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Meme Yourself

Best Memes Creator
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Meme Yourself pricing: Starts at $null.

What is Meme Yourself and how does it work?

If the customer has an internet sensation or just a regular joe with a great sense of humor? Either way, Meme Yourself has got covered! With this easy-to-use platform, can create personalized memes that show off the funny side in just a few clicks. Using Artificial Intelligence, have created the perfect way to turn yourself into a meme inventor and make everyone laugh. Unleash the customer creative potential with Meme Yourself - create custom memes today and get ready for the LOLs! show more


Unlock The Power of Knowledge
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Operand pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Operand and how does it work?

Operand is the new app that lets the customer to talk to the files and unlocks the power of knowledge. Understanding data has never been easier. Upload whatever documents, photos and folders want, add links and connect with the favourite apps. Then - here’s the best part – ASK questions and get ANSWERS! Quickly analyse vast amounts of information and clearly understand relationships between things at lightning speed. The customer can ask questions in natural language, so understanding data is simpler than ever before. Operand makes the tedious task of searching for hidden answers in data easy, fast and effective. Discover trends over time, identify anomalies and gain a powerful insight into what drives results. Get creative with complex questions using variables and filters to automate processes far beyond manual search capabilities. show more


Decentralized Sportsbetting App
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Valuebet.app pricing: Valuebet.app Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Valuebet.app and how does it work?

The customer is looking to become a sportsbookhost and join the exciting world of peer-to-peer sports betting? With valuebet.app, can turn their own home or office into an exclusive sporting atmosphere where to control the action with this easy-to-use SaaS infrastructure. The customer will be able to create and manage their own private virtual betting club, which means the customer gets to decide who joins, how much they wager, and when and what type of bets they make. With valuebet.app's cutting-edge software, all transactions are secured in real time on a decentralized platform, bringing added safety and control over each user’s funds. This smooth intuitive interface also allows to take full advantage of the exciting range of online games available at the fingertips whenever predicted events take place. show more

Legis Music

Royalty-Free Music Licensing
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Legis Music pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Legis Music and how does it work?

Legis Music is the perfect solution for anyone looking for maximum sound quality with an easy and convenient lifetime subscription. For individuals and businesses alike, Legis Music can provide crystal-clear sound to be used in presentations, podcasts, films, commercials - whatever they need! They don’t have to take this word for it either; just search through the vast selection of music provided in this library and see the audio quality for yourself. With Legis Music, they don’t need to worry about complicated licensing agreements ever again. They now want to spend more time creating powerful works of art rather than filing paperwork - that’s why they make sure you get full access to all our music with a single click! Their user-friendly platform will help you get started in no time, so start working on their masterpiece without any delays. For those seeking the best available audio quality for their projects, look no further than Legis Music. With top-of-the-line sound quality and an effortless lifetime subscription plan, Legis Music provides a cost-effective way to elevate your work. Make your project stand out with Legis Music today! show more

Magic Bookifier

Level Up the Writing with Magic Bookifier
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Magic Bookifier pricing: Starts at $null.

What is Magic Bookifier and how does it work?

The Magic Bookifier is here to revolutionize the way to create ebooks - no more tedious manual work required. Harnessing the power of cutting-edge AI technology, this innovative web app lets the customer to transform podcast transcripts into captivating ebooks in mere moments. With the Magic Bookifier, all that’s left for the customer to do is upload the podcast transcript and wait as it automatically creates the perfect ebook! This amazing web app does more than just transcribe words into text - it will also separate sections within book content, help break down complex topics, add graphics where necessary, and incorporate links and quotes seamlessly - so the customer don’t have to! Writing books is easier than ever with the Magic Bookifier - create professional looking ebooks quickly & easily while focusing on developing captivating content rather than getting lost in technical distractions. show more


TheSprkl for Figma, Webflow, Flutter, Reactus
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Thesprkl pricing: Thesprkl Offers Custom plan.

