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Mobile Event Apps Software helps event planners to build Mobile Apps for conferences and corporate events. With the drag-and-drop app builder, event planners can build an app in minutes, add sponsored landing pages, include event materials, and create exactly their event needs. Building a secure and reliable app for events and conferences will not require any expertise. Mobile Event Apps platform promotes attendee networks & private event-only communities both before and after the actual event. Event participants can post photos, share ideas, and foster connections with personal messages. Event administrators can broadcast event updates, inform about the speakers, and access all event-related material. Event organizers can gain access to meaningful metrics and generate pre-show excitement to increase event registration. Mobile Event app allows us to showcase speakers, increase attendee engagement, and easily plan the event experience.

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Grupio - Mobile Event Apps


Event management made easy
(3 Ratings)

Grupio pricing: Grupio Offers Custom plan.

What is Grupio and how does it work?

Grupio is a virtual event management app, developed to help you host events and conferences with ease. It makes it simple for your participants to have quick access to pertinent event data when they want it throughout the event. Grupio app displays your event exactly as you want it to be seen, including branding, adverts, surveys, the option to communicate with other participants, and much more. With Grupio, you get custom backdrops, auto filters, cosmetic touch-ups, branding, the ability to broadcast banner adverts, and meeting transcription management. Grupio CMS allows you to build and distribute online feedback, polls, and surveys. Additionally, the findings are shown in graphs, allowing you to make adjustments to your next event in order to make it a huge success. The platform allows you to match the design and theme of your app to the branding of your company. It also offers in-built push notification and alert features to send messages to all subscribers. You can also send out welcome letters, as well as updates on changes to the event's scheduling, location, and other details with Grupio. show more

Eventpedia - Mobile Event Apps


Guaranteed to Improve Member Engagement and Communication
(1 Ratings)

Eventpedia pricing: Starts at $500.0.

What is Eventpedia and how does it work?

Eventpedia, powered by Avodigy, is a mobile event app designed to enhance the digital experience for attendees, members and customers. The mobile app solution provides a home for all your events and creates education and networking opportunities for your attendees. Allow attendees to register for a specific session within the app. Drive engagement and attendee interaction through posting photos and private messaging. Sell ad space to generate more revenue and give sponsors increased exposure. show more

AIDAIO event apps - Mobile Event Apps

AIDAIO event apps

Generate futuristic apps for individual events
(2 Ratings)

AIDAIO event apps pricing: Starts at $499.0.

What is AIDAIO event apps and how does it work?

AIDAIO event apps is an event app building platform that enables companies to create white-labelled event apps for various purposes, like meetings, trade shows, exhibitions, weddings and more. Through these apps, users can showcase all the information related to their events in a single place. This information could be anything, such as a personalised agenda, itinerary, speaker profiles, sponsors and venues. Moreover, they can even add photos and videos to this information. AIDAIO event apps enable companies to create apps that can be used to keep in touch with the attendees. Users can communicate with attendees by sending them notifications at any time, from anywhere. They can even add live polls, contests and quizzes to keep attendees engaged. Features like chats and forums, private messaging, lead arrival and meeting scheduler of the platform help companies on the go. Furthermore, AIDAIO event apps also enable users to create surveys and track audiences to get useful insights. show more

Mambo - Mobile Event Apps


Online customizable platform
(1 Ratings)

Mambo pricing: Starts at $291.66.

What is Mambo and how does it work?

Mambo is a multi-tenant software platform that optimizes experiences within closed network communities. Through the Admin dashboard, the platform allows Administrator(s) to create, schedule and organize event postings with ease. Mambo is a creative solution to help solve real problems. Communities have an important purpose, yet they have been left out of the technology revolution. They are still predominately communicating via e-mail and newsletters, hence not truly engaging with members. show more

Socio - Mobile Event Apps


All rounder event management solution for hybrid, virtual and in-person events
(198 Ratings)

Socio pricing: Socio Offers Custom plan.

What is Socio and how does it work?

