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Updated on: November 18, 2019

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Dyress DRS

Managing Resource Scheduling Made Simple

Dyress DRS is a Artificial Intelligence platform used to manage dynamic resource. Scheduling resources for optimizing project costs, deliveries, and profit analyses of your projects. Manage tasks and track time to complete projects before deadlines. Project Manager, Small, Medium and Large... read more


A Data Management Solution for Wines

Drinkfo software is a platform used to manage products data of wine industries. The software offers a secure store and share accurate wine information like wine specs, bottle shots, tasting notes, images and files with trade and media worldwide. It has a free access for importers, distributors,... read more


Meetings Made Simple

Aboard software is a platform used to manage meeting with clicks. Assign actions, lead discussions and take notes. Voice and chat communication lets you collaborate with your team. Review and Share docs with participants. Project Teams, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.


A Tool to Protect Brands on Social Channels

Brandfort.co software is a platform used to manage and protect brand with AI (Artificial Intelligence) on social media channels. Analyses comments and hides comments of users who share personal identifiable information (PII). Influencers, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.


Increase Engagement with Product Tours

Usetiful software is a platform used to boost user engagement through great user onboarding experience. Onboarding new users or introduce new features with interactive guides and collect feedback to gain analytics and insights. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.


Managing Payments Made Simple

MYminiCFO software is a cloud-based solution to boost cash flow by rewarding clients. Manage Cash flow by offering compelling rebates or credit sales to empower your sales. Engage your audiences with loyalty and satisfaction. It is a secure solution that integrates with Xero, Quickbooks,... read more


Engage Conversions with Website Speed

Speedley software is a platform used to increase conversions with website speed optimization. Measure Speed with reports and tasks for automating workflow. It integrates with WordPress, Magento, and Shopify. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.


All-in-one Platform to Manage your Business Solution

AXSAR Solo software is a platform used to manage workflow for small businesses. Manage accounts and contacts to track your sales. Design Invoices and send proposals in minutes. Create tasks to prioritize and assign tickets for your customer conversations. Track your time with project notes/wiki... read more


A Digital Software Adoption Solution

Apty.io software is a Web-based Application to gain actionable insights to improve and reduce training & support costs. The software offers advanced tracking tools to identify real issues with AI. Add automation to your enterprise software for Training, On-boarding, Usage Analysis, and Cost... read more


A Tool for Designing Better Resumes

Rezi is a platform used for creating a optimized resume for free. Recruiters can track Applicants through resumes through searchable content. Manage scheduling, send notification alerts and sends automated emails to candidates. Individuals, Freelancers, Small and Medium companies make use of the... read more


Managing Retirement Savings Made Simple

Retire software is a platform used to track your 401(k) with Retire. Connect your existing 401(k) accounts with bank-level encryption to connect your accounts. Plan and grow your retirement via Dashboard. Receive an alert about change in your accounts. Individuals, Freelancers, Small and Medium... read more


Managing Online Campaigns Made Simple

Dizply software is a platform used to manage online campaigns. Organize your tasks and track time of your team allows you to manage the time. Collect feedback from clients and comments directly on the preview. Share file preview via email and can maintain the version that has a unique URL with the... read more


Design Mock Servers in Minutes

minibackend software is a platform to create mock servers. Create apps with a unique title and automatic URL path generation. Post or Delete HTTP requests either by the endpoint URL in a browser or in Postman. Developers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.


Generate Leads with LinkedIn Automation tool

Expandi software is a LinkedIn automation tool to gain key insights with metrics of your LinkedIn prospecting campaign. Create drip campaigns and Schedule them to automate follow-ups and increase the productivity of your sales. Personalize message and can export your generated leads in CSV file... read more


Gym Management Software That Helps You Grow Faster

PushPress is a gym membership and management software platform that helps gym owners to run their fitness facility. The suite of products allows users to manage classes and privates, take payments, track attendance, manage leads, as well as manage and maintain member relationships. Users are able... read more

Realty Voice

Collect Feedback for Generating Leads

Realty Voice software is a platform used for collecting feedback from buyers. Answer questions and highlight areas of the home for buyers to notice to optimize lead generation. Send Email Notifications for your sellers to increase clients and automate your business.


