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Updated on: September 27, 2022
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Social Tables - Event Planning Software

Social Tables

Plan and execute virtual events with Social Tables
(192 Ratings)

Social Tables pricing: Starts at $199.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Social Tables and how does it work?

Social Tables is a web-based event planning and management platform for hospitality, event, and meeting coordinators. This user-friendly software lets users create floor plans and seating arrangements online for an individual event by uploading pictures of the selected venues in an instant. A widely popular application, Social Tables is trusted by top companies and event management organisations such as Forbes, Wolfgang Puck and Latin Grammy Awards, among others. With its smart 3D diagram set up, Social Tables lets users chart out seating placements and cater to various stations with relative ease, besides sharing designs with other collaborators accordingly. Social Tables also helps users drive adequate revenue by monitoring event wise sales and interactive analytics in an efficient manner. Its CRM capabilities let users manage bookings with ease and receive further insights on maximising group sales. Furthermore, Social Table’s simple and responsive interface lets users comment, collaborate and modify plans in real-time facilitating streamlined operations and unforgettable event experiences. show more

Social Tables Alternatives
Sessionize - Event Planning Software


Get your hands on an intuitive call for paper solution
(0 Ratings)

Sessionize pricing: Starts at $499.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Sessionize and how does it work?

Sessionize is an advanced event management software that can be used to manage speakers, evaluate submissions, call for papers, manage content and agendas related to individual events. Moreover, with Sessionize, event planners can edit sessions and speaker-related info, allow speakers to edit and add info of their own besides managing service sessions in an intuitive way. Integrated facilities like full timezone support, read only API access, public speakers profiles and bulk session status change are also of great help. Admins can also depend on the particular to leverage custom Google Analytics code for their submissions page, enable session wise editing, commenting and tagging tasks, lock fields and export important data to spreadsheets as well. Further, Sessionize comes equipped with three different types of evaluation processes like stars rating, comparison and yes/no, enabling content teams to gain access to a guided evaluation process in real-time. show more

Sessionize Alternatives
Aisle Planner - Event Planning Software

Aisle Planner

Market your brand or events with Aisle Planner on the go
(40 Ratings)

Aisle Planner pricing: Starts at $39.99.

What is Aisle Planner and how does it work?

Aisle Planner is a simple, powerful and complete solution for modern-day event professionals. With powerful tools linked together in one intuitive, stylish and easy-to-use online environment, this software helps businesses stay connected to the teams, clients, partners concerning every little detail of their projects and events. Whether a company is looking to make a great first impression or to validate a work, Aisle Planner helps to bring out effortless marketing strategies. Furthermore, businesses can feature the best work and amplify the brand to a global audience. It is no secret that converting leads into clients is the most important aspect of a brand. Aisle Planner’s sales and CRM tools provide everything B2B professionals need to manage new leads, gather and organise their information, customise workflows, maintain documents and book new clients. From timelines and checklists to layouts, the management tools of Aisle Planner are capable of streamlining workflows and facilitating collaborations between the team members. show more

Aisle Planner Alternatives
Emamo - Event Planning Software


A Simple Event Planner
(11 Ratings)

Emamo pricing: Starts at $25.0.

What is Emamo and how does it work?

Emamo software is a platform used to create event site and embed it minutes. Engage your attendees with customize theme and generate images for every speaker instantly. Receive email reminder and can highlight every session within your event agenda. It integrates with Zoom, Vimeo, Hopin, and more. Event Managers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Emamo Alternatives
ConfTool - Event Planning Software


Plan out impactful conferences as per need
(1 Ratings)

ConfTool pricing: ConfTool Offers Custom plan.

What is ConfTool and how does it work?

ConfTool is an impactful conference and event management software helping out teams with contribution-based submissions and reviews, conference scheduling, administration, registration and participant wise invoice management. The particular portal is made available in two different versions VSIS ConfTool and ConfTool Pro. Inbuilt options like enhanced export and import, flexible forms for participation registration, enhanced payment management facility, online messaging, customisable form submission and review facility besides GDPR compliance make ConfTool stand out from the rest. Moreover, multi-track support offered by the software helps businesses in assigning track-based topics, program committee members and submission formats alike. Users can also depend on ConfTool with conference based agenda generation, session wise discussants assigning, schedule export, mobile conference assistant and personal time zone management. For accurate privacy and safety, ConfTool abides by a two-factor login facility besides providing access to session time out settings, dedicated hosting, two-factor login and virus scanning. It also gets an official HTTPS certification from Sectigo. show more

ConfTool Alternatives

Products Similar to Ai-Evolution

GrowTix - Event Planning Software


A single place to manage your entire event
(0 Ratings)

GrowTix pricing: GrowTix Offers Custom plan.

