and organizations understand their learner's... read more


Discover and hire emerging freelancers

Pangea.app pricing: Pangea.app Offers Custom plan.

Work with enthusisatic freelancers in the US and Canada at the right price point for your company. Post a job in minutes to hire the talent you need in just days. That’s 30x faster than traditional hiring. Quickly set up flexible, part-time, and remote contracts that can evolve over time.


Transform your applications to enable local compliance

InCountry pricing: InCountry Offers Custom plan.

InCountry is an online-based software. InCountry Border enables personal information to be fully contained within a country’s borders. Web service calls between your users’ web browsers and your globally distributed web application is proxied through InCountry’s points of presence in... read more



Quest pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Custom plan.

Design what you want and automatically bring pixel-perfect, responsive sites to life. Unleash blue sky creativity. If you can design it, you can build it in Quest. Never be limited to templates again. One more click and your site is instantly live to hundreds (or millions) of visitors on your own... read more


Reinventing imaging so you can practice better and faster

Arterys pricing: Arterys Offers Custom plan.

Arterys is the medical imaging AI platform allowing you to weave leading AI clinical applications directly into your existing PACS or EHR-driven workflow to make it a natural extension of what you already do. The elastic cloud GPU architecture accelerates the performance of all tasks. Like... read more

Viewst Workspace

Boost Creative Production

Viewst Workspace pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

The simplest way to design an ad from scratch or templates. One workspace that allows you too create, collaborate and launch ads at scale. Viewst allows design and marketing teams to multiply creative volume and variety, go to market faster and out-market competition.


Radically change transportation networks

Logistimo pricing: Starts at $null.

Logistimo is designed to enable the economic & health renaissance of 3 billion rural emerging-market citizens. Optimize inventory with AI-enabled demand forecasting and automated rules. Proactively manage expiring batches and use inventory control recommendations to optimally rebalance stock.... read more


Build amazing real‑time collaborative products

Liveblocks pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

Liveblocks is a set of APIs and tools that helps you create performant and reliable collaborative experiences. Liveblocks is a set of APIs and tools that helps you create performant and reliable collaborative experiences in minutes.


AI powered talent assessments for better people decisions

nTalents pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

nTalents provide video-enabled remote-proctored assessments validated by organizational psychologists and predictive analytics. The combination of behavioral science, emotional science, and data science solves today’s top workforce challenges. The mobile-first assessments and on-demand video... read more


All-in-one toolkit to manage and monetize your Facebook Groups

Convosight pricing: Convosight Offers Custom plan.

Convosight is an online-based software. Get access to the exclusive webinars on monetizing your Facebook groups. It collates learnings from experts across the world to help you with the best tips and tricks. They follow proper compliance requirements and have the strongest privacy and data... read more


Connect your teams to see and optimize work

Plutora pricing: Plutora Offers Custom plan.

Plutora is a market leader in value stream management, with the release, test environment, and analytics solutions for enterprise IT. The Plutora Platform transforms IT release processes by correlating data from existing toolchains and automating manual processes to provide a single view of... read more


A world where all your devices are smart

Eden pricing: Eden Offers Custom plan.

Eden Smart Homes develop a range of software-based products that provides you with comfort, safety, and energy efficiency by making your electrical appliances mobile operable. Monitor and analyze the power consumed by your electrical appliances in real-time. You do not require a hub that is a... read more

Fundexpert Fintech

Multi asset financial advisory platform

Fundexpert Fintech pricing: Fundexpert Fintech Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

Fundexpert Fintech is an online-based platform. Give your clients access to FundExpert's Android & iOS application (rated 4.6 stars on Google play store) and web platform with a customized look and feel to reflect the true vision of your business. Allow your clients to invest in additional asset... read more


Everyone can start a newsletter

microletter is built to be one of the easiest tools to create and publish your own mini newsletter. Manage your previous posts and delete them if you don't want them displayed on your dashboard. Write your posts with the help of Markdown. Just click send and all your subscribers will receive it... read more


Your customer is your key to success

ID-Pal pricing: Starts at $null.

ID-Pal’s mission is to make it as simple as possible for businesses to establish trust with their customers. The platform’s workflow ensures that every piece of identity documentation undergoes rigorous manual and technical verification checks. The ID-Pal web portal runs an advanced technical... read more


Create hundreds of unique personalized videos in seconds

Tavus pricing: Tavus Offers Custom plan.

