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TalentLMS Award-winning training software for businesses looking to deliver top-quality employee, partner, and customer training.

TalentLMS Alternatives and Competitors

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Top 5 TalentLMS Alternatives

Kajabi - Content Management Software
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Create online courses and reach out to the maximum number of customers
(1,613 Ratings)

Kajabi pricing: Starts at $119.0.

What is Kajabi and how does it work?

Kajabi is an intuitive business platform that enables entrepreneurs, influencers and experts to create and sell courses. The platform offers a great way to transform their ideas and knowledge into digital products for others to see. Users can create coaching programs, courses, podcasts, membership sites, communities, newsletters and more. Kajabi allows businesses to work together in a seamless manner with a variety of content, products and marketing tools, enabling admins to focus more on business and less on tech. Another useful feature of the platform is that it assures seamless integration with PayPal and Stripe making businesses receive payments faster and easier. Moreover, detailed reports provided by the platform comes inclusive of, customer progress tracking and user forecasting metrics, enabling businesses to see how their customers are engaging with multiple courses in real-time. Kajabi helps to grow, reach and manage subscribers, all through customisable emails. Finally, users can even utilise Kajabi to create fully integrated pages using unique themes and other elements that present their courses in the best way. show more

TalentLMS vs Kajabi | Kajabi Alternatives
Moodle - Learning Management System (LMS) Software
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Collaborative learning in a personalized environment
(2,386 Ratings)

Moodle pricing: Starts at $120.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Moodle and how does it work?

Moodle cloud-based learning management software can be run on the Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. Users will find help in conducting synchronous, asynchronous learning session and also in blended learning. This LMS software features SCORM compliance, gamification, built-in course authoring, video conferencing etc. This software is very simple to use, requires zero maintenance, comes with flexible course building capabilities, and is an affordable LMS option. Moodle offers scalable and customizable e-learning solution. You can create custom certificates for rewarding the students when they perform well. It supports e-learning companies, corporate/business, academic/education etc. show more

TalentLMS vs Moodle | Moodle Alternatives
Thinkific - Corporate Learning Management System


Empower your educational domain
(840 Ratings)

Thinkific pricing: Starts at $39.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Thinkific and how does it work?

Thinkific platform is a business-friendly course creation solution that enables businesses and individuals to easily and fully sell, create and deliver fully customizable courses online through their creative functionalities. It is ideal for experts and professionals who desire to share their knowledge online or employ education as a module of their existing businesses. It customizes mind preset styles, white labeling, and much more advanced customization settings, making it a powerful and versatile online course solution, thereby ensuring to offer a whole new experience. Thinkific is an ideal business and user-friendly solution, fully optimized for every platform and device where students can avail of these services from anywhere globally. It offers unlimited hosting and a diversified range of lesson types, surveys, videos, downloads, quizzes, live sessions, and much more fully under the user's control. Entrepreneurs can easily share their knowledge and scale their businesses with the most initiative and robust cost platform and website builder offered by this software. Thinkific online course solution is creatively developed for entrepreneurs, creators, consultants, and authors. It comprises a subscription-based pricing strategy. show more

TalentLMS vs Thinkific | Thinkific Alternatives
Docebo - Corporate Learning Management System


E-Learning For Long Lasting Business Ties
(301 Ratings)

Docebo pricing: Docebo Offers Custom plan.

What is Docebo and how does it work?

