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Infinite Visions

Empowering People Who Serve the Public
(41 Ratings)

Sustaining thriving communities requires municipalities to be effective stewards of financial resources with visibility to plan for the future and maximize revenue sources. Building and maintaining municipalities people want to live and work in requires comprehensive planning, efficient service delivery, and access to resources. Access the tools to handle your most complex recording challenges in one secure system, saving time, increasing efficiency, and providing the best service to your constituents.

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Anthology Finance & HCM

Deep and diverse student knowledge
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Stay in control of the processes critical to sound fiscal management. Whether institution has one campus or 100, this feature-rich program brings together finance and Human Capital Management in one solution to help focus on your learners. Never again wonder if need an upgrade, as our solution is built on a state-of-the-art finance system by Microsoft and optimized for higher education by Anthology.

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Frontline ERP

Unlock efficiency and achieve financial peace of mind
(1 Ratings)

Streamline disparate or manual processes in one digital system to connect all the “data dots” from recruiting to retirement, budget to spend, and from procure to pay. Swiftly make data-driven decisions with natively-tracked HR/Finance/Payroll information, live data dashboards and proven state/federal reporting. Experience next-gen financial insight and control out of a single role-based integrated system of record everything from simulated budget scenarios to customizable workflows and district-wide organizational reporting. show more

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Ellucian PowerCampus

Deliver a great constituent experience
(11 Ratings)

Automate critical tasks and processes with built-in workflows. Communicate effectively with students, from recruitment through alumni outreach. Configure Ellucian PowerCampus in the way that’s best for institution’s goals and needs. Attract, engage, and retain students throughout the student lifecycle with a complete management system. Measure progress, identify trends, and inform decision making with robust analytics and reporting tools.

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Run school online and offline
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Teachmint is a leading provider of education-infrastructure solutions, powering the education ecosystem to deliver inspired learning outcomes. Since inception, have enabled millions of educators to create global, future-ready classrooms with our proprietary classroom technology. With innovative and powerful SaaS solutions, Teachmint today is catering to end-to-end needs of all education providers; from K-12 schools to after-school tutoring, universities, creators and even edtechs.

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d6+ Management System

School Software that includes everything
(1 Ratings)

The system uses a certified SSL certificate to encrypt the data to your browser with 256-bit encryption, which means that any information sent between you and the server will be safe and secure. All Administration, Financial, Communication, and Curriculum management tasks are facilitated within the system. Direct reporting to the Department of Education, LURITS, and the School Governing Body. Direct quality SA-SAMS data exports. Supports both Afrikaans and English. Language preference can be set per user. Fully integrated Administration, Financial, Communication and Curriculum system. 100% cloud-based. No server required. show more

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Vidyalaya | School Management Software
(2 Ratings)

Vidyalaya is a complete, fully customizable School Management Software ideal for schools, colleges, universities, training centers, and educational institutes. It assists institutes to manage all administrative and academic tasks in a single integrated system. It provides access to appropriate information and functions to all members of the school community. Vidyalayan is approved by G.S.E.B. as Model Software and approved by Secondary Teacher's Training Institute (STTI), Gandhinagar.

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School Management Information System - iSAMS
(1 Ratings)

Leading school management information system (MIS) with a suite of apps and portals to feed vital information to teachers, parent and students.

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PCR Educator

School Information Management System & Website Software
(2 Ratings)

Online School Management Software for schools that ties all of your data into a single database from public website to Finance and Fundraising.

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Comprehensive Open Source ERP
(0 Ratings)

They offer a solution that helps track the progress of students, manage organization efficiently, and provide a better education with an easy-to-use interface. Parents are provided with various fee structures, customized reports and receipts in an easy-to-use format. Educational institutions like universities and colleges can collect any type of online fees such as annual, examination and tuition fee. They can check the fee report and notify students/parents of pending fees via sms/email.

