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Updated on: November 26, 2022
Voluum Advertising campaign tracking & monitoring tool

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AI-driven Marketing Prediction Platform
(26 Ratings)

Morphio pricing: Lifetime deal starts at $199

What is Morphio and how does it work?

Morphio is an AI tool for digital marketers that enables them to scale their data analysis efforts. This makes it easier for marketers to incorporate the effect of past data while trying to predict future trends. And with the ability to include countless data sets into their marketing efforts, users can correlate data with their respective ROI. With hands-on data analytics automation, users receive the ability to grow their skill sets overnight along with the ability to scale. With a proprietary algorithm, users receive constant insights that can boost their bottom line. Users can also seamless aggregate their campaign performance and focus on the most priority metrics. They can also integrate their Search, Display, and Social Media marketing data on a single platform and easily monitor both paid and organic results with the data visualization tool. Other features include defining traffic, conversion, and ROI goals, being alerted about campaign data abnormalities, and more. show more

Morphio Alternatives
Binom - New SaaS Software


Self-hosted Tracking Platform for Professionals
(4 Ratings)

Binom pricing: Starts at $69.0.

What is Binom and how does it work?

Binom is a tracking platform for click-processing and report-building speeds that aims to help professionals save time at work. It is one of the main software in the suite of affiliate marketing tools that eliminates tracking errors and helps capture the true ROI of campaigns. The license includes a one-time charge that does not depend on the amount of traffic. Binom has the ability to handle millions of clicks per day with a processing time of 5m/s regardless of the type of server. Features of the tool include Group Campaign Reports a flexible multi-user system that has different access rights. It even includes dedicated support with an average response time of under 2 minutes. With intelligent traffic distribution, Binom can intuitively understand how to send a click to a landing page that the user has not come across yet. This increases the frequency caps and makes campaigns more profitable. show more

Voluum vs Binom | Binom Alternatives
BeMob - Affiliate Marketing Software
82%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More


An Ad Tracking Software To Analyze, & Optimize Campaigns And Grow Businesses
(6 Ratings)

BeMob pricing: Starts at $49.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is BeMob and how does it work?

BeMob is a real-time data reporting software that helps users to analyze and increase the effectiveness of their campaigns and boost the ROI. The safe tracking software keeps data in a secure cloud, so there’s no need for extra servers or software. With 11 Amazon data centers placed worldwide, it ensures the fastest redirects for users. Updated data appear in the tracker immediately and any changes show up in reports instantly. Users can explore all BeMob functional possibilities while working with mobile traffic. Weekly improvements are introduced into the system to increase productivity and optimize work. With the most recent and complete databases, BeMob passes the most comprehensive user data in the reports. The email notification feature helps users to be aware of all changes in ad campaigns thus preventing possible loss. Through setting of manual filters, it allows to detect and block bot traffic by user agents, referrers, IP addresses, and other params. show more

Voluum vs BeMob | BeMob Alternatives
Google Analytics - Web Analytics Software
98%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More

Google Analytics

An all-in-one web analytics tool.
(8,928 Ratings)

Google Analytics pricing: Google Analytics Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Google Analytics and how does it work?

Google Analytics is the most popularly used web analytics tool for tracking and comparing website’s traffic and conversion rate of campaigns, and is free of cost. Google Analytics analysis can identify websites performing poorly with various techniques such as Funnel visualization, referrers (where visitors came from), how long they stayed on the website and their geographical position. It also provides more advanced features including Custom Visitor segmentation. Google Analytics' Cohort analysis feature also helps to understand the behaviour of component groups of users apart from your user population, which is beneficial for successful implementation of a marketing strategy. show more

Voluum vs Google Analytics | Google Analytics Alternatives
Vidooly - Marketing Analytics Software


Offers meaningful analytics and suggestions for better content marketing
(0 Ratings)

Vidooly pricing: Starts at $9.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Vidooly and how does it work?