Docebo is a Cloud Learning Management Solution for corporates. The AI-powered software aims to deliver an optimized online learning experience to employers, employees, customers, and other associates within an organization. Docebo offers dedicated modules, that can be used to streamline employee onboarding, development, compliance, and salesforce. By systematising onboarding with the software, organizations can ensure optimum productivity of new hires, from day one, familiarise them with company policies, and reduce employee turnover. Organisations can capture detailed insights related to their employee onboarding activities and rank particular learning materials as per their effectivity levels. The all in one compliance training module trains employees to follow statutory duties and avoid penalties. The system can be used to generate a scalable approach toward compliance training. With the sales enablement module, enterprises can groom their sales reps to follow the best practice and achieve desirable targets on conversion and customer satisfaction. Docebo also provides targeted communication mechanisms, improves the knowledge base, ensures long-lasting relationships, and ultimately results in enhanced ROI. show more

TalentLMS vs Docebo | Docebo Alternatives
iSpring Learn - Corporate Learning Management System

iSpring Learn

A fast and easy service to streamline training related tasks concerning new hires
(273 Ratings)

iSpring Learn pricing: Starts at $2.82.

What is iSpring Learn and how does it work?

iSpring Learn is a learning management software (LMS) that helps companies to create effective courses and train new employees accordingly. Companies can depend on the same to generate learning content in real-time by uploading their existing content in the form of PPT, video tutorials, audio tracks and documents as per need. With iSpring Learn, users can easily combine beautiful stories with illustrations, videos, quotes and interactions, without any technical skills. The software is fully compatible with PowerPoint, helping out users with quick course developments, interactions, quizzes and dialogue simulations. Further, with iSpring Learn, companies can even combine uploaded assessments, courses and other training materials on the go, besides arranging them into step-by-step learning tracks. The software allows users to re-create their organisational structure and proceed with seamless management of training relevant attributes. An inbuilt calendar, allow users to manage differential training activities, such as workshops, live training and web meetings, within a single tab. Furthermore, users can integrate the same with the Zoom platform to plan and organise web meetings in no time. show more

TalentLMS vs iSpring Learn | iSpring Learn Alternatives

Products Similar to TalentLMS

Google Classroom - Learning Management System (LMS) Software
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Google Classroom

Teach and inspire learners with Classroom
(1,753 Ratings)

Google Classroom pricing: Google Classroom Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Google Classroom and how does it work?

Google Classroom is a video casting tool developed by Google, for students, teachers, non-profits and any other individual with a google account to teach and attend educational lectures. It is an easy tool that helps educators efficiently manage and assess the progress of students on the go. The platform allows users to add students directly or share a code so the entire class can join at the same time. Teachers can set up a class in minutes and create a class schedule that appears on students calendars. They can easily communicate with guardians and send them updates in real-time. Google Classroom also allows teachers to grade consistently and transparently after checking students' work. The tool helps students to produce original work by detecting possible plagiarism. It enables teachers to make face-to-face connections with students using Google Meet built into Classroom. They can also access frequently used feedback in the comment section. show more

TalentLMS vs Google Classroom | Google Classroom Alternatives
Teachable - Learning Management System (LMS) Software


Create online courses and coaching services
(312 Ratings)

Teachable pricing: Starts at $29.0.

What is Teachable and how does it work?

Teachable is an online education platform that allows professionals from any field to create courses and share knowledge with new learners. Users can create and sell online courses using a variety of tools to curate and personalise individual content. They can generate engaging multimedia lectures and link their own existing websites under a custom domain name. Teachable also allows users to add a team of professionals and assign specific roles and permissions. Professionals can create attractive, money-making sales pages with its flexible editor and track sales and students insights with inbuilt comprehensive dashboards. Teachable allows professionals to run one-on-one sessions with call hosting and task features to interact with their students. This also helps them to take feedback from the learners and improve their courses. The platform supports 130+ currencies, enabling users to collect payments from students present across the globe. Teachable uses a 2048-bit SSL certificate to keep the information secure and monitors it 24/7 for seamless hosting. show more

TalentLMS vs Teachable | Teachable Alternatives
LearnDash - Corporate Learning Management System


Utilise an integrated online course solution developed by e-learning experts
(35 Ratings)

LearnDash pricing: Starts at $159.0.

What is LearnDash and how does it work?

