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CallView 360 - Inbound Call Tracking Software

CallView 360

Call Tracking Made Simple
(4 Ratings)

CallView 360 pricing: CallView 360 Offers Custom plan.

What is CallView 360 and how does it work?

CallView 360 is a tracking and analytics software system of Dial800’s with algorithms and analytical tools to track and record incoming calls. Determine the source of any call, whether offline or online to drive the business to your company. Track your ROI of your marketing campaigns to measure the metrics for any business. Train your employees with Call Recording and listen to the calls with a dashboard. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

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AvidTrak - Inbound Call Tracking Software


Track calls with AvidTrak
(7 Ratings)

What is AvidTrak and how does it work?

AvidTrak's customized, stand-alone, and white-labeled call monitoring solutions (for Agencies) benefit Search Engine (PPC and SEO) marketers, Display Advertisers, and Direct Marketers. It employs dynamic phone number insertion to determine which PPC keyword generates the most phone call leads. You can set up and manage hundreds of clients on your agency platform with AvidTrak. You can give each of your clients their own login. You may even record your incoming calls and listen to them on any device. Whether you need a number in your hometown or in a different city, you may choose from thousands of area codes. Call recording, greeting, and whisper capabilities are included with their local numbers, allowing you to customize your caller's experience. Furthermore, you can quickly configure and deploy local or toll-free numbers for your marketing campaigns in minutes, whether you choose local or toll-free numbers. They are immediately available, allowing you to start a fresh campaign and follow calls from the minute they are submitted. show more

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CallRail - Inbound Call Tracking Software


A smart way to drive quality leads
(2,763 Ratings)

CallRail pricing: Starts at $45.0.

What is CallRail and how does it work?

CallRail is a call tracking and marketing analytics software for those businesses that rely on new customers, quality phone calls and leads, for growth. The software includes a call tracking feature that allows users to keep track of a variety of online activities like PPC ads, social media posts, emails and keywords. It also helps businesses to gain access to the name, location and number of each lead. Also, with the lead centre feature, CallRail helps businesses to message, call and monitor all of their contacts in one place. Conversation intelligence is another feature of the software that allows users to automate call transcriptions with its AI-powered analysis. Moreover, businesses can even track web form submissions along with phone calls. CallRail also offers real-time insights that businesses need to boost growth. The areas of these insights range from ads, campaigns to keywords. At last, the software also comes equipped with a variety of tools, from customer communications to marketing analytics, that helps users to close more deals. show more

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Invoca - Inbound Call Tracking Software


Intelligent automated conversation
(1,674 Ratings)

Invoca pricing: Invoca Offers Custom plan.

What is Invoca and how does it work?

Invoca is a call tracking and analytics software driven by artificial intelligence that is ideally suited for all types of enterprises. Invoca allows revenue teams to create better buying experiences, attract more leads, and boost revenue across the board. It's a platform that provides marketers with campaign attribution and actionable data from incoming phone conversations. Invoca's provides AI-powered call tracking and analytics capabilities that are specifically designed for enterprise marketers. It is a one-stop solution that makes use of modern technology to gather data, boost your marketing significantly, and multiply your revenue. Marketers can use data from phone interactions with consumers to better understand and anticipate consumer behavior using Signal AI predictive analytics of Invoca. It provides precise and real-time call analytics that are tailored to a company's unique requirements. This is software that is one of its kind. Its AI capabilities are unmatched and have won Invoca several accolades. It is a no-brainer choice and you must use this software to boost your business and revenue. It provides a free trial version, 24/7 live assistance, and some affordable premium plans to choose from. show more

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DialogTech - Inbound Call Tracking Software


A leading platform for tracking Inbound Calls
(447 Ratings)

DialogTech pricing: DialogTech Offers Custom plan.

What is DialogTech and how does it work?

