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Top 5 employAstar Alternatives

JobDiva - Staffing Software
(1,849 Ratings)

JobDiva pricing: JobDiva Offers Custom plan.

What is JobDiva and how does it work?

jobDiva is a cloud-based applicant tracking system that delivers tracking tools, talent management functionalities, customer relations management modules, back-office management systems, sales tracking tools, and more. It is an interface between candidates, recruiters, clients, on-boarding, other back-office professionals, and much more. This system combines easy-to-use technology with excellent customer service which delivers a pleasant and productive user experience. Recruiters use jobdiva to provide best-in-class candidate experience and talent management efficiency. With a seamless and organic user experience, each click leads to just the right place. It eliminates the need to click through multiple windows.Jobdiva professional recruiting solutions software is available via a mobile app which lets you communicate with and manage candidates and contacts on the go.All you have to do is download it from the iOS app store/google play store and then you can manage candidate and client relationships directly from your phone. show more

JobDiva Alternatives
erecruit - Staffing Software


Experience unparallel staffing solution
(23 Ratings)

erecruit pricing: erecruit Offers Custom plan.

What is erecruit and how does it work?

erecruit is a robust staffing and recruitment software that helps companies to hire the right candidates for the job and manage their staff in the most efficient way. It offers the most cutting-edge and innovative solution to user companies, making them excel in business, in a seamless manner. The software comprises an integrated suite of front, middle-office, vendor management systems and onboarding modules for every business needs. This comes in handy while consolidating sales, recruitment and CRM capabilities. Besides offering a host of powerful tools, it also enables admins unparalleled control over their businesses. This way erecruit improves operational efficiencies and data entry protocols for the middle office as well. Further, with erecruit VMS, companies can easily manage their customers’ requirements and a large number of vendors, exceeding customer expectations seamlessly. The software comes compliant with EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework to maintain comprehensive data privacy and only share information with trusted third parties. show more

erecruit Alternatives
CATS - Staffing Software


For easy applicant tracking and recruitment
(122 Ratings)

CATS pricing: Starts at $69.0.

What is CATS and how does it work?

CATS is an applicant tracking system and recruiting software that helps organizations track applicants and manage the entire recruitment process. The software comes with everything that an HR or recruitment agency needs to become a top player in the world of talent acquisition. CATS allow users to build their own custom hiring process using its industry-leading workflow system. The software comes with high-level communication tools including mass emailing and multiple email marketing integrations. It offers all the latest technologies and tools, making it easier for organizations to carry out their recruitment processes. CATS is equipped with powerful sourcing tools that help users meet their needs in this competitive world. Further, in this ever-changing market, the software helps users to keep track of evolving and dynamic candidates in a low-touch and adaptable format. It also works well for a non-profit organization that wants to hire top talents with creative and marketing skills at low prices. show more

CATS Alternatives
JobAdder - Staffing Software


Recruit employees seamlessly
(130 Ratings)

JobAdder pricing: JobAdder Offers Custom plan.

What is JobAdder and how does it work?

JobAdder is a recruitment management software for which simplicity is the key. It helps users by simplifying their recruiting process, so they can deliver a better outcome to their clients. It also increases the user’s profit margin. The software enables its users to automate their workflow to conduct faster recruitment processes with less effort. Users can also control their team’s behaviour with the help of the software. It increases the level of interaction between the users and other people and reduces friction associated with the recruitment process. It has an attractive dashboard from where users can efficiently manage all the activities related to their recruitment process. They can also keep a track of the candidates and various job progression from the dashboard. JobAdder allows users to create customised templates for their own brand, they can even apply advertising quotas and manage the team access from the admin panel provided by the software. Further, the software allows users to advertise their jobs in front of relevant clients by posting it on 200+ job boards. Users can use the software’s intuitive search and matching algorithm system to find the most suitable candidate. show more

employAstar vs JobAdder | JobAdder Alternatives
Bullhorn ATS & CRM - Staffing Software
(1,661 Ratings)

Bullhorn ATS & CRM pricing: Bullhorn ATS & CRM Offers Custom plan.

What is Bullhorn ATS & CRM and how does it work?

Bullhorn ATS and CRM is an applicant tracking and CRM management software. It helps the users to streamline their daily tasks with the software’s fast source, match, and search. It helps the users to deliver a superior candidate experience by leveraging the relationship insights. The software’s specific staffing based and actionable reports help the users to make better decisions in their business. Bullhorn seamlessly integrates with Gmail and Outlook so that the users can view their work-related emails directly within the software. They can create resumes, add notes and new tasks, appointments from the candidate’s emails. The software allows users to get the latest information about their candidates right in their inbox. By using Bullhorn Sourcing Accelerator’s Google Chrome extension users get to update or add candidates without leaving their job board. The software’s parsing engine increases the user’s efficiency to extract information about the candidates, saving a lot of their time and reducing errors at the same time. Users can configure and customize the list while searching out for customers. show more

employAstar vs Bullhorn ATS & CRM | Bullhorn ATS & CRM Alternatives

Products Similar to employAstar

PCRecruiter - Staffing Software


Make the process of recruitment hasslefree
(643 Ratings)

PCRecruiter pricing: PCRecruiter Offers Custom plan.