Vidooly is a video analytics and marketing software that helps brands and content creators to get valuable insights into their videos’ performance and audience engagement. The software brings a powerful insight generator that shows which videos your audience is watching most based on several categories and demographics. Users can also know the audience which is most likely to engage with their content. The tool reveals audiences’ digital journey, watching habits, devices used, etc so that content creators can make and market videos accordingly. It features a leaderboard tool that shows the most popular handles across major platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. The results can be filtered on the basis of genres, country, and month. By showing top influencers from a niche, Vidooly helps users to partner with the right content creators and grow the follower base simultaneously. Besides the primary video content, this analytics solution also gives an in-depth YouTube keyword analysis so that users can identify top-performing tags and use the same to improve ranking in search results. It also shows them the best time to upload a video, unsubscribers of their channels, and gives many more meaningful suggestions to improve their channel’s ranking on popular social media platforms. show more

Vidooly Alternatives

Products Similar to Voluum

GreyMetrics - Marketing Analytics Software


Digital Reports and Dashboards
(21 Ratings)

GreyMetrics pricing: Starts at $49.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is GreyMetrics and how does it work?

GreyMetrics is a marketing analytics software. It's used to build reports and dashboards. The software has a drag-and-drop tool for data widgets, allowing users to generate bespoke reports and manage data presentation as needed.Monitor statistics and download reports as PDFs or password-protected emails.Its vast list of features includes - Create reports/dashboards using industry-standard report templates. Create custom reports using drag and drop. All your marketing data in one report - Generate reports with a single click data from 20+ integrations for marketing. Create bespoke reports by dragging and dropping data widgets. For quick start they have over 25+ pre-defined templates for standard reports, made along with consultation with industry experts. One of their most beneficial features is their live marketing dashboards – allowing you to monitor data from everywhere, provides samples for all integrations and helps you build beautiful visualizations without prior design skills.It automatically creates multilingual reports in GreyMetrics in 9 different languages. Customize and download your reports in PDF format or send them through email with password protection. Create reports and connect accounts in one click. show more

GreyMetrics Alternatives
JustControl.it - Marketing Analytics Software


Effective management of marketing data
(0 Ratings)

JustControl.it pricing: Starts at $750.0.

What is JustControl.it and how does it work?

JustControl.it is a marketing-focused platform that helps its users to manage all the data streams in one place. The software provides its users with tools to filter, aggregate, visualize, and transform vast amounts of data from any source. The architecture of this software is powered by a sophisticated ETL engine and advanced automation capabilities, which ensure smooth data mapping from various sources through a single interface. Users can gather data from their everyday marketing tools such as tracking services, ad networks, or even internal analytics into one dashboard. This helps them to get valuable insights into the driving force of their business. JustContril.it provides its users with reliable and accurate statistics as it performs automatic data reconciliation across several destinations and sources while flagging the inconsistent or missing information. The software offers a customizable dashboard, which is equipped with configurable charts, widgets, and graphs to handle the analytics without any code. It also offers dedicated server infrastructure for each client. show more

JustControl.it Alternatives
ADCostly - Marketing Analytics Software


A Facebook Ad Cost Analytics Tool That Provides Cost Secrets of Your Competitors
(0 Ratings)

ADCostly pricing: Starts at $199.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is ADCostly and how does it work?

ADCostly is an ad automation platform that allows advertisers to analyze their costs based on their audiences and the ads type they choose. It supports cost analysis of different periods, areas, placement, and CTA. The tool helps create costless ads and controls ad budgets. Users can monitor ads in different countries and search the key index of product advertising costs in different industries. It provides users with a tool to easily unlock the secrets of ad cost and competitor’s CPC/CPA price. Users can search interest words to determine their ad audience and optimize their ads better. It gives users a platform to observe the trend of different CTA and find out the law of ad cost. Users can view different country indicators and improve their spending strategies. The tool helps users to track recent trends and watch for sudden changes in costs for all periods. Users can gain deep insights into responses and make the right decisions. show more

ADCostly Alternatives
SparkToro - Marketing Analytics Software


A Audience Intelligence Tool
(0 Ratings)

SparkToro pricing: Starts at $112.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is SparkToro and how does it work?

