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Top 5 Dialpad Talk Alternatives

Zendesk Sell - CRM Software
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Zendesk Sell

All-in-one Sales CRM Software
(475 Ratings)

Zendesk Sell pricing: Starts at $19.0.

What is Zendesk Sell and how does it work?

Zendesk Sell is a salesforce automation software to make better decisions in Sales. It is simple, user-friendly, and designed to help sales reps to keep selling. Focused on increasing productivity, the software gives quick access to relevant deal data to facilitate ease of analysis and collaboration. Data capture is automatic, and therefore, agents and sales reps can always stay on the same page when handling customer accounts. It streamlines the building and management of sales pipelines so that reps can prioritize prospects and customers. The greatest USP of the software is enabling users to send emails, make calls, view deal history, and schedule meetings in a few clicks. SmartList is another fantastic feature that allows for the segmentation and filtering of deals and leads in real-time. Businesses can integrate their everyday tools with the platform or create their own Zendesk apps to be used exclusively. Zendesk Sell’s SDKs and APIs provide the foundation for the successful project integrations. show more

Dialpad Talk vs Zendesk Sell | Zendesk Sell Alternatives
GoTo Connect - VoIP Providers

GoTo Connect

Cloud Phone System & Virtual Meeting Platform
(0 Ratings)

GoTo Connect pricing: Starts at $24.0.

What is GoTo Connect and how does it work?

GoTo Connect is a customizable, scalable, all-in-one cloud phone and meeting system with everything businesses need to connect from anywhere: customizable business phone features, integrated video conferencing from GoTo Meeting, team chat and contact center functionality.

GoTo Connect Alternatives
Vonage Business - VoIP Providers

Vonage Business

Make connections that matter to your business faster
(855 Ratings)

What is Vonage Business and how does it work?

Vonage Business Solutions is a cloud-based communications platform for small and medium-sized businesses. The service includes a business phone system that allows companies to link their VoIP phone system to internet-enabled devices and communicate via text, phone, or video conferencing. Call announce and screening, multiple devices on a single extension, do not disturb settings, and more are all standard features. Account managers can check call recordings, set up dialling limitations, alter dashboard visibility for employees, and view billing information using the admin site.Work smarter with Vonage Business Communications, our unified communications platform, which allows you to interact with people from all over the world via phone, messaging, and video. Over 40 powerful features provide the ideal blend of flexibility and control, allowing your company to operate smarter. You can manage your messages and collaborate from practically anywhere with our award-winning mobile app. We have a 99.999 percent uptime reliability1, assuring optimal productivity for your company.Setup is straightforward, quick, and simple to scale as your company grows. Because there are no annual obligations, you can cancel at any moment. And we take pleasure in providing excellent customer service: obtaining assistance is simple. You can contact us via phone, email, chat, or our online help centres. We even provide client portals with knowledge base articles to assist you in finding answers at any time.Users can now use the Vonage Business Solutions mobile app to access the service. Vonage Business Solutions also provides desktop plug-ins for further customization. Users can also merge their contacts from Google, Outlook, and CRM platforms like Salesforce. show more

Dialpad Talk vs Vonage Business | Vonage Business Alternatives
RingCentral Office - VoIP Providers

RingCentral Office

Get your business-specific communications streamlined in an organised way.
(2,235 Ratings)

RingCentral Office pricing: Starts at $19.99.

What is RingCentral Office and how does it work?

RingCentral Office is a robust communication and collaboration platform that enables seamless communication between in house employees and clients over messages, videos and calls. The platform simplifies users’ workflow by providing them with an easy way to forward team-specific messages, share files and manage tasks on the go. It helps to reduce email clutter by creating dedicated threads and folders for individual teams, projects and topics. Users can even streamline their work by inviting their partners and customers to join in conversations as per need. RingCentral Office also enables employees to make flawless HD quality video and audio calls to individual colleagues, partners or customers. The platform abides by enterprise-grade security without any compromise, to facilitate the proper safety of audio and video calls. RingCentral Office offers 99.999% uptime SLA so that users get to receive maximum calls. Moreover, it even allows real-time integration with appropriate external tools, assuring better decision making. show more

Dialpad Talk vs RingCentral Office | RingCentral Office Alternatives
Comcast Business VoiceEdge - VoIP Providers
(0 Ratings)

Comcast Business VoiceEdge pricing: Comcast Business VoiceEdge Offers Custom plan.

What is Comcast Business VoiceEdge and how does it work?

A cloud-based virtual PBX service loaded with calling features for enterprise level businesses. Business phone solution that offers internet packages, voice mobility, SIP trunking, and more.

Comcast Business VoiceEdge Alternatives

Products Similar to Dialpad Talk

Grasshopper - VoIP Providers


Manage business communication like an expert without compromising on the quality of your services
(234 Ratings)

Grasshopper pricing: Grasshopper Offers Custom plan.

What is Grasshopper and how does it work?