What is Thesprkl and how does it work?

Welcome to TheSprkl—the ultimate design toolkit that allows the customer to easily create stunning visuals and interfaces the projects. From dynamic websites and iOS apps to interactive installations, TheSprkl has everything need to craft seriously impressive designs! TheSprkl is a comprehensive design framework with an intuitive design system, making it simple for developers of all levels to translate interface design into code. No matter if the customer is looking to make something for the web with Webflow, mobile with Flutter, or React desktops - TheSprkl makes it easy! With organized layers, customizable components and powerful styling capabilities, It's never been easier to look professional and stand out from the crowd. show more

Relevance AI

The Easiest No-Code AI Platform
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Relevance AI pricing: Relevance AI Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Relevance AI and how does it work?

Make every data moment count with Relevance AI. Operating on the cutting edge of AI algorithms, Relevance AI can help to unlock invisible data moments that will revolutionize the way the customer do business. This platform leverages powerful methods like unstructured data analysis, topic modelling, recommendations, semantic search and zero-shot classification to accelerate insights from the data and unlock potential that the customer never thought possible. With a host of features designed to maximize performance and accuracy in real-time operations, Relevance AI provides an invaluable tool for organizations who are looking to make the most of their data resources. So start today and be ready for whatever tomorrow brings – Relevance AI is here to help unleash the power of data! show more

Borderless Delivery

Super Easy Logistics for your Business
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What is Borderless Delivery and how does it work?

Are you looking to give your business an edge? At Borderless Delivery, they provide Driver and Delivery Operations Management for the Logistics & Retail Business done right. This commitment to customer satisfaction has made us the go-to experts in the logistics and retail industry. This cutting-edge software platform is comprehensive, intuitive, and easy to use - a key component in delivering peak performance every time. Borderless Delivery eliminates tedious tasks that inefficiently consume time and resources, making it possible to remain agile at all times. This operations management system delivers visibility into the fleet, both in real-time and historically; consolidates orders; automates laborious manual processes; streamlines routing to ensure cost savings and drive efficiencies; increases accuracy with our address verification technology; proactively identifies poor performance; tracks worker attendance; encourages crowd-shipping on long routes; notifies customers of progress quickly and accurately through text notifications. At Borderless Delivery, they always prioritize improving our customer service experience. Multiple options such as live chat customer support as well as an online help center enable immediate response times when inquiries arise. Through our 24/7 customer service team combined with automated operational tools designed to make life simpler for both customers and dispatch personnel, users can be sure that their business is performing at its best even when they're away from the office. Let us take care of the logistics needs with Borderless Delivery - ensuring quality control, exceptional customer service experiences, cost optimization, and overall superior operations management from start to finish! show more


Build and grow your personal brand
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Ceeya pricing: Starts at $null.

What is Ceeya and how does it work?

Introducing Ceeya, the revolutionary way to become an online celebrity. No one else can provide you with this unique cross promotion network – only Ceeya. With our leading-edge digital marketing network, you can take your artistic efforts and showcase them to your biggest fans and beyond. Ceeya allows you to reach potential followers that would have been impossible to have contacted before. Our powerful software ensures that your work is noticed and seen by a wider audience than ever before—so you can truly carve out for yourself an internet presence that may lead to fame and fortune. Our easy-to-use interface makes it simple to upload your best work, customize your portfolio, and engage with followers from all over the world. You also get access to millions of art lovers who appreciate creativity and will be ready to turn into loyal fans once they’ve seen your content. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast, a makeup artist, or a singer/songwriter, Ceeya empowers every creative to build their own following through tailored marketing tools and direct access to people who are already looking for new talent within their genre. We make sure it’s easier than ever before for creatives like yourself to reach the upper echelons of success on the web. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity – sign up today with Ceeya, the most powerful solution for promoting your talents across digital channels! show more


Create your own stories
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What is StoryMaster and how does it work?