LearnDash is a WordPress LMS plugin tool for teachers and educators, enabling better course management. The tool allows users to create impressive online courses without any restrictions. It also includes drag and drop features to make different courses easier. Teachers can also add advanced quizzes that include eight question types, custom messages, question banks and more. LearnDash provides the facility to automatically trigger emails based on the actions of learners during a course. Educators can distribute certificates and badges based on the learners’ quiz performance or after completing a course. It also provides useful discussion forums that benefit both educators and learners to discuss important topics. There is an award points feature that enables learners to unlock new content as they complete their lessons one by one. Before learners can continue to the next lessons they can brush up their skills using the assignment management feature. show more

TalentLMS vs LearnDash | LearnDash Alternatives
Canvas LMS - Learning Management System (LMS) Software
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Canvas LMS

Personalizable LMS software enriched with features
(3,554 Ratings)

Canvas LMS pricing: Canvas LMS Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Canvas LMS and how does it work?

Canvas cloud-based learning management software is popularly used by academic and educational institutes. This software can be installed in Android and iOS. This software comes with a few classroom management features test building, collaboration, and gradebook. This software comes with an array of learning management system features like academic/education, e-learning companies, corporate/business etc. Canvas comes designed with built-in course authoring tools. Combination of digital media and classroom learning technique becomes possible using the blended learning feature. Users can benefit from conducting both synchronous and asynchronous learning. Mobile learning support is available. show more

TalentLMS vs Canvas LMS | Canvas LMS Alternatives
LMS365 - Corporate Learning Management System


The 365 learning management system
(37 Ratings)

LMS365 pricing: LMS365 Offers Custom plan.

What is LMS365 and how does it work?

LMS365 is a learning management system designed to create content, track and analyze your data effortlessly. It is the only learning platform that is built into Microsoft 365 and Teams. It is fully integrated into platforms like Microsoft Teams to create a collaborative learning environment where people can interact, share, and learn. In addition, it offers a wide range of course types like classroom courses, blended training, e-learning, and webinars to make the learning process extremely engaging and enlightening. It is compatible with software like Microsoft Teams, Office 365, SharePoint and can be used to create content very quickly. It also provides features like tracking progress and transforming data into stunning visuals using its Microsoft Power BI. It also allows the user to analyze the data for a better learning experience. Users also get a personalized dashboard, certificates, and leaderboards to create an engaging and intuitive learning experience for the entire organization. They offer a 1-on-1 free demo and also provide a free trial version before making the actual purchase. show more

TalentLMS vs LMS365 | LMS365 Alternatives
Edmodo - Learning Management System (LMS) Software
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The 21st Century Classroom
(570 Ratings)

Edmodo pricing: Edmodo Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Edmodo and how does it work?

Edmodo is a global education network for teachers, students and their parents. Using the platform, K-12 teachers and schools can offer a holistic learning environment for their students. The technology enables teachers with excellent educating tools like assignments, quizzes, gradebooks and rosters, all managed digitally. Being the largest K-12 learning network in the world, Edmodo enables them to use and share millions of approved resources with other educators globally. Thus, it also doubles up as a professional learning community for them. For students, the platform offers an intuitive and encouraging discussion space where they can communicate with their teachers and other students in the class. This eliminates any hesitation and nervousness that often occurs in a traditional classroom setup, allowing students to voice their opinions freely. Its user-friendly mobile app seamlessly updates every student activity in the classroom to their parents. show more

TalentLMS vs Edmodo | Edmodo Alternatives
Brightspace - Learning Management System (LMS) Software
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Feature-rich learning management tool on cloud
(423 Ratings)

Brightspace pricing: Brightspace Offers Custom plan.

What is Brightspace and how does it work?

