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Updated on: January 25, 2022

Survey/ User Feedback Software

A survey/user feedback software is an on-demand SaaS (Software as a service) used to build online data collection campaigns, surveys, questionnaire, polls, quizzes and website forms that help to gain in-depth business insights regarding customer satisfaction or opinions, employee feedback, and market research. 

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Fastest Growing Survey/ User Feedback Software

The Fastest growing Software award is given to the SaaS products registering the maximum growth across social media, web search and number of user reviews


One of the world’s class-leading online survey platform that assists millions of individuals and business organizations in creating and analyzing survey reports to get meaningful insights. With the in-built intuitive tools, it enables to create tailored professional surveys quickly that helps you... read more

SurveyMonkey also won


A web-based online survey platform that helps small businesses, academics, HR and Marketing organizations, communities and individuals to build personalized surveys in order to help them in making better business decisions. Its intuitive tools let you easily create surveys, distribute and analyze... read more

QuestionPro also won


Alchemer is a comprehensive enterprise online survey software enabling companies to design personalized surveys to collect and analyze data. Companies are delivered exceptional data-driven insights to help them take appropriate actions for business growth and improvement. Numerous esteemed... read more

Alchemer also won


An open source tool, LimeSurvey is ideal for running online surveys of any nature, size, or complexity. Whether you are putting forth a simple questionnaire or creating a survey with advanced assessment capabilities, this transparently developed open source tool with an inbuilt template editor has... read more

LimeSurvey also won


Pollfish provides real consumer insights, helping companies avail access to agile data, top-notch quality and global support. At present, the software has partnered with 140,000 app publishers, delivering surveys to respondents engaged within an organic environment. Also, the software gets an... read more

Pollfish also won


Survio is a simple and user-friendly online survey software that creates online surveys for market research, customer satisfaction, event promotions, academic progress tracking and much more. It also assists in HR management by doing core surveys like accessing employee performances, screening... read more

Survio also won


Qzzr helps top brands like ESPN, LinkedIn, HBO, Red Bull, and Marriott to create intelligent interactive content. Our Software, Studio, and Science offerings deliver increased exposure, engagement, conversions, and insights. Last year, over 358 million people used our tools.


GetFeedback is a valuable tool for companies to capture the feedback of their customers at every step of the customer journey. This helps organisations take action according to critical feedbacks received and introduce necessary changes to improve customer satisfaction. One of the best features of... read more

GetFeedback also won


CheckMarket is an online survey management software that aids businesses to collect consumer insights through surveys and launch comprehensive market research campaigns based on the same. Serving organizations in more than 150 countries, promotes gaining actionable insights in no time. As an... read more

CheckMarket also won


SurveySparrow is a unique tool with the ability to turn monotonous surveys into engaging conversations. Organisations can create unique chat-like surveys that can easily capture personalised information of users. Multiple question types make the tool more versatile and provide it with a range of... read more

SurveySparrow also won

Checkbox Survey

Checkbox is a feature-loaded survey tool that is ideal for teams, enterprises and individuals who belong to the fields of education, research, healthcare, non-profit organizations, government and private organizations. It is available on both cloud-hosted and on-premises versions. The extensive survey features include wide question branching, survey logic and merging options, brand customization, email invitation scheduling, embedded surveys, SSL Data encryption, API access, shareable reports along with survey automation and integration. It also lets you to share surveys promptly via email and social sharing. Furthermore, all these come with... read more


Respondent is a marketplace for sourcing business professionals for in-depth research interviews. IBM, Oracle, Atlassian, Twilio, Microsoft, and many more choose to leverage Respondent for their research interviews and to make smarter business decisions.

Respondent also won


QuickTapSurvey is a flexible survey solution that lets you create, customize and launch surveys and data collection campaigns effectively. It is best suited for the businesses that depend on tablets and smartphones to collect data in person. It has an intuitive interface that provides full-fledged... read more

QuickTapSurvey also won


eSurveysPro is a web-based survey platform that provides full-fledged survey solution to all kind of professionals, be it corporates, enterprises, non-profits or students. With its easy-to-use survey editor, you can create and design complex surveys without any hassle. It comes with a host of powerful features and 19 different questionnaire templates using which you can create tailored surveys from the scratch level. It also provides with an effective mailing system to assist you in sharing and tracking survey invitations via email, website, blog and various social media platforms. Its online reporting tools provide error-free survey reports... read more


A SaaS platform that provides in-depth survey solution for academics, MNCs, non-profits, government and private sectors, consultants and enterprise clients. With SmartSurvey, you can easily create survey questionnaires, reach out to the potential customers, and analyze their valuable feedbacks that... read more

SmartSurvey also won


SurveyCTO is a reliable and secure data collection platform designed for comprehensive research, monitoring, and evaluation projects, besides other data collection efforts in field settings. Its expertly delivered services are trusted widely by prominent organizations like Stanford University,... read more

SurveyCTO also won

Four Eyes Surveys

Four Eyes Surveys is a modern survey management platform and the first of its kind to provide not only beautifully crafted surveys but also facilities to make sense of the responses. It delivers powerful data mining services that find insights arming them with actionable recommendations. Four Eyes Surveys provides a thoughtful and fully customizable form builder with easy drag-and-drop questions, bulk-add choices for multiple answers, visual embedding, and other facilities. Furthermore, users can implement branching, skip logic, and complex questioning easily without the need to write code. The platform's intuitive technology lets users hide... read more


SoGoSurvey is a cloud-based survey provider that caters to small businesses, policy makers, DIY researchers as well as individuals. It is an all-in-one data collection and data analysis software that creates online surveys, quizzes, polls, feedback forms across various platforms including web, SMS,... read more

SoGoSurvey also won

ArcGIS Survey123

ArcGIS Survey123 is a comprehensive form-centric solution helping users with their survey creation, sharing, and analysis part. This data gathering solution enables users to create smart and interactive forms with skip logic, defaults, and multi-language support. It delivers a variety of excellent features for smart data collection and detailed analysis of surveys. Users can depend on the platform to capture data anytime and from anywhere with seamless functionality across all devices backed by an offline mode. They can also pre-define questions using logic and provide easy-to-fill answers. Moreover, highly interactive surveys can be... read more


Retently aims to help you improve your customer retention rates by enabling you to measure and improve the satisfaction of your customers. Rently allows you to send out a single question Net Promoter Score survey, which asks the following question “How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend or colleague?”. Customers answer with a score between one and ten, and from there they are divided into three different categories depending on their response:Promoters, Passives and Detractors. You can then act on this insight to improve the way you serve customers. Using Retently, you can send out this survey to different segments of... read more