Grasshopper is a virtual phone system designed for small businesses. It adds a business line to users’ personal phone numbers allowing them to keep personal and professional communication separate and easy to manage. This intuitive phone service management software delivers a variety of advanced features that take care of business communication and office management-related tasks in an efficient way. Also, Grasshopper helps users keep their personal numbers private and offers a separate line to streamline business calls smartly. It alerts users of any incoming business calls and delivers facilities like custom greetings, extensions, and call rerouting for effective business process management. Furthermore, users can also get access to this platform through various devices to stay connected at any time. The platform also helps users avoid busy signals on calls by letting them take multiple calls on different devices and cater to client-specific needs simultaneously. Also, facilities like business texting, voicemail transcription, call forwarding and an AI receptionist offered by Grassshpper helps businesses optimize communications without compromising the quality. show more

Grasshopper Alternatives
Fuze - VoIP Providers


Set up compact video conferences with dynamic screen and content sharing options
(503 Ratings)

Fuze pricing: Starts at $15.0.

What is Fuze and how does it work?

Fuze as a video conferencing software helps organisations to set up video conferences with up to 1000 participants. The software is suitable for a wide range of events including one-on-one check-ins, sales presentations, team meetings, training sessions, company town halls and marketing webinars. It comes loaded with a variety of tools that participants need to communicate their ideas. They can depend on inbuilt features to continue screen sharing, utilise whiteboard, upload content, take meeting notes and engage in group or private chats with other participants. Companies can use Fuze to connect groups of coworkers and external parties easily with one-on-one or group messages, conveniently. Users can even synchronise the software with Google or Microsoft Outlook calendar, eliminating out confusion regarding availability dates. In addition, they can also schedule or organise meetings, make calls and sync contacts from their Microsoft and Google collaboration suits. Moreover, organisations are provided access to trend analysis and a centralised overview of their communication platform by this particular platform. show more

Fuze Alternatives
Jive Voice - VoIP Providers

Jive Voice

Enterprise-class VoIP business system
(641 Ratings)

Jive Voice pricing: Starts at $19.95.

What is Jive Voice and how does it work?

Jive Voice is a cloud-based, business-class hosted VoIP business system that provides hosted VoIP solutions to both small and medium-sized businesses. Jive Voice was designed with customizability in mind, so it can be tailored to fit the needs of any company. Call analytics, auto-attendants, call recording, dial plan editor, auto-divert, cloud PBX, auto-reject, call monitoring, sophisticated ring strategies, call queue, call forwarding, and pre-call are just a few of its key features. Jive Voice is a VoIP business system and it is cloud-based with a set of unified communication. Jive Voice allows you to prepare ahead of time and customize call schedules with your preferred dial plan. It has a simple dial plan builder that allows you to graphically map out call flows using a drag-and-drop canvas. It is a well-known piece of software that is utilized by a variety of large and small businesses. With the facts at your disposal, you should be able to make an informed purchase of Jive Voice that you will not regret. It offers a free trial and multiple premium plan options to fit every type of requirement and budget. show more

Dialpad Talk vs Jive Voice | Jive Voice Alternatives
MightyCall - VoIP Providers


Virtual Phone all-in-one
(75 Ratings)

MightyCall pricing: Starts at $9.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is MightyCall and how does it work?

MightyCall is a cloud-based commercial VoIP service for small enterprises. It aids users in managing customer support calls as well as internal communications. Incoming calls are handled by MightyCall, which includes toll-free, local, and vanity numbers. Voicemail, hold music, conference calling, call forwarding, and call screening and recording are all included. Text messages, calls, emails, callback requests, and social media interactions are all displayed on a multichannel activity dashboard, along with expected response times and the rep assigned to each task. Companies can use email integration to transform emails into to-do lists that can subsequently be allocated to any team member. Managers can receive alerts about incoming requests and allocate them to team members using the mobile app for Android and iOS smartphones. It also includes capabilities such as VIP/blacklist call routing, conference calls, performance reports, and call history, among others. MightyCall is a monthly membership service that provides live chat, phone, and email assistance. Business and Enterprise plan users can make use of the call waiting option. show more

Dialpad Talk vs MightyCall | MightyCall Alternatives
VoIPstudio - VoIP Providers


A phone system to automate your business
(1,104 Ratings)

VoIPstudio pricing: Starts at $4.99.

What is VoIPstudio and how does it work?

VoIPstudio is a VoIP phone service for managing communication solutions.The software has a full set of PBX functionality as well as CRM integration.You may construct virtual conA phone system to automate your business reference rooms with personalized messages and musical interludes for callers on hold with VOLPstudio. Advanced VoIP features include configurable ACD queues for managing inbound traffic and effectively distributing calls. The software is used by small, medium, and large businesses. You get all the capabilities you need to construct a call center right out of the box with VoIPstudio! You can record limitless calls with VoIPstudio to ensure regulatory compliance, train agents, and integrate records directly into CRMs like Zoho, Oracle Sales Cloud, and Salesforce. VoIPstudio gives you the tools you need to connect your teams from anywhere, making remote collaboration easier than ever. Furthermore, all of our customers have access to free business features such as conference calls, video conferencing, group chat, and sharing. show more

VoIPstudio Alternatives
RingByName - VoIP Providers


Cloud-Based Phone Service and VOIP Provider
(8 Ratings)

RingByName pricing: Starts at $28.95. Offers Custom plan.

