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Updated on: November 18, 2019

Email Verification Tools

In this technology-driven era, incorporating smart tactics and sophisticated marketing technology in the digital marketing domain is always a welcoming idea. Email marketing is being widely embraced these days to capture potential leads. Now, if you have landed yourself with a list that contains invalid email addresses and disposable ones, then how it can improve your email campaign ROI, a high email bounce rate can cause a huge monetary loss for the business as well as impact the credibility of the domain. Email finder helps in availing the contact details and email addresses of prospective clients/customers. However, it needs to be accurate, verified and validated in the process of lead generation. An email verification software comes with a host of features to ensure your emails are sent to verified and valid addresses to help you find better leads.

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ZeroBounce - Email Verification Tools : SaaSworthy.com


Military-grade data encryption: a secure email validation service
(777 Ratings)

ZeroBounce is an email validation service. It ensures that companies sending complex and high-volume emails achieve better deliverability. The system reduces and eliminates invalid, abuse, inactive, catch-all, temporary, and spam trap email addresses. Removing these addresses from your email list... read more

Email Hippo - Email Verification Tools : SaaSworthy.com

Email Hippo

Email Verification and Data Services
(6 Ratings)

Email Hippo is an Email Verification tool used to verify the email address. Check Syntax Errors, avoid Spam Traps, and Stop Disposable mails. Protect your sender's reputation and measure the performance via Dashboard. Verify Bulk Emails using Email Validation API. Small, Medium and Large companies... read more

BriteVerify - Email Verification Tools : SaaSworthy.com


A misspelled email is a missed customer and a fake email is a real problem

BriteVerify Email Verification ensures that an email address actually exists in real-time without ever sending a message. Our Email Verification API can be added in minutes to anywhere you collect customer data. From web forms to landing pages, from mobile devices to Point-of-Sale systems (POS),... read more

Kickbox - Email Verification Tools : SaaSworthy.com


Smarter Email Verification for Marketers and Developers

Kickbox is a white hat service provider, whose team has been building email technology for more than a decade -- from anti-spam to email encryption. This knowledge and experience comprises the foundation on which Kickbox is built and has helped us become the leader in the email verification... read more

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Buyer's Guide on Email Verification Tools

You will find multiple email finder and verification software flooding the market. As you need to use just one for increasing your email campaign results, it is good to consider certain factors for making a quality purchasing decision.

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