What is GrowTix and how does it work?

GrowTix is an advanced event management software that helps organizers get access to a variety of essential tools that can be used to streamline the planning and registration part related to a successful event. The software offers a simple and secure online ticketing solution with the latest ticketing technologies equipped, such as passbook integration, epic photo integration, MMS, and RFID. Moreover, organizers are also provided with a single entry system for their panel, web, autograph, photo-op, private and public celebrity schedules to manage everything from a single place. Further, with a comprehensive payout system, organizers can access participants' flight information, plan transportation facilities and forward the right information to them via email along with an integrated schedule. GrowTix comes with exclusive ticket and order supporting solutions that help users with their ticket purchase, access code and designing wristband. Its patron technology lets event organizers get access to a suite of tools and a team of experts that are ready to help for any event, ultimately transforming the entire process. show more

GrowTix Alternatives
MeetMax - Event Planning Software


A simple place to organize 1:1 meetings and conferences
(5 Ratings)

MeetMax pricing: MeetMax Offers Custom plan.

What is MeetMax and how does it work?

MeetMax is an intuitive registration and meeting management software that enables event organizers to plan 1:1 B2B conferences and trade shows in real-time. The software comes equipped with a variety of intrinsic facilities enabling the event organizers to streamline essential processes like event badging, exhibitor registration and on-site technologies. MeetMax can be used for both simple and complex registration processes. It can also be used for creating personalized schedules prior to an individual event, where each attendee receives their own schedule. Moreover, post-event reports offered by the software, helps coordinators gain detailed insights about individual events and take adequate measures accordingly. MeetMax is a flexible software that allows both entities and individuals to request, receive and confirm meetings. An active Salesforce integration facility offered by the particular helps with timely updates and monitoring. Other notable features offered by MeetMax include seamless payment management facilities, marketing and branding coordination, registration and transportation. show more

MeetMax Alternatives
Metooo - Event Planning Software


Stream live events like a professional
(0 Ratings)

Metooo pricing: Metooo Offers Custom plan.

What is Metooo and how does it work?

Metooo is a comprehensive event management tool that can be used to create, promote and sell events just like a professional would do. Tickets, content and other customizable features within the same help users gain detailed insights into check-in processes, invoicing and data collection related tasks. Moreover, an active Zoom integration facility provided by the particular, helps users create and publish their online meetings, manage guest wise participation and broadcast online events as per convenience. Event planners can also connect their MailChimp account or Gmail with Metooo to get access to individual email contact lists and forward wonderful RSVPs to individual participants. Moreover, the platform can also be used to manage bookings and overbookings besides participation requests and ticket registration processes. Users can receive payments for their tickets via PayPal and Stripe that guarantees 100% safe and secure transactions. Further, with Metooo event planners can launch private events protected by adequate passwords, they can also make users join events via email invitations. show more

Metooo Alternatives
Invajo - Event Planning Software


Digitize the entire event and related management processes as well
(0 Ratings)

Invajo pricing: Invajo Offers Custom plan.

What is Invajo and how does it work?

Invajo is a unified event management platform that enables event planners to take care of invites, attendees and registration-related processes in real-time. The tool can be used to manage a wide range of events, including webinars, digital events, group videos and live gatherings, besides participants and bookings. Moreover, event planners can customize and personalize their events with the help of fonts, colours and logos offered by the same. They can also communicate with participants by forwarding invitations, reminders and SMS comprising detailed information about the upcoming events. Invajo makes it easier for users to create event pages and sell tickets online by considering different time zones. They can also add mandatory and optional questions to be answered by participants while proceeding with the registration task. Invajo is a GDPR compliant solution that promises absolute safety and security from unwanted intruders. Organizers using Invajo can start live streaming their events on platforms like YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Vimeo and more show more

Invajo Alternatives
Map Dynamics - Event Planning Software

Map Dynamics

Event-related coordination and floor planning made seamless
(3 Ratings)

Map Dynamics pricing: Starts at $750.0.

What is Map Dynamics and how does it work?

