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Top 5 360Learning Alternatives

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Award-winning training software for businesses looking to deliver top-quality employee, partner, and customer training.
(1,093 Ratings)

TalentLMS pricing: Starts at $69.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is TalentLMS and how does it work?

TalentLMS makes online training easy. An award-winning Learning Management System (LMS) to build premium courses in minutes, add multiple file types and multimedia easily, and go live fast.

TalentLMS Alternatives
Marketing 360 - Marketing Automation Software
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Marketing 360

Sales-driven marketing tool
(1 Ratings)

Marketing 360 pricing: Marketing 360 Offers Custom plan.

What is Marketing 360 and how does it work?

A cloud-based marketing platform designed for small and midsize businesses as well as entrepreneurs. It provides skillful professional marketing services to the businesses and enables to manage and optimize advertising campaigns, run search engine optimization programs and analyze online marketing performance. With its UXi website platform and Natural Listing Ads feature, it drives more sales and expands your visibility in organic search results on various search engines. The Social Targeting Ads feature increases brand awareness while the on-demand marketing services lets you leverage the talents of highly skilled professionals (marketers, developers, designers, writers) as needed. show more

360Learning vs Marketing 360 | Marketing 360 Alternatives
3D Slash - 3D Modeling Software
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3D Slash

Highly intuitive 3D modeling app on webGL browser
(0 Ratings)

3D Slash pricing: Starts at $2.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is 3D Slash and how does it work?

3D Slash modeling software comes with a simple user interface that even non-designers can work with. Users can project text and images on the 3D models. A plethora of color palette is available to paint your 3D models. The web version of this 3D modeling software is accessible on tablets as well. Users of this software will find 3D printing facility quite beneficial. 3DSlash allows its users to share their 3d modeling work across social network sites. 3DSlash helps to design projects, view the work in VR mode, create brand logos, create artwork etc. Kids would find this tool helpful to playfully manipulate 3D basic shapes. The tool is designed using advanced technology. show more

360Learning vs 3D Slash | 3D Slash Alternatives
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales - CRM Software
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Integrates all your CRM function
(2,319 Ratings)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales pricing: Starts at $65.0.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and how does it work?

Dynamics CRM is a powerful software with a number of tools that help in making the customer-facing functions of business easier. Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers a wide range of CRM via five individual apps - Customer Service, Sales, Field Service, Marketing, Project Service Automation that work in integration. It aims at centralizing customer informations, automating marketing informations, tracking sales opportunities, analyzing data and enabling a responsive customer service. All of these functions ensure that you are never out on any growth opportunity by maximizing your business relationships. show more

360Learning vs Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales | Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Alternatives
Moodle - Learning Management System (LMS) Software
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Collaborative learning in a personalized environment
(2,386 Ratings)

Moodle pricing: Starts at $120.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Moodle and how does it work?

Moodle cloud-based learning management software can be run on the Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. Users will find help in conducting synchronous, asynchronous learning session and also in blended learning. This LMS software features SCORM compliance, gamification, built-in course authoring, video conferencing etc. This software is very simple to use, requires zero maintenance, comes with flexible course building capabilities, and is an affordable LMS option. Moodle offers scalable and customizable e-learning solution. You can create custom certificates for rewarding the students when they perform well. It supports e-learning companies, corporate/business, academic/education etc. show more

360Learning vs Moodle | Moodle Alternatives

Products Similar to 360Learning

Adobe Captivate Prime - Corporate Learning Management System

Adobe Captivate Prime

LMS with rich training & mobile learning features
(1,085 Ratings)

Adobe Captivate Prime pricing: Starts at $4.0.

What is Adobe Captivate Prime and how does it work?

Adobe Captivate Prime cloud-hosted LMS comes with a myriad of mobile learning features and training features to offer a robust LMS solution. It supports mobile learning with features like a virtual classroom, certification management, skills tracking, engagement monitoring etc to name a few. Adobe Captivate Prime helps in learning as well as training management with features like built-in course authoring, synchronous learning, asynchronous learning, blended learning, video conferencing etc. SCORM compliance is available with this LMS. The gamification tool helps in applying video game mechanics into a corporate/business training setting. This is a highly engaging LMS. show more

360Learning vs Adobe Captivate Prime | Adobe Captivate Prime Alternatives
eSSential LMS - Corporate Learning Management System

eSSential LMS

Streamlined Learning Management
(0 Ratings)

eSSential LMS pricing: eSSential LMS Offers Custom plan.