What is RingByName and how does it work?

RingByName is designed to help create better relationships with your customers with its built-in intelligent routing and customer relations software. Track all interactions with customers and prospects, enabling you to make more sales and provide better service. The Virtual Receptionist will answer your business phone 24/7 and greet your client by name. Voicemail to email will deliver messages so they can be heard on any device. show more

Dialpad Talk vs RingByName | RingByName Alternatives
Yodel - VoIP Providers


Get your business phone number on Slack
(21 Ratings)

Yodel pricing: Starts at $25.0.

What is Yodel and how does it work?

Yodel is the cloud based business phone solution that seamlessly integrates with teams and workflows. The virtual assistant answers calls, gives insight about the caller and puts the call through to team members and applications.

Dialpad Talk vs Yodel | Yodel Alternatives
Ringover - VoIP Providers


Cloud calling made easier
(202 Ratings)

Ringover pricing: Ringover Offers Custom plan.

What is Ringover and how does it work?

Everything your team needs to connect better with prospects, customers and with each other. Set up your cloud PBX in minutes. Add numbers and users in one click. Make unlimited calls to 110 destinations. Integrate with leading CRM and Helpdesk tools. Call center tools, supervision and coaching features. Video conferencing and group messaging. show more

Ringover Alternatives
Vodia PBX - VoIP Providers

Vodia PBX

Call management made easy with Vodia PBX
(4 Ratings)

Vodia PBX pricing: Vodia PBX Offers Custom plan.

What is Vodia PBX and how does it work?

Vodia PBX is a hybrid IP-PBX software with a complete suite of business telephony features serving industries such as healthcare, hospitality, education and call centres alike. Vodia PBX offers a variety of productive services that are trusted by prominent companies such as Cisco, Easybell, Twilio and Hexanet among others. This phone systems platform comes loaded with a multitude of advanced features, helping businesses handle calls between multiple parties in an effortless way. Users can connect calls via extensions that have their own time zones, language and specified ringtones saved for better call organisation. Moreover, all the available extensions come with their own mailboxes, facilitating easy voice message saving and restoration. Inter-team collaboration lets users group, share or move messages to relevant mailboxes, facilitating faster responses. Moreover, real-time integration facilities offered by the software with external CRMs like Zoho, Hubspot and Salesforce ensures seamless connection and telephony services in an efficient manner. show more

Dialpad Talk vs Vodia PBX | Vodia PBX Alternatives
FluentStream - VoIP Providers


Cloud Based business communications solution
(13 Ratings)

FluentStream pricing: Starts at $20.0.

What is FluentStream and how does it work?

FluentStream Business phone system is designed with call centers in mind. It offers offers fully hosted (VoIP) telecommunications service for business. FluentStream has reinvented business phone systems. FluentStream can manage all sizes of business and works.

FluentStream Alternatives
Ring4 - VoIP Providers


Manage Business with Phone System
(38 Ratings)

Ring4 pricing: Starts at $9.99. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Ring4 and how does it work?

Ring4 software is a Phone system in the cloud and can be used on any devices. Ring4 mobile numbers can let you call, text & receive voicemails via the app over data or WiFi. The app comes with call recording and video conference. It supports Mobile Android and iOS. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

Dialpad Talk vs Ring4 | Ring4 Alternatives
PBX Plus by 500apps - VoIP Providers

PBX Plus by 500apps

A Virtual PBX Software
(3 Ratings)

PBX Plus by 500apps pricing: Starts at $9.99. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is PBX Plus by 500apps and how does it work?

PBX+ or PBX Plus by 500apps is a Virtual PBX software used to automate business workflows. The software offers a built-in text-to-speech converter to boost your productivity through a virtual phone system. Manage customers with hosted PBX and connect with your employees spend handling calls. Generate reports to drive revenue for business with call flows. Customer service sectors, Medium companies make use of the software. show more

PBX Plus by 500apps Alternatives
iPlum - VoIP Providers


First Choice for Business Phone Line Solutions
(0 Ratings)

iPlum pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Custom plan.

What is iPlum and how does it work?

iPlum is a VoIP application designed to help businesses implement interactive voice response (IVR)-based automatic call attendants and manage calls and messages using the internet or phone's network.

Dialpad Talk vs iPlum | iPlum Alternatives
Voxloud - VoIP Providers


The freedom to work wherever you are
(24 Ratings)

Voxloud pricing: Starts at $19.75.

What is Voxloud and how does it work?

Work anywhere, any time on your laptop, tablet or smartphone using our apps and VoIP telephones. Connect incoming calls to the right person faster with an interactive voice response system (IVR) featuring one or more levels. Add context to your phone conversations with the most famous CRM integrations on the market. show more

Voxloud Alternatives
iTeleCenter - VoIP Providers


Look and sound more professional
(0 Ratings)

iTeleCenter pricing: Starts at $19.95.

What is iTeleCenter and how does it work?

iTeleCenter provides you a business toll free or local number that you can manage from an app on your smartphone or any browser. Get your new number activated and ready to accept calls and texts in under 5 minutes.

iTeleCenter Alternatives
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