What is PCRecruiter and how does it work?

PCRecruiter is a recruiting and applicant tracking software that provides comprehensive CRM/ATS functionality. This includes voice, converged databases, email, and API interfaces by using standardized and accessible technology, which enables the managers, recruiters, and candidates to have the right information every time. Users can view details regarding the permanent placements made in the system, which results in helping the managers and owners to evaluate the efficiency of their recruitments. The software allows its users to view the information on the timesheet regarding the contractors both off and on the assignment. PCRecruiter provides its users with prebuilt details regarding the data on the database that includes the details regarding the interviews and productivity. The pipeline and rollup list features offered by the software enables users to track the applicants. Users can create their tagging options in order to allow easy searching and organization. The drag and drop functionality offered by the software enables users to move applicants through the process of interview with ease. show more

employAstar vs PCRecruiter | PCRecruiter Alternatives
Firefish - Staffing Software


Get the best recruitment activities in one place
(157 Ratings)

What is Firefish and how does it work?

Firefish is an advanced recruitment, marketing and CRM software that enables recruiters to find, engage and hire top candidates for their company. The software allows users to post job ads to their website, job boards, Google for Jobs and other social channels and reach out to candidates seamlessly. With its powerful recruitment CRM, Firefish helps companies to use their database effectively and improve the overall engagement rates with individual candidates as well. That results in 25% more placements. Moreover, users can also create custom reports by combining a variety of recruitment related activities within a unified platform to get adequate analytics that they can trust. Firefish can be integrated with the best recruitment tools and make the entire process more efficient. It allows companies to choose the phase they are in right now, either scale-up, growth or established, to find the right support and improve their businesses. Inbuilt video tutorials, audiobooks and other efficient resources enable flexible business. show more

Firefish Alternatives
Vincere - Staffing Software


Simplified management of recruiting and staffing
(375 Ratings)

Vincere pricing: Vincere Offers Custom plan.

What is Vincere and how does it work?

Vincere is the recruitment technology platform designed by recruiters for recruiters. Too many recruitment businesses are plagued by the 'Frankenstack' - a mish-mash of different software systems and tools that aren't integrated properly. After becoming frustrated with his experience using this tech in his recruitment business, CEO Bernie Schiemer founded Vincere. More than just a CRM, Vincere is the recruitment operating system. Vincere Core works as a CRM / ATS system, while the Engage module is a 3-in-1 website stack that offers a job board, client, and candidate portals. The Intelligence module provides cutting-edge analytics and data feedback, while Vincere Pay & Bill and Vincere Comms support the back office and all-office team communication in real-time. Taken all together, Vincere is the end-to-end recruitment system that gives mid-size recruitment firms the tech advantage previously only available to the most prominent companies. Vincere encourages recruiters to take on the legacy firms and become the power players of tomorrow. show more

employAstar vs Vincere | Vincere Alternatives
Avionte Staffing Software - Staffing Software

Avionte Staffing Software

Hire the best professionals for your team
(0 Ratings)

Avionte Staffing Software pricing: Avionte Staffing Software Offers Custom plan.

What is Avionte Staffing Software and how does it work?

Avionté Staffing is a completely integrated ATS and CRM system, as well as an invoicing and payroll platform, a sophisticated sourcing tool, and a candidate attraction and onboarding engine. It has acquired WorkN, a mobile online staffing platform, forming a talent enablement powerhouse for recruiting and staffing. It provides a completely integrated back and front office personnel solution on a single platform. Avionté provides staffing and recruitment businesses with a one-stop shop for all of their staffing requirements. From sales and recruitment to labour management and analytics, Avionte handles everything for you. You can streamline your processes and provide your company, clients, and employees the best experience possible. Users can increase operational savings by automating laborious, paper-intensive operations, filling job orders with unprecedented speed and convenience, and ensuring state and national compliance. Users can also sort through hundreds of CVs across a variety of employment boards in a matter of seconds with Avionte Staffing. Additionally, the platform offers a spotlight tool that automates the candidate sourcing process, lowering hours of time and manual work. show more

Avionte Staffing Software Alternatives
TempWorks - Staffing Software


A complete staffing solution with innovative tools
(43 Ratings)

TempWorks pricing: TempWorks Offers Custom plan.

What is TempWorks and how does it work?