DialogTech is an incoming call tracking software that eliminates the black hole that inbound calls generated in determining genuine marketing performance in today's mobile-first environment. As marketers face increasing pressure to generate not only leads but also revenue, DialogTech's platform provides them with the call attribution data they need to invest safely in call-generating initiatives, as well as the conversion technology they need to turn callers into customers. Invoca's active conversation intelligence platform helps revenue teams to create better buying experiences, attract more leads, and boost revenue, from marketing to sales and eCommerce to CX. Invoca helps marketers assess and optimize performance by providing real-time call attribution and intelligence. Brands and agencies rely on Invoca to track, analyze, and optimize phone call conversions. Furthermore, DialogTech offers API integration. Users must first generate API keys on the Access Key Manager in order to utilize the API. Once produced, these keys can be used to interact with and get data from the DialogTech platform in a variety of ways. show more

DialogTech Alternatives

Products Similar to AddSource

CallTrackingMetrics - Inbound Call Tracking Software


Consolidated Tool for Call Tracking and Analysis
(1,311 Ratings)

CallTrackingMetrics pricing: Starts at $36.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is CallTrackingMetrics and how does it work?

CallTrackingMetrics is a consolidated tool for call tracking and analysis, and it provides contact center solutions to organizations. It is an omnichannel tracking and analytics tool to track which of their campaigns are generating responses, by using keywords-level marketing attribution. It can also remotely manage all communication channels on one platform, which is highly customizable and intelligently automated to be scalable as per demand. The tool identifies the trends in the conversations and automates actions based on the words spoken by customers to provide a faster and personalized service. Employees can route the communications to any team members using smart rules that boosts the agent’s productivity. Organizations can customize their solutions using the custom API, custom pricing, and HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and PCI compliant tools. Real-time data analysis equips the user to analyze the important factors about employee productivity and campaign performance, and make crucial business decisions. CallTrackingMetrics can also be integrated with other tools such as Facebook Messenger, Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and much more. show more

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ResponseTap - Inbound Call Tracking Software


Intelligent Call Tracking
(179 Ratings)

ResponseTap pricing: ResponseTap Offers Custom plan.

What is ResponseTap and how does it work?

ResponseTap gives each website session a unique number to connect the phone call to a customer’s website journey and campaign history. So you can use this to understand which campaigns and keywords were responsible for driving phone sales. Easily make comparisons on performance with lifetime access to your call data. Integration into the other tools you use is simple, and the data is sent in real-time, meaning you can make quick decisions. Import ready-made dashboards, goals and views into Google Analytics at the click of a button, so there’s no need to set up any new, customized reports to see call data. show more

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Convirza - Inbound Call Tracking Software


Call Tracking Software
(173 Ratings)

Convirza pricing: Starts at $29.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Convirza and how does it work?

Convirza is a cloud-based call tracking software. Understand everything about your phone calls and how people found your business. Attribute calls to get marketing effectiveness and customer behavior with software for tracking calls. Track calls directly to online and traditional sources using tools such as digital tracking and keyword call tracking. See not only which ads work but also how well ads generate high-quality leads. Call analytics instantly breakdown each call and help you understand caller intent and behavior. show more

Convirza Alternatives
Clixtell Call Tracking - Inbound Call Tracking Software

Clixtell Call Tracking

Dedicated Call Tracking Software for Businesses
(3 Ratings)

Clixtell Call Tracking pricing: Starts at $8.0.

What is Clixtell Call Tracking and how does it work?

Clixtell is a call tracking tool that comes with intuitive features such as measuring call tracking, conversion intelligence, detailed click and call reports, live dashboard, dynamic phone insertion, and more. With the call attribution feature, the tool reveals specific keywords and campaigns that result in more calls and conversions. Users can seamlessly measure phone calls from various marketing channels while accessing the recordings of entire customer journeys. Call analytics then constantly showcases the performance of all campaigns. Users can choose from a list of thousands of local and toll-free numbers to make calls for maximum possible reach and answer-rates. Other products include Click Fraud Protection that protects the PPC campaigns of digital marketers against click fraud from competitors, bots, and click-farms through an automated system. This includes support for both Google and Bing advertisements in the form of detailed reports that users can present to their advertisers as proof of invalid clicks. show more

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YouMail - Inbound Call Tracking Software


Say goodbye to robocalls and accept important calls
(33 Ratings)

YouMail pricing: Starts at $5.99. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is YouMail and how does it work?

