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Updated on: July 7, 2020

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A Documentation App for Supply Chain

LoadProof software is a Picture Documentation App used to take pictures to automate workflow in Warehouse. The software offers a secure platform to upload pictures into the Cloud and can share the pictures with Vendors and Customers. The software supports Mobile App like iOS and Android.... read more


Assessments Made Simple

Traitstack software is a platform used to redefine assessment applications of human potential. Manage surveys with crafted visual questions and module matches the user to jobs that align to their interests and career related information. Measure the performance of profiles in minutes. Small, Medium... read more

Mediawide CMP

Manage Personalized Assets in Minutes

Mediawide CMP software is a platform used to personalize creative assets via multiple channels. Manage marketing campaigns to automate workflows and process management across geographies. Segment customers and measure analytics to run real-time targeted campaigns for dynamic creative optimization.... read more


Increase Sales with Customer feedback

Tagai software is an data-driven analytics for customer feedback to reduce churn. Connect to various data sources in clicks and the software uses an AI to organize customer feedback in minutes. Visualize by user segments and prioritize feedback's to build a product of user's choice. Product... read more


Connecting WebServers in Minutes

Cotunnel software is a platform used to connect to your device's terminal and local webservers. It supports Raspberry Pi, Mac, Windows and Linux device and SSH console to connect to your device's console in cotunnel dashboard. Create a subdomain for your device and can expose to the world in your... read more

Siamois QCM

A Learning Platform for Students

Siamois QCM is a Medicine platform for students who prepare the Residanate. The software offers rich layouts and an easy to use interfaces to automate workflow. Multiple Filters to structure data questions by source, by type and also preferences. User can create his own list of questions and... read more


Meet Requirements with Mobile

StemeXe software is a platform used to manage organizations with mobile app to automate workflows. The software offers features to design Customizable app with announcements feature. Monitor Announcements with access to group members. Manage Events and webinars through the app and reshare it on... read more

Code Inspector

Code Analysis Made Simple

Code Inspector software is a platform used to measure the Code Quality Platform in minutes. Find Security Vulnerabilities and can automate Code Reviews on GitHub. Measure the trends and analytics to gain actionable metrics. It integrates with Slack. Developers, Small and Medium companies make use... read more


Employee On-boarding Made Simple

Typelane software is a platform used to create a onboarding experience to optimize employee engagement. Manage repetitive tasks to complete checklists and support new hires with communication flows with automated messages and reminders. It integrates with Slack, Okta, Docusign, and more. HR... read more


A Secure tool to Manage Open source

Debricked software is a platform used to manage the risks of using open source in your software. Integrate with your CI/CD environment to match your dependencies with vulnerability database. Scan for vulnerabilities and find out if you are exposed to any risks. Gain insight into your risks and use... read more

now ai

Track Sales with AI

now ai software is a platform used to track and create sales conversations in minutes. Identify and target executives to sell and generate highly personalized executive sales conversations. Measure the performance of sales via Dashboard. It integrates with Salesforce, Slack and more. Marketers,... read more


Track Debt Records in Minutes

ValiDebt software is a platform used to manage and track debt records. The software offers a secure storage of data tool used to create and access your records via USSD Short-code. Receive Notifications of repayments before issuing any facilities on credit. Entrepreneurs, Small, and Medium... read more


Managing Tax Made Simple

hellotax software is a platform used to manage VAT services like VAT Registration and VAT Filings to automate workload. Connect marketplaces like Amazon, eBay with just one click. Receive alerts and can monitor transactions to calculate your VAT liability automatically. Measure the transactions via... read more


Build your Community with Referrals

Recrooit softwar is a recruitment platform used to hire qualified candidates by referrals. Identify talented people for the post of job required for your company in minutes. HR Managers, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.