A Note-Taking App for Your Needs

Noties software is a platform used to write notes with a simple and powerful editor. The software offers rich text formatting like bulleted and numbered lists, links to other notes, upload and resize images, and more. Search notes and organize with hashtags on personal search engine. Individuals,... read more


Manage Orders with Machine Learning

GenLots software is a platform that uses Machine learning to manage supply chain. Manage factors such as quantity discounts, storage constraints or perishable items. Automate order plan within seconds for business. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.


A Proposal Tool for Business

Sally software is a platform used to manage proposals and check progress. Manage content in drop down menu and insert into any template for future use. Collaborate with your team and add comments on section of a proposal for responding to your clients in real-time. Freelancers, Small, Medium... read more


A Simple tool to Design PDF Invoices

CannonVoice software is a platform used to create and send PDF invoices over email. Engage your customers with PDFs and send them with our API. Integrate invoices with IFTT or a CRM (coming soon). Small and Medium companies make use of the software.


Add Real-time Messaging to your Website and Mobile Apps

Channelize.io is a platform for integrating rich and engaging user-to-user messaging experiences directly into any Web/Mobile applications and digital products. It enables such applications and organizations to achieve new use-cases and explore possibilities by enabling conversations between users.... read more


Publish Web Pages With Excel Sheet Made Simple

Publisheet software is a platform used to publish excel sheet in few seconds. Design spreadsheets into web page with formula support through a public URL you can share. It is a secure platform used to protect your web pages with a password. Freelancers, Small and Medium companies make use of the... read more


Sending Scheduled Messages Made Simple

Timy software is a platform used for sending new messages for a better collaboration. Manage message queue by sending recurring messages. Schedule messages by time zones for future use. Attach files to messages via web app and upload them to Slack. Edit or clone messages created by /schedule... read more


A Tool for Managing Smart Route Planner

Flightmap software is a platform used for managing routes for planning resources. Manage and optimize your fleet based on a vehicle with speed and fuel efficiency. Share routes in One-Click and export CSV files to generate reports to measure business via the dashboard. It integrates with API for... read more


Managing Properties Made Simple

Urbest software is a Property Management tool used to manage properties in a digital eco-system. Organize data like descriptions, quotes, appointments, invoices to centralize information. Gain Real-time satisfaction by managing contractors, employees, stakeholders, and tenant. Generate reports on... read more


A Tool to Optimize Websites in China

Chinafy software is a platform used to engage audiences with a site's performance. Monitor Web Performance and identify and resolve China's incompatibilities. Create Content to rank in China SEO. It integrates with WordPress, Wix, Shopify, and more. Developers, Small, Medium and Large companies... read more

Ring N Bring

A Simple Tool to Manage Orders

Ring N Bring software is a Smart Service Bell used to engage your audiences with request and receive orders with RNB device. Create and configure the RNB devices with your mobile app using the simple QR scan. Invite family members or friends and manage rooms in your venue to receive orders. Send... read more


A Simple Tool to Increase Conversations

Cardify software is a business card tool used for modern businesses and their consumers. Brand your company to gain insights to analyze prospects' engagement with the shared information. It integrates with Zapier. Freelancers, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.


A Product Research Tool for your Business

Algopix is a Product Research platform used to gain insights on products for better business decisions possible. Measure Product Identifiers, Competition Analysis, Demand Level, Estimated Profit, and Total Sales Estimation in real-time data. Google AdWords Analysis used to search phrases on your... read more

WhiteSource Renovate

A Solution to Get Dependency Updates

WhiteSource Renovate software is a platform used to get automated dependency updates in software projects to automate workflow. Run and detect the latest available versions with multi-language support. Measure Changelogs with each update and can run an existing suite of tests to avoid regression... read more

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