Telling stories has been an integral part of childhood development and building memories. With StoryMaster, you can craft personalized children’s stories with unique cover art that is powered by AI. This intuitive system effectively combines the convenience and technology of digital storytelling with some of the same elements found in traditional books. StoryMaster promotes your child’s learning, growth, and creativity while keeping their beloved tales alive for years to come. StoryMaster empowers parents to engage with their child’s reading journey like never before. Unique cover art and individualized content can be utilized over and over again, creating an immersive experience for kids each time. Working together with our AI-powered system allows you as a journalist or content creator to easily create treasured memories through digitized stories designed to captivate a young audience’s imagination. Not only are you able to keep track of memories in an efficient way, but you are also contributing to a greener future by saving trees and embracing digital storytelling. Bring cherished childhood tales into a digital space with StoryMaster show more


Preview HTML Ads On One Link
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Adpiler pricing: Starts at $null.

What is Adpiler and how does it work?

Introducing adpiler: the perfect way to streamline and amplify the digital approval process. Show off the customers work like the professionals, and make approving oh-so easy for the clients. With adpiler, create an entire campaign with just a few clicks. Upload all the designs into one high-quality portfolio – no need to send attachments or keep tabs on multiple emails! – then preview the whole lot with one foolproof link. Last but not least, share with anyone anywhere in an instant – without making a single change to the customers creative files. Try adpiler today and revolutionize the approval process with ease, better control of previews and files, flawless quality, and lots of opportunities for feedback along the way. show more


Kill Busywork
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Magistrate pricing: Magistrate Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Magistrate and how does it work?

Is managing business contracts stressing out? Magistrate is here to help! It's the perfect tool for entrepreneurs who are sick of dealing with time-consuming paperwork. With Magistrate, can simplify contract work that would otherwise take hours and make it a breeze. What exactly does this product do? Magistrate helps entrepreneurs manage the complex process of contract administration in no time at all. Its intuitive interface makes creating contracts straightforward, while the user-friendly wizard walks people through the entire process. Plus, its custom templates ensure accuracy and reduce busywork when processing documents. Magistrate stands apart from its competitors by providing unparalleled flexibility - can create custom contracts tailored to your needs or pick from industry-standard forms. The customer also don't need an account or software to use it, making startup painless and hassle-free! In addition, better customer service is delivered with round-the-clock support and online training sessions for customers when needed. show more


Get More Control Over Websites using Scanerr
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Scanerr pricing: Starts at $null.

What is Scanerr and how does it work?

Introducing scanerr, the simple and effective way to ensure that the customer don't miss a thing with the website. With scanerr the customer can rest assured knowing all of the small, breaking changes made after each deployment are now easily tracked and monitored. By creating a highly detailed overview of each change, will be able to keep tabs on anything that appears suspicious or indicative of an issue. With scanerr in the customers corner, never miss a broken change again! Get more control over the website by using scanss’ highly detailed overview and responsive alert system today! show more

Smart Notification Bar

Empower The Business By Sharing Right Message To The Right Visitor
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Smart Notification Bar pricing: Smart Notification Bar Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Smart Notification Bar and how does it work?

Show their visitors the perfect message every time they visit the website with Smart Notification Bar! This innovative WordPress plugin enables easily to target visitors and provide them with the messages that will drive more sales, increase user engagement, and keep them coming back. Enjoy never-before-seen features such as displaying customized notifications to visitors who come from a variety of sources. Display unique messages to those who came from Facebook, Google, email campaigns, and ad campaigns—provide visitors with a tailored experience that builds trust in the product! This smart notification bar is an indispensable tool for any site owner or marketer. With its help can: customize text, choose browser conditions for display bar visibility, add buttons for redirecting users to designated pages - and much more! Take control of the website's promotional content and give it the attention it deserves without spending hours on design tweaks or coding issues. show more


Meal Plans, Workout Plans and Fitness Assessments
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MikeAI pricing: Starts at $null.