What is eSSential LMS and how does it work?

The eSSential Learning Management System (LMS) is adaptable to a variety of organizational and enterprise business models. It is easily molded to meet the business requirements and can be changed at any time as the business changes to meet the ever-evolving demands the organization faces. eSSential can be deployed either in our “Cloud” (SaaS) environment or in a client hosted environment. show more

eSSential LMS Alternatives
Brainier LMS - Corporate Learning Management System

Brainier LMS

Encourage both learning and business with Brainier
(17 Ratings)

Brainier LMS pricing: Brainier LMS Offers Custom plan.

What is Brainier LMS and how does it work?

Brainier LMS is a sophisticated learning platform designed especially to suit the needs of today’s learners. Learning has no limits with Brainier LMS for it continuously keeps addressing and working on new inputs from learners and trainers. Learner analytics are updated in real-time to provide the trainers with continuous insight into their students’ performances. An org chart is an essential component when using Brainier LMS and these can take different shapes and forms depending on the kind of data. The platform of Brainier LMS is designed to handle all these different variations seamlessly. The users, especially learners can be a part of more than 100 groups at a go, each with their own set of brandings and customisations. This makes accommodating new groups easier than ever before. Learning, again, can be personalised with customisable skin. This, unlike the common conception, creates an immersive learning environment that feels more like the company’s own part and less of being a third-party extension. show more

Brainier LMS Alternatives
UpsideLMS - Corporate Learning Management System


Witness the best learning management system through Artificial Intelligence
(0 Ratings)

UpsideLMS pricing: UpsideLMS Offers Custom plan.

What is UpsideLMS and how does it work?

UpsideLMS is an AI-integrated learning management software. It helps enterprises to retain customers and improve loyalty to clients. The software elevates the revenue of the organisation by applying an AI-integrated system. It helps the companies to upskill their employees besides reskilling as per requisition. UpsideLMS has features to get consistent feedback in a constructive manner. It helps companies to centralise resources of training and keeps fastly updating learning content. The software swiftly generates reports that help the companies in understanding their flaws and work on them. It boosts individual accountability to meet the standards of the company. This ensures the recruitment of top talents besides decreasing employee turnover. It further decreases manual efforts by implementing seamless integrations like unique tools and apps. From salesforce to zoom several app integrations and from helping organisations manage learning facilities better to providing multilingual support, UpsideLMS does it all. show more

UpsideLMS Alternatives
Cornerstone Learning - Corporate Learning Management System

Cornerstone Learning

Indulge in a deep learning experience on the go
(623 Ratings)

Cornerstone Learning pricing: Cornerstone Learning Offers Custom plan.

What is Cornerstone Learning and how does it work?

Cornerstone Learning is an intuitive Learning and Development Software (LMS) that provides a comprehensive learning experience to everyone. The software brings together learning, growth, skills and capabilities into a personalised learning experience. Trusted by 6000+ organisations across the world, Cornerstone Learning powers the future-ready workforce. Being at the forefront of talent and people innovation for the past two decades, this software boasts an excellent team of experts. This team deeply understands the unique talent challenges and opportunities of the organisation’s customers and promises to deliver extraordinary experiences to the latter. With Cornerstone Learning, organisations can provide their people with virtual and in-person instructor-led training sessions, e-learning and playlists. Furthermore, this software creates or connects to expertly curated content and builds flexible learning spaces that drive engagement. With Cornerstone Learning’s AI-recommended content and insights, organisations can empower their people to grow individual careers. Also, by using the software’s reports, organisations can connect people-growth for individual learning, teams and skills. Cornerstone Learning offers an integrated purpose-built AI to guide, curate and customise a personal learning experience for each person within the organisation. show more

Cornerstone Learning Alternatives
PiiQ by Cornerstone - Corporate Learning Management System
(119 Ratings)

PiiQ by Cornerstone pricing: Starts at $8.0.

What is PiiQ by Cornerstone and how does it work?

PiiQ is a easy-to-use performance & learning solution that drives higher employee engagement and productivity. Take performance reviews from painful and boring to simple and meaningful. Use PiiQ performance tools to inspire great work & motivate employees with actionable feedback, benchmark performance and align objectives with company goals. PiiQ Learning offers a learning management system that will help your business create a culture of learning. Assign and track completion on over 1,000 courses to enhance employee skills and develop new efficiencies. Combine PiiQ Performance & PiiQ Learning to ensure feedback is tied to relevant learning content. show more

PiiQ by Cornerstone Alternatives
Thinkific - Corporate Learning Management System


Empower your educational domain
(840 Ratings)

Thinkific pricing: Starts at $39.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Thinkific and how does it work?