Map Dynamics is a robust tradeshow floorplan booth sales and event management software for corporates and small businesses alike. Its advanced features help users design virtual, in-person, or hybrid events in an instant without much of a hassle. An event management dashboard allows users to greet and communicate with individual attendees, impart necessary information and provide external links to resources as well. Coordinators can also use this landing page to promote their events and sponsors. Furthermore, businesses are also offered access to an all-in-one space to showcase vendor profiles and build a marketplace serving multiple adequate needs. Also, with attendee profiles, brands can help attendees connect with others alike and learn more about the scheduled events. Easy attendee sign-up and login facility offer access to dedicated profile page along with event-wise history reviews and transaction facility. Further powerful security features offered by Map Dynamics helps users with appropriate privacy protection across multiple business metrics. Coordinators can depend on the platform with interactive event-wise floorplan creation, facilities for easy navigation, and seating. show more

Map Dynamics Alternatives
Grip - Event Planning Software


Accelerate lead generation processes and revenue growth in real-time
(2 Ratings)

Grip pricing: Grip Offers Custom plan.

What is Grip and how does it work?

Grip is a comprehensive event networking software that helps event planners to organize virtual, hybrid and in-person events. An independent speed networking system within the same helps participants to connect with each other and proceed with dealings as well. Further, active integration facilities offered by the solution helps users with sponsored sessions, live streams, round tables etc. Grip has gained fame with an intuitive AI-powered matchmaking tool equipped with metrics like topic-based speed networking, multi-person meetings and instant chat & video messaging. Businesses depending on Grip, get to leverage internal AI facilities that drive interaction and deliver successful events. Moreover, the inbuilt AI is also capable of generating instant matches for event participants, as per their areas of interest, profiles and products. A wide variety of inbuilt functionalities available with Grip are event matchmaking, lead generation, sponsorship and monetization, in-person events and virtual & hybrid events. show more

Grip Alternatives
AllSeated - Event Planning Software


Create memorable events with AllSeated
(26 Ratings)

AllSeated pricing: AllSeated Offers Custom plan.

What is AllSeated and how does it work?

AllSeated is an easy-to-use digital platform that enables event professionals to visualize and plan events before they happen, while seamlessly collaborating with clients and working remotely. AllSeated’s next generation meeting and conference platform enables customers to deliver immersive virtual extensions for in-person events. The brand offers three main services: Ops, Vision and EXVO. With AllSeated Ops, users can take full advantage of the digital benefits of collaborative planning tools to design scalable floor plans, simplify planning and significantly increase their efficiency. Using visual categories, customers can virtually represent the event space and visualize their events in their event location from anywhere. You can easily improve your operational efficiency and return on investment while booking new transactions remotely. AllSeated is a revolutionary virtual platform that enables users to create fully branded, and immersive experiences, and its powerful features will completely occupy your audience. AllSeated allows its users to streamline their complicated process and create simpler yet memorable events for all occasions. The users have to contact the server in order to use the application’s premium features. show more

AllSeated Alternatives
Event.Gives - Event Planning Software


Create and Host Live Streaming Virtual Events
(0 Ratings)

Event.Gives pricing: Starts at $500.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Event.Gives and how does it work?

Event.Gives is a smart and interactive attendee management software for various types of events. It can set up and share events within your network in a few minutes. There is no need to download any software to manage guests. Event.Gives can be used to organize auctions, raffles, voting events, selling items, and fund-raising events. Users can sell tickets for their events online, enable super-fast check-ins, and also live stream their event. The platform allows mobile check-out, meaning they can close the transaction with a click of a button, and the attendee can make payment via Google Pay, Apple Pay, or credit card using a magic link. Event.Gives allows users to engage with the audience in real-time from every corner of the globe. Subscription to this tool will enable users to host unlimited events with unlimited attendees per event. show more

Event.Gives Alternatives
EMSystem - Event Planning Software


An Online Exhibitor for Events
(1 Ratings)

EMSystem pricing: EMSystem Offers Custom plan.

What is EMSystem and how does it work?

EMSystem software is a platform for exhibiting event process in real time to share common data. Manage profiles, orders, payments and registrations relating to show management. The software offers tools to manage multiple active shows, branded screen layout per show, multi-level menu builder, deadline management, advertising opportunities, and more. Increase conversions with automated e-mail notifications and measure the performance of events with custom reports. show more

EMSystem Alternatives
Lineup Ninja - Event Planning Software

Lineup Ninja

Get access to advanced management tools for an individual event
(6 Ratings)

Lineup Ninja pricing: Starts at $1500.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Lineup Ninja and how does it work?

