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Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software

Natural Language processing (NLP) uses deep learning algorithm to help applications interact with human language. It consumes the language as an input and provides an output which can include language translation, grammatical or sentimental analysis, automatic summarization, among others. Natural language processing tools can connect with language data pools to learn a specific function. It usually provides three types of analysis: sentence separation and tokenization, Part-of-speech tagging and Constituency parsing. Chatbots, social media monitoring tools and language translators are typical examples of natural language processing tools.

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SnatchBot - Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software


Smart Chatbots for Multi-channel Messaging
(32 Ratings)

SnatchBot pricing: Starts at $24.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is SnatchBot and how does it work?

SnatchBot is a chatbot creation platform that enables organizations to weave together messaging experiences across multiple channels. All the chatbots are powered by robust administrative infrastructure and enterprise-grade security. Chatbots are fueled via AI and Machine Learning and can then be easily published on mobile devices and chat services. These include the likes of Facebook Messenger, Line, Telegram, SnatchApp, and Skype among others. Chatbot creation does not involve any coding or technical skills and can be created within two versions - bots and human hybrids. Bot conversations can be designed to be simple, multiple-choice interaction, or based on action buttons. They can then be published across various platforms once they are ready. This makes it relevant for industries like Airlines, IT, Education, Insurance, etc. One of the best features of the tool is the coveted ability to access unlimited bots and messages along with premium support. show more

QnA Maker - Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software

QnA Maker

Create a bot from data within minutes
(12 Ratings)

QnA Maker pricing: QnA Maker Offers Custom plan.

What is QnA Maker and how does it work?

QnA Maker is an integrated API service that can be used to create, train and launch complex bots in a seamless manner through REST APIs or via an easy-to-use UI. Users can create and publish bots without even writing a single line of code. They can add in personality to the developed bots based on the inbuilt chit chat data sets offered by the software. Additionally, the software with its automatic extraction feature helps users extract pairs of question-answers from different semi-structured content, like support websites, FAQ pages, excel files, product manuals, SharePoint documents, and policies. They can even depend on the available REST APIs or QnA Maker portal to design sophisticated multi-turn conversations. An active learning module in QnA Maker helps users improve their ranking model via recommendations based on the usage levels and user comments related to a particular bot. Furthermore, users can also scale the generated bots as per requirement. show more

Wordsmith - Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software


Generate and utilise the best words for your business space
(12 Ratings)

Wordsmith pricing: Wordsmith Offers Custom plan.

What is Wordsmith and how does it work?

Wordsmith is an innovative language generation platform that can be used to convert input data into insightful narratives. Besides being an auto-generator, it also allows client companies the liberty to modify these narratives according to their requirement, making the best out of everything. With this, Wordsmith further offers real-time content updates and a flexible API for publishing. NLG solutions are what the platform specialises in and thus, it can deliver content that ranges from client communications and fantasy football recaps, game commentaries as well as background narrative services for video games. Wordsmith further offers endless possibilities regardless of the content requirements or even organisations. The software can also handle up to a million narratives in a single go and thus, this is exactly what makes it the most sought-after NLG solution to proceed with. As a self-service portal, it also facilitates real-time analysis and flexible customisations. show more

XEditPro - Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software


AI-powered Single Source Publishing Platform
(2 Ratings)

XEditPro pricing: XEditPro Offers Custom plan.

What is XEditPro and how does it work?

XEditpro is a publishing platform to manage all the publishing needs of users. It works as a cloud-based SaaS solution that has been pioneered to streamline the production needs of books, journals, and periodicals. The tool leverages an intelligent combination of AI, natural language processing (NLP), and intelligent workflows to boost the publication time. It comes with a bunch of handy features such as a pay-per-use licensing model that extends a no-risk solution to publishers. It also has an auto-copyediting feature that uses NLP and AI that makes it easier for editors to work. XEditpro also provides instant online PDF proofs and EPUB revisions along with a single-click delivery of PDF, Web PDF, HTML, XML, and EPUB. The tool also offers the feature of content enrichment through the capture of critical metadata and comes with version control capability that effectively tracks and control the changes made to documents. show more

Amazon Comprehend - Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software

Amazon Comprehend

Process language seamlessly with this NLP platform
(18 Ratings)

Amazon Comprehend pricing: Starts at $0.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Amazon Comprehend and how does it work?

Amazon Comprehend is a natural language processing software, which makes use of machine learning to look for insights and relationships within a text. The AutoML feature of the software allows users to build a custom set of entities and text models in accordance with their organisation’s needs. The software also allows users to extract information from any unstructured texts like social media posts, web pages and emails along with complex medical information. It can identify medical information like frequencies, dosages, and strengths from various sources like patient’s health records, doctors’ reports, and clinical trial reports. It also helps the users to identify specific terms and part codes. The software only takes charge of those services that the users avail. By using the software, users are subject to get a better understanding of any texts. Users can easily analyze any documents and other texts and organize them according to relevant terms and topics. Amazon Comprehend is a compact software users do not need to use any separate machine learning models to build, train or deploy. show more

Unbabel - Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software


Translation solutions to remove the barrier of language
(94 Ratings)

Unbabel pricing: Unbabel Offers Custom plan.

