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Updated on: August 19, 2022

Content Creation Software

Content Creation Tools helps marketing teams to create and post well-composed content pieces for cloud marketing applications. Content Creation Software can be used to deliver write-ups, images, infographics, audio, and video content and also help to plan, track, and manage marketing activities.

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Campaignware pricing: Starts at $42.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Campaignware and how does it work?

Campaignware is an online campaign creation platform for companies of all sizes to design their own digital campaigns at a minimal cost and without having to know how to code. It offers pre-built polls, surveys, quizzes and more, to create interactive digital content that develops user marketing list. With Campaignware, user can choose from a library of campaigns, add user branding, and send it to user audience in minutes. It is set up and ready to go with GDPR-compliant content and provides webhooks that can be used to connect to any service. It also offers customer insight and hot leads acquired from large amounts of data. With Campaignware, user can create campaigns in a variety of languages, including Hindi, Spanish, and Mandarin. This platform makes campaign content distribution simple and consistent, resulting in high-quality branded results every time. user can use Campaignware’s subtle, pre-made content templates to personalize user brand according to user requirements. Additionally, user can create a unique email to track how user content campaign is being used, such as personalized messaging, offers, or delivering discounts. show more


Build a Better Blog
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Quickblog pricing: Lifetime deal starts at $69

What is Quickblog and how does it work?

Quickblog helps bloggers and content agencies create embedded, super-fast, SEO ready content, that ranks on Search Engines with priority, without spending any time or $$$ on theme coding, editing or design.

Foleon - Content Creation Software
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Create and Publish Interactive Content Experience
(75 Ratings)

Foleon pricing: Foleon Offers Custom plan.

What is Foleon and how does it work?

Foleon is an interactive platform to create and publish content, enabling users to get bottom-line results. Using this platform, the user can create and design attractive and fully immersive content which the audience won’t easily forget. Like websites, Foleons uses HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript to create content, but unlike websites, they are linear in format — more like a magazine. The platform offers various features needed to create highly effective and interactive content such as powerful template manager, forms and overlays, videos and animations, feature-rich media library with complete content personalization and collaboration with the team. Foleon produces media-rich sales and marketing collaterals that readers can interact with on any device. When the user publishes anything on Foleon, they get the advantages of online hosted content like the ability to track engagement with Google Analytics, personalize content, resent content perfectly on any device (responsiveness), and much more in terms of distribution. show more

OpenStories - Content Creation Software


Automate the video content in a minute
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OpenStories pricing: Starts at $49.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is OpenStories and how does it work?

OpenStories AI is a content creation software, explicitly built to help users easily convert their existing blog content into website stories and videos to improve their marketing strategy and resolve the lack of ideas. This solution manages all content types from the users' websites and allows users to edit, create, and delete any content type that exists on their websites. With OpenStories, users can upload their brand logo and set it in the existing popular storyboards and create personalized content for the target audiences in a moment. Open stories is a highly adaptive and smart software that greatly focuses on the user's editorial habits and provides assistance according to it. Because of this amazing feature, this interface knows how to create a dashboard with tools and information customized according to the user's editorial needs. The adaptive engine's internal feature just observes and learns the activities that users do and tries to enhance their dashboard widgets according to those simple observations. OpenStories software offers a free trial premium and follows the subscription-based pricing strategy. show more

StorifyMe - Content Creation Software


Create alluring visual content to engage customers
(2 Ratings)

StorifyMe pricing: Starts at $29.95. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is StorifyMe and how does it work?

StorifyMe is an engaging interactive storytelling platform enabling merchants to compose and own compelling mobile-first web stories for distribution on social media applications and websites. It delivers high-end services that are relied upon by companies like Klimchi, SAP, Time Rediscovered, and more. With expertly crafted features, the platform creates an immersive experience for shoppers through influential visual stories. StorifyMe enables merchants to create and design great visual experiences easily with a simple yet clever drag-and-drop interface. Users are empowered to sell, create funnels and mobile landing pages easily, besides collecting valuable feedback through quick snackable videos. Moreover, full-scale personalization facilities provided across the platform help authors to deliver a personal touch to their videos and products. This game-changing platform facilitates wide content distribution strategies, helping users share visual content seamlessly anywhere over the internet. Lastly, users also get to gain profound insights with StorifyMe's in-depth analysis and reporting facility that helps them achieve better customer interaction. show more

Contently - Content Creation Software


Excellent content. Better outcomes.
(135 Ratings)

Contently pricing: Contently Offers Custom plan.