Manage Sales Commission In Minutes
(2 Ratings)

Performio software is an Enterprise-grade incentive compensation management software used to automate your sales commission calculations. Calculate sales with powerful crediting rules, pre-built plan components, and automated workflows. Make communicating sales with real-time leaderboards, and... read more


Build Business with Wellness Tool
(1 Ratings)

Swiff software is a Screening tool used to track Employee's wellness to increase productivity. Prevent employees to office in order to reduce the financial risk loss of employees and legal liability. Track mental well being of employees at work to gain insights for management decisions. It supports... read more


Health Monitoring Made Simple

Meports software is a platform used to monitor the health wearables with alerts. Add as many people in your dashboard to identify health feeds in real-time. Gain insights with the metrics to improve the health condition of the people. It integrates with Google Fit, Samsung, Oura, Fitbit, and more.... read more


Design Freelance Platform in Minutes

Husky software is a platform used for launching freelance professionals with businesses. Customize your Marketplace with logo, colors and domain to manage your product listings and price management. Chat with your users through a web widget & in-app chat. Generate a reviews for your Marketplace and... read more


Build Machine Learning Models

DeepMux is a platform used to deploy machine learning models into production. Scale business with more resources for developers to focus on core product and manage cost on operating servers. Run heavy models requiring high parallelism with Computer Vision models effortlessly. The software provides... read more


Issue Tracker for Small Teams

DoEnd software is an issue tracking tool used to manage your projects by identifying and solving bugs. Collaborate with your team on current tasks. Receive alerts on team's tasks to automate workflow. The software offers both a light and dark theme as per the user requirement. Measure the... read more


Track Issues in Minutes
(1 Ratings)

Linear software is a platform used to streamline software projects for high-performance teams. Synchronize in real-time with users and the software supports offline access. Switch modes like Light and dark UI themes. Manage Multiple teams with shared workspace. It integrates with Figma, Slack,... read more


Gain Insights with Customer Experience

Bewgle software is a platform used to collect, analyze and gain insights from user-generated content. The software using AI and machine learning for building products to meet the requirements of the marketplace. Measure the trends and content recommendations for brand's performance via Dashboards... read more


A Personal Security Tool

Clario software is a Personal digital security to manage your digital life from a single Dashboard. The software offers a data privacy to manage online identity to financial transactions. Maintain your privacy by protecting your cam and mic in real-time. It also has intelligent humans and a team of... read more


A Video Communication Platform

VideoFace software is a platform used to communicate with unlimited videos. Collect feedback with interviews, testimonials and many more. The software offers an end to end encryption for your data to optimize a personal experience for users.


Central control and test for user interfaces

UpStamps is a Feature Flag Management Platform that lets you manage every feature with a central visibility and control user interface. Teams and developers are managing their projects using feature management to progressively deliver features to users with confidence. Integrate different Feature... read more

SEON Sense Platform

Complete Fraud Detection Solution
(3 Ratings)

SEON Sense Platform is used to analyze user's online behavior with velocity rules, software, and hardware configuration with device fingerprinting, and enrich data in real-time through email, phone, and IP analysis combined with social media profiling. Combine machine intelligence with human... read more

SEON Intelligence Tool

Data Enrichment for Better Risk Analysis

SEON Intelligence is a unique and innovative way to enrich data based on a single point. Enter an email address, IP, phone number or location in the browser extension, and instantly get background information to create a complete user profile, flag fraudsters and remove suspicions. SEON’s Email... read more


Design Models with Ideas

ValidatorApp software is a platform used to validate ideas or MVP's by capturing your future buyers data. Create a custom checkout form to buy the idea while capturing their data. Capture Buyers Data to measure the customer's interest on your idea via Dashboard. Analyze modals and the people's... read more


CRM that works the way your business does

Bright is a CRM powered by your Airtable data. Because Bright is powered by the data in your Airtable, you can track anything. Configure your UI to make you and your team as efficient as possible. You control exactly what your users can access, and what actions they can do. Make use of your data,... read more

Iterpro Football Intelligence

A Simple Football Management Tool

Iterpro Football Intelligence software is an business intelligence solution used to integrate data to gain actionable insights. Prepare your games with automatic data feed and can plan and keep track of your activities to create your own database to share within your organization. Set goals and... read more

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