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Acqueon Engagement Omnichannel campaign management software

Acqueon Engagement Alternatives and Competitors

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Top 5 Acqueon Engagement Alternatives

Hello Hunter - Auto Dialer Software

Hello Hunter

Improve your business bound calls rates with Hello Hunter
(1 Ratings)

Hello Hunter pricing: Starts at $30.0.

What is Hello Hunter and how does it work?

Hello Hunter is a predictive dialer software that helps users enhance their calling results by 400%. Advanced dial modes including full predictive dialling featured by the software, helps administrators to override specific algorithms and set a faster or slower rate for each campaign. Also, Hello Hunter comes loaded with an inbound support mechanism that facilitates blended inbound and outbound campaigns to similar agents within the same system. Its manual dialling mode helps users gain access to a seamless click to call interface and get connected to a specific contact using a single telephone line. This predictive dialling software also comes loaded with a variety of voice connection methods for users that includes Dial-out, SIP phone, Google Talk, Dial-in and SIP addresses. Moreover, Hello Hunter also ensures 100% compliance with campaign based real-time abandonment rate reporting facilities. Its admin switchboard interface is capable of providing an accurate view of current business updates. Other loaded features include agent monitoring, CRM integration system, crystal clear calls and desktop application responsiveness. show more

Hello Hunter Alternatives
RingCentral Contact Center - Auto Dialer Software

RingCentral Contact Center

Deliver seamless customer service experience with a sophisticated contact center solution
(302 Ratings)

RingCentral Contact Center pricing: RingCentral Contact Center Offers Custom plan.

What is RingCentral Contact Center and how does it work?

RingCentral Contact Center is an omnichannel inbound contact centre solution that helps businesses with seamless customer monitoring. Businesses of all types can use this platform to achieve efficient communication across the entire workplace. The software comes loaded with a variety of advanced features to help businesses optimise inter-departmental communication and strengthen customer wise relationships in real-time. Its skills-based routing system lets customers connect with the right department in an instant. Moreover, with an agent management facility, supervisors get to create agent wise schedules and reduce waiting times between calls. High-quality insights provided by RingCentral Contact Center help businesses improve their sales and get agent wise tasks monitored in an efficient manner. An omnichannel routing mechanism made available by the same helps agents receive and direct calls based on their availability, capacity and other pre-defined parameters facilitating speedy engagement. Moreover, customisable visual reports offered by the platform backed by an informative dashboard lets managers extract key business-relevant metrics, enabling better outcomes. Active integration with external platforms like Oracle and Salesforce helps businesses deliver a personalised experience to their loyal customer base. show more

RingCentral Contact Center Alternatives
Orum - Auto Dialer Software


An AI-Sales Platform That Enables Smooth Parallel Calling to Grow Your Pipeline
(69 Ratings)

Orum pricing: Orum Offers Custom plan.

What is Orum and how does it work?

Orum is a tool that leverages AI to detect voicemails, navigate phone directories, and filter out bad numbers so that reps can get into live conversations with real humans quickly. It integrates and connects to Salesforce, Outreach, and Salesloft seamlessly. Users can easily pull in call tasks, outreach history, and contact details whenever needed. The solution does not require SalesOps and runs smoothly. The platform automatically identifies and removes bad numbers from the list and breaks down data quality so that users can make better decisions in the future. It comes with in-browser and high-fidelity VOIP dialing and users can call up to 10 lines in parallel. The tool has AI-powered voice transcription, voicemail detection, and phone tree navigation as well. Users can easily search and filter for calls by disposition and type and listen in to calls within Orum to help reps improve. Managers can visualize the performance of team members over time and also get full disposition details like no answer, answered, and busy etcetera. show more

Orum Alternatives
Dialpad Sell - Auto Dialer Software

Dialpad Sell

Deliver exceptional customer service and sales with Dialpad Sell
(540 Ratings)

Dialpad Sell pricing: Starts at $95.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Dialpad Sell and how does it work?

