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VideoAsk Alternatives and Competitors

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A comprehensive list of competitors and best alternatives to VideoAsk.

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Top 5 VideoAsk Alternatives

Loom - Screen Recording Software
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Record and Share Videos for Work Communication
(218 Ratings)

Loom pricing: Starts at $8.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Loom and how does it work?

Loom is a communication tool for work based on instantly shareable videos. Users can record videos by capturing their screens or using their front-facing camera and add vocal comments. The videos can then be shared simply using a public link, which can be accessed without a loom account. Deleting videos is easy as well and it only needs a click of a button on the video page. It features ultra HD/4K video recording with a desktop application. Users can also share links to public folders with multiple videos inside it. Call-to-action buttons can be added to the videos and various recording tools like mouse emphasis, drawing, and custom recording dimensions are present. There are in-depth viewer insights available for data such as viewers and watched durations. Unlimited video storage is available as well and SSL encryption is deployed for enhanced data security. The software can also be easily integrated with Gmail and Slack. show more

VideoAsk vs Loom | Loom Alternatives
Bonjoro - Video Hosting Software


Customer engagement through personalized videos
(40 Ratings)

Bonjoro pricing: Starts at $20.83. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Bonjoro and how does it work?

Bonjoro is a customer engagement app equipped with a simple platform yet with powerful integrations to draw customers and also to change the mindset of the customers to favourable response. Users can integrate with thousands of integrations and focus on goal-oriented campaigns to create a customer funnel. Users can use the app to send videos at intended targets and boost engagement to achieve the goals set. There are over 20 languages and users can choose their language accordingly and connect over the mobile app as well as the desktop version. It provides CRM, CSV data uploads as well as Zapier connectivity for a thorough and filtered customer funnel. Calls, messages, custom branding features provide users with detailed knowledge of customer data. Users can send videos through their own mail id or animate messages using HTML for an even far-reaching objective. Work as a team and boost ROI by managing a single dashboard and sync results with real-time CRM integration. show more

VideoAsk vs Bonjoro | Bonjoro Alternatives
BombBomb - Video Hosting Software


Create personal video messages for enhanced professional experience
(530 Ratings)

BombBomb pricing: Starts at $24.92.

What is BombBomb and how does it work?

BombBomb is an advanced video messaging software that helps professionals with an effective way to communicate with others by sending more personal videos. Professionals can record their faces, screen or both and send them via existing text and email communication channels. In addition, they can also check who has played their videos and when. Apart from sending the video at once, users can even share the link of the video from anywhere to any platform of their choice. BombBomb allows users to create videos that include emotion, tone and personality, this way they get to attract relevant customers and generate more sales. Other notable facilities offered by BombBomb include customer adoption and retention rate enhancement using personalised video messages. BombBomb also provides great help to increase productivity levels in real-time, besides connecting team members located across the globe by helping them share the right information at the right time. show more

VideoAsk vs BombBomb | BombBomb Alternatives
Tolstoy - Conversational Marketing Software


Transformative Conversational Marketing Tool
(0 Ratings)

Tolstoy pricing: Tolstoy Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Tolstoy and how does it work?

Tolstoy is a conversational marketing software. an innovative method of communication via interactive video. Use Tolstoy for video prospecting, talent screening, video chat assistance, and other purposes. No coding is required; simply click to embed Tolstoy on your website to increase interaction right away. It has a vast list of features such as - Its straightforward, user-friendly, interactive video platform directs viewers to the most relevant material for them, increasing engagement and action. You receive feedback from readers in the form of selections, text and video messages, contact information, and more. You can better understand your market and personalise your messaging with each response. One of their most beneficial features is its seamless integrations with your entire stack - Tolstoy effortlessly connects with the marketing tools and processes you already use. Your responses and data can be forwarded to your current CRM, email marketing programme, and any other place you operate thanks to thousands of integrations. Use a widget on your website that lets visitors select the topics they want to learn more about to engage and get more leads. show more

VideoAsk vs Tolstoy | Tolstoy Alternatives
SEO Dub - New SaaS Software


Predict SEO Rankings While Strategizing
(0 Ratings)

SEO Dub pricing: Starts at $29.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is SEO Dub and how does it work?