What is Unbabel and how does it work?

Unbabel is a customer service solution that provides its users with next level multilingual support. The inherent quality translation offered by the software makes the support teams of the users multilingual, reduces the cost and response time while also enhancing customer satisfaction. The software removes language as a job requirement that allows users to assemble their strongest teams based on the knowledge of the product and support skills. The fully scalable support translation makes support operations more agile and efficient as users can boost the productivity of their teams, optimize shifts, and cut down on logs. It also enables users to provide cost-effective support from strategic locations and optimize coverage for long-tail, expensive, and hard to hire languages. The multilingual chatbot and FAQs allow users to take deflection strategy to the next level, and hence reduce costs. The human-refined powered by AI incorporates the style guides of the brand and custom glossaries. show more

NLP-API - Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software


Natual Language Processing REST API
(0 Ratings)

NLP-API pricing: Starts at $16.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is NLP-API and how does it work?

Are you looking to quickly and easily harness the power of complex natural language processing (NLP) technologies in your business? Look no further than NLP-API! This out-of-the-box, multi-lingual NLP tool is designed to take the complexity out of language analysis and give fast, accurate results with a minimal investment of both resources and time. This platform includes an intuitive user interface, so users don't need any technical experience to get started. Just sign up for free and begin to see all the potential applications for natural language understanding across the organization, from marketing to customer service. With this tools, increase efficiency by automatically analyzing customer feedback or reviews to identify trends. Give customers better interactions with virtual personal assistants that respond accurately in multiple languages. And build smarter automated bots that can understand the customers on a deeper level and provide more personalized content. Unlock the full potential of natural language processing sign up for NLP-API today! show more

Querio - Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software


Use Natural Language to Interact with Data
(0 Ratings)

Querio pricing: Starts at $30.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Querio and how does it work?

Introducing Querio, the ultimate companion for professionals with a third person perspective seeking a personal data analyst like no other! Have ever found yourself drowning in a sea of data, desperately searching for answers to burning questions, longing for a way to unlock the hidden potential within vast troves of information? Look no further, because Querio is here to revolutionize the way to work with data. Imagine having an incredibly intelligent mind at disposal, ready to assist analyzing complex data sets with unparalleled precision. Querio is very own team member, tirelessly working behind the scenes to uncover valuable insights and provide with the knowledge need to make informed decisions. Gone are the days of spending endless hours poring over spreadsheets, struggling to make sense of the numbers. With Querio, the power of data analysis is harnessed effortlessly, allowing to focus on what truly matters - driving business forward. But Querio is not just average analyst. No, this delightful companion goes above and beyond to address all data-related needs. Need answers to burning questions that keep up at night? Querio has got covered. Its advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities enable it to not only answer queries but provide context and insights that would elude even the most seasoned data analyst. With Querio as trusted advisor, will possess a competitive edge that will set apart from the rest. show more

Bookline - Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software


Answer Client Calls with Artificial Intelligence
(0 Ratings)

Bookline pricing: Bookline Offers Custom plan.

What is Bookline and how does it work?

Bookline is an AI tool for businesses to automatically handle client calls when there is no staff available. The tool can even answer calls when the business is closed or when the line is busy with another call. This ensures that no prospective customer is left behind and all of them are tended to. To make the experience more integrated for customers, the tool can even handle conversations in their mother tongues. This is made possible by included support for multiple languages. This also takes care of the staffing needs of managers and enables them to achieve more with fewer resources. It does not require the set up of any new number and integrates with any existing telephone line on its own so that customers can easily make reservations and appointments. And before accepting any reservation, the tool seamlessly checks for availability by sifting through the appointment management tool. show more

PROMPTMETHEUS - Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software


Compose, test, optimize, and deploy reliable prompts
(0 Ratings)

PROMPTMETHEUS pricing: Starts at $29.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is PROMPTMETHEUS and how does it work?

Introducing PROMPTMETHEUS, the Prompt Engineering IDE designed to revolutionize professional workflows. With PROMPTMETHEUS, professionals can instantly automate tedious and repetitive tasks with the help of cutting-edge, low-latency models (LLM), such as ChatGPT. Onboarding is hassle-free – the process is automated, and you can be up and running in no time. PROMPTMETHEUS brings immense power to their projects ushering in possibilities that were unthinkable until now. Wondrously efficient, it can be uniquely tailored to their project requirements. Crafting project parameters to the exact measurements of their needs is easy and straightforward. Featuring a sleek and intuitive user interface, PROMPTMETHEUS’s simple drag-and-drop procedures make it easy for even a non-tech user to use. For professionals, PROMPTMETHEUS can be relied on to help endow their applications and tasks with productivity and efficiency. With PROMPTMETHEUS, they’ll have a tool that helps them push their projects to the next level and achieve even greater heights of success. Take their operations to the next level – get PROMPTMETHEUS today! show more

NeuronWriter - Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software


Easy way to create better-ranking content
(0 Ratings)

What is NeuronWriter and how does it work?