Lineup Ninja is a speaker management software for conference planners, enabling them to automate error-prone and repetitive tasks, facilitating seamless monitoring. The software not only keeps users organized but also provides them with the right kind of tools, facilitating seamless collaboration among team members. Moreover, event planners can depend on the same to receive reviews and schedules besides publishing event related content in an efficient way. A variety of advanced tools offered by the software includes call for speakers facility, smart agenda planning, slide check management and publishing to web app and signage. Its smart agenda planning technology helps users to save time and prepare schedules for better sessions. Whereas integrated one-click publishing features allow event planners to push out updates easily to websites and applications as per convenience. Coordinators or event management companies can depend on Lineup Ninja to build their brand, develop their people or gain a competitive edge. show more

Lineup Ninja Alternatives
Circa - Event Planning Software


Software to plan your events
(0 Ratings)

Circa pricing: Circa Offers Custom plan.

What is Circa and how does it work?

Circa software is a management tool for virtual events that helps attendees find their way around. With a single calendar that changes in real-time, it helps you manage event budgets. Circa allows you to register guests and track important stakeholders across your whole company. To obtain feedback from guests and staff, you can plan meetings and perform post-event surveys. You may get sales alerts and track actual interaction at virtual events and meetings with this programme. It automates workflows by integrating events with CRM. Circa's entire events channel revolves around a single calendar-based interface. You can acquire the exact views you need by using its powerful filters and column choices. It contains built-in access management and sharing mechanisms that aid in the coordination of large sales and marketing teams. You'll have real-time visibility into the state of the event, and attendee engagement will keep everyone informed. It provides everyone with the information they require about the event. Furthermore, you will receive real-time post-event ROI that will be incorporated into the planning process for your team's next event. show more

Circa Alternatives
Conffit - Event Planning Software


A Smart Solution to Plan and Execute Events
(0 Ratings)

Conffit pricing: Conffit Offers Custom plan.

What is Conffit and how does it work?

Conffit is an Event Planning Software for managing and executing events. The software offers Event Database to track the conferences and trade show to meet your needs. Plan schedules and manage budgets to optimize business goals. Freelancers, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

Conffit Alternatives
Let's Plan - Event Planning Software

Let's Plan

Trade Promotion Management Made Simple
(1 Ratings)

Let's Plan pricing: Starts at $85.0.

What is Let's Plan and how does it work?

Let's Plan software is a Cloud trade promotion management application to centralize your selling information. The software offers tools to manage customers, promotions, budgets, products, and more. Collect specific vertical market “CRM” Account information to create events at the SKU level and calculate projects and actual products for the event level ROI. Gain insights with retail store audit details to automate business workflows via dashboard. It integrates with Salesforce. show more

Let's Plan Alternatives
Expodoc - Event Planning Software


Reach out to audiences with comprehensive events
(1 Ratings)

Expodoc pricing: Expodoc Offers Custom plan.

What is Expodoc and how does it work?

Expodoc is an accurate event management tool that helps event managers to optimize the planning, communication and organization part related to individual events, trades shows and congresses. With its online Floor Plan, prospective exhibitors can submit a stand application and organizers can generate qualified leads. Moreover, unlimited presentation and meeting options offered to the visitors can be narrowed down based upon essential requirements related to products, regions, brands, and more. To facilitate efficient order management, orders are stored within a centralized location and processed further to their relevant service providers in an automated manner. An integrated CRM module found within the particular helps users manage contacts and add an import list of organizations with their own API. Starting from trade fair to managing sponsor stands the software turns out to be helpful in all possible aspects. Some of its exclusive functionalities include pricing and deadline management, multi attendee types, invoicing and exhibitor management. show more

Expodoc Alternatives
HelloSponsor - Event Planning Software


Get your event ROI growing at a steady pace
(0 Ratings)

HelloSponsor pricing: HelloSponsor Offers Custom plan.

What is HelloSponsor and how does it work?

HelloSponsor is an event management software that helps exhibitors with their event management process and ROI tracking. A custom event database within the same acts as a unified space where users can store and get access to important event-related data and other resources as per convenience. HelloSponsor makes it easy for the coordinators to identify the best-performing events and take adequate measures to maximize ROI in return. Moreover, the software can also be integrated with users’ sales CRM to track revenue impact and analyze detailed reports on annual and quarterly growth metrics. It enables cross-functional collaboration after syncing the events with an in-built calendar to keep everyone updated about upcoming events. For further collaboration, the software can be integrated with designated marketing and sales platforms as well. HelloSponsor lets organizers quickly review their upcoming events and sponsorship requests using a particular inbound form. The solution is powered by Amazon Web Services besides being encrypted under SSL solutions as well. show more

HelloSponsor Alternatives
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