Seo Dub is a great tool for digital organizations and SEO teams to understand the efforts of their SEO strategy. Users can generate, analyze, and execute their SEO strategies with the help of advanced AI-powered algorithms. These algorithms can predict the most likely SEO ranks even before they are actually realized. In this way, users can save a ton in their SEO initiatives by pinpointing the best possible SEO strategy. The tool makes use of a predictive machine learning model along with tracking data of over 120,000 top ranking URLs and sandbox simulations to narrow down your choices to the most profitable trend. It can then analyze competitors to understand their weaknesses and generate the most viable SEO strategy. By simply submitting keywords, users can understand which tasks are most likely to help against competitors. Additionally, they can also understand the mistakes that can cause serious drops in their rankings. show more

VideoAsk vs SEO Dub | SEO Dub Alternatives

Products Similar to VideoAsk

VideoPeel - Video Survey Software


Collect videos from your customers remotely
(9 Ratings)

VideoPeel pricing: VideoPeel Offers Custom plan.

What is VideoPeel and how does it work?

VideoPeel is a remote video capturing platform that helps business owners gather, analyze and publish customer videos containing surveys, messages, and testimonials. The software automates the entire video collection process, removing the extra hassles, customers, influencers or beta testers can easily submit their curated videos by simply clicking on the VideoPeel link provided to them, without opting for downloads or login-in. Customizable pre-designed video campaign templates available within the particular offers additional benefits, users can maximize submission rates using the same. They can also configure one click or signature based access rights. With VideoPeel, enterprises not only get to recruit their own customers but can also extend their reach towards influencers, beta testers or authoritative figures to evaluate the scheduled products and services and share the experiences through videos. Depending on their business objectives, enterprises can choose from over 163 different video types. The platform appears with easy video editing tools, including logo-addition, star ratings, text overlay, disclaimer, and more. show more

VideoPeel Alternatives
LivingLens - Video Survey Software


World leading software recognition software
(10 Ratings)

LivingLens pricing: LivingLens Offers Custom plan.

What is LivingLens and how does it work?

LivingLens helps the world’s best brands and market research agencies work with video feedback at scale by analyzing the data contained within speech, sentiment, emotion, and objects. Capture video feedback content from surveys, mobile app, the cloud, or even Zoom. Upload new or existing video content quickly and easily using video capture tools. Dig deep into speech, emotion, object, and context data to understand meaningful trends in your video content using powerful AI and machine-learning tools. show more

LivingLens Alternatives
Qwary - Video Survey Software


Conduct timely surveys for enhanced business management
(0 Ratings)

Qwary pricing: Starts at $19.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Qwary and how does it work?

Qwary is an interactive survey platform, helping enterprises collect feedback, enhance satisfaction and drive loyalty at every step of their business. Omnichannel based surveys are made easy with the solution, where brands can let their customers speak freely. CSAT, CES and Net Promotion Score surveys offered by the platform let enterprises measure the satisfaction levels of their individual clients, boosting up loyalty levels in return. Further, organizations can also use the same to gather feedback from their in-house staff and promote a healthy working environment within the office premises. Conducting surveys is made all fun and energetic, with the world’s first Alexa integrated survey platform. Qwary, also features an audience panel of its own, where brands can conduct live polls comprising 100+ buyers in a simultaneous manner. It offers real-time integration with external platforms like Zapier, Hubspot, SalesForce and Google. Data stored within the solution is secured by industry verified compliance standards. show more

Qwary Alternatives
mindswarms - Video Survey Software


Ask Questions Get Video Answers
(4 Ratings)

mindswarms pricing: Starts at $500.0.

What is mindswarms and how does it work?

mindswarms is the fastest way to get consumer insights that help the world's leading brands innovate. They identify the key insights from your study and create a full report of the findings. reports can be a question-by-question format, or thematic. Their team edits your video answers into a dynamic highlight reel to bring the findings to life. show more

mindswarms Alternatives
Plotto - Video Survey Software


Uncover the truth with Video Surveys
(30 Ratings)

Plotto pricing: Starts at $65.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Plotto and how does it work?

Plotto is the scalable, flexible video research solution that works as well as a standalone web platform as it does integrated into your existing surveys. With Plotto, your respondents can tell their story in their own words via a self-recorded testimonial video; face-to-face, close-up, authentic and truthful. You get the whole story with all the subtleties; communicated in their own words in their own way. You understand their smiles, their hesitations, their unhappiness. You can uncover the truth. show more

Plotto Alternatives
Testimonial - Video Survey Software


Video Testimonials in Minutes
(0 Ratings)

Testimonial pricing: Starts at $1.0.

What is Testimonial and how does it work?

Testimonial software is a platform used to collect video testimonials from your customers for better promote your product. Create a unique link for your product and share the link easily via email, social media, or even SMS. Customers can record their video testimonials on any devices and can downloaded in MP4 format. Individuals, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Testimonial Alternatives
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