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Updated on: December 6, 2021
Bothelp Chat Widget Chat Button Widget for website

Bothelp Chat Widget Alternatives and Competitors

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A comprehensive list of competitors and best alternatives to Bothelp Chat Widget.

Top 5 Bothelp Chat Widget Alternatives

Freshdesk Messaging (Formerly Freshchat)

Modern messaging software with AI-powered chatbots and live chat capabilities
(282 Ratings)

Freshdesk Messaging helps businesses deploy custom chatbots in minutes, increase website and in-app chat conversion rates, and resolve more chat queries across all messaging channels without increasing agent headcount or support budgets. read more

Freshdesk Messaging (Formerly Freshchat) Alternatives


The all-in-one tool for effective chat marketing

WotNot is a multi-lingual, cost-effective no-code chatbox platform designed to grow your business exponentially by leveraging the power of bots, each one built for a specific purpose. WotNot no-code chatbox platform allows you to automate lead generation and scale and improve your customer support.... read more

WotNot Alternatives

Conversational AI Bot

Chatbots automation made simpler with Conversational AI

Conversational AI is a chatbot development software that enables the user to create AI-powered chatbots for businesses to help automate business operations, increase staff productivity, cut expenses, and improve decision-making. It aims at promoting seamless communication between the company and... read more

Conversational AI Bot Alternatives


Create engaging chatbots to enhance your online business

QuickReply.ai, as the name suggests is a smart chatbot development software developed specifically for online businesses to assist them in building chatty chatbots for user experience enhancement. It offers advanced tools and features to create ready-to-use chatbots that aim at increasing the value... read more

QuickReply.ai Alternatives


Reinvent your customer support using Talla
(3 Ratings)

Talla is an Artificial Intelligence (AI-powered) automation platform that is designed to enhance the deliverance of Customer and employee support. It builds machine learning models of routine tasks, increases the productivity of each rep, and answers basic questions by integrating with your... read more

Talla Alternatives

Products Similar to Bothelp Chat Widget


Get yourself a virtual AI assistant with Quickchat

Quickchat is an AI-powered online platform that enables you to have virtual multilingual assistants that talk just like humans and are built according to your specific requirements and needs. They are powered by a modern and advanced language model and can be added to your app or website. It... read more

Quickchat Alternatives


AI tool to Engage Customers

Nuacem software is a Conversational Intelligence platform used to engage customers through Nuacem’s AI. The software offers a suite of bots to boost revenues and operational efficiency. Monitor and moderate chat conversations, understand the chat volumes, track bot and agent performance, and... read more

Nuacem Alternatives


AI-powered assistant for your business

Alterra is a powerful Artificial Intelligent-powered assistant ideal for web-based enterprises and businesses. These virtual assistant systems aid your customers in real-time, assisting them and making them feel more connected to your business. This helps retain more traffic, which translates to... read more

Alterra Alternatives


Design Chatbots for Business

Svachat software is a platform used to create your Chatbot without code. The software uses natural language understanding engine to establish a human-like conversation to assist the customer in his purchasing process. Collect feedback from your customers experiences with the orders with recurring... read more

Svachat Alternatives


A conversational intelligence platform to transform your customer experience

GenieTalk.ai is an AI-based communication platform that allows companies to make better personal connections with their customers. It is a multi-solution conversational platform that includes voice calls, chats and emails, helping enterprises to build more meaningful and personalised conversations... read more

GenieTalk.ai Alternatives


AI-based conversational commerce tool for B2B

Interactive, replaceable modules appear depending on the user's needs and the personalized flow of conversation. It's fully automated and works on top of the personalization engine. Conversational commerce can deliver a subtle push for the consumers to finish the purchase by reminding, offering a ... read more

OneBot Alternatives
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