NeuronWriter is a Content Intelligence platform that provides strategic insights for content managers and copywriters. They deliver solutions to Enterprise, Agency, and SMB customers. They help them plan the right page type for a certain user query. For some queries, a blog article will be needed, for other queries a category description. They also help them select the right competitors with a high content score to increase the quality of semantical recommendations. show more

Ana By TextQL - Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software

Ana By TextQL

Effective Natural Language for Data Analysis
(0 Ratings)

Ana By TextQL pricing: Starts at $20.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Ana By TextQL and how does it work?

TextQL is a powerful platform that makes complex data-to-insight processes simple and quick for professionals. It indexes current BI tools, semantic layers, and documents data in dbt to allow non-technical users access to data while minimizing the time needed to generate insights. OpenAI and language models along with NLP and dbt Labs semantic layer provide automated answers directly when asked via communication platforms such as Slack, Teams, or email. TextQL's efficient handoffs to human analysts, when necessary, get questions answered quickly while not sacrificing accuracy or quality of results. This intelligent platform allows users in a variety of organizational settings to harness the power of data without needing specific technical skills. At TextQL, we make accessing data easy so can make powerful decisions faster. show more

Deepset - Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software


Build Natural Language Interfaces
(0 Ratings)

Deepset pricing: Deepset Offers Custom plan.

What is Deepset and how does it work?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an integral part of modern enterprise data processing. In order to make the development process faster and more efficient, we strive to provide developers with the right tools that enable them to build production-ready NLP systems. Being proponents of open source, they make sure that software is open source and accessible to everyone. They are passionate about our community and firmly believe in the power of sharing. Thus, they are devoted to making modern NLP technology easily accessible, practical and scalable. show more

Five - Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software


An AI-Powered Tool Helping Parents Communication
(0 Ratings)

Five pricing: Starts at $2.99. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Five and how does it work?

Introducing Five: the AI-powered web application that brings communication between parents and their children to a new level. This mission is to nurture curiosity, foster understanding, and facilitate meaningful conversations that are tailored to the child's age and development. Designed with innovation as a top priority, Five understands the complex challenges encountered by modern parents attempting to explain difficult concepts. To bridge this gap, advanced natural language processing algorithms create kid-friendly answers based on language - ensuring child always receives an appropriate response. Five encourages healthy communication practices between parent and child at any stage of development. Strive to make it easier for parents enhance their knowledge base and create fun opportunities to share information with their little ones. With Five, users can ensure their children have access to accurate answers from reliable sources at any time. show more

BuyerSight - Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software


Lead Your Sales Team to Success
(0 Ratings)

BuyerSight pricing: BuyerSight Offers Custom plan.

What is BuyerSight and how does it work?

BuyerSight powers B2B sales managers with actionable recommendations about their reps and customers that drive more revenue. Discover how BuyerSight’s AI helps sales managers become better coaches and leaders.

Forefront - Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software


Powerful NLP Tools
(0 Ratings)

Forefront pricing: Starts at $29.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Forefront and how does it work?

This solutions are designed to help teams integrate industry leading NLP technology quickly and easily. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small team or a large organization, Forefront Solutions is a goto source for everything NLP related. With NLP at a fingertips, it won’t be long before reap the benefits; from being able to quickly process large datasets, to understanding customer sentiment in real-time and so much more! With Forefront Solutions, experience the power of NLP without creating more work for the customers - It have all the tools and resources the need to get started today and be ready for the future. show more

Spark NLP - Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software

Spark NLP

State of the Art Natural Language Processing
(0 Ratings)

What is Spark NLP and how does it work?

John Snow Labs' Spark NLP is an open source text processing library for Python, Java, and Scala. It provides production-grade, scalable, and trainable versions of the latest research in natural language processing. Spark NLP delivered the best performing results on academic peer-reviewed benchmarks.

SyTrue - Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software


Natural Language Processing For Health Plans and Providers
(0 Ratings)

SyTrue pricing: SyTrue Offers Custom plan.

What is SyTrue and how does it work?

SyTrue is a high-tech, privately held, healthcare company that leverages proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). This NLP OS reads, comprehends and publishes valuable insights from medical records for downstream actions. NLP OS was created for healthcare experts to ease the routine, mundane, tasks of reading, searching and identifying what’s in a single medical record or hundreds of millions of medical records within seconds. show more

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List of Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software

SnatchBot 4.7
QnA Maker 4.4
Wordsmith 4.4
XEditPro 4.4
Amazon Comprehend 4
Unbabel 3.6
Querio NA
Bookline NA

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