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CAQH VeriFide

Primary Source Information Software
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VeriFide, is the industry leading primary source verification solution for healthcare organizations. It has benefits like Deep insight into the primary source verification, Improved provider engagement, Eliminates manual data entry and Reduces file delivery turnaround time.

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Hospital Credentialing Solution by VerityStream | HealthStream
(2 Ratings)

CredentialStream delivers a single source of truth for provider data, supporting the entire provider lifecycle through hospital credentialing, privileging, and enrollment processes.

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Insurance Eligibility Verification Service | ABILITY COMPLETE
(1 Ratings)

Speed up your all-payer eligibility process with ABILITY COMPLETE. Check multiple patients and mulitple payers in one easy step! Request a demo today.


Kyruus ProviderMatch

Enterprise-Wide Patient Access | Kyruus
(1 Ratings)

Kyruus delivers provider search and scheduling solutions that help hospitals match patients with the best providers. The ProviderMatch suite of cloud-based applications helps health systems align network capacity with patient demand. Kyruus' provider data management platform forms the foundation of its solutions.

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SkillSurvey Credential...

Transform Your Credentialing with Credential OnDemand by SkillSurvey
(11 Ratings)

SkillSurvey Credential OnDemand enhances and optimizes your credentialing and peer reference processes while delivering an optimal applicant experience.

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symplr Vendor Credentialing

Vendor Credentialing Software | symplr
(2 Ratings)

Vendor credentialing from symplr is a full-service, web-based solution that helps healthcare facilities manage access & compliance for vendor reps. Learn more.

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Cactus from Symplr

Provider Credentialing Software | symplr
(5 Ratings)

Streamline your facility's healthcare provider credentialing process with our intuitive yet powerful provider credentialing software. Schedule a demo today!

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MD-Staff Features | Applied Statistics & Management Inc.
(1 Ratings)

Credentialing software that's cloud-based, AI-enabled, and user friendly.

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Enormous data-powered SaaS Credentialing software
(0 Ratings)

CheckMedic is a web-based Software-as-a-Service solution that is revolutionizing physicians’ and other health care professionals’ credentialing, recruitment, on-boarding and enrollment.

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A Modern Solution for Provider Credentialing & Licensing
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Medallion's complete provider network management solution. Medallion provides a frustration-free credentialing & licensing solution for payor and provider organizations with our all-in-one automated platform.

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Easy to use, CredentialMyDoc
(1 Ratings)

CredentialMyDoc provides web-based hassle-free software for credentialing and provider enrollment. It clarifies the data entry and validation, and it cut down the manual errors on forms, streamlines medical billing, and increases provider satisfaction.

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Patients, not Paperwork
(0 Ratings)

At Silversheet, think healthcare should be about patients, not paperwork. The cloud-based credentialing solution was built to deliver the best provider experience and help organizations save time, reduce liability, and recapture lost revenue.

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DCI Authorization Module

Real-Time Authorization Management for Healthcare Agencies
(6 Ratings)

Utilize our real-time data management system at Direct Care Innovations for authorizations, dates, records, and more. Call us at (480) 295-3307!

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Electronic Prior Authorization Process & Automation Software
(0 Ratings)

Prior Authorization volumes continue to rise, and as specialty drugs create additional clinical complexities, Health Plans, Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) and Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) are challenged to adapt while maintaining or improving operational and clinical efficiencies.

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Cortex EDI Cloud Services

Cortex EDI Medical Cloud Services & EDI Service Provider
(3 Ratings)

A medical EDI service provider, Cortex EDI offers medical cloud services, such as patient eligibility verification, to practices of all kinds.

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Tackle the power of data
(1 Ratings)

Meso tack the power of data to reduce costs, streamline administration, and improve the quality of care. And it has key features like Scalable, Secure, Flexible, Intuitive, Interoperable and Robust.

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ProCARE Portal

ProCARE Portal - Provider Compensation Management Platform
(1 Ratings)

ProCARE is an acronym for Provider Compensation Automation Rules Engine. It enables administrators and leadership of healthcare provider organizations to manage and process incentive compensation for physicians and advanced practice providers.

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A Complete Dashboard Analysis for better Tracking
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HIPAA Compliant, Secured and Cloud Based Complete Medical Credentialing Software for Facility, Payer and Contract Management. The analytics module shows the clients credentialing report based on the credentialing detail, client summary or credentialing expiration. The data holds all the compilation of remarks and follow-up dates for all the credentialing processes carried out for each particular reporting analysis.

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Modio Health

Redefined Credential Management Software
(0 Ratings)

Modio Health is a physician owned and operated platform connecting healthcare organizations with qualified providers. The goal is to remove the hassle around job searching and credentialing for healthcare professionals.

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Credentialing Simplified
(0 Ratings)

The Credz platform allows a professional to save valuable time by managing their credentials online. It is an opportunity for professionals to save valuable time, gain visibility, and mitigate risk. it make managing your credentials easy, and sharing them with your network even easier.

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List of Health Care Credentialing Software

CAQH VeriFide NA
VerityStream 4.3
Kyruus ProviderMatch NA
SkillSurvey Credential OnDemand 4.5
symplr Vendor Credentialing 5
Cactus from Symplr 3.3
MD-Staff 4.5
CheckMedic NA
Medallion NA