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Retail Management System

A Retail Management System (RMS) is a platform that incorporates various valuable features to assist in the operation of a retail store or chain, such as inventory management, point of sale (POS), and customer relationship management (CRM). Store owners can benefit from retail management systems since they can provide different services in one location, easing the process of running a store. Managing and purchasing merchandise, checking out customers, scheduling personnel shifts, and keeping track of funds are all simple chores that may be performed with one solution. Some platforms are also mobile-friendly, allowing these chores to be completed anywhere in the store. You can ensure that all of your systems share information and perform well together by purchasing simply one platform for your firm rather than multiple.

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WooCommerce Point of Sale -...

High-End POS and Inventory Management with WooCommerce, Shopify Integration
(1 Ratings)

WooPOS provides the user with a complete inventory management system to have the functionality, where they can easily manage their online stores along with the physical stores. Visit Now!

WooCommerce Point of Sale - All in One Software Alternatives

Square for Retail

Retail POS (Point of Sale) System & Software | Square
(53 Ratings)

Boost your Retail business Square's POS System and features like inventory management and analytics. Get started for free today!

Square for Retail Alternatives

Yourcegid Retail

Retail & Fashion Softwares | Cegid
(6 Ratings)

Seize new growth opportunities and never miss a sale thanks to a unified, frictionless shopping experience - in-store, online, anytime, everywhere.

Yourcegid Retail Alternatives

Aptos Analytics

Aptos Retail Analytics - The Power of One View
(1 Ratings)

Aptos Analytics combines advanced data warehousing and sophisticated big data analytics to aggregate and illuminate data from across your organization.

Aptos Analytics Alternatives

Ricochet Consignment Software

Ricochet | Consignment Software | Consignment POS by Ricochet
(4 Ratings)

Ricochet builds and supports cutting-edge point-of-sale systems for retail and consignment environments. Using the latest and upcoming technology, trends, and design practices, Ricochet POS platform increases productivity.

Ricochet Consignment Software Alternatives

Retail-1 Suite

ACCEO Retail-1 : Retail Management Software
(1 Ratings)

ACCEO Retail-1 is North America's leading developer and provider of retail enterprise software. The comprehensive software suite provides retailers with a dedicated, one-source enterprise solution. It manages every aspect of the retail supply chain, from bricks and mortar through e-retailing.

Retail-1 Suite Alternatives


Retail Merchandising, Commerce, POS and Order Management | Aptos
(1 Ratings)

Aptos merchandising, commerce, customer and order management solutions help 1,000+ retailers in 65 countries engage differently, from concept to customer

ReadyStore Alternatives


Diebold Nixdorf - Bank Innovation – Retail Technology | Diebold Nixdorf
(1 Ratings)

Diebold Nixdorf offers world-leading banking solutions and retail technology systems that help banks, credit unions and retailers meet the needs of connected consumers.

TPCustomer360 Alternatives

PDI/Retail Suite

Retail Management Software for Convenience Stores | PDI
(2 Ratings)

PDI retail management solutions introduce time-saving automation that improves productivity, optimizes inventory and helps you deliver exceptional customer experiences

PDI/Retail Suite Alternatives

GoFrugal Retail

Retail POS System | POS Billing Software for Retail Shops - Gofrugal
(1 Ratings)

Retail POS software with POS billing, supply-chain management, inventory management, integrated accounting, CRM, real-time BI reports, mobile apps for retail shops and business. Try Gofrugal's all-in-one retail POS system with a 15day free trial

GoFrugal Retail Alternatives

Merchandise Analytics

In Store Operations | Retail Solutions|True customer-centricity, is decision-making in the aisles | Manthan
(2 Ratings)

"With In Store Analytics from Manthan, real-time intelligence can be made available to roles involved. And now, with ARC on tablets and smartphones, managing the store becomes so much easier.