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Academia ERP

College Management System Software
(1 Ratings)

If you're looking for a state-of-the-art solution to manage and automate educational institutions' operations, administration and learning needs, then Academia ERP is the perfect fit for them. This comprehensive system allows for the optimization of their school's day-to-day processes, resulting in improved efficiency and streamlining of workflows. Academia ERP offers easy access to real-time data from the comfort of their devices, allowing for quick and informed decisions based on facts. The user-friendly interface allows them to easily manage your campus operations, administrative tasks, student information, courses, grades, and more. The software features advanced analytical capabilities, providing detailed insights and trends that can help them make the most informed decisions and predictions. In addition, the platform also provides complete security, ensuring that their data is guarded and preserved. It also features automated backups for added safety against data loss. Whether they run a college, university, or any other educational institution, Academia ERP is the trusted solution that can help you maximize performance quickly and effectively. show more

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Smart School

School Management System-School Management Software-Smart School
(1 Ratings)

Smart School ERP- Best School ERP software system .It is the best school management system and the best school management software in the world

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School Management Software | Online School ERP System | India - mySkoolApp
(1 Ratings)

A user friendly Web and Mobile based school management software and ERP system focuses on next generation worldwide education ERP solutions.

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eduWare School Management...

Best School Management System, School Software India | eduWare
(1 Ratings)

eduWare is the Best Online School Management Software System. It manages complete School Activities With School & Parent App. Makes work easier for School. Try free demo with excellent support team.

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E-School Management System

Manage your School/College using laptop, tab and mobile from anywhere.
(2 Ratings)

Let’s fix School management. Let’s ditch the paperwork, and focus on the people. Let’s stop complaining about compliance. Instead of reacting, let’s act. We can do School Management together.

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School 365

School ERP Software & School ERP System | Features - Campus 365
(2 Ratings)

Campus365 brings all the verticals of an educational application into one place. School and College ERP does it in a way which the Schools and Colleges prefer. We removed all the unnecessary and painful features which the School/College authorities will never use.

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SchoolTonic | Make School Digital
(1 Ratings)

Perfect Online School Management Software and Mobile App for growing & established schools of any board ( CBSE, ICSE, WBBSE, etc.). A complete web school erp to manage almost everything (admission, attendance, examination, marksheet, fees, timetable, syllabus, messaging etc) for your school for unlimited students.

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SmartClass - Schoost School Operating System
(1 Ratings)

SmartClass is the education technology platform for K-12. We provide the industry's first All-In-One experience with best in-class, secure, and compliant online solutions.

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School Management Software & School Mangement System - Penpencileraser
(1 Ratings)

Penpencileraser is a comprehensive Online school management software powers global schools, illustrious ERP for efficacious online school management system

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Si6 Platform

Industry Cloud Software Solution for Education
(0 Ratings)

The Si6 Platform is an all-in-one solution for the Education industry. With this powerful platform, users can easily manage their CRM, Admissions, Enrollment, Study, LMS, Assessment, and Certification needs - all from one easy-to-use interface. And that's not all: they've already gone ahead and pre-configured our system with Integrations to SAP ERP S/4HANA and other ERP systems. This way they can get up and running right away without the hassle or added cost of having to install supplemental software. With Si6 Platform, they will gain complete visibility on their operations with detailed real-time insights and powerful analytics tools built into the platform. Users will also be able to simplify workflows and streamline admissions processes while making sure everything remains secure with full GDPR compliance support right out of the box. Thanks to its intuitive navigation and modern design, there’s no need for additional training either simply log in and begin utilizing the app right away. Stop wasting time on inefficient solutions Trust in Si6 Platform for a better education experience today. show more

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List of Education ERP Suites Software

Infinite Visions 3.9
Anthology Finance & HCM NA
Frontline ERP 4
Ellucian PowerCampus 3.9
Teachmint NA
d6+ Management System 4.5
Vidyalaya 4.8
PCR Educator 0.8
OpenEduCat NA

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