Thinkific platform is a business-friendly course creation solution that enables businesses and individuals to easily and fully sell, create and deliver fully customizable courses online through their creative functionalities. It is ideal for experts and professionals who desire to share their knowledge online or employ education as a module of their existing businesses. It customizes mind preset styles, white labeling, and much more advanced customization settings, making it a powerful and versatile online course solution, thereby ensuring to offer a whole new experience. Thinkific is an ideal business and user-friendly solution, fully optimized for every platform and device where students can avail of these services from anywhere globally. It offers unlimited hosting and a diversified range of lesson types, surveys, videos, downloads, quizzes, live sessions, and much more fully under the user's control. Entrepreneurs can easily share their knowledge and scale their businesses with the most initiative and robust cost platform and website builder offered by this software. Thinkific online course solution is creatively developed for entrepreneurs, creators, consultants, and authors. It comprises a subscription-based pricing strategy. show more

360Learning vs Thinkific | Thinkific Alternatives
Knowledge Anywhere LMS - Corporate Learning Management System

Knowledge Anywhere LMS

Manage the whole learning process seamlessly
(16 Ratings)

Knowledge Anywhere LMS pricing: Starts at $850.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Knowledge Anywhere LMS and how does it work?

Knowledge Anywhere LMS is a learning management system software that enables users to develop a simple yet powerful training program for their learners. With Knowledge Anywhere LMS, users can deliver and manage their content easily. It offers a centralized learning platform to its users so that they can assign and track webinars, virtual learning processes, assessments and certification courses. Knowledge Anywhere LMS enables users to build custom learning paths, with which they can improve the individual ownership over skill development. Users can also inspire their workforce to learn more by assigning important job-specific training curriculum to them. The inbuilt LMS solution within the software allows users to assign targeted learning paths, that addresses the specific gaps in skills and performance of learners or groups. The software’s dynamic and intuitive reporting dashboard offers all the data related to one’s training programs. Based on the reports, users get an all-round understanding of their business and can make plans accordingly. Further, the software is fully xAPI compatible and supports video coaching, live chatting and social sharing. Users can fully customize the software as per their brand needs, and easily reach out to potential customers with its fully responsive LMS that fits into any screen size. show more

360Learning vs Knowledge Anywhere LMS | Knowledge Anywhere LMS Alternatives
Totara Learn - Corporate Learning Management System
(46 Ratings)

Totara Learn pricing: Totara Learn Offers Custom plan.

What is Totara Learn and how does it work?

Totara Learn is an enterprise learning management system (LMS) based on open source technology and endorsed by USDA, Western Union, Sony, PepsiCo, Save The Children and more.Being open source, Totara Learn specializes in helping government agencies and large businesses customize and extend their training.The adaptability of Totara Learn not only enables a personalized platform, but also adapts and improves the technical environment and culture of the organization and adapts to that organization's functional requirements .Through its validated global partner network, the platform offers flexible deployment options such as on-premises solutions, platform-as-a-service solutions and cloud-based SaaS. Totara Learn enables organizations to serve multiple groups or customers from a single LMS instance, combining a simple management experience with a single brand image and an isolated user environment.The platform also provides powerful reporting, automation, blended learning, detailed subject tuning and feature-based customization, and performance tracking to extend your training program. you and demonstrate compliance. show more

Totara Learn Alternatives
Inquisiq - Corporate Learning Management System
(0 Ratings)

Inquisiq pricing: Starts at $4128.0.

What is Inquisiq and how does it work?

Inquisiq is a highly configurable Learning Management Solution that provides eLearning, instructor-led, and on-the-job training on a single platform for effective blended learning programs. Inquisiq is used by small to medium-sized businesses in a variety of industries ranging from manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, technology as well as federal, state, and local governments. show more

Inquisiq Alternatives
SAP SuccessFactors Learning - Corporate Learning Management System
(273 Ratings)

SAP SuccessFactors Learning pricing: Starts at $2.17.

What is SAP SuccessFactors Learning and how does it work?