What is Contently and how does it work?

Contently is a world-leading content marketing platform that provides marketers with the strategic insights, people, and technology they need to develop stories that stand out. It offers expert content planning to inform you about the kind of channels, formats, information, voice and tone that your target audience prefers. Contently's Content Ideation Suite provides marketers with a continual supply of innovative story ideas by combining clever algorithms with human creativity to produce a steady stream of high-performing narrative ideas. It also offers SEO narrative ideas that develop story concepts that are likely to rank highly in search with a single click, depending on your unique content strategy. With Contently, you can develop intelligent content suggestions, coordinate your teams, demonstrate ROI, and produce better content quicker. This content marketing platform makes it simple to develop high-performing content and track its ROI to the penny. With the newest update of Contently’s Analytics Suite, you can now see how much organic traffic is valuable to your business. Additionally, you can create personalized pitch requests to gain fresh perspectives on a topic that your audience cares about. show more

ClearVoice - Content Creation Software


Content Marketing Platform
(46 Ratings)

ClearVoice pricing: ClearVoice Offers Custom plan.

What is ClearVoice and how does it work?

ClearVoice is an unprecedented, leading-edge platform that provides a full-circle solution to content marketing. Convey brand needs through profiles, guidelines, and campaigns that flow into assignments. Allow multiple users to create, review, comment on, edit, and approve assignments. View work samples, message freelancers, request pitches, or send assignments directly from freelancers' CV Portfolios. Get a snapshot of your latest campaigns, messages, action items, and recent activity. show more

Genially - Content Creation Software


Create splendid presentations easily
(33 Ratings)

Genially pricing: Starts at $1.25. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Genially and how does it work?

Genially is a presentation creating software that brings a host of customization modules. It equips one with dossiers, video presentations, quizzes, e-posters, etc. Communication is always better aided with visual counterparts and Genially enables one for that. The user/firm is able to put forward his ideas in crystal clear form with this tool and even make it all the more interesting. It is also a platform for imparting education and helps one to prepare interesting interactive presentations using audio, video, and slideshows. Creation of maps and quizzes can be accomplished without any hassle. The app makes your blog or website look more attractive and information enriched with its advanced features. The user interface is also very simple and plain. A user can start with selecting the industry and can choose from a list of options that range from creating presentations, guides, stories, etc. Moreover, it hardly requires any complex programming skills from the user’s end. To its reputation, the app extends to over 150 countries and is accessed and enjoyed by over 3,000,000 users. show more

Snazzy AI - Content Creation Software

Snazzy AI

Generate creative contents in a few minutes
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Snazzy AI pricing: Starts at $25.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Snazzy AI and how does it work?

Snazzy AI lets users generate creative contents for their brands in minutes. The solution can be used to create Google Ads, landing pages and taglines in real-time. Its automated landing page creation facility is of great help and gets the time-consuming processes completed in three simple clicks. Moreover, an inbuilt diverse set of templates and AI-powered facilities helps users generate scalable content in few minutes. Snazzy AI is of great help for agencies, startups, content teams and enterprises. Users can also utilise the solution to generate product descriptions of their choice, which are generally based on a particular set of descriptive tags. Snazzy AI uses a combination of its own proprietary ML and model named GPT-3 to curate attractive contents. Individuals just need to have an active email address to get started with the software in first hand. Other inbuild features include phone switching, unlimited contents, customise templates and same-day support. show more

DCatalog - Content Creation Software


Publish content and drive sales
(21 Ratings)

DCatalog pricing: DCatalog Offers Custom plan.

What is DCatalog and how does it work?

DCatalog is an online catalogue publishing platform for businesses and professionals to publish their PDF content and increase brand awareness/online sales. It provides a one-stop solution for the entire publication process. The platform is loaded with interactive enhancements that force increment in sales. DCatalog empowers publishers, catalogue creators, marketing and eCommerce professionals to easily create and publish HTML5 digital flipbooks. Users can transform their content into stunning flip catalogues, magazines, brochures, training materials, annual reports and more, to reach worldwide customers. The platform allows users to upload, edit and maintain documents in real-time. It provides a Virtual Catalog Rack that allows users to categorise the information into multiple categories. This also helps customers to filter through the catalogues and quickly jump to the necessary information. Users can create an expandable table of contents that give customers an easy navigation experience to search for the information that they want. show more

EasyContent - Content Creation Software


Content Workflows Made Simple
(2 Ratings)

EasyContent pricing: Starts at $35.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is EasyContent and how does it work?