TempWorks as a comprehensive recruiting and staffing software enables companies to streamline their front and back office duties in a hassle-free manner. Its inbuilt facilities like W2 management, payroll funding and payroll processing services are of great help. Businesses depending on the particular get to utilise a range of front and back-office management solutions, right from recruiting, onboarding to payroll and invoicing. TempWorks helps companies to grow faster, maximise profitability and improve efficiency through a comprehensive payroll funding system. It also comes equipped with a dedicated customer support team that includes professionals based in the United States and remains active 24/7, 365 days a year. TempWorks even provides a mobile-optimised applicant tracking system (ATS), CRM and back-office solution, helping companies meet their staffing needs in a seamless way. With TempWorks, companies can not only streamline their onboarding and recruitment processes but can also attract and retain the best candidates of their choice. show more

TempWorks Alternatives
Broadbean - Staffing Software


Improve recruitment efficiency with Broadbean
(22 Ratings)

Broadbean pricing: Broadbean Offers Custom plan.

What is Broadbean and how does it work?

Broadbean is a high-end, user-friendly job posting and staff sourcing software that helps business enterprises recruit the best applicants available. It supports small, medium and large businesses and also offers a range of attractive customisation features. With Broadbean, recruiters don’t have to worry about sourcing for new candidates as their SaaS solution makes it easy to distribute jobs and find talent online while ensuring professional standards are maintained. It also has a robust data analytics system in place that provides insight into which sourcing channels are the most effective, allowing organisations to improve their performance and reduce their recruitment costs. It allows the user to post one advert on multiple job platforms within their CRM and create their very own database of potential candidates. It's hardly a surprise that it is one of the most coveted recruitment software for providing easy management of candidates as it tracks their source and has a full reporting suite. They also have a dedicated account management system, 24x7 customer service and free product training thereby facilitating a smoother transition. show more

Broadbean Alternatives
AkkenCloud - Staffing Software


Experience complete employee management within a unified portal
(210 Ratings)

AkkenCloud pricing: AkkenCloud Offers Custom plan.

What is AkkenCloud and how does it work?

AkkenCloud is an advanced staffing and recruiting software that helps businesses streamline their front, inner and back-office workflow. The software comes with a combination of powerful ATS and CRM tools that can get the front office tasks completed in a seamless way. It improves the efficiency of the recruiting and staffing processes of businesses to make their middle office stronger. AkkenCloud also allows users to manage their back-office by providing adequate help in administrational duties. Its in-house and outsourced payroll solutions are well suited to meet all the required needs of any particular company in an efficient way. Moreover, the detailed reports and analytics about the entire organisation offered by the particular solution allow users to make better business decisions on a day to day basis. An integrated vendor management system within the same helps users get access to new job orders and view their changed statuses in real-time. show more

AkkenCloud Alternatives
Boldly - Staffing Software


Premium Subscription Staffing for Business
(0 Ratings)

Boldly pricing: Boldly Offers Custom plan.

What is Boldly and how does it work?

Boldly is provides premium subscription staffing for business. Get just the right talented, guaranteed remote staff you need quickly, without the usual lengthy recruitment process. Work with one or multiple dedicated staff on a fractional basis, for the exact number of hours you need them each month, without a contract. The subscription economy has changed consumer expectations. show more

Boldly Alternatives
TopFunnel - Staffing Software


Reconfigure talent recruitment process with Topfunnel
(0 Ratings)

TopFunnel pricing: TopFunnel Offers Custom plan.

What is TopFunnel and how does it work?

TopFunnel is a recruitment management solution for business houses. Recruitment teams can rely on the software to expand their team members, based on intelligent automation. Unparalleled data view and deep experience teamed with advanced hiring technology, enables teams to interact with thousands of aspiring candidates and select the best out of the rest. The software features a unified portal within which enterprises can get access to inbound, outbound, interviews and referrals. A comprehensive ATS analysis feature listed within TopFunnel, helps enterprises understand the performances showcased by their team members, filter out members with greater outreach levels and the companies that turns out to be a successful target. Further, the PeerSet feature within the software helps companies compare their hiring process and talent sourcing structure with random competitors and decide whether their metrics are business worthy or not. Recruiters can track candidates for their ethnicity and gender diversity, besides looking into their past actions. show more

TopFunnel Alternatives
Oorwin - Staffing Software


AI-powered ATS, CRM and HRM at one place
(250 Ratings)

Oorwin pricing: Oorwin Offers Custom plan.

What is Oorwin and how does it work?