SAP SuccessFactors Learning is a learning management system that helps you develop a culture of continuous learning in order to support staff training and decrease compliance risk. It enables you to train your employees, improve your regulatory compliance, and curate and design learning material. With SAP, you can deliver continuous learning experiences to your customers, partners, and extended organization with LMS capabilities for offering corporate compliance training and premium content, as well as real-time people insights about your learning practice. It offers blended learning capabilities and customised learning material to help you increase learner engagement. You can see a checklist of questions to consider when you upskill and reskill your workforce and discover which strategies HR directors should consider when reacting to issues. You can support community-based learning and mobile content access, such as microlearning and e-learning videos. You can automate learning assignments based on practically any criterion and set documents like e-signature and processing procedures to improve compliance training. Additionally, you can provide course and certification management to an external audience, including online content management, scheduling, and resourcing. show more

SAP SuccessFactors Learning Alternatives
Zoho Learn - Corporate Learning Management System

Zoho Learn

Knowledge Management and Learning Software
(0 Ratings)

Zoho Learn pricing: Starts at $1.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Zoho Learn and how does it work?

Zoho Learn is a comprehensive learning and knowledge management tool for teams to build online training programs, and measure results. The software offers intuitive drag-and-drop editor to upload videos, images, and other lesson resources to build multimedia courses. Add users to share knowledge base with different access privileges. Monitor progress, and analyze the effectiveness of courses with built-in reporting tools. It supports Mobile Android and iOS. show more

Zoho Learn Alternatives
Thinkific Plus - Corporate Learning Management System

Thinkific Plus

Online Course Software for Enterprise & Large Companies
(0 Ratings)

Thinkific Plus pricing: Thinkific Plus Offers Custom plan.

What is Thinkific Plus and how does it work?

Thinkific Plus is a powerful, scalable learning platform that's also remarkably easy to use for your team and your students. Get more than just enterprise-grade features that scale with you as you grow. You also get a team of people seriously dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

Thinkific Plus Alternatives
Elevate LMS - Corporate Learning Management System
(0 Ratings)

Elevate LMS pricing: Elevate LMS Offers Custom plan.

What is Elevate LMS and how does it work?

Elevate LMS is an prize-winning learning management platform for charities and associations, that creates a central knowledge community to encourage learning and collaboration. It enables certifications, curriculum creation, social learning, informal knowledge exchange, live events, and on-demand course generation, all at a single platform to provide the best learning experience. Elevate LMS provides contextual learning possibilities that are enhanced by peer collaboration to create dynamic experiences for users. It adapts to your specific branding and style to give a consistent user experience. The site administration feature of Elevate enables you to change or add polls, site pages, surveys, menus, quizzes, webinars, material, courses and more at any time. The platform can work in collaboration with virtual conference, livestream, and CommPartners' webinar platforms to enhance collaboration. Users get configurable options that include data reporting via third-party applications, registration, and single-sign-on. You can discount, classify, price, and segment your organization's learning programs by discounts, pricing by member level, product bundling, and job or chapter with Elevate. Additionally, you can customize the function, feel, and style of your product using Elevate’s product creation wizard. show more

Elevate LMS Alternatives
CD2 Learning - Corporate Learning Management System

CD2 Learning

Changing the Way People Learn and Grow
(1 Ratings)

CD2 Learning pricing: CD2 Learning Offers Custom plan.

What is CD2 Learning and how does it work?

CD2 Learning is a measurement-based learning and engagement ecosystem that provides next-generation gamification, social collaboration and personalized learning, capitalizing on the power of the cloud (SaaS). They do things differently. With the CD2 Learning system driving content delivery and providing day to day tools, user can easily manage the performance of the most precious assets. show more

CD2 Learning Alternatives
AcademyMaker - Corporate Learning Management System


E-learning all-in-one solution – flexible and scalable
(2 Ratings)

AcademyMaker pricing: AcademyMaker Offers Custom plan.

What is AcademyMaker and how does it work?

AcademyMaker is highly intuitive, fast to learn within just a few hours and can be flexibly extended in every aspect. You can simply rent or buy and host on your own servers. Of course, we make sure to seamlessly integrate the e-learning software into your existing IT infrastructure and offer you the service level you require throughout the entire process. With our Learning Content Management System (LCMS) AcademyMaker along with its additional modules AcademyManager (administration of classroom trainings) and AcademyLive (live training sessions/webinars), we offer a fully integrated e-learning all-in-one solution for companies. show more

AcademyMaker Alternatives
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