Saying your customer’s name in a video improves conversion by 500%. Instead of recording a new video for each customer, simply record one clip and use Tavus to generate unlimited personalized copies in seconds. Use your voice for sales, without ever saying a word. Hyper-personalized AI reach-outs... read more


Connect with companies and experts that speak your scientific language

FirstIgnite pricing: FirstIgnite Offers Custom plan.

FirstIgnite has developed the first sales tool for scientific research and intellectual property. Customers support diverse research portfolios with goals of licensing, sponsored research and leasing core facilities. Get ahead by proactively connecting with companies to fund your research or hire... read more


Growing your portfolio through better market analysis

InvestBrew pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Free-forever plan.

Get all the news for assets and markets all in one place.With support in 10+ languages and over 75 exchanges monitored worldwide, make better investing decisions with InvestBrew. Find the best and worst performing assets in a certain time frame. Easily identify trending assets to stay ahead of the... read more


Build Stripe subscriptions into your website in minutes

Pricewell pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Free-forever plan.

Subscription businesses trust PriceWell with their Pricing Infrastructure, saving weeks of development time. Pricing Pages can be embedded anywhere on your website. You can change pricing at any time without every writing any code. Customize the design to match your brand and make changes whenever... read more

Lemon Squeezy

Sell digital products the easy-peasy way

Lemon Squeezy pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Free-forever plan.

Selling digital downloads, subscriptions, and software licenses has never been easier, faster, or more secure. Accept payments with a super-quick, mobile-friendly checkout without worrying about payment gateways, taxes, and file delivery. Sell products on any website by embedding your Checkout... read more


Build cost efficient applications with less meetings

Cloudthread pricing: Cloudthread Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

Cloudthread’s cloud cost telemetry framework lets you start building with cost efficiency from day one. Understand the cost efficiency of your application in half a second - build efficiently today so you don’t have to refactor tomorrow.


Catch JavaScript errors before they hit production

Meticulous pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Custom plan.

Meticulous replays live web traffic on new frontend code to automatically detect new bugs, without causing any side effects. We post a stack trace of your original source code, along with a video of the session that encoutered the regression. Meticulous posts comments directly to your pull request.

Protex AI

Proactive Safety Realised

Protex AI pricing: Protex AI Offers Custom plan.

Realise an injury-free workplace with computer vision that understands risk. Adopt and drive a more comprehensive proactive safety culture. Get access to continuous safety audits to augment data from manual audits. Simply configure the cameras to understand what risk means in your facility.Access... read more


Sell More with Custom-Made Videos

Billo pricing: Starts at $null.

Thousands of Creators are ready to provide fresh videos to build social proof and skyrocket your sales. Video creators apply for your task, and you choose who gets the job. Your new, custom-made video ads are compatible with leading platforms and networks. Video ads from Billo are high-performing... read more


Never miss a review again

Reviewflowz pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Free-forever plan.

Build best-in-class simple review management processes, without the hassle of complex software.Start contextual conversations directly under each review, inside your Slack workspace to decide how best to answer each review. Bad reviews are a major signal for churning customers.

Show By Animaker

Next-Gen Video MarketingSoftware

Show By Animaker pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

We make it easy for companies across channels, cross-functional (Sales, marking, and communication) to engage with their respective audience using all forms of Video-based communication to increase funnel conversions, revenue, and customer engagement. More viewers, more customers, more revenue... read more


Get the most out of your customer insights

Reveall pricing: Reveall Offers Custom plan.

Gather customer data through various sources, turn it into actionable insights and share them across teams. No more getting lost amongst heaps of unorganized data. One place for all your customer insights. Create a single place where customer data from all sources comes together.


Remove Yourself from Dozens of Data Brokers

Optery pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Free-forever plan.

Stalkers and troublemakers can obtain your home address for you and your family members from data brokers in search engines such at Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Data brokers sell your email address and phone number without your knowledge or permission. This results in phishing attempts, and unwanted... read more

Qvistorp Growth

Digital Transformation Growth Strategy

Qvistorp Growth pricing: Qvistorp Growth Offers Custom plan.

Qvistorp provides continuous planning and benefits management capabilities. It enables using flexible scenarios and reliable data and information to drive portfolio decisions. Qvistorp helps to identify and assess the business value and select the most efficient initiatives by translating... read more


Finding the perfect Cohort Based Course

Coursenest pricing: Coursenest Offers Custom plan.

Cohort-based learning is a collaborative learning style in which a group of individuals advance through an educational program together. Here’s what Gagan Biyani (Founder of Udemy )has to say about them. Invest your time in learning from an online cohort instead of in finding one.

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