SparkToro software is a platform used to collect online audience’ attributes, behavior, & sources of influence. Build your outreach with list for publications and people that reach your customers and Compare the attributes and sources of influence for multiple audiences. Prioritize your press, social, content, SEO, and outreach campaigns and analyze your brand’s audience vs. your competitors. show more

SparkToro Alternatives
Singular - Marketing Analytics Software


A Unified Marketing Analytics Tool
(165 Ratings)

Singular pricing: Singular Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Singular and how does it work?

Singular software is a platform used to get a complete view of marketing performance and ROI. Manage cross-platform analytics with your ad spend data accurately reported in one place. The software offers Marketing ETL and Mobile Attribution to track and measure the path to conversion across channels. Prevent Fraud and Ad Monetization to analyze ad revenue. show more

Singular Alternatives
Pega Marketing - Marketing Analytics Software

Pega Marketing

Get your marketing decisions streamlined on the go
(17 Ratings)

Pega Marketing pricing: Pega Marketing Offers Custom plan.

What is Pega Marketing and how does it work?

Pega Marketing is an intuitive decision-making platform with a scalable architecture that helps even the biggest of organisations stay agile, streamlined and ready for the next challenge. Thanks to the low-code platform and user-friendly interface, it significantly helps reduce manual processing, improve relationships between IT professionals, business users and developers alike. Quick automation is one of the sought-after features of Pega Marketing and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) makes the entire process easy by allowing bots to take care of every little detail associated with the project, thereby enabling the consultants to focus completely on their clients. Further, RPA also enables the elimination of errors to the maximum possible extent thereby increasing work efficiency. Pega Email Bot, Prediction Studio, Event Strategy Manager, Adaptive Decision Maker and Real-time Intelligence are some of the notable products under Pega Marketing’s exclusively designed Process AI. Additionally, Pega Process Fabric and Multi Experience Applications enable consistent performance across all channels, orchestrate work efficiently and pull in important data from existing systems. show more

Pega Marketing Alternatives
TrackMaven - Marketing Analytics Software


Marketers can drive expected results with TrackMaven
(108 Ratings)

TrackMaven pricing: TrackMaven Offers Custom plan.

What is TrackMaven and how does it work?

TrackMaven is a marketing analytics software that enables users to connect and monitor marketing performance across different channels, which would help them tie details to the bigger picture. The software aims to make data the asset to one’s business via social media platforms, ads, website analytics, content, SEO and traffic, social listening, competitive intelligence, and influencer marketing. One can easily get back to what they love, and use the software to become the reporting and insights team to help one stay focused on sharing their brand’s story. Developers have designed this software in a way, which combines marketing expertise and knowledge with world-class technologies. TrackMaven has widely helped marketers to drive expected results in the simplest manner and that too, without consuming much time. With this application, marketers can boost their ROI by overcoming even difficult situations and decision-making processes. Marketers can draw insights from any online marketing channel, including Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Ads, Google Analytics, YouTube, Linkedin and many more. show more

TrackMaven Alternatives
6sense - Marketing Analytics Software


Predict revenue growth by on-time account engagement
(582 Ratings)

6sense pricing: 6sense Offers Custom plan.

What is 6sense and how does it work?

6sense is a futuristic account engagement platform that offers enterprises with calculated predictions to increase their overall profit. Business owners can discover different accounts within the market that need their services using the particular. They can enhance the overall business growth by prioritizing actions, engaging teams and clients in the right way, and measuring results that matter the most. Based on the detailed insights and intent data generated by the software, users can proactively target the right accounts for their solutions. Moreover, the AI platform of 6sense utilizes historic intent signals to reconfigure an account-based consumer journey. Thus allowing enterprises to know where their customers stand within the entire sales business. Users can align marketing and sales reports across their entire team and accelerate their pipeline growth. 6sense also supports digital marketing and offers dynamic digital experiences across every channel. With orchestration, business owners can engage the right buyers from the right accounts with the correct message in a seamless manner. show more

6sense Alternatives
Intelliad - Marketing Analytics Software


Performance marketing suite
(1 Ratings)

Intelliad pricing: Intelliad Offers Custom plan.