EasyContent software is a platform used to plan production using the content calendar. The software offers a rich-text editor to add structure with content templates with flexible approval workflows. Collaborate with teams to plan assignments with progress and statuses via dashboard. Professionals, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Opinion Stage - Content Creation Software

Opinion Stage

Create free polls, surveys, forms, and quizzes
(136 Ratings)

Opinion Stage pricing: Starts at $19.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Opinion Stage and how does it work?

Opinion Stage is an online content creation software that enables you to create free polls, surveys, quizzes, and forms that are highly engaging and interactive. It helps you improve social sharing, content engagement, and dwell time by using polls and quizzes. With Opinion Stage, you can integrate a lead form inside a highly engaging poll, form, or quiz to get up to 200% more leads. You can use the quiz questions to qualify your leads and assign contact information to quiz answers. You can use graphic interactive surveys and forms to collect more and better data. You can use a user-friendly analytics dashboard to rapidly and simply examine results. With a customised interactive quiz or survey, you can help your consumers choose the appropriate product or service based on their interests and requirements. You can also add ads into and around your polls and quizzes to increase CTR and ad income. You can make something from scratch or use a template. Additionally, to fit your brand, you can fully personalize the tools with your sizes, colors, and fonts. show more

BrandpointHUB - Content Creation Software


Content marketing software
(20 Ratings)

BrandpointHUB pricing: Starts at $162.0.

What is BrandpointHUB and how does it work?

The BrandpointHUB content marketing platform is designed to help your content creation team increase collaboration, maximize efficiency. The content creation experience feels like the writing and editing tools you’re already using so you spend less time getting familiar and more time creating. Easily include critical header tags, metadata and other SEO elements. Always have quick and easy access to relevant visual or research assets. show more

Joomag - Content Creation Software


Create content and publish digitally with Joomag
(117 Ratings)

Joomag pricing: Starts at $39.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Joomag and how does it work?

Joomag is an all-in-one platform that provides a comprehensive set of integrated solutions for content marketing, digital publishing, corporate communications, and sales engagement. Joomag's publications are compatible with all major mobile and online platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows. You can easily share your online magazines by embedding them on your website or any WordPress or Joomla site with Joomag. You may make your digital publication more search engine friendly by optimising it for Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You have the ability to develop high-quality marketing content. Then use it to promote your brand and create leads across numerous channels, all from one platform. With its team collaboration tools, content production options, and other features, you can improve interdepartmental and external communications while also improving overall performance. You may go above and beyond traditional publication by innovating on each page. You may create high-impact material using interactive internet tools. You may expand your brand's reach while tracking your progress from any one location. Furthermore, you may boost sales by developing interesting sales content that entices readers, generates leads, and converts them all into customers. show more

Jooseph - Content Creation Software


A Content Curation Tool
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Jooseph pricing: Jooseph Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Jooseph and how does it work?

Jooseph software is a platform used to share curated content on learning paths. The software offers structured learning paths for your audiences with different resources, structure with sections, and words descriptions. Create subscription plans and can share products with announcements. Analyze subscriptions content with data and feedback for better workflows. show more

Ceros - Content Creation Software


Generate attractive and business-relevant contents with ease
(110 Ratings)

Ceros pricing: Ceros Offers Custom plan.

What is Ceros and how does it work?

Ceros is a compact content creation platform for marketers and designers, helping them to move fast with their business-relevant decisions. Users get to generate immersive content for their viewers without writing even a single line of code. This way they can liberate and transform their own digital presence across multiple touchpoints. The software acts as a true ecosystem, capable of generating impactful content experiences across the digital field. Designers and marketers also get to leverage the ecosystem to empower, educate and inspire themselves along with the entire team. Moreover, brands can trust Ceros to get their digital paralysis resolved, backed by an army of efficient experts, top-graded world-class design and ten tears of field experience. A creation studio integrated within the same helps creators analyze, build, distribute, amplify and analyze content as per their requirements. 600+ brands across the globe are using Ceros to get sorted with their business tasks. show more

WriterAccess - Content Creation Software


Streamline your processes
(41 Ratings)

WriterAccess pricing: Starts at $39.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is WriterAccess and how does it work?

