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Top Auto Dialer Software

People working at the customer service department of a call center or a company need to dial the phone to lots of people in order to get their review or tell them about some new offer. A Top Auto Dialer Software is used by them to perform this job as earlier they had to look at a list and dial the numbers themselves but with this software, the need of manually dialing the phone number vanishes. This software eases their work by automatically dialing the phone numbers present on a list that has been uploaded into the software and plays a pre-recorded message or connects a customer service agent with the customer. This software is widely used by many sectors such as education institutions, health care, sales department, and hospitals. We have a list of Software from where you can choose the perfect Top Auto Dialer Software for yourself.

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ICTBroadcast - Top Auto Dialer Software


Advance Auto Dialer software & Call Center Solution
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ICTBroadcast pricing: ICTBroadcast Offers Custom plan.

What is ICTBroadcast and how does it work?

ICTBroadcast is an all-in-one solution for unified communications and call center software. With integrated Voice, SMS, Fax, and Email features, it gives them the flexibility to deliver the best customer service experience. ICTBroadcast is based on an open-source Asterisk communications switch, providing them with the most sophisticated and comprehensive telecommunications platform. Its multiple dialing modes, such as progressive dialing, predictive dialing, power dialing, and preview dialing, give them the ability to match the dialing needs of any business. In addition, they can also manually dial contacts with WebRTC web phones, ensuring a personalized experience for each customer. Take their call center’s efficiency and productivity to the next level with ICTBroadcast's automated dialer. It automatically dials contacts and transfers them directly to their team members with minimal effort, giving them a competitive edge. With ICTBroadcast, user can provide outstanding customer service with ease. show more

Mojo Dialer - Top Auto Dialer Software

Mojo Dialer

An ideal prospecting platform
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Mojo Dialer pricing: Starts at $10.00.

What is Mojo Dialer and how does it work?

Mojo Dialer, is the ultimate prospecting platform that allows users to make at least 300 calls per hour. It comes along with scores of features such as the Mojo Lead Manager, Mojo Dialer, Mojo Data, Mojo Marketing, Mojo dashboard, and Mojo Mobile. Speaking of Mojo Lead Manager, users can easily import data, post data from the data preferred partners, or use a custom lead capture form to fill in the pipeline. It lets users manage their tasks, follow up calls, go through the calendars, and so on. The software can be integrated with platforms like Wise Agent, Follow Up Boss, Zapier, etc, which makes it ideal for looking up for leads. The dialer offers clear call quality, and it is built on a simple calling module, which allows users to get access to popular sales calling techniques. The data includes high-quality real estate, and cold calling leads to accelerate the listing inventory. Next, one gets to use powerful marketing tools, along with databases that can convert leads to past clients. Lastly, this software pays much attention to personal/team prospecting performances and maintains goal tracking by keeping track of the prospecting metrics on the dashboard. show more

ProspectBoss CRM Dialer - Top Auto Dialer Software

ProspectBoss CRM Dialer

A multi-line dialer for the future generation
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ProspectBoss CRM Dialer pricing: Starts at $66.00.

What is ProspectBoss CRM Dialer and how does it work?

ProspectBoss CRM Dialer is an Auto-Dialer Software with a slew of cutting-edge capabilities for getting more sales from each agent in every hour. People's Caller ID displays a local area code when they have a local presence. With your ProspectBoss number, which comes with each account, you can take inbound calls. You can shift your calls to another agent at any moment with ProspectBoss. Connect-To-Sell enables you to contact each lead who fills out a lead form right away. This CRM Dialer will rank the hottest leads so you can focus on the prospects that are most likely to convert. You may run year-long campaigns to keep leads engaged. Calls, emails, texts, video messages, and voicemail drops can all be used to reach out to your target audience. You can even leave ringless voice messages on the phone of your recipient. You may deliver text and video communications to your leads using SMS and Drip campaigns. You also get access to the top scripts for converting leads in your business, as well as hundreds of follow-up drip campaigns for speedy engagement. show more

Hostcomm Cloud Contact Centre - Top Auto Dialer Software
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Hostcomm Cloud Contact Centre pricing: Hostcomm Cloud Contact Centre Offers Custom plan.

What is Hostcomm Cloud Contact Centre and how does it work?

Hosted predictive dialler that increases sales. 5-Star reviewed. 15 years' experience. UK customer service with unlimited telephone support.

Telemo - Top Auto Dialer Software


Leading Cloud Telephony Service Provider
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What is Telemo and how does it work?

