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Updated on: May 25, 2022

Equity Management Software

Equity Management Software simplifies the management and arrangement of equity distribution or its assets minus its liabilities. It is often referred to as cap table management software. It allows equity issuance and governance, eliminating the need for legal teams for each issuance. Equity management software is a bottleneck to closing your financials, from accounting compliance issues to planning the settlement process and providing reports. It helps businesses save time and money by allowing them to utilize equity in order to meet their goals. The typical end users include the management and finance teams of the organization who use it to manage all equity related processes.

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A perfect tool to manage equity
(40 Ratings)

Vestd Software is the only legitimate cloud-based, FCA-regulated advanced digital share scheme platform for small and medium-sized enterprises in the United Kingdom. This software provides two-way companies house incorporation with a team of valuation analyses and offers legal documents as part of... read more


Manage your company’s shares with effective cap table managers
(2 Ratings)

Eqvista pricing: Eqvista Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

Eqvista is an ideal platform for issuing electronic shares to employees, founders and investors. It offers stellar services related to cap table management and valuation for all relevant organisations. Whether the client is a small, medium or large organisation, Eqvista offers tailored services.... read more


Cap Table for modern Startups
(67 Ratings)

Pulley pricing: Starts at $100.0. Offers Custom plan.

Pulley software is a Cap Table to manage 100% audit-proof defensibility for your 409A. The software offers Legal templates to manage signing and transactions directly through Pulley. Collaborate with employees to pay for options electronically via ACH. Monitor the milestone based vesting to... read more


One-stop finance solution for your company
(24 Ratings)

Ledgy pricing: Starts at $3.39. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

Ledgy is an equity management software developed specifically for fast-growing firms to facilitate easy management of their finances. Ledgy is used by high-growth firms to manage their cap table, equity plans, funding rounds, and investor interactions. It streamlines the entire equity management... read more


Automate corporate housekeeping legal task management in an efficient manner
(5 Ratings)

Corporify pricing: Corporify Offers Custom plan.

Corporify is an advanced corporate housekeeping and legal entity management platform that makes company-wise legal hassles a lot more accurate and practical to manage. The platform enables team members to collaborate with each other in real-time, facilitating better workflow management, tasks... read more


Organize and plan your startup equity
(1 Ratings)

Captable.io pricing: Starts at $160.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

Captable.io is a robust equity management solution used by startups to store precise records and plan financial actions. Founders get access to convertible security, quick guided creation, easy collaboration, effortless sharing, options calculators, sturdy round and exit modeling features within... read more

(2 Ratings)

Gust Equity Management pricing: Gust Equity Management Offers Free-forever plan.

Gust Equity Management (GEM) is a Software-as-a-Service platform simplifying the process of managing the evolution of enterprise capitalizations from startup through sale/IPO. The free software offers a full suite of cap table management tools, modeling for rounds and exits, 409A valuations, and... read more


The ultimate cap sharing platform
(11 Ratings)

Capshare pricing: Starts at $3.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

Capshare is an extensive cap table management system designed to help businesses, shareholders, and lawyers to manage and monitor their cap and equity with utmost ease and comfort. It assists you in transitioning away from spreadsheets and physical work and toward a more time-saving, productive,... read more


Raise and manage equity and debt from a single platform
(2 Ratings)

HighCastle pricing: HighCastle Offers Free-forever plan.

HighCastle is a futuristic capital raising, equity and debt management software for modern private investment companies. It offers a single online platform to connect with investors and manage financial tasks at the same time. By providing solutions to digitise private companies’ cap tables and... read more

(92 Ratings)

Certent Equity Management pricing: Certent Equity Management Offers Custom plan.

Certent Equity Management, helps customers elevate their business with smart, intuitive solutions for modern finance. This advanced solutions for equity management, disclosure management, and narrative reporting help business and finance leaders improve accuracy, save time, and get more done.... read more

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