Dialpad Sell is an inside sales call center that leverages AI technology to provide accurate business intelligence and train sales teams at the same time to deliver optimised sales performance. Its expert services are trusted widely by companies such as Motorola, Quora, and TED among others. With convenient features, Dailpad Sell offers its users unparalleled solutions to optimise their sales and reach. Also, as a sales communication platform, it comes equipped with functionalities like video conferencing, dialer and SMS facilities for streamlined data access. Admins can also make use of the real-time sales coaching facilities to help reps hone their verbal communication skills and deliver exceptional customer service. With post-call analytical services, Dialpad Sell delivers deep insights that enable users to uncover best practices and modify their sales techniques in real-time. Moreover, active CRM integration facilities help businesses retain essential data like call logs, transcripts, and notes within a unified space. Inbuilt machine learning technology helps deliver intelligent recommendations for improved sales strategies. show more

Dialpad Sell Alternatives
3CX Power Dialer - Auto Dialer Software
(0 Ratings)

3CX Power Dialer pricing: 3CX Power Dialer Offers Custom plan.

What is 3CX Power Dialer and how does it work?

3CX Power Dialer was designed from the ground up specifically for 3CX. With 3CX Power Dialer you can automate unattended calls to patients or customers using unique contact lists.

3CX Power Dialer Alternatives

Products Similar to Acqueon Engagement

PhoneBurner - Auto Dialer Software


Use cloud-based PhoneBurner dialer and increase outbound productivity
(296 Ratings)

PhoneBurner pricing: Starts at $126.0.

What is PhoneBurner and how does it work?

PhoneBurner is a cloud-based power dialer and sales acceleration platform that helps reps get better results from their outreach, in less time. The software handles repetitive tasks and automates workflows, so reps engage with up to 4x more contacts every hour. Using any phone or VOIP softphone, reps can dial smarter and faster from anywhere. Instant, delay-free connections produce higher quality conversations and closing rates. The included sales CRM effortlessly manages all contacts, correspondence, and call campaigns. Integration with over 150 top CRMs and apps is also available. PhoneBurner’s ability to leave voicemails, send emails, log calls, move contacts to different folders, all in just a click based on call outcome, results in a typical call volume of 60-80 contacts per hour. Email tracking, text messaging, and other features result in increased callbacks, conversations, and opportunities. Users can increase live answer rates by displaying local Caller IDs when dialing. Intelligent automated lead distributions save admins time while ensuring maximum lead utilization. Call recordings and custom reports give managers the oversight they need to train reps and generate results. show more

PhoneBurner Alternatives
Ytel - Auto Dialer Software


Your All-in-one Customer Engagement Platform
(19 Ratings)

Ytel pricing: Starts at $99.0.

What is Ytel and how does it work?

Ytel’s communication platform allows developers and businesses to easily build SMS and voice capabilities into any application. Add unique phone numbers to your marketing Call to Action and see which campaigns are generating calls and text messages. Use standard and vanity toll-free numbers for easy remembering and brand awareness. Inbox is a browser-based 2-way messaging and call communication software that allows users and contacts to communicate in real-time. Using a rest API command developers can provision voice and text features to any platform or integration. show more

Ytel Alternatives
GoDial - Auto Dialer Software


Cluster calling was never easier before
(1 Ratings)

What is GoDial and how does it work?

GoDial is an automatic call dialer and CRM application. It is a highly sought-after dialer and CRM platform thanks to the inbuilt supercharged capabilities that include unlimited calling, zero call charges, seamless call recording and effective CRM. This automatic call dialer makes it easier for callers to ring up large call lists at a go, of course, accompanied by scheduled callbacks and dictation of voice notes. The CRM ensures that the call recipients are instantly intimated with necessary business cards, personalised texts as well as call quality surveys for necessary improvisations. Based on the calls made over a specific period, GoDial prepares insightful reports. These reports are divided into two kinds, the master report that allows clients to filter through selective calls and check on the outcome. The second kind is the summary report that provides to clients an overview of calls, spent time, productivity and call duration, all according to the day for which the search is being made. All the calls initiated are completely encrypted and safeguarded under the AWS server. show more

GoDial Alternatives
Mojo Dialer - Auto Dialer Software

Mojo Dialer

An ideal prospecting platform
(21 Ratings)

Mojo Dialer pricing: Starts at $10.0.

What is Mojo Dialer and how does it work?

