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Updated on: July 16, 2019
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Cloud-based multi featured dashboard software
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DataHero is a cloud-based dashboard software that is also available in SaaS version and is mobile-friendly too. This software comes enhanced with diverse features, in addition to just dashboard ones. It contains big-data features, business intelligence features, data visualization features, etc. to name a few. Users can generate data-driven actionable business reports with the help of its useful reporting features. Business growth and performance can be measured using statistical analysis features. DataHero comes with attractive dashboard features like themes, widgets, annotations, data source integrations, scoreboards, etc. It supports both private and public dashboards.

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DataHero Technical details

Support Business Hours Online Customer Type Large Enterprises Medium Business Small Business
API NA Contact Santa Monica, CA
Deployment SaaS/Web/Cloud Mobile - Android Mobile - iOS Category Dashboard Software Business Intelligence Software

DataHero Pricing

Pricing ModelFree Trial , Subscription
How much does DataHero cost ?
The pricing for DataHero starts at $59.0 per month. DataHero has 4 different plans such as - Starter at $59.0 per month, Premium at $99.0 per month, Team at $250.0 per month and Enterprise at $500.0 per month.
$59 /Month
  • Create and export charts
  • Import data from multiple sources
  • Share charts with other users
  • Uploads up to 2 MB each
  • 1 user
$99 /Month
  • Create unlimited dashboards
  • Combine data across services
  • Automatically update your charts
  • Customized chart branding
  • Uploads up to 10 MB each
  • 1 user
$250 /Month
  • Share your dashboards
  • Create and administer a team
  • Sharing controls
  • Uploads up to 40 MB each
  • Add custom logos
  • Up to 3 users
  • Add dashboard viewers for only $14
$500 /Month

Pricing starts $500/month

  • Custom development & integrations
  • Managed data sources and chart creation
  • Enterprise-level support
  • Multi-account or Agency licenses
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Disclaimer: The pricing details were last updated on 31/05/2018 from the vendor website and may be different from actual. Please confirm with the vendor website before purchasing.

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DataHero Reviews

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Source : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 28 March 2019)
" DataHero, your analysis hero"

What do you like best?

The ability to link graphs to each other is extremely useful because you can change the filters on a chart and all charts are changed to show the relevant data. This is the main feature that allows you to drill down.

What do you dislike?

There are some limitations in DataHero, such as not being able to place a simple text tag on top of your view or importing an image to accompany your view. These things are required and should be added to the cloud version.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

DataHero is used in our company to analyze the results of complex observational assessments to help identify opportunities for efficiency, financial and CEX improvements in customer and back-office operations. We build every tool and method we define, allowing us to get data from pre-defined studies and actually start analyzing the results from the data capture. The panels we created enabled us to highlight any associated change and impact needs in seconds, as well as providing a portal in which customers can access our finished panels as a travel document along with traditional Excel and PowerPoint documents.

chad m.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 13 February 2019)
Great Company

Pros: Great product and great development team!

Cons: Wish I could get more time to unleash it!

Overall: Worked with the reps, it was a wonderful experience!

Source : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 06 January 2019)
"Good product for data ingestion and charts"

What do you like best?

Assigning values to different axes is easy and reduces unnecessary complications that act as roadblocks in the speed of solution.

What do you dislike?

UI could add some new features as per the latest market trend . But those are minor.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

converting tons of data in a easy to read format and help business taking important decisions and tracking direction of business movement.

Alex R.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 18 September 2018)
Excellent Tool for Media Reports

Pros: Ease and conveienece, very easy to create reports for my PR dept.

Cons: Still some clerical things I need to do. Wish I could just open up data hero and have reports ready to go.

Roderick F.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 18 September 2018)
Data Hero

Pros: I like the ability to tie into other platforms and have that data updated daily.

Cons: Since using the platform, I've not run into many issues. I use it daily!

Overall: Overall it's helped me in business being able to track progress daily and share it with the team.

Phillip J. L.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 18 September 2018)
Easy & Fast KPIs for my Team

Pros: Easy UI, plenty of options and integrations to other apps, export functionality and fast

Cons: Wish there was multi-table data that could be generated instead of multiple charts from one data set.

They need better tips on how to generate above average tables.

Some methods don't always work the same. example if I needed to show How many cases were received from a specific topic(Y axis) M2M(X axis) while giving me the average handle time per topic on a Z-Axis it works but as soon as i change data to another 3 data points it doesnt work the same.

Overall: Despite its short comings it is still the easiest method I have some across that is both visually appealing to our executives and simple to manage the data.

Juan Ignacio G.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 13 August 2018)
Engineers meet Designers: Great app!

Pros: The easy integration with the cloud offered by the app, combined with an elegant and simple design that makes the task even simpler. In some way they are managing to impose a model of data visualization platform so that those who follow them do so by the way they mark. In addition, the price in relation to the support they offer is very low.

Cons: The task of displaying hard data in an elegant and simple way is not easy for everyone to understand; Having said that, I think there is a long way to go before DataHero can be the ideal tool.

Overall: Within the agency we work with big data and we have been able to test this tool for integration with the cloud and, above all, for the design.

Rishi K.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 05 February 2018)
Only turnkey dashboard I found with sufficient data filtering

Pros: I was almost going to pull the trigger on building a custom dashboard which I really wasn't excited about for multiple reasons. Also found the filtering capability useful for Intercom as well. I needed to filter only certain conversations and again was pretty quick and painless to get the graph I wanted.

Cons: Didn't like that in order to share the dashboard with other folks on my team I had to upgrade plans.

Overall: -Was able to construct dashboards for our PM and Customer Success teams that are closest to what I need without any engineering help.

Douglas J.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 02 February 2018)
Overall very good. Seamless process to get our data ingested and get some charts up and running.

Pros: The range of sources to automatically pull data from is great. We've also imported quite a bit of our own custom formatted data via CSV. The app makes it quite easy to extract meaning from the data by allowing you to visually assign values to different axes and apply aggregations such as summations, averages, totals, etc. Anyone that spends time with data knows that it's a bit of an iterative process while you try to arrive at the right visualization to convey the right message. This app makes that process quite fluid.

We've looked at quite a few different BI visualization tools ranging from very basic ones like Amazon's to very complex ones like Looker and Periscope. There's a trade off with all of them. With the really simple ones you run into a wall with what they can do pretty quickly. With the really complex ones, unless you're looking to do very complex extractions connected up with your data warehouse, they tend to be over the top in terms of a steep learning curve and complexity of usage. Seems like the DataHero guys have hit a nice middle ground where you can very quickly slap together useful visualizations w/o investing huge time into ramp up and learning the specifics of the platform.

Cons: Design wise the UI could use a slight freshening up to be on par with the latest and greatest web apps, but I wouldn't say that that takes away from the actual usage and functionality.
I'm told that they're adding add'l functionality to make it easy to share charts with others via email and web page integrations soon. That will be pretty key.

Guillaume GillesSource : getapp.com
(Reviewed on 21 October 2017)
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