What is Intelliad and how does it work?

Intelliad is a cloud-based Customer Journey Analytics Software. You will see the context of your marketing strategies via Customer Journey Tracking rather than merely observe individual channels in isolation. You will learn to understand your customers better with intelliAd Customer Journey Tracking and experience a sustained performance boost. Concentrate on the strategic leadership of your search campaigns and leave the automation to the self-learning algorithm of award-winning Bid Management technology. show more

Intelliad Alternatives
AdStage - Marketing Analytics Software


Drive more conversions with AdStage
(108 Ratings)

AdStage pricing: Starts at $23.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is AdStage and how does it work?

AdStage is a hassle-free PPC software that helps B2B organisations with advanced PPC reporting. Trusted by different companies from all around the globe, this software helps to analyse and automate one’s paid marketing at scale. With AdStage company leaders can analyse and share insights on ad campaigns and conversions with their designated teams and clients. Furthermore, this software allows the company's users to automatically monitor and optimise tasks, including day-partying ads, so the marketing team can focus on strategy. With AdStage, business leaders can normalise data to the preferred destination, such as BI tools. Also, by using this software companies can put their cross-channel ad data into Google sheets with a single query. Moreover, the partnerships provided by this software help companies with deeper insights thus ensuring their growth at full potential. Furthermore, its analytics and conversions can easily connect the data to down funnel metrics. By using AdStage, business organisations can pull marketing related data in an instant and ship it to the tools present within the software’s ecosystem. Also, this software promises to help its customers with 5x higher CTR. show more

AdStage Alternatives
Funnel - Marketing Analytics Software


Make All Your Marketing Data Business Ready
(86 Ratings)

Funnel pricing: Starts at $399.0.

What is Funnel and how does it work?

Funnel.io is an automated data collection and marketing report software, offering active integrations with 500+ data sources. The software can be used by IT engineers, analysts and those linked with digital marketing. It collects relevant data across multiple data sources, maps them in real-time and powers up the business intelligence tool. Business houses associated with e-commerce can use Funnel to replace their manual data collection process. They can also generate intuitive marketing dashboards and reports using the same, and make smart business decisions in real-time. The scheduled export feature offered by Funnel ensures updated data management and on-time access. Its unified connector option ensures integrated connections across data within minutes. Businesses can also use the automated data warehouse export mechanism offered by the software to generate a centralized marketing overview of their own. They can generate custom metrics within Funnel, leveraging on formulas, conditions and automated tools. show more

Funnel Alternatives
PathFactory - Marketing Analytics Software


Analytics Platform Designed To Provide Great Insights Into Content Consumption
(276 Ratings)

PathFactory pricing: PathFactory Offers Custom plan.

What is PathFactory and how does it work?

PathFactory is an intelligent solution used to accelerate nurturing, improve win rates, and understand content performance of a website. It reduces friction by building real-time content journeys using AI-based technology and eliminating hard gating. Businesses can focus their sales and marketing efforts where their audience is spending the most time. Users can get the most out of every click by giving their audience everything they need in real-time. It helps businesses nurture in real-time using bingeable content tracks and micro-personalized content journeys. Brands can accelerate the content journey by allowing their audiences to self-nurture after every time they click on content from any channel. Businesses can quickly uncover which assets are performing better, so they can replace the bottom performers with top ones. Users can make changes to formats like content, forms, and styling that boost their campaign performance quickly and easily. Businesses can understand the performance of every channel based on the content consumption of the audience and double down on investments with vendors who drive the best audiences. show more

PathFactory Alternatives
Punchh - Marketing Analytics Software


Redefine your loyalty program to enhance daily sales
(11 Ratings)

Punchh pricing: Punchh Offers Custom plan.

What is Punchh and how does it work?