Merchandise Analytics Alternatives

Milano Retail

Milano Retail Quiz | Milano Software
(1 Ratings)

MilanoApp is a mobile solution for managing your business running Milano Software. Manage all your appointments and clients and even process payments wherever you are

Milano Retail Alternatives


Cloud Software For the Auto Detailing
(0 Ratings)

DetailProPOS is the software that can revolutionize the way their auto detailing or tint shop business operates. It's a simple, web-based solution to streamline and optimize your operations. With DetailProPOS, they can manage inventory, track sales, book appointments, and analyze data all at the same time. No more juggling multiple spreadsheets or programs, DetailProPOS allows them to do it all from one central hub. Keep better track of client information, customer satisfaction, and profitability with detailed reports on a variety of metrics. Their comprehensive software is designed to make running and growing their business easier than ever before. Don't waste valuable time counting inventory or keeping abreast of the latest sales trends, with DetailProPOS they can automate every step in their detailing or tinting business. show more

DetailProPOS Pricing DetailProPOS Alternatives

Catapult Web Office

CATAPULT® Retail Point of Sale Software System
(4 Ratings)

Streamline your retail business with ECRS’ comprehensive POS software systems. Elevate your operations through front store, back office, inventory, supply chain, and multi-store solutions. Learn more today!

Catapult Web Office Alternatives

CashierLive Standard

CashierLive | Affordable, easy to use web based point-of-sale software.
(2 Ratings)

Affordable, easy to use web based point-of-sale software. Manage inventory, take payments, run reports, and more all from your computer, iPhone, or iPad.

CashierLive Standard Alternatives


A Back-office Software
(1 Ratings)

CStoreOffice is a cloud-based back-office software designed to increase operational efficiencies and forecasting to optimize merchandise. The software offers tools to manage item-level inventory, price book, price promotions, fuel sales, and buydowns. It integrates with POS systems including Verifone, NCR, Gilbarco, and Wayne.

What is CStoreOffice ? CStoreOffice Pricing CStoreOffice Alternatives

Head Office RMS

Retail Directions | Retail, POS, ERP, Inventory Management Systems
(1 Ratings)

Gain complete control over what’s happening, at any time, in real time, throughout your entire business with Retail Directions benchmark omni-channel retail platform.

Head Office RMS Alternatives

Retail Directions

Retail Directions | Retail, POS, ERP, Inventory Management Systems
(0 Ratings)

Gain complete control over what’s happening, at any time, in real time, throughout your entire business with Retail Directions benchmark omni-channel retail platform.

Retail Directions Alternatives


Multichannel EPoS & Ecommerce Retail Software - Cybertill
(0 Ratings)

Award-winning cloud-based EPoS system with POS and ecommerce integration for independent, SME, multichannel retailers and visitor attractions.

Cybertill Alternatives


Digital Retail Management Software
(0 Ratings)

SwilERP is a retail management software. SwilERP Software is a platform for managing business systems in retail pharmacies. It interfaces with point-of-sale systems, which are used in retail establishments to process customer transactions, receive payments, and update inventory levels. Create thorough reporting and analysis to learn more about their retail industry. It has a vast list of features such as Customers perceive shopping more positively thanks to straightforward retail billing, convenient ordering, and a sales system. For objects without barcodes, print a self-defined barcode. printing barcodes on laser, desk jet, and other types of printers. personalised barcode. One of its most beneficial features is their TCS (Tax Collected at Source) - You may manage all of your GSTINs from a single location and file your TCS (Tax Collected at Source) simply thanks to this programme. You can design unique purchasing support for your clients using the Purchase Management Module. Data can be sent for AWACS/IMS in auto mode. You can immediately upload your data and choose to import or export it. show more

What is SwilERP ? SwilERP Pricing SwilERP Alternatives

List of Retail Management System

WooCommerce Point of Sale - All in One Software 4
Square for Retail 4.5
Yourcegid Retail 2.5
Aptos Analytics 4
Ricochet Consignment Software 3.9
Retail-1 Suite 4
ReadyStore 3
TPCustomer360 5
PDI/Retail Suite 4.3
GoFrugal Retail 5