Socio is a comprehensive event management platform, helping out organizers with their event-related streaming, sponsorship, engagement and networking. Companies can set goals as per their convenience and the software with its fully loaded feature sheet helps them get the particulars sorted. A native streaming technology offered by Socio, helps brands level up their production mechanism, by incorporating customized logos, banners, backgrounds and overlays. Organizations can personalize their attendee journeys, by offering customized tickets, check out forms, instant funding options and detailed analytics. Moderated Q&A, native chat and live polls assure greater audience engagement levels without redirecting them to a separate page. Further, organizations can also opt for year-round community engagement, via push notifications and customized content for different groups and subgroups. Users can collaborate the platform with Salesforce, Cvent, Eventbrite, Zapier, RegFox and more as per their unique needs. Socio is fully compliant with the guidelines offered by W3C’s Web Content Accessibility ensuring vivid access to all attendees. show more

Whova - Mobile Event Apps


All-in-one Intelligent Event Management Software With Simplified Process
(856 Ratings)

Whova pricing: Whova Offers Custom plan.

What is Whova and how does it work?

Whova is an Event Management tool that helps users save organizing time while maximizing networking and engagement. The tool makes any event look trendy, modern, and attractive via its cut-edge technology. Using the tool's in-built features, users can enable their attendees to participate, interact actively, and build more connections. The tool allows the users to keep their attendees updated with event information, live polls, personalized agenda, messages, and exciting photos from the events. Whova saves users time by managing their event logistics and enabling them to focus on essential things through features such as speaker hub, name badge generation, announcements, agenda center, and check-ins. Users can showcase their sponsors and exhibitors ingrained into the tool’s live slideshow and event app. Organizers can benefit sponsors by equipping them with lead generation tools like promotional opportunities, business card scanning, QR code scanning, and a lot more. Whova provides quick customer service by having a dedicated team that gives prompt replies within 30 minutes and is available on weekends and holidays. show more

EventMobile - Mobile Event Apps


Revolutionising Mobile Events
(2 Ratings)

EventMobile pricing: EventMobile Offers Custom plan.

What is EventMobile and how does it work?

EventMobile is a mobile event app that helps you to engage with your attendees.You can utilise their features to Reach audience segments instantly with targeted push notifications. Make it easy for your attendees to the network via the Activity Feed, Photo Gallery and more. Their vast list of features includes – targeted messaging to Reach audience segments instantly with targeted push notifications. You can rotate banner ads on every screen plus they have other built-in sponsorship features. It also makes it easy for users to network with each other with access to communicate via their activity feed, photo gallery and more.One of their most beneficial features is that of scheduling, it enables users to maximize their time and schedule personal appointments. It’s completely flexible you can show/hide different features to users based on interest or group type.They also provide real-time analytics for you which includes session tracking to monitor the actions of people visiting the app and lead trackers that help you capture all your exhibitors. They also provide 24/7 support and dedicated support for account managers. show more

MeetApp - Mobile Event Apps


Event app and virtual venue for all events in-person & virtual
(11 Ratings)

MeetApp pricing: Starts at $138.0.

What is MeetApp and how does it work?

With MeetApp, engaging events can be quickly created, edited and distributed to attendees on any device. Create customized invitations, reminders and registration pages with MeetApp Invite. With MeetApp’s powerful dialogue features, you can keep your attendees informed, engaged and connected in real-time to reach the full potential of your event. MeetApp is a fully GDPR-compliant platform that gives you full control over your data. All your information is secure and private. A fully branded experience with your own logo and graphic profile on icon, splash and other screens within your app and web platform. show more

MeetingPlay - Mobile Event Apps


One partner to bring your best event experience to life
(18 Ratings)

MeetingPlay pricing: MeetingPlay Offers Custom plan.

What is MeetingPlay and how does it work?

MeetingPlay's custom event platform and mobile event app solutions are built around your specific needs, making your virtual, hybrid, or in-person event unlike anything else. Attendees can find any room they are looking for simply by clicking the room name. Help your attendees make the right connections at your event with attendee matchmaking. Allow audience members to ask questions within a session through the app, eliminating the need to pass around a microphone. Ask the audience questions and have them respond through their mobile devices with results displayed real-time in sessions. show more

EventEdge - Mobile Event Apps


Get instant feedback with live question and poll
(2 Ratings)

EventEdge pricing: EventEdge Offers Custom plan.

What is EventEdge and how does it work?

The EventEdge system aims to change the event experience for both organizers and attendees by leveraging mobile technology. You can then add, remove, and customize additional features as needed. Choose what works for your event and integrate additional features if needed. EventEdge's people section helps users easily search and discover speakers at your event. Help users navigate the barrage of rooms and spaces with interactive maps. Users can choose their map, easily pinch and swipe to find their desired location and arrive with minimal hassle. show more

Pathable - Mobile Event Apps


Host virtual events in a comprehensive manner
(25 Ratings)

Pathable pricing: Starts at $11500.0.

