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Updated on: May 26, 2022

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software

Natural Language processing (NLP) uses deep learning algorithm to help applications interact with human language. It consumes the language as an input and provides an output which can include language translation, grammatical or sentimental analysis, automatic summarization, among others. Natural language processing tools can connect with language data pools to learn a specific function. It usually provides three types of analysis: sentence separation and tokenization, Part-of-speech tagging and Constituency parsing. Chatbots, social media monitoring tools and language translators are typical examples of natural language processing tools.

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Smart Chatbots for Multi-channel Messaging
(32 Ratings)

SnatchBot pricing: Starts at $24.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

SnatchBot is a chatbot creation platform that enables organizations to weave together messaging experiences across multiple channels. All the chatbots are powered by robust administrative infrastructure and enterprise-grade security. Chatbots are fueled via AI and Machine Learning and can then be... read more

QnA Maker

Create a bot from data within minutes
(12 Ratings)

QnA Maker pricing: QnA Maker Offers Custom plan.

QnA Maker is an integrated API service that can be used to create, train and launch complex bots in a seamless manner through REST APIs or via an easy-to-use UI. Users can create and publish bots without even writing a single line of code. They can add in personality to the developed bots based on... read more


Generate and utilise the best words for your business space
(12 Ratings)

Wordsmith pricing: Wordsmith Offers Custom plan.

Wordsmith is an innovative language generation platform that can be used to convert input data into insightful narratives. Besides being an auto-generator, it also allows client companies the liberty to modify these narratives according to their requirement, making the best out of everything. With... read more


AI-powered Single Source Publishing Platform
(2 Ratings)

XEditPro pricing: XEditPro Offers Custom plan.

XEditpro is a publishing platform to manage all the publishing needs of users. It works as a cloud-based SaaS solution that has been pioneered to streamline the production needs of books, journals, and periodicals. The tool leverages an intelligent combination of AI, natural language processing... read more

Amazon Comprehend

Process language seamlessly with this NLP platform
(18 Ratings)

Amazon Comprehend pricing: Starts at $0.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

Amazon Comprehend is a natural language processing software, which makes use of machine learning to look for insights and relationships within a text. The AutoML feature of the software allows users to build a custom set of entities and text models in accordance with their organisation’s needs.... read more


Translation solutions to remove the barrier of language
(97 Ratings)

Unbabel pricing: Unbabel Offers Custom plan.

Unbabel is a customer service solution that provides its users with next level multilingual support. The inherent quality translation offered by the software makes the support teams of the users multilingual, reduces the cost and response time while also enhancing customer satisfaction. The... read more


Lead Your Sales Team to Success
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BuyerSight pricing: BuyerSight Offers Custom plan.

BuyerSight powers B2B sales managers with actionable recommendations about their reps and customers that drive more revenue. Discover how BuyerSight’s AI helps sales managers become better coaches and leaders.

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List of Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software


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