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Updated on: November 28, 2021

Top Auto Dialer Software

People working at the customer service department of a call center or a company need to dial the phone to lots of people in order to get their review or tell them about some new offer. A Top Auto Dialer Software is used by them to perform this job as earlier they had to look at a list and dial the numbers themselves but with this software, the need of manually dialing the phone number vanishes. This software eases their work by automatically dialing the phone numbers present on a list that has been uploaded into the software and plays a pre-recorded message or connects a customer service agent with the customer. This software is widely used by many sectors such as education institutions, health care, sales department, and hospitals. We have a list of Software from where you can choose the perfect Top Auto Dialer Software for yourself.

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An AI-Sales Platform That Enables Smooth Parallel Calling to Grow Your Pipeline
(27 Ratings)

Orum pricing: Orum Offers Custom plan.

Orum is a tool that leverages AI to detect voicemails, navigate phone directories, and filter out bad numbers so that reps can get into live conversations with real humans quickly. It integrates and connects to Salesforce, Outreach, and Salesloft seamlessly. Users can easily pull in call tasks,... read more

ReadyMode (formerly Xencall)

The next gen auto dialer for you
(71 Ratings)

ReadyMode (formerly Xencall) pricing: ReadyMode (formerly Xencall) Offers Custom plan.

The next-gen auto dialer for you. ReadyMode, previously known as Xenical is an all-in-one auto dialer software, specifically developed for call centers to enable predictive dialing. It works at connecting call centers and agents with more prospects through cloud technology. It additionally enables... read more

Dialpad Sell

Deliver exceptional customer service and sales with Dialpad Sell
(443 Ratings)

Dialpad Sell pricing: Starts at $95.0. Offers Custom plan.

Dialpad Sell is an inside sales call center that leverages AI technology to provide accurate business intelligence and train sales teams at the same time to deliver optimised sales performance. Its expert services are trusted widely by companies such as Motorola, Quora, and TED among others. With... read more

Hello Hunter

Improve your business bound calls rates with Hello Hunter
(2 Ratings)

Hello Hunter pricing: Starts at $30.0.

Hello Hunter is a predictive dialer software that helps users enhance their calling results by 400%. Advanced dial modes including full predictive dialling featured by the software, helps administrators to override specific algorithms and set a faster or slower rate for each campaign. Also, Hello... read more

SpitFire Dialers

The only full featured dialer offering 3 platforms
(21 Ratings)

SpitFire Dialers pricing: SpitFire Dialers Offers Custom plan.

The SpitFire Enterprise Predictive Dialer utilizes sophisticated algorithms to speed up and slow down the call rate based on, number of available agents, number of available lines, the campaign's average call time and other statistical information. Preview dialer allows the agent to view the... read more


Your All-in-one Customer Engagement Platform
(32 Ratings)

Ytel pricing: Starts at $99.0.

Ytel’s communication platform allows developers and businesses to easily build SMS and voice capabilities into any application. Add unique phone numbers to your marketing Call to Action and see which campaigns are generating calls and text messages. Use standard and vanity toll-free numbers for... read more

ChaseData CCaaS

Cloud-Based Call Center as a Service
(159 Ratings)

ChaseData CCaaS pricing: Starts at $89.0.

ChaseData CCaaS is the call center software suite that keeps you TCPA compliant, guarantees security (PCI DSS, HIPAA HITECH, and SOC2), eliminates SCAM LIKELY all while boosting call center profits. Placing your call center agents in front of live customers quickly is the mission that software is... read more


A Call Dialer for Business
(1 Ratings)

GoDial software is a platform used to start auto calling prospects. Manage prospects with contact list from any source and the software offers a dynamic template messages that is send after a call. Collaborate with your team and can create multiple lists and tasks by assigning them to Team members.... read more

ProspectBoss CRM Dialer

The next generation of cloud-based multi-line dialers

ProspectBoss CRM Dialer pricing: Starts at $66.0.

Explore ProspectBoss’s next-gen features for squeezing more sales out of every agent, every hour. With local presence, peoples' Caller ID shows a local area code. Accept inbound calls with your ProspectBoss number, each account comes with one! Call Transfer lets you transfer calls to another... read more


Automatic Call Dialer For Android & IOS Phones
(7 Ratings)

Calley pricing: Starts at $20.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

CALLEY is essentially an automatic call dialer created to call multiple people without dialing their numbers manually. A Dialing mode where you can see a list of numbers you wish to call. You can click on the number you desire to call. A Dialing mode where you can see a list of numbers you wish to... read more

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