What is MikeAI and how does it work?

Introducing the revolutionary MikeAI, designed to be the customers very own AI fitness coach. With a team of experienced professionals behind this advanced technology, MikeAI will help up the fitness game in ways the customers wouldn't have imagined possible. From personalized meal plans and workout programs tailored specifically for the body type, to access to FitnessGPT which answers any and all questions related to fitness - MikeAI has it all. Quickly finally see results from the comfort of own home! MikeAI is designed with dynamic flexibility in mind - as goals change, so will MikeAI's specific recommendations regardless if it's meal plans or workouts that suits the needs best. Get ready experience conveniently optimized powering journey towards success. show more


Technical Interview and Assessment Platform
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ViewCoder pricing: ViewCoder Offers Free-forever plan.

What is ViewCoder and how does it work?

If the customer tired of being bogged down in mundane activities while trying to conduct an interview? Say goodbye to recording, transcribing and reminding--ViewCoder makes interviewing effortless! ViewCoder records and transcribes interviews intelligently so that the interviewer can focus on the conversation without worrying about technical disruptions. But the customer don't just stop there--to make sure to upskill the users with interactive coaching for job-oriented interviewing. With this Live Coding feature, both time and energy are saved as it helps build a well-curated question bank without sacrificing any part of the candidate's experience. Make life simpler with ViewCoder: tackling everything from remind scheduling to live coding efficiently! show more


The Complete Monetization Platform for Creators & Brands
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Linkr pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Linkr and how does it work?

For content creators and brands looking to monetize their following, Linkr is the go-to platform that makes it easy and efficient. With Linkr, no longer have to juggle multiple tools for basic link-in-bio, QR code pieces, storefronts and subscription services – now these features are all housed on one powerful platform! Plus, the customer will be able to use this amazing platform to monetize the content from Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, and more. Making money from content without having to spend a lot of time or energy has never been easier than with Linkr. With this suite of advanced features including smart analytics and click tracking, can rest assured that customer always getting the most out of the content. show more

Urva Connect

WhatsApp Business CRM Software
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Urva Connect pricing: Starts at $null.

What is Urva Connect and how does it work?

With urva connect, have the power to transform customer relationships into seamless and successful collaborations! Managing conversations with customers has never been so easy; this make it possible to centralize conversations from every channel and bring them into one simple platform. This app is designed to quickly capture, receive, and respond to customer inquiries which will allow for greater engagement opportunities with customers. Upgrade now and take complete control of customers conversation history; start transforming those priceless customer interactions into prosperous collaborations now! show more


Take Control of Sharing Online with KloutUp
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KloutUp pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is KloutUp and how does it work?

Introducing KloutUp – the single link that brings everything together in one simple place! KloutUp makes it easy to manage social media and never lose track of your posts. Just post your KloutUp link into any type of content – like a blog, video, or even Instagram story – and voila – you’re done. No more copy-pasting links across multiple platforms! Imagine being able to effortlessly organize all of your information in one organized place – no need to worry about managing hundreds of separate links cluttering up your page. With KloutUp, organizing has never been easier. Keep tabs on where you post, see who has shared your content, and access analytics with just a single click. show more


Localhost To Internet
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LocaltoNet pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is LocaltoNet and how does it work?

If the customer is looking for a way to take local services and make them available online? If so, look no further than LocaltoNet! LocaltoNet is the perfect solution that provides easy reverse proxy that makes it simple to expose localhost services to the world! With its innovative design,the customer can quickly and efficiently connect apps or services to the internet without any headaches. It's user-friendly interface, secure servers, and lightning-fast speeds make it easy for anyone to enjoy seamless access. Whether the customer want greater accessibility across multiple platforms or simply want to share information with colleagues more quickly, LocaltoNet is here for customers. So don't delay – start taking advantage of what the internet has to offer today with LocaltoNet! show more

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