Brightspace web-based learning management software does not require the installation of any extra software. This LMS is highly suitable for use by academic institutes, e-learning companies, corporate houses. Users of this software can efficiently participate in both synchronous and asynchronous form of e-learning. Managing blended learning is also possible with Brightspace. Good quality video conferencing facilities enjoying virtual classroom benefits. The mobile learning feature will help m-learners with group collaboration & interactive display. The built-in course authoring tools help in creating engaging learning course & content. show more

TalentLMS vs Brightspace | Brightspace Alternatives
Schoology - Learning Management System (LMS) Software
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A Distance Learning Schooling Solution
(879 Ratings)

Schoology pricing: Schoology Offers Custom plan.

What is Schoology and how does it work?

PowerSchool is a distance learning resource tool that helps district education to be accessed remotely. District education institutes can utilize the available resources to get up with remote learning. Schoology supports education for all students from Kindergarten to 12th grade. The database of Schoology has been crafted thoroughly after considering feedback and responses from more than 20 million users. Schoology is a sophisticated collaboration platform that brings students, teachers, coaches, parents, and administrators on a common platform, ensuring that the students get the best of the learning. This platform's resource bank includes more than 200 ready to use tools that have been designed considering the modern-day virtual education requirement. The list of well-known integrations includes Khan Academy, One drive, Google drive, and Discovery. The latest addition to the Schoology platform is the Texas Districts Register, wherein more than 400 schools of Texas district have implemented Schoology for their students. show more

TalentLMS vs Schoology | Schoology Alternatives
NEO LMS - Learning Management System (LMS) Software
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Your Partner in Teaching
(69 Ratings)

NEO LMS pricing: NEO LMS Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is NEO LMS and how does it work?

NEO is a future-ready learning management system (LMS) that helps you manage classroom activities efficiently and deliver a great learning experience. An LMS designed for both schools and higher education institutions, NEO incorporates essential tools for online learning such as creating and delivering study material, tracking student performance, assessing results, facilitating swift communication and promoting collaboration between teachers and students. A product of CYPHER LEARNING, this specialised online learning platform is suitable for educational institutions of every size and structure owing to its ease of implementation and use, powerful features and cost-effectiveness. NEO LMS can be used to set up instructor-led classes, complete with graphical class catalogue, class content synchronisation and archives. show more

TalentLMS vs NEO LMS | NEO LMS Alternatives
Tovuti - Learning Management System (LMS) Software
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All-in-one Cloud-Based Learning Management System for Online Training
(261 Ratings)

Tovuti pricing: Starts at $775.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Tovuti and how does it work?

Tovuti is an easy-to-use solution that’s designed to help organizations create and deliver the best online training materials. With the platform, trainers and educators can build as many courses and lessons as needed and gate those lessons to ensure a better learning experience complete with the assessments. The tool offers coaching support to all new clients and also has a tutorial library. Users can easily create reports, track learner progress, build membership, and use KPI dashboards to give a better view of how the business is doing. The platform offers an open API, Single Sign-on capabilities, and a Zapier integration to make communication with other platforms easy. It allows users to change logos, colors, and even the URL of the Tovuti system. Through the platform, users can schedule and send out emails to groups and automate reminders when courses are due including developing the pop-ups to alert learners to news that’s relevant to them. Educators can create engaging and interactive content using Tovuti’s modules and easy-to-use course creation suite. show more

TalentLMS vs Tovuti | Tovuti Alternatives
itslearning - Learning Management System (LMS) Software
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A modern age learning management system at your service
(0 Ratings)

itslearning pricing: itslearning Offers Custom plan.

What is itslearning and how does it work?

