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Updated on: August 1, 2021

Cash Flow Management Software

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For a better overview of your business
(13 Ratings)

Caflou pricing: Starts at $11.0.

Caflou helps to view all projects, tasks, timesheets, income, and expenses that each company is dealing with. To have a real overview of income and expenses over time. The Cashflow function shows the income and expenses according to companies, projects or categories over any selected time. It helps... read more

Cash Flow Frog

Manage Business Cash Flow in Minutes
(8 Ratings)

Cash Flow Frog pricing: Starts at $23.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

Cash Flow Frog software is a platform used to predict transactions with projections and build better customer experiences. The software offers a financial forecasts to understand and simulate changes with business. Account mapping lets to change the structure of the data and define accounts with... read more


Build intelligent, dynamic financial forecasts
(64 Ratings)

PlanGuru pricing: Starts at $74.91. Offers Custom plan.

PlanGuru helps thousands of businesses, nonprofits, and their advisors drive better decision making through these time-tested processes. With an integrated income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement, PlanGuru provides over 20 powerful forecasting methods which allow a user to project... read more


Manage the cash flow of your business

AGICAP pricing: AGICAP Offers Custom plan.

Agicap's mission is to provide managers with a simple and reliable solution enabling them to monitor the level of cash flow over time, plan its development and anticipate possible periods of shortage. Project yourself easily thanks to a reliable cash flow forecast, and anticipate your strategic... read more


Control of your savings and earn more interest

Akoni pricing: Akoni Offers Custom plan.

Akoni manages your cash with a savings dashboard with easy and fast access to rates from all highly rated banks. They have partnered with highly rated banks and use FitchSolutions for impartial Financial Implied Credit Scores (FICS) so that you can better match your risk-return preferences and... read more


Optimize working capital to unlock hidden cash

Payference pricing: Payference Offers Custom plan.

Payference optimizes working capital to unlock hidden cash. It provides real-time, dynamic cash forecasting and gives visibility into cash position now and in the future to drive key decisions. Payference helps CFOs and finance teams manage and forecast cash flow with the highest level of accuracy... read more

Strands BFM

Look out for your SME customers and help them grow

Strands BFM pricing: Strands BFM Offers Custom plan.

Strands BFM is an online-based platform. Allow SMEs to manage their day-to-day activities with the confidence that comes from foresight and planning. One platform from which to synchronize all accounting and invoicing, create tax provisions, prepare for fluctuating cash flow and carry out their... read more


Financial software to control your cashflow

CashController is financial software that gives you a grip on your liquidity. You want a realistic approach to your cash flow. This gives you a good idea of ​​your credit requirement. By playing with new principles in your turnover forecast or payment terms, you can explore your financial scope... read more

Capchase Expense Financing

Spread large expenses out over time

Capchase Expense Financing pricing: Capchase Expense Financing Offers Custom plan.

Smooth cash flows and avoid large, impactful outflows. Identify your expenses that you’d prefer to pay off gradually. Smooth cash flows and avoid large, immediate outflows. Time your expenses with your revenue.


Cash Forecasting and Working Capital Analytics

Cashforce pricing: Cashforce Offers Custom plan.

Cashforce offers insight into your current real-time cashflows from all data sources. Cashforce is unique because it offers transparency into what exactly drives the cash flow of complex enterprises (multinational, multi-bank, multi-currency, several or complex ERP(s)). Cashforce offers 2 fully... read more

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