Telemo delivers industry-leading Cloud, Customer Experience, Collaboration, IT and Unified Communications solutions. Telemo call center services allow agents to sync calls in real time with their SalesForce app on field. In Priority Customer Support, in case your agent is not free, our inbound Contact Center Services enables your agents to place their availability status from available to “not available” or “on break”, with just a click of a button. The calls are then passed on to the agents who are free to take calls. show more

Acqueon Engagement - Top Auto Dialer Software

Acqueon Engagement

Omnichannel campaign management software
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Acqueon Engagement pricing: Acqueon Engagement Offers Custom plan.

What is Acqueon Engagement and how does it work?

Acqueon Engagement is a new breed of omnichannel campaign management software that features a built-in dialer, a Customer Data Platform (CDP), and an integrated compliance toolbox. Stay safe with integrated checks when new contacts are added and in real-time when executing campaigns. Acqueon Engagement helps you stay compliant with TCPA, GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations by simply turning on controls as needed. Connect to all your data sources using native integrations to CRM and EHR systems, APIs to connect to your custom apps, and file imports. Acqueon ingestion engine onboards and consolidates your various data sources into a Customer Data Platform (CDP). show more

3CX Power Dialer - Top Auto Dialer Software

3CX Power Dialer

Power Dialer Software
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3CX Power Dialer pricing: 3CX Power Dialer Offers Custom plan.

What is 3CX Power Dialer and how does it work?

3CX Power Dialer was designed from the ground up specifically for 3CX. With 3CX Power Dialer you can automate unattended calls to patients or customers using unique contact lists.

Ytel - Top Auto Dialer Software


Your All-in-one Customer Engagement Platform
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Ytel pricing: Starts at $99.00.

What is Ytel and how does it work?

Ytel’s communication platform allows developers and businesses to easily build SMS and voice capabilities into any application. Add unique phone numbers to your marketing Call to Action and see which campaigns are generating calls and text messages. Use standard and vanity toll-free numbers for easy remembering and brand awareness. Inbox is a browser-based 2-way messaging and call communication software that allows users and contacts to communicate in real-time. Using a rest API command developers can provision voice and text features to any platform or integration. show more

Hello Hunter - Top Auto Dialer Software

Hello Hunter

Improve your business bound calls rates with Hello Hunter
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Hello Hunter pricing: Starts at $30.00.

What is Hello Hunter and how does it work?

Hello Hunter is a predictive dialer software that helps users enhance their calling results by 400%. Advanced dial modes including full predictive dialling featured by the software, helps administrators to override specific algorithms and set a faster or slower rate for each campaign. Also, Hello Hunter comes loaded with an inbound support mechanism that facilitates blended inbound and outbound campaigns to similar agents within the same system. Its manual dialling mode helps users gain access to a seamless click to call interface and get connected to a specific contact using a single telephone line. This predictive dialling software also comes loaded with a variety of voice connection methods for users that includes Dial-out, SIP phone, Google Talk, Dial-in and SIP addresses. Moreover, Hello Hunter also ensures 100% compliance with campaign based real-time abandonment rate reporting facilities. Its admin switchboard interface is capable of providing an accurate view of current business updates. Other loaded features include agent monitoring, CRM integration system, crystal clear calls and desktop application responsiveness. show more

Orum - Top Auto Dialer Software


An AI-Sales Platform That Enables Smooth Parallel Calling to Grow Your Pipeline
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Orum pricing: Orum Offers Custom plan.

What is Orum and how does it work?

Orum is a tool that leverages AI to detect voicemails, navigate phone directories, and filter out bad numbers so that reps can get into live conversations with real humans quickly. It integrates and connects to Salesforce, Outreach, and Salesloft seamlessly. Users can easily pull in call tasks, outreach history, and contact details whenever needed. The solution does not require SalesOps and runs smoothly. The platform automatically identifies and removes bad numbers from the list and breaks down data quality so that users can make better decisions in the future. It comes with in-browser and high-fidelity VOIP dialing and users can call up to 10 lines in parallel. The tool has AI-powered voice transcription, voicemail detection, and phone tree navigation as well. Users can easily search and filter for calls by disposition and type and listen in to calls within Orum to help reps improve. Managers can visualize the performance of team members over time and also get full disposition details like no answer, answered, and busy etcetera. show more

List of Top Auto Dialer Software

ICTBroadcast NA NA
Mojo Dialer NA 3.8
ProspectBoss CRM Dialer NA 4.5
Hostcomm Cloud Contact Centre NA 5
Telemo NA 4.5
Acqueon Engagement NA 4.1
3CX Power Dialer NA NA
Ytel NA 3.8
Hello Hunter NA 4.3
Orum NA 4.8