Mojo Dialer, is the ultimate prospecting platform that allows users to make at least 300 calls per hour. It comes along with scores of features such as the Mojo Lead Manager, Mojo Dialer, Mojo Data, Mojo Marketing, Mojo dashboard, and Mojo Mobile. Speaking of Mojo Lead Manager, users can easily import data, post data from the data preferred partners, or use a custom lead capture form to fill in the pipeline. It lets users manage their tasks, follow up calls, go through the calendars, and so on. The software can be integrated with platforms like Wise Agent, Follow Up Boss, Zapier, etc, which makes it ideal for looking up for leads. The dialer offers clear call quality, and it is built on a simple calling module, which allows users to get access to popular sales calling techniques. The data includes high-quality real estate, and cold calling leads to accelerate the listing inventory. Next, one gets to use powerful marketing tools, along with databases that can convert leads to past clients. Lastly, this software pays much attention to personal/team prospecting performances and maintains goal tracking by keeping track of the prospecting metrics on the dashboard. show more

Mojo Dialer Alternatives
TP Smart Dialer - Auto Dialer Software

TP Smart Dialer

TP Smart Dialer for VoIP Business
(1 Ratings)

TP Smart Dialer pricing: Starts at $200.0.

What is TP Smart Dialer and how does it work?

Use TP Smart Dialer for your VoIP Business and provide great calling experience to your customers. Best Mobile Dialer with crystal clear voice quality.

TP Smart Dialer Alternatives
Calley - Auto Dialer Software
(0 Ratings)

Calley pricing: Starts at $20.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Calley and how does it work?

Calley is an automated cloud-based outbound calling software that increases your productivity and conversions by automating your manual calling process. It's an excellent tool for event planners, start-ups, HR firms, and sales teams. It helps you in managing all of your outbound calling operations with ease and convenience. With Calley, you just have to click ‘Start Calling’ after installing the Calley Mobile App on your phone and it dials the phone numbers from your list automatically. The platform offers a dialing option that allows you to view a list of numbers to call and you can dial the number by simply clicking on it. It enables you to call several numbers without having to dial them one by one. The platform offers a sophisticated auto dialer app that helps you save time, meet more consumers, and increase sales. It enables you to upload a .csv file of numbers that you want to call and sync it with your mobile app. Additionally, the platform is particularly beneficial if you are selling to referrals, leads, past clients, or current clients. show more

Calley Alternatives
ChaseData CCaaS - Auto Dialer Software

ChaseData CCaaS

Cloud-Based Call Center as a Service
(184 Ratings)

ChaseData CCaaS pricing: Starts at $89.0.

What is ChaseData CCaaS and how does it work?

ChaseData CCaaS is the call center software suite that keeps you TCPA compliant, guarantees security (PCI DSS, HIPAA HITECH, and SOC2), eliminates SCAM LIKELY all while boosting call center profits. Placing your call center agents in front of live customers quickly is the mission that software is engineered to accomplish. ChaseData has designed and implemented all appropriate administrative, physical and technical safeguards for Protected Health Information in transit and at rest in compliance with HIPAA/HITECH. show more

ChaseData CCaaS Alternatives
Direct Connect - Auto Dialer Software

Direct Connect

Online lead and convert it to an inbound phone call
(0 Ratings)

Direct Connect pricing: Starts at $49.0.

What is Direct Connect and how does it work?

Direct Connect will convert enquiries from everywhere. It could be from your website, landing pages, live chat, as well as online sources including Gumtree, FaceBook, industry aggregates in Real Estate, Car Sales, Legal, Health, and many more. Whatever sector you’re in, they can help connect your customer to you in minutes. Studies prove a person's interest and intent is at its peak at the time of enquiry. If you don’t get in touch within minutes, you run the risk of losing an opportunity. Many businesses don't have the resources to respond to leads within minutes, which makes Direct Connect an essential asset. show more

Direct Connect Alternatives
ReadyMode (formerly Xencall) - Auto Dialer Software
(78 Ratings)

ReadyMode (formerly Xencall) pricing: ReadyMode (formerly Xencall) Offers Custom plan.

What is ReadyMode (formerly Xencall) and how does it work?