Oorwin is an all-in-one Applicant Tracking System, Customer Relationship Management and Human Resources Management Platform. It helps businesses to boost recruitment and improve business efficiency besides generating more revenue. The platform comes with industry-leading semantic search algorithms which provide intelligent candidate ranking facilities to find the best candidates. It can be integrated with Gmail, Chrome, Office 365 or Outlook with plugins and published to 100+ job boards through in-app marketplace integration. Oorwin assists users to launch timely and targeted campaigns using its custom templates and apply insightful metrics on them. They can make VoIP calls, emails and text messages from the CRM section and easily track all interactions. With its artificial intelligence, the platform automates resume parsing, reduces bench time and instantly finds jobs for candidates that lie in the resource pool. Oorwin can be used to improve candidate engagement by making connections with more candidates through a fully customizable chatbot. It also provides fully digital and contactless onboarding facilities after the completion of digital signatures. show more

Oorwin Alternatives
NextCrew - Staffing Software


Improve workforce engagement with on-demand staffing
(7 Ratings)

NextCrew pricing: NextCrew Offers Custom plan.

What is NextCrew and how does it work?

NextCrew is an on-demand staffing software that helps organizations and temporary staffing agencies to succeed in the growing and competitive gig economy. This powerful software brings automation and digital transformation for temporary and short-term workforce management. NextCrew facilitates automated employee sourcing as well as onboarding within just a couple of clicks. It helps to reduce the HR cost and liabilities by allowing employees to update their skills, qualifications, preferences and availability. The software also helps in workforce management and scheduling by automating staff availability, assigning staff and reconfirming them before each job shift. NextCrew helps organizations to stay compliant with state, national and country labour laws by allowing their staff to timely manage their credentials and license. Users can automate timesheets and reporting, and receive real-time insights from staff about their signing in and signing out activities. It also allows users to view selective information and approve employees timesheets and reports. Users can even integrate their timesheet reports with their back-end system through NextCrew’s smart APIs for increasing data accuracy. show more

NextCrew Alternatives
Whaii Match - Staffing Software

Whaii Match

AI-based automated background screening solution
(0 Ratings)

Whaii Match pricing: Whaii Match Offers Custom plan.

What is Whaii Match and how does it work?

Whaii Match is a SaaS recruitment platform that automates your candidate screening so you can achieve a 100% screening rate and make sure no talent escapes unhired. Ready to use. They automatically create profiles of all candidates’ personalities, values, and cultural preferences to make sure they fit the job and organization. Minimizes the risk of failed hires. They help increase the number of successful hires, save time spent in the recruitment process, and make employees more happy and productive. show more

employAstar vs Whaii Match | Whaii Match Alternatives
Mercury xRM - Staffing Software

Mercury xRM

Get sorted with the recruitment job in a seamless way
(0 Ratings)

Mercury xRM pricing: Mercury xRM Offers Custom plan.

What is Mercury xRM and how does it work?

Mercury xRM is a flexible recruitment and staffing software that helps companies to find the right candidates and fill their vacancies quickly. It is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, Office 365 and Microsoft’s Power Platform for seamless business. Also, a variety of tools loaded within makes it quite easier for users to manage business-relevant information across multiple platforms as per convenience. The software also makes it possible for recruiters to go through accurate data, prepare progressive strategies and make better decisions as well. Active integration between Microsoft 365 and Mercury xRM, enables users to leverage the benefit of decreased manual administration and better collaboration. The software also works as an applicant management system that turns out to be helpful with vacancies, i.e permanent, contract, temporary, etc. Its workflow automation processes help recruiters deliver the best candidate and client experience required. show more

Mercury xRM Alternatives
Upshift - Staffing Software


The Smart Way to Hire Hourly Workers
(0 Ratings)

Upshift pricing: Upshift Offers Custom plan.

What is Upshift and how does it work?

Upshift’s next-generation platform gives workers the freedom to find work when they want it and businesses to find help when they need it. Upshifts platform results in a net success rate of over 95% vs the temp staffing industry standard of around 40%. Upshift is backed by Recruit Holdings Inc.

Upshift Alternatives
cube19 - Staffing Software


The best growth analysis platform for you is here
(98 Ratings)

cube19 pricing: cube19 Offers Custom plan.

What is cube19 and how does it work?

Cube19 is a smart growth analysis platform developed specifically for the global hiring industry. It is a SaaS software solution by a B2B company that is extremely passionate, properly funded and is considered one of the best startups in the entire United Kingdom. It assists recruitment companies in increasing their revenue, improving their data quality, and motivating their teams for doing better and performing better. With Cube19, users get an advanced platform that aims at accelerating the growth of their company all while developing a data-driven culture by improving staff retention, contracting bottom line, and growing the new business. It further assists you in increasing your client value, leveraging staff performance, and scaling faster. Users get real-time dashboards for ensuring that every team member is performing well. It also helps the users in gaining deep insights into their entire work process along with providing comparison and contrast between the performance of their different teams, managers, and recruiters. Users can additionally uncover strategic insights and tell amazing stories with their Bullhorn data using Cube19. show more

employAstar vs cube19 | cube19 Alternatives
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