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Background Check | Intelius 5 Based on 2 Ratings
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Intelius background checks provide a comprehensive report including lawsuits, bankruptcies, liens against them, arrest records, marriage and divorce history & more!

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Pre Employment Background Check 3.9 Based on 87 Ratings
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HireRight delivers global background checks, drug testing, and employment verification services through an innovative platform. We want all of our clients to grow successfully and efficiently. This platform is easy to use and can be integrated with existing HR systems.

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First Advantage logo

First Advantage

Global Background Check Company 4 Based on 15 Ratings
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First Advantage is a platform used to perform pre-employment background checks and background screening for employees. The software offers a detailed view of a subject’s or a company’s background before making the hiring or investment decision to keep intellectual property and most sensitive data secure. First Advantage Case Management is a customizable workflow management and digital filing system.

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Sterling Talent Solutions logo

Sterling Talent Solutions

People First, Always 3.9 Based on 39 Ratings
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Sterling background and identity solutions help build a foundation of trust and safety for employees, customers, and partners around the world. Deep regional expertise, local service proficiency, and reliable global fulfillment capabilities. Tech-enabled services for simplified client and candidate experiences, robust integrations, and fast turnaround times.

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GoodHire logo


Employment Background Checks 4.7 Based on 177 Ratings
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Background checks help to build a team can trust, while also mitigating risk and protecting company’s reputation. Building a great team starts with a trusted partner that delivers the easiest end-to-end pre-employment background check workflow in the industry. GoodHire is easily configurable to fit the way company recruits. Whether user were a large company managing screening for multiple locations, or a small business needing to run a background check occasionally, they have got covered.

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Truework logo


Employment & Income Verification 4.5 Based on 26 Ratings
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Verify income and employment for any applicant, all on the Truework platform. Access million U.S. employees instantly to close loans, faster. It protect consumers by providing transparency and control into how sensitive employee data is shared, while helping thousands each day get approved faster for loans, mortgages, and other high-impact transactions.

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ClearStar logo


Background Check | Screening Software 4.5 Based on 3 Ratings
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ClearStar, is a leading and trusted Human Capital Integrity company. The specialty is background screening and medical information services and provide employers worldwide with the necessary resources to easily and securely onboard new personnel. The process of making straightforward and secure, while providing thorough and compliant results. The combination of modern technology and outstanding customer service delivers solutions that are efficient and beneficial to the business.

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Accurate Background logo

Accurate Background

Make Background Checks Easily 3.8 Based on 8 Ratings
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Accurate Background has an advanced employment screening services help employers hire qualified candidates with smarter technology and personalized service. It's an exchange defined by mutual understanding and respect. Both our clients and their candidates must feel comfortable and confident in their search.

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Verified First logo

Verified First

Background Screening Made Simple 4 Based on 15 Ratings
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Verified First software is platform used to hire the right people with their background screening provider. The software offers tools like Criminal background checks, Drug screening, Form I-9 & E-Verify, Civil Records, Identity Checks, and more. A secure software with FCRA regulations and connect with 100 HR software solutions to make screening an effortless part of hiring process.

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IntelliCorp logo


Quality, Compliant Background Screenings | IntelliCorp | A Cisive Company 4.5 Based on 54 Ratings
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IntelliCorp is an accredited background screening provider with the Professional Background Screening Association. We offer comprehensive and legally compliant screening products and services which allow our clients to make informed decisions. 20+ years industry experience.

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Intelifi Background Check Software logo

Intelifi Background Check Software

EMERGE | Background Check Software by Intelifi 4.7 Based on 12 Ratings
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Intelifi Pre employment Screening company offers EMERGE, it's proprietary background screening intelligence software. API Integration - Connect to your favorite HR Software affiliates like iCims and Taleo with our custom API for integrations. Drug Testing Portal - Service drug testing alongside your background checks. Live County Reports - Get immediate county courthouse results through Digital feeds using our LiveRunner technology.

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Asurint Background Screening Solutions logo

Asurint Background Screening Solutions

Background Checks and Screening for Employers | Asurint 3.8 Based on 5 Ratings
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Looking for background checks for employment? Asurint provides employers with tools to find the best employees. Our searches can revolutionize your company hiring.

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S2Verify logo


Offering Leading Background Screening Services Write a Review
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At S2Verify, provide a full-service background screening experience that is second to none. The comprehensive suite of services includes criminal background checks, drug testing, employment and education verification, employment eligibility, and on-boarding support. With the customer-centric approach, guarantee fully compliant, cost-effective background checks that shorten the time to hire for the clients. And, of course, the unparalleled customer support team is always here to ensure the best possible experience.

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FRS Software logo

FRS Software

FRS Software – Background Screening Software 4 Based on 1 Ratings
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FRS - The Flexible Research System is the industry leading Employment Screening software and technology, Background Screening software and technology, Background Check software, Investigations and Public Records Research software

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PeopleG2 logo


Background Check Software | PeopleG2 4.9 Based on 60 Ratings
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PeopleG2 has been a nationwide leader in background checks and drug testing since 2001. Our SwifHire Mobile solution takes away the tedious work of data entry so HR professionals can put their focus on other tasks. Our Continuous Criminal Monitoring Service provides a revolutionary option for companies to have real-time updates on employees post-hire.

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ClearChecks logo


Employment Background Checks and Screening Write a Review
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ClearChecks is a data and risk-management company for small to enterprise customers. We provide background checks, credit reporting, and other data services for businesses nationwide without collecting and storing sensitive personal information (PII). We offer a wide range of reports and data sources for different types of businesses. Our easy-to-use software streamlines workflows to save you time and maintain compliance.

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Orange Tree Employment Screening logo

Orange Tree Employment Screening

Pre-Employment Verifications 5 Based on 2 Ratings
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Verification services, which include checking employment histories, educational degrees, and professional licenses, can help employers ensure that applicants have the qualifications and backgrounds required for an open position. Not all companies take the same approach to completing verifications. At Orange Tree, an attempt is not valid until we have reached a primary source (the best source of information). User should explore the number of attempts that will be made and inquire about what constitutes a valid attempt.

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Veriscreen logo


Employment Background Checks | VeriScreen 5 Based on 1 Ratings
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With 20+ years in background screen, we provide the fastest and most accurate employment verification services available. Call us now!

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AssureHire logo


Update the Background Screening Write a Review
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AssureHire automation ensures your background screening process is 100% compliant and fast so you can free your inner HR Hero to build a great organization.

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Edge Information logo

Edge Information

Background Screening 4.5 Based on 1 Ratings
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Edge Information's advanced tier 1 background check services is a comprehensive tool that works to help you identify the best applicants for the job.

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List of Background Check Software

Intelius Intelius 5
HireRight HireRight 3.9
First Advantage First Advantage 4
Sterling Talent Solutions Sterling Talent Solutions 3.9
GoodHire GoodHire 4.7
Truework Truework 4.5
ClearStar ClearStar 4.5
Accurate Background Accurate Background 3.8
Verified First Verified First 4
IntelliCorp IntelliCorp 4.5

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