The next-gen auto dialer for you. ReadyMode, previously known as Xenical is an all-in-one auto dialer software, specifically developed for call centers to enable predictive dialing. It works at connecting call centers and agents with more prospects through cloud technology. It additionally enables the user to manage their CRM, lead management, and reporting and insights. ReadyMode offers trusted PV and VoiceLog Verification solutions that provide direct server-to-server connection. It offers fine-grained speed controls that allow you to tailor your call ratios based on the number of available agents, thereby reducing wait times. Users need full Customer Relationship Management capabilities to assist each customer through your sales workflow. Inbound call management is made easier with fully customized IVR menus through ReadyMode. ReadyMode reporting helps enhance performance and efficiency by providing detailed data, agent stats and analytics, calls, campaigns, and more. Field sales professionals can access their dialer and CRM via any device, allowing them to stay productive while on the road with this smart software. The platform offers a free demo to test and try its features before making the actual purchase. show more

ReadyMode (formerly Xencall) Alternatives
Callback Tracker - Auto Dialer Software

Callback Tracker

Click-to-call Widget for Customers
(0 Ratings)

Callback Tracker pricing: Lifetime deal starts at $199

What is Callback Tracker and how does it work?

Callback Tracker offers a solution that helps its users initiate a conversation with their potential clients and retain their contact information as a lead. It targets any business that markets its products and services on the internet. The users can add a click to call widget on their websites through which visitors can request a callback. The widget uses artificial intelligence (AI) to track and organize their conversations. To set it up, users need to sign up on its website, select widgets they are interested in and use the "Code Embed" tab to obtain their personalized code. Alternatively, they can also download a plugin for WordPress. The tool allows them to monitor, record, and playback conversations. Widget styling options such as colors, schedule, and behavior are available. A caller greeting voice can be customized, and a caller ID is also available. Users can even connect their Callback Tracker account to their Google Analytics Dashboard to see graphs and use Google to analyze their data. show more

Callback Tracker Alternatives
Hostcomm Cloud Contact Centre - Auto Dialer Software
(0 Ratings)

Hostcomm Cloud Contact Centre pricing: Hostcomm Cloud Contact Centre Offers Custom plan.

What is Hostcomm Cloud Contact Centre and how does it work?

Hosted predictive dialler that increases sales. 5-Star reviewed. 15 years' experience. UK customer service with unlimited telephone support.

Hostcomm Cloud Contact Centre Alternatives
CallShaper - Auto Dialer Software


Cloud Based Automated Calling System
(0 Ratings)

CallShaper pricing: CallShaper Offers Custom plan.

What is CallShaper and how does it work?

CallShaper is the originator of a cutting-edge cloud-based call center platform for efficiency- and compliance-minded directors of inbound and outbound telemarketing call centers.

CallShaper Alternatives
Sales Sling - Auto Dialer Software

Sales Sling

Transform leads to sales with advanced autodialer services
(10 Ratings)

Sales Sling pricing: Sales Sling Offers Custom plan.

What is Sales Sling and how does it work?

Sales Sling is a comprehensive autodialer and lead management software that equips sales teams with an advanced set of tools to convert potential leads into loyal customers and sales. High-quality features available within the platform, assures the latest technology in dialling systems through an easy-to-use interface. Sales Sling provides a detailed dashboard that helps sales teams with detailed information regarding business sales and calls. Thus helping admins to monitor total calls and remaining leads in real-time. Furthermore, web-based phone agents can also depend on Sales Sling to attend calls directly from the program with zero geographical limitations. A webphone dialling system lets users make calls with an in-built dialer and receive inbound calls as well. Moreover, impactful live reporting and graph reporting features made available by the software helps sales teams get profound insights into their performance levels. Seamless integration with external CRM platforms like Zoho, Salesforce, Hubspot, SugarCRM, and more, all turns out to be quite useful. show more

Sales Sling Alternatives
TalkChief - Auto Dialer Software
(0 Ratings)

TalkChief pricing: Starts at $18.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is TalkChief and how does it work?

TalkChief is a comprehensive VOIP and Sales solution, aims to help companies utilize VOIP PBX and dialer technologies to increase sales ability to make outbound calls and lead generating efficiency, automation is our key to help sales agents utilize their time efficiently.

TalkChief Alternatives
CallCenterHosting Predictive Dialer - Auto Dialer Software
(0 Ratings)

CallCenterHosting Predictive Dialer pricing: Starts at $7.49. Offers Custom plan.

What is CallCenterHosting Predictive Dialer and how does it work?

Predictive dialer from CallCenterHosting is an intelligent tool to get connected with customers across the world. 24x7 customer support and FREE trial available.

CallCenterHosting Predictive Dialer Alternatives
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