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Updated on: May 26, 2022

Requirements Management Software

Requirements management software helps you to precisely capture, track, prioritize and report what is required by key stakeholders in your project. In order to deliver high quality outcomes to stakeholders, you need to identify and manage their business requirements. Requirements management software allows you to create a more organized process for developing and implementing new products and services, and lines it up with other development lifecycle management tools. It offers functionalities like requirements documentation, collaboration, prioritization, status reports, report summaries and history tracking which can be an extremely valuable addition to your requirements management plan.

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Software and system requirements management tool
(26 Ratings)

ReqView pricing: Starts at $360.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

ReqView is a requirements management system that can help you better management your software development project requirements from one place. ReqView enables you to capture your requirements and display them in a tabular view that looks similar to that used in Microsoft Excel and Word. This... read more


A Simple tool used to Refine Features
(4 Ratings)

Delibr pricing: Starts at $50.0.

Delibr is a platform used to refine features. Collaborate with team using in-app presentations to manage meetings, and get updated. Track tasks and issues in Jira to automate the workflow. Receive notifications in Slack and see details via Jira plugin. Product Managers, Small, and Medium companies... read more

Dimensions RM

Manage all the requirements of the customers with ease
(9 Ratings)

Dimensions RM pricing: Dimensions RM Offers Custom plan.

Dimensions RM is a customer relationship management software that has a role-based dashboard, which provides insights to the users about their status and progress reports. The software highlights the best KPIs and metrics such as approval status, requirements iterations and orphaned requirements.... read more


Analyze Requirements Documents in Seconds
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QVscribe pricing: QVscribe Offers Custom plan.

QVscribe, works with MS Office and popular management tools like DOORS Next, Polariton, and Jama to improve the clarity and consistency of requirements statements. It provides authors, reviewers, and readers with the most helpful insights to improve their requirements exactly when they need it.


The intelligent requirements analyser
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ScopeMaster pricing: ScopeMaster Offers Custom plan.

ScopeMaster.com is the world's first automated software requirements analyser. A QA tool that finds defects in user stories before any code is written. Scopemaster simultaneously estimates the functional size in both COSMIC Function Points and IFPUG FP. We are a startup software company, focussing... read more

Doc Sheets

Requirements Traceability
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Doc Sheets pricing: Starts at $19.99.

Doc Sheets is the easiest and also most user-friendly and more effective software then other requirement management tools. It offers more key features like Work Items, Traceability, Analysis & Reporting, Collaboration and much more.


Powerful Requirement Management Software
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DevSpec pricing: Starts at $10.0.

DevSpec’s is a powerful requirements management capabilities to create and manage requirements. It provides key features like Custom Filters, Requirements Links, Reporting, Collaboration, Notifications and much more.


Modern Online Platform for Requirements
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NewSysRS pricing: NewSysRS Offers Free-forever plan.

NewSysRS provides project management for every type of business. It provides all required features like Change Management, Collaboration, Task management, Status Tracking and much more.


Fulfill stories from requirements to deployment
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Xebrio pricing: Starts at $8.0. Offers Custom plan.

Xebrio is a project management software that provides its users with an ecosystem for tracking projects starting from requirements to releases. The software enables users to keep track of the requirements of the stakeholder in order to make the building blocks of the project as strong as possible.... read more

objectiF RM

Requirements Engineering Software
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objectiF RM: Requirements Engineering and Management Software objectiF RM offers analysis with UML/SysML diagrams, traceability and documentation.

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