What is Pathable and how does it work?

Pathable is a futuristic event management platform that can be used to conduct hybrid, virtual and in-person events. The software is specially designed to bring in the critical components within an event ie., exhibitors, attendees and speakers to life. Dedicated session pages within the particular that comprise embedded live-streaming video, Q&A, chats, intuitive speaker controls and polling, allows users to facilitate immersive content and learning. Pathable also helps users to create real human connections with their attendees via direct meetings, messages, and small groups or 1:1 video conferences. Interactive exhibitor features within the software, helps users showcase their product videos to the event attendees. Organizers can allow their attendees to visit a virtual trade show and meet the staff with the push of a button. Analytical reports, offered by Pathable, offers comprehensive data on session wise engagement levels, the number of visitors, scheduled meetings and more. The accumulated data can be used to optimize engagement levels and identify areas of improvement for upcoming events. show more

Micepad - Mobile Event Apps


Create interactive virtual events that will leave a robust impact on individual participants
(14 Ratings)

Micepad pricing: Micepad Offers Custom plan.

What is Micepad and how does it work?

Micepad is a virtual event management app that enables organisations to create interactive virtual events. Creators can depend on the particular to generate events that can be attended by the maximum number of attendees and transform the overall experiences in real-time. With Micepad, users can send their attendees an up-to-date event guide. This guide can be used by the attendees to generate personalised agendas of their own. Users can also send push notifications for notifying their attendees about the events and drive traffic where they want to direct the latter. Micepad enables audiences to vote on the questions they would like the presenters to give an answer to. Organisations can choose whether they want to show the entire question list to the audience or just the selected ones. The app can also be used by participants to easily connect and chat with each other or schedule their meetings for later. Further, Micepad allows event coordinators to collect useful data during or after particular events to evaluate its success rate and create strategies accordingly. show more

Attendify - Mobile Event Apps


A compact event management platform for your differential hosting needs
(180 Ratings)

Attendify pricing: Starts at $1999.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Attendify and how does it work?

Attendify is a virtual event management platform that helps organisations with their virtual event creation, management and running part. The software connects attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and speakers within a unified interface, offering a meaningful experience for everyone to cherish. Attendify with its built-in registration functionality helps coordinators to get access to relevant data concerning individual audiences. Based on which the former can customise the overall viewing experience accordingly. The collected data can also be used by marketers to drive personalised marketing campaigns and enhance business growth. Besides mass events, Attendify with its MeetNow facility helps users to streamline one-on-one live video calls as per convenience. Moreover, the software complies with EU-US Privacy Shield Principles and the Swiss-US Privacy Shield Principles regarding the collection, sharing and use of participants and meeting relevant data, concerning a particular event. Also, event organisers are provided access to intent signals, showcasing the real-time engagement levels of an individual event. show more

EventPilot - Mobile Event Apps


Online and Conference App Solutions for Scientific and Medical Meetings
(13 Ratings)

EventPilot pricing: EventPilot Offers Custom plan.

What is EventPilot and how does it work?

EventPilot® conference technologies provide both a conference app and a desktop planner to offer a variety of implementation options to fit your unique meeting needs. Allow attendees to build their personal schedule visually in a calendar view. Fast and easy to use with smart columns. Automatically integrate a visual timetable so attendees can maximize their time at your meeting and fill any schedule gaps. Users can schedule hundreds of sessions and still keep track of everything in one calendar view. show more

Eventfuel.io - Mobile Event Apps


Event technology that scales
(14 Ratings)

Eventfuel.io pricing: Starts at $1999.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Eventfuel.io and how does it work?

Eventfuel.io has a solution of web and mobile-based apps to help corporate event planners to engage and interact with attendees, to get the big data they need to optimize the ROI of their events program. Type in the name and location for the event, capacity and dates. Pick a page layout and registration form. Preview, publish and start inviting. Register offers a selection of beautifully designed, minimalist layouts for your registration page. Pick one that matches your corporate branding or easily create your own layout. show more

Core-apps - Mobile Event Apps


The all-in-one app for your business’s growth
(18 Ratings)

Core-apps pricing: Core-apps Offers Custom plan.