The content marketing revolution has reached its pinnacle. Every day, WriterAccess connects 40,000+ consumers with 15,000+ freelance writers, editors, translators, designers, illustrators, animators, and content strategists, making it the world's fastest-growing content creative marketplace. We've made the INC 5000 List for the past five years, thanks to software that makes it simple to identify talent, place orders, and streamline processes. WriterAccess is trusted by companies like Kelly Services, MGM, Draft Kings, Randstad, Accenture, Canyon Ranch, Liberty Mutual, Ancestry, Lids, EveryNurse, and more to supply the high-quality material needed to grow any brand or scale any agency. WriterAccess provides a comprehensive list of article writing services. It can create everything from blog writing services to article writing, product descriptions, and case studies. Its sophisticated technology connects you to the best authors with the necessary knowledge for your assignment. Our content creation platform provides you with the people, resources, and training you need to expand content marketing, develop your company or agency, and master content marketing to win online. show more

GatherContent - Content Creation Software


Generate quality content in no time
(164 Ratings)

GatherContent pricing: Starts at $99.0.

What is GatherContent and how does it work?

GatherContent is a Content Operations Platform that enables teams to create high-quality content at a large scale. It's difficult to plan, organize, and manage information across various systems with hundreds of stakeholders. GatherContent brings order to the chaos by providing a single platform for managing the people and processes involved in creating great content that fulfills user needs and company objectives. GatherContent allows you to take control of your content operations and consistently offer high-quality content. GatherContent is unique in that it enables structured content to be created by everyone in your organization in a fraction of the time and at scale, with the ability to deliver material to any location. This is used by thousands of teams, including agencies, higher education institutions, non-profits, healthcare, government, and enterprise-level businesses. To save time and assure consistency, organize your content. Instructions and guidelines keep your content and team on track. Use our integrations to link GatherContent to your existing channels and stack, or use our starter packs to develop super-fast web experiences on top of GatherContent. show more

TechValidate - Content Creation Software


Capture and transform customer feedback to scale your business
(34 Ratings)

TechValidate pricing: TechValidate Offers Custom plan.

What is TechValidate and how does it work?

TechValidate is a feedback management software for business that captures and transforms customer feedback into case studies, reviews, testimonials and more. The software helps to create a growing library of customer stories and proof points to assist demand generation initiatives. It boosts conversion rates by including social proof on the form pages. TechValidate helps users to create more effective content by using the feedback of customers in reports, eGuides, infographics, etc. It provides the sales team with a comprehensive and self-service database of customer source content. Sales reps can access dozens of case studies, ROI metrics and testimonials that can be easily filtered to match the sales prospect. With TechValidate, users can divide the results of projects into smaller parts using the desired filtering criteria to generate powerful and targeted content. The software can also help users to boost their efforts through a steady stream of short-form, social-ready content and keep customers engaged. show more

SnapApp - Content Creation Software


Convert prospects into qualified leads
(140 Ratings)

SnapApp pricing: SnapApp Offers Custom plan.

What is SnapApp and how does it work?

Snapapp is an interactive content creation platform that helps you speed up your discovery process by revealing buyer intent. It enables you to create interactive experiences that help you better grasp your prospects' problems and provide what they need to go forward. With SnapApp, you can capture the attention of prospects with material that is focused on questions and encourage them to join in discussions. By allowing prospects to self-qualify through your content, you can send only the most promising leads to sales. You can include question-based interactive content for prospects wherever you generate traffic. It can be integrated easily with your website, landing pages for campaigns, and PDF-based material such as ebooks and whitepapers. SnapApp offers intuitive dashboards and drill-down statistics that help you figure out which types of content are performing well on which channels and why. With simple design tools, you can quickly create unique, on-brand, and engaging experiences. SnapApp can integrate with your existing marketing automation, CRM, and analytics systems to automatically transfer any lead data you acquire from your content across your marketing tech stack. show more

Turtl - Content Creation Software


Enterprise Content Automation
(22 Ratings)

Turtl pricing: Turtl Offers Custom plan.

What is Turtl and how does it work?

Turtl is a unique Enterprise Content Automation tool that uses personalized digital assets to build deeper relationships at scale using its powerful in-built software. Sales and Marketing teams can use this tool to get closer to their audience and improve results with the content scientifically proven to be more appealing than generic and static documents. The tool empowers Sales teams to thoroughly understand the buying group with the personalized sales materials tailored to the modern buying journey. Content materials that show organizations how well they are being read can help create an engaging company culture and staff engagement throughout the organization. Turtl helps companies attract the best talent and see which candidates are genuinely interested in personalized materials at every stage of their hiring process. Organizations can scale their operations by using customized content in various modes such as newsletters, annual reports, whitepapers, and more. Turtl helps communicators realize their full potential and become everyone’s preferred way to tell their stories. show more

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