Punchh is a top graded loyalty and engagement management platform for retail, restaurants and convenience stores. That helps brands schedule loyalty programs for their customers, in an omnichannel environment both digitally and in-store. Being an integrated engagement platform, Punchh offers detailed information across different customer touchpoints, helping out users with their decision making. The software features a scalable and secure infrastructure that offers out of the box integration with eCommerce and POS systems. Further, enterprises can use the data-driven decisions provided by Punchh to personalize 1:1 campaigns and enhance the retention rate of an individual customer for a lifetime. Restaurant owners, can use the software to deliver a customer-first loyalty campaign, reward guests as per their choices and help them with online ordering and payment. They can use Punchh to generate a personalized relationship with individual guests and boost up the ROI eventually. Convenience stores and retail business owners get to modernize customer loyalty programs and drive more customers to their business with the same. show more

Punchh Alternatives
Marketing Evolution - Marketing Analytics Software

Marketing Evolution

Marketing performance analytics done right
(1 Ratings)

Marketing Evolution pricing: Marketing Evolution Offers Custom plan.

What is Marketing Evolution and how does it work?

Marketing Evolution is a consumer-centred, unified marketing performance analytics platform that helps you reach customers more successfully by understanding how they engage at each touchpoint across offline and online channels. It enables you to optimize and measure KPIs (key performance indicators) including sales, engagement, and campaign performance using sophisticated analytics. With Marketing Evolution, you can make the best decisions about your brand-building activities, creative rotation, media mix, long-term planning, and budget by using analytics and campaign suggestions. It offers a client-centric marketing performance system that spans the whole marketing performance life cycle in a single privacy-preserving platform, from exposure to audience analytics to activation. Users get an insights dashboard with reporting and planning tools, set to particular data charts. You get sophisticated reporting capabilities that allow you to examine all of your media investments, effectiveness, and efficiency in one report. It provides marketing teams the opportunity to see how each customer encounter affects the ultimate conversion along the buyer's journey. Additionally, it assesses all media combinations across your intended customer categories to anticipate the cost per effect of marketing scenarios. show more

Marketing Evolution Alternatives
Pathmatics - Marketing Analytics Software


Marketers can now win on digital platforms
(343 Ratings)

Pathmatics pricing: Pathmatics Offers Custom plan.

What is Pathmatics and how does it work?

Pathmatics is a marketing intelligence platform designed for the digital advertisers to ease their marketing strategies and operations. The application assists in answering digital questions across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, mobile and more. One can see ads served and come across different digital marketing strategies of brands and publishers easily. In other words, this software provides the ‘what’, ‘when’, ’where’, ‘who’, and ‘how’ the brands need to advertise. This would help change the way marketers win in the digital platform. With Pathmatics, users come across an easy-to-use platform that requires them to spend less time on preparing reports. Besides this, it also aids one to make better decisions confidently, and come up with robust and accurate digital advertising data. Lastly, one can make use of the digital insights, pitch a new business and craft creative campaigns resulting in growing business profits. Pathmatics is a reliable platform that helps to bring transparency to one’s competitor’s digital ad strategies and plans across various social channels. show more

Pathmatics Alternatives
CHEQ - Marketing Analytics Software


Secure your paid marketing strategies by removing the unreal audiences
(11 Ratings)

CHEQ pricing: CHEQ Offers Custom plan.

What is CHEQ and how does it work?

CHEQ is an intuitive cybersecurity solution that is specially designed for marketers to provide them with the most accurate and powerful CAS solution in the market. The software helps brands to enhance their marketing efforts by avoiding bots and invalid users that cover 40% of the overall web traffic. By directing their marketing strategies to the real customers, the solution enhances sales and thereby growth of the businesses. In addition, it also improves on-site conversion efforts and funnel metrics by generating leads with real customers. CHEQ helps marketers to make better decisions with the help of real marketing data and analytics. It unlocks revenue opportunities, cleans up unreal audiences and straightens out the optimisation process as well. Moreover, the solution is also capable of intercepting invalid site visitors besides preventing site tool flooding in real-time. CHEQ also comes in handy for negative SEO probability monitoring and funnel transparency enhancing processes, enabling marketers to make better strategies. show more

CHEQ Alternatives
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