What is Core-apps and how does it work?

Core apps is a prominent event technology firm that specializes in providing scalable, creative, and cost-effective event apps. It simplifies the app development process and provides technical assistance to users along with enabling you to create a schedule with your favourites and set reminders, then monetize the app with various sponsorship opportunities. Core apps feature an intuitive dashboard, as well as sophisticated session capabilities such as multi-type, multi-track, sub sessions, and more. With Core apps, you can include material and customized surveys in the exhibitor directory, and use optimal pictures to navigate the exhibitor directory. It offers a variety of choices for push notifications and targeted alerts for users of messaging apps. You can keep up with popular and trending things using the Activity Feed by Core apps. Users can connect with colleagues, send messages, and arrange meetings within the app to ensure better collaboration. Core apps include complete and seamless integration of your app with the industry's best CRMs and database solutions. Additionally, it offers support for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. show more

Conference Compass - Mobile Event Apps

Conference Compass

The most powerful platform for virtual and live events
(4 Ratings)

Conference Compass pricing: Conference Compass Offers Custom plan.

What is Conference Compass and how does it work?

Conference Compass is the trusted supplier of the world's largest associations, PCO's and meeting planners. Our all-in-one Mobile and Virtual Event Platform helps them captivate their online and live audiences and turn them into active communities. A high-quality app comes with great service that assists and enables you. Your dedicated customer success manager will guide you along the way. Personalize the congress experience with favorites and notes and access personal content from any device. Post on the event feed, chat, network and schedule appointments with other attendees. show more

EventMobi - Mobile Event Apps


An end to end online event management platform for businesses
(203 Ratings)

EventMobi pricing: EventMobi Offers Custom plan.

What is EventMobi and how does it work?

EventMobi is a comprehensive event management solution, helping out businesses schedule hybrid, virtual and in-person events for dedicated audiences. It offers a wide variety of tools and supportive technology which assures engaging outcomes. Event managers can generate websites and email invitations, besides collecting registrations and monitoring the entire online check-in process using the particular solution. Virtual space offered by EventMobi, serves as a customizable online sector for multiple conferences, inclusive of video on demand and live streams. A professional team within the platform offers adequate support in designing the perfect online show. Coordinators can also incorporate interactive Q&A sessions, polls, surveys and gamification within their online events to enhance audience engagement levels and collect valuable feedback. Daily post event reports offered by the software enables greater attendee behaviour monitoring and successful online events. From online training sessions, multi-day conferences to large-scale sales webinar, EventMobi can be used to schedule it all. show more

Guidebook - Mobile Event Apps


Build the best applications you need to stay connected
(2 Ratings)

Guidebook pricing: Starts at $5.0.

What is Guidebook and how does it work?

The Guidebook is an intuitive application builder for events, enterprises and EDU. It is a powerful solution for work-oriented professionals who wish to stay connected to their peers in-person, virtually or through both modes. Guidebook significantly reduces the time required for building applications so that clients can divert their focus on building and growing communities together. The intuitive drag-and-drop platform makes building applications an easy task and thereafter, reaching audiences through various platforms on either the mobile or the web. This very platform is entirely simple to use and powerful enough for curating innovative Android and iOS applications with its best-in-class customer management system (CMS). The Guidebook is flexible to be operated on any platform of the client’s choice and thus, it enables them to overview content from their office as well as from the comfort of their homes. Thereafter, an extensive repository of branding and customisation options can be incorporated into a personalised standalone application or even a shared space in the container application. show more

coneXa Event-App - Mobile Event Apps

coneXa Event-App

All functions of the event app at a glance
(1 Ratings)

coneXa Event-App pricing: coneXa Event-App Offers Custom plan.

What is coneXa Event-App and how does it work?

The coneXa Eventapp is available for all mobile platforms. Evaluate events as well as lectures and speakers. You can adjust the entire content of the evaluation via the management portal and receive a real-time evaluation. Anonymous participation in panel or group discussions using live questions. Offer the exhibitors at your conferences a simple way to present their companies via the app. Transport high-quality digital content such as advertising materials, product information, videos or HTML5 applications using a push service. show more

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List of Mobile Event Apps

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Eventpedia 5
AIDAIO event apps 5
Mambo 5
Socio 4.8
Whova 4.8
EventMobile 4.8
MeetApp 4.8
MeetingPlay 4.8
EventEdge 4.8

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