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Updated on: January 27, 2020

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A Financial Forecasting Tool

Cenario software make uses of AI tool used to make the business decision simple. Track your performance for forecasting to reach your financial goals. Real-time alerts and notifications on trends and patterns. Founders, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.


Increase User Engagement Without Coding

Smartarget is a platform used to add different apps to your website and make users engage without coding. The software offers communication features for users to contact easily via Whatsapp, Email, Phone and more. It integrates with WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and more. Small, Medium and Large... read more


A URL Redirection Service Tool

redirection.io is a platform used for managing HTTP redirections to increase web traffic and reduces SEO drops. Receive alerts on HTTP errors and can improve your web traffic. The software offers a dashboard to view the traffic in real-time and can export reports in CSV file formats. SEO Managers,... read more


Organize Links Online Made Simple

Olinkia software is a tool used to save and organize your links by tags. The software offers a mobile-friendliness to access your links. Freelancers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.


All-in-one Tool to Manage your Projects

UnderPinned software is a platform used to manage your projects. The software offers a Virtual Office to find work and organize your contacts. Send automated invoices to your clients. Freelancers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.

Fectar Studio

Content Management System for Augmented and Virtual Reality

Fectar Studio is a no-coding solution. And because it is cloud-based, you don't need to set up anything. All you need is an account. And it works Cross-Platform, which means that your content will be made available on both AR and VR at the same time. This also means that it supports Multi-Device,... read more

Chart It

Design and Share Charts in Minutes

Chart It software is a platform used to create charts. Simply paste data from Excel, CSV or text and design charts with 12 charts and other formatting options. Freelancers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.


Write more secure and battle-tested software

Cohesion is a web application security testing framework and a tool built for continuous integration pipelines. Cohesion is designed with performance and automation in mind. It is a flexible solution that fits perfectly in the DevSecOps guidelines and best-practices. Cohesion fits directly into the... read more


Design Changelog for Products

Changefeed software is a platform used to improve your products with users' engagement with every update. The software offers advanced release editor to draft updates. Maintain the changelogs for advanced team management. It integrates with Zapier. Product Managers, Small and Medium companies make... read more


A Simple Co-Working Software

Kowalla software is an Online Coworking tool used to build projects with space and accountability. Collaborate and collect feedback to integrate and share your work. Freelancers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.


A Simple School Communication App

MyU app is a platform used to optimize communication with students with a simple tool to connect and share. Engage your students with class productivity and optimize teaching experience with videos and articles from the web. Measure the performance of students and send instant push notifications... read more


A Simple Data Integration Tool

ApiWay software is a platform used to integrate with other cloud apps for free without coding. The software offers more than 50 integration templates for automating the workflow. It integrates with Google Analytics, amoCRM, ActiveCampaign, and more. Developers, Small, Medium and Large companies... read more


A Personalized Marketing Tool

GreyFOX AI software is a platform for smarter engagement with your customers. Build customer interactions with loyalty make more sales. The software offers a AI tool used to construct games with campaigns and measure the performance with analytics tools. Collect and Analyze the feedback of... read more

PrimaHealth Credit

Alternative Patient Finance Platform

PrimaHealth Credit’s payment platform is highly automated, easy-to-use, and seamlessly fits into any workflow. Patients use a simple mobile application, receive instant credit decisions, and can select from several payment options, if approved. From automated payment processing to resolving past... read more


Providing the data and automation for your digital transformation

UpstreamDB is an affordable oil and gas data service for the upstream E&P sector. The data varies a bit from state to state, but they have: drilling permits, well headers, production, operator contacts, completions, frac/chemicals, driller tops, well logs, decline curves (editable), EURs,... read more


A Simple Skip Bin Management Program

Hiary software is a skip bin hire management software used to manage your booking and customer data to manage your business. Share Jobs with Team and track your jobs in real-time. Get bins back and send invoices to track bin locations from booking details. Small, Medium and Large companies make use... read more


Manage your church from one place

MyChurchMember provides tools, analytics, and reports tailored to give you insight towards making great choices for your church. Create, manage and relate with the various groups and departments in your church with ease, you can also assign a sub-group head to manage a group. Simple and easy... read more


Launch a podcast & amplify your brand

Podcast.co is the go-to platform for professional podcasters. Use their advanced platform to launch, distribute, and grow podcasts with ease. Get published on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and loads more with a single click. Then use their comprehensive set of audience-building tools to funnel... read more


A Tool to Manage your Meetings

Comeet.me software is a platform used to manage your meetings with the calendar. Collaborate and Share work with agendas. Collect feedback to make informed decisions. Professionals, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.


A B2B Blockchain Procurement Solution

e-Procure software is a cloud-based platform for your business needs. Automate business operations with tools like data analytics, e-auction, contract management, proposal management, supplier/client management, smart catalog management and much more. Gain insights with technologies like blockchain... read more


A Tool to Deploy Servers in Minutes

DPLYR software is a platform used to create deployments on any cloud provider. Manage the configuration of the app once deployed. Project Managers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.


Managing Renewals Made Simple

RenewalSite software is a platform used to manage your renewals. The software offers five different categories to choose between Contracts, Licenses, Memberships, Subscriptions, and Warranties. Multiple Email Recipients. Receive email notifications when they expire.


A Tool to Optimize Images with One-Click

PicUP.AI software is an AI platform used to create a change of background of images in real-time. Boost the batch processing with API integration. Professionals, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.


A Tool to Prioritize Ideas

Prio software is a platform used to build a product roadmap. Manage ideas, categorize answers with feedback. Collaborate with your team to manage workflow. Product Managers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.


visual search for eCommerce and retail

vTion powers visual search for eCommerce and retail. Using vTion proprietary AI technology, enable retailers with image recognition solutions from a camera button to image to text technology, in order to create a more engaged, interactive and data-driven omnichannel experience.


A Tool to Manage your Domain

Domalio software is a platform used to track and manage your domain portfolio for multiple websites/apps, and frequently buy and sell domains. Get a unified view of all your domains and can retrieve relevant domain-related data like registrar, creation date, expiry date, status, and more. Receive... read more


Manage Meetings with Preferred Times

Groupflows software is a platform used to create group pages and interact with meeting times. Select multiple people to see shared times working across different time zones. Managers, Small, and Medium companies make use of the software.


Managing Policies Made Simple

PolicyCo software is a platform used to collaborate with your team to write effective policies for your organization. Manage your policy documents in an organized format with a text editor and submit for approval. Distribute with direct links or PDF export.


A Productivity Suite for Freelancers

Tispr software is a platform used to manage your client workflow. Create and send the contract, track time and send invoices with an all-in-one platform. Accept online payments through Stripe to get paid faster. Share files with clients and secure files with SSL encryption and stored on secured... read more

Vessel Health

A Tool to Manage your Medical Information

Vessel Health is a platform used to compile your medical information into one always-accessible platform for your doctors. Multiple diagnoses, disparate test results, and get better care. Share information with your doctor and manage the specialists in the loop. Individuals, Parents, and Elder Care... read more

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