YouMail is a visual voicemail application that empowers users to listen, view, and organize their voicemail messages across multiple devices. It is capable of preventing robocalls and offers a custom manual call blocking option as well. With YouMail’s caller ID identification feature, users can find out the identity of unknown missed calls. Additionally, enterprises or individual professionals can impress their callers with personalized voicemail greetings, recorded in their own voice. As a premium member of the application, users can protect their privacy with a secondary phone number which they can forward to voicemail directly. Moreover, YouMail appears with a feature-enriched auto-attendant option covering metrics like unlimited call routing, call forwarding, and extensions. The application offers a unified voicemail inbox for multiple integrated numbers, helping users never miss out on any important messages. Auto-replies, free conference calls, etc., are other highlights offered by the same. show more

YouMail Alternatives
Calltouch - Inbound Call Tracking Software


End-to-end analytics
(623 Ratings)

What is Calltouch and how does it work?

Accurate data on the performance of advertising channels, campaigns and keywords. Accounting for all types of requests - calls, online applications, chats, baskets, etc. Automatic scoring and sentiment assessment of phone calls. Full-fledged conversion funnel from ad impressions to sales and ROI.

Calltouch Alternatives
CallFire - Inbound Call Tracking Software


Solutions for Texting and Calling that Help You Reach More Customers.
(239 Ratings)

CallFire pricing: Starts at $99.0.

What is CallFire and how does it work?

CallFire is a cloud-based technology that allows contact centers to run automated outbound campaigns while also keeping track of their business's success and functionality. Text messaging, voice broadcasting, cloud call center, IVR, call tracking, and a developer API are among the app's primary features. It integrates Excel and CRM spreadsheets in the cloud to provide calling agents with client history and comments in a single interface. It allows for limitless call transferring as well as real-time reporting. Users can also record calls, add custom scripts, and play pre-recorded voicemail messages for consumers using CallFire. This programme allows agents to update information, provide crucial notifications, contact customers, advertise services, and track the success of employees using audio broadcast and text messaging. CallFire also offers an IVR system that can be used to set up surveys, appointment reminders, payments, and polls for both outgoing and inbound calls. Phone surveys, call routing, call recording, auto-attendant, results tracking, and analytics are some of the other IVR capabilities. show more

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Retreaver - Inbound Call Tracking Software


Call Tracking For Inbound Calls
(100 Ratings)

Retreaver pricing: Starts at $25.0.

What is Retreaver and how does it work?

Retreaver's inbound call tracking analyzes leads to drive higher conversions. Provide your buyer’s agents with caller context, history, and qualifying information before connecting the call. Tag your calls with contact, ad, campaign, context, location, segment and other important information. Automatically. Post each call and call outcome automatically to your client’s favorite reporting tools in real-time. Match leads to agents most capable of converting the sale based on stats, segments, offers, or any other data attribute. show more

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WhatConverts - Inbound Call Tracking Software


Built by marketers, for marketers
(131 Ratings)

WhatConverts pricing: Starts at $30.0.

What is WhatConverts and how does it work?

WhatConverts is an amazing lead tracking software for marketers and agencies alike. There is more to it than just a call tracking system, a tool to help with reporting. This software helps users (marketers, franchises, agencies and small businesses) to manage their business better. Along with these, WhatConverts is functional for a variety of industries like travel and tourism, dental, finance, education, and more. Being an amazing lead tracking tool, features like real-time call tracking, form tracking, chat tracking and e-commerce are also available within. With the available lead management feature, marketers can easily search and filter leads. In addition to that, users also have the liberty to remove junk leads as per need. Apart from this, marketers can also monitor leads that deliver the most ROI and share it with the CRM team within seconds. Finally, strong analytics and great insights are made available by WhatConverts, helping agencies or individual marketers to evaluate their prescheduled strategies and leads periodically. show more

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Phonexa - Inbound Call Tracking Software


Make smart optimizations and increase ROI with Phonexa
(180 Ratings)

Phonexa pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Phonexa and how does it work?

Phonexa is a call tracking solution that delivers a thorough insight into marketing campaigns, thus allowing the user to make smart optimizations and increase the ROI. The software comes with scores of features such as tracking, lead distribution, email marketing, accounting features, predictive modeling and more. The analytics present here analyzes the effects of the campaign optimizations and keeps track of customer behavior using the data and statistics. Phonexa also enables users to boost their ROI as it provides them with detailed inbound call analytics and other useful metrics. This fully integrative call platform aims to deliver top analytics, advanced marketing automation, API integrations, effective voice responses, etc., which widely help to boost sales and revitalize multi-channel campaigns for businesses. Besides, it allows businesses to expand their revenue margins, distribute their leads to buyers using the multi-tier Ping Tree available in this software. One can experience seamless onboarding experience, nurture their customers by automating their email marketing processes and stay updated on various engagements in real-time. Phonexa has special accounting features, which allow one to eliminate manual work, allocate time to operations, and run a confident accounting team successfully. One can get a good visual analytics solution for their web and call leads with Phonexa. show more

AddSource vs Phonexa | Phonexa Alternatives
Ringostat - Inbound Call Tracking Software


Platform to boost your marketing and sales
(100 Ratings)

Ringostat pricing: Starts at $39.0.