Itslearning is an intuitive learning management system designed for teaching. As a comprehensive LMS, it promises an interactive user interface, reduces overall working time and helps with different levels of education accordingly. For teachers with tight schedules, Itslearning’s task automation facility turns out to be an absolute saviour to rely on. Coaches can also depend on the same to monitor student-specific plans, schedules, assignments and reports on the go. Also, student-specific feedback providers and personalised educational services made available by the same ensures flexible communications. An online grade book with an exportable Excel-based interface helps parents monitor assessment-wise reports and take actions accordingly. For schools and universities, an integrated feature list helps with seamless communication, collaboration, assessment monitoring, activity scheduling, reporting and organisational skills. Additional services include single sign-on, a plagiarism tool, test mode browser and parental dashboard. Data stored within Itslearning is completely secure, protected under GDPR guidelines and ISO 27001 certification techniques. show more

TalentLMS vs itslearning | itslearning Alternatives
Edsby - Learning Management System (LMS) Software
91%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More


Edsby- A modern way to K-12 LMS
(90 Ratings)

Edsby pricing: Edsby Offers Custom plan.

What is Edsby and how does it work?

Edsby is a single platform that provides an analytical and learning platform to school districts, regional governments, and private schools to facilitate better K-12 digital transformation. It provides a platform to educators, parents, and students for them to collaborate and share information about what’s happening in schools and class and how each student is progressing on their progressing journey. Edsby is like another modern app as users can access it from any web browser and on android and iOS because it is readily available on the google play store and apple store. Edsby is a perfect solution for parents and students as they can get connected if there is no internet network and get updates about what is happening in the schools. For educators, it provides a powerful way to engage in e-professional learning. It has been carefully designed with a strong focus on making the lives easier of teachers, students, and parents as it brings together all school systems into one secure and easy-to-use place. The software offers a free trial version comprising all of its premium features for testing and trying along with a wide array of premium plans to fit every type of requirement. show more

TalentLMS vs Edsby | Edsby Alternatives
Blackboard Learn - Learning Management System (LMS) Software
91%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More

Blackboard Learn

Chart Your Path to Modern Learning
(786 Ratings)

Blackboard Learn pricing: Blackboard Learn Offers Custom plan.

What is Blackboard Learn and how does it work?

Blackboard Learn is a solution to meet your users’ needs. Blackboard Learn, the software lets your educators and administrators demonstrate student success, and achieve your goals. Connect and collaborate with your team to boost learning. Small, Corporate and Sales Trainer, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. Powerful, yet simple tools and workflows that help learners and instructors stay organized, easily take action, and engage with content and each other. Our goal is to help all learners regardless of age, ability or situation succeed. At Blackboard, accessibility is at the forefront of product development and never an afterthought. show more

TalentLMS vs Blackboard Learn | Blackboard Learn Alternatives
Sakai - Learning Management System (LMS) Software
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Improve your learning experience with Sakai
(24 Ratings)

Sakai pricing: Sakai Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Sakai and how does it work?

Sakai is an online learning management system that produces the best informational outcomes and has led the LMS field in student satisfaction and faculty approval for several years. It has also won many awards for the all-rounder customer experience, excellence, emotional footprint, innovation and features provided within. Created by educators, Sakai includes top-notch online learning, teaching and collaboration tools. Further, strong support for groups and robust communication options makes learning seamless. Thus to enhance the learning exercise, using a variety of synchronous and asynchronous tools for discussions, messaging and collaborative work of Sakai is inevitable. This learning management system also provides formative assessments, online assignments, easy-grade entry capabilities as well a rubric-based scoring system, for collecting student submissions and providing rich feedback on their work. It further lets institutes create and organise text, quizzes, resources, links, assignments, videos into coherent lessons or modules. Also, organisations can control access to materials via conditional release and much more. Sakai offers a plethora of powerful course and administration features, enabling seamless functioning. show more

TalentLMS vs Sakai | Sakai Alternatives
Axonify - Learning Management System (LMS) Software
89%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More


A MicroLearning Solution for Employees
(78 Ratings)

Axonify pricing: Axonify Offers Custom plan.

What is Axonify and how does it work?

Axonify software is a Microlearning platform for employees of your business. The AI-powered platform used to analyze the individual knowledge of personalized information for measuring performance. Increase engagement and improve learning to meet the needs of your business. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

TalentLMS vs Axonify | Axonify Alternatives
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