What is Ringostat and how does it work?

Ringostat is a dedicated call tracking application employed by businesses of varying sizes to optimize their sales strategies. Ringostat does not just assist in taking calls, the application also supports by finding new leads. With the software, companies are able to increase lead conversion and their revenue from a single platform. When customers call a business’ hotline, they expect to speak with a representative. And while sales representatives are on the phone with customers, Ringback stores data from the call into the system. show more

AddSource vs Ringostat | Ringostat Alternatives
Ringba - Inbound Call Tracking Software


Enter the future of call tracking and routing with Ringba
(173 Ratings)

Ringba pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Ringba and how does it work?

A call tracking and analytics platform, Ringba lets its users manage their call flow and optimise business performance with the help of real-time reporting and analyses in an efficient manner. This inbound call tracking platform caters excellently to the needs of marketers, brands and pay-per-calls as per their business habits. Ringba offers a number of useful functionalities like call tracking, interactive voice response, ring tree, among others, all of which come together facilitating meaningful outcomes. Its on-demand global access allows users to connect and interact with customers across 60 countries. Further, with intelligent call routing, Ringba yields the maximum calling average through multiple advertising channels in real-time. Its futuristic analytical technology helps users extract meaningful information from the available data and create seamless services accordingly. Also, the Real-time call management and reporting facility provided through Ringba’s cutting edge technology lets users group, filter, sort and export their data in an instant and without limits. Furthermore, appropriate consumer insights enable users to personalise and optimise their services as per clients needs. show more

AddSource vs Ringba | Ringba Alternatives
Callback24 - Inbound Call Tracking Software


Increase the number of sales calls
(0 Ratings)

Callback24 pricing: Starts at $49.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Callback24 and how does it work?

With the Callback24 feature, you can get new customers! CTA buttons can help you generate new leads (Call-To-Action). Integrate with the most major CRM systems, as well as Facebook Lead Ads, Google Analytics, and other third-party applications. Analyze data, keep track of calls, record them, and make improvements to your service.Increases the number of calls by 10% to 30%, effectively calls to action through widgets, popups, and exit popups, allows you to call the client back in 15 seconds, acquires potential customers outside of business hours (possibility to schedule a call), and the customer sees your phone number, not a random one.Aids in the optimization of advertising efforts. Shows the client's purchasing paths, lowers the cost of customer acquisition (CPC), and analyses the data acquired to determine which campaigns are effective and bring in more conversions. Improves customer service quality, boosts consultant effectiveness, integrated knowledge of call history from across the firm, reports showing consultant effectiveness and efficiency, call records and analysis will all help to improve customer service quality.It's free – it's a win-win situation: your clients will be able to contact you fast, you'll get up to 15 potential customers per month (up to 180 per year), we'll gain greater interest in the service, and the Free package will be available indefinitely. In addition, we have choices in our offer that allow you to capture between 100 and 400 potential consumers. show more

Callback24 Alternatives
iovox - Inbound Call Tracking Software


A Call Tracking Software for Business Needs
(0 Ratings)

iovox pricing: Starts at $500.0.

What is iovox and how does it work?

iovox software is a platform used to create inbound and outbound calls. The software offers the ability to Tag calls, take Notes, Record, Transcribe and Search prior conversations. Increase team collaboration and share Call Notes in real-time to automate workflows. Protect privacy and improve productivity with mobile call tracking from iovox. show more

iovox Alternatives
Callcap - Inbound Call Tracking Software


All-in-one Call Tracking Tool
(24 Ratings)

Callcap pricing: Starts at $29.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Callcap and how does it work?

Callcap software is a platform used to manage and monitor calls. The software offers call recovery options to build customer relationships. Stay connected with your customers. Receive Email Alerts and measure the performance of your team via Dashboards. Generate reports to analyse the business workflow. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

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