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Updated on: August 14, 2022
Tweelog A twitter analytics and content creation tool

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Postly pricing: Starts at $21.25. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Postly and how does it work?

Postly is a Content Planner and Scheduler. It enables the user to plan, review, approve, schedule social media Posts and monitor performance via analytics dashboards. All in secure and private Workspaces.

Postly Alternatives


The ultimate tool to achieve your marketing goals
(4 Ratings)

Metricool pricing: Lifetime deal starts at $129

What is Metricool and how does it work?

Metricool is a tool used to measure your content on social media accounts and online ad campaigns. All the statistics for your website, blogs, and ad campaigns are gathered in one place and your performance can be compared and easily analyzed against those of your competitors to provide insights on how to improve digital strategy. You can arrange, organize, and optimize your content strategy based on levels of audience response. Metricool features an automated report system that provides a professional-looking report for you, your team, or your clients. You have absolute influence over what can be included or can not be included in the reports. Metricool gives you an idea of how well your audience interacts with your website or blog in real-time, for example, you can measure the popularity or impact of your Twitter hashtags for campaigns among your audience. Metricool is optimized for great performance among multiple device platforms and is a useful tool for marketing agencies and community managers. show more

Metricool Alternatives
Social Blade - Social Media Analytics Tools

Social Blade

Analytics Made Easy
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Social Blade pricing: Social Blade Offers Custom plan.

What is Social Blade and how does it work?

Social Blade originally as a resource for Digg users to track their success on the Social News site, but has expanded to YouTube, Twitter, Twitch and Instagram as well. Now the number one priority of our company is to provide YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram Users with a way to track their channel's statistics and compare themselves with others. show more

Social Blade Alternatives
Unmetric - Social Media Analytics Tools


Revolutionising Social-Media Campaigning
(39 Ratings)

Unmetric pricing: Starts at $300.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Unmetric and how does it work?

Unmetric is a social media analytics tool. By comparing, evaluating, and analysing your social performance, it assists your team in making real-time decisions. Find out what's connecting with social media audiences right now by filtering any brand's organic and paid content by engagement. You may outsource all your reporting to them for any social network, brand, or time period. Unmetric offers a variety of pre-built reports that may be emailed to your inbox at the touch of a button. It has a vast list of features such as - Automate your social media reporting to save time and effort, and schedule reports to arrive in your mailbox at a time that is convenient for you. Unmetric Analyze also provides a close approximation of rival brands' campaign reach and impressions. One of its most beneficial features is its vast analytics tools using which you can perform sentiment analysis, content analysis by type, engagement analysis by days of the week, and audience analysis on a brand's content interaction. Over a certain time period, identify the most engaging campaigns in a specific industry. show more

Unmetric Alternatives
Social Insight - Social Media Analytics Tools

Social Insight

The Ultimate Instagram Marketing Platform
(4 Ratings)

Social Insight pricing: Starts at $29.0.

What is Social Insight and how does it work?

Social Insight Schedule post inside dashboard and forget about it! It will automatically post on the exact date and time you specify. No need to install an app to approve scheduled posts. Organization is almost as important as execution. No matter what you're scheduling, we make it easy to see when and what is already in queue. show more

Social Insight Alternatives

Products Similar to Tweelog

TweetBinder - Social Media Analytics Tools


Create a hashtag tracker for your campaigns and events
(16 Ratings)

TweetBinder pricing: Starts at $33.33. Offers Custom plan.

What is TweetBinder and how does it work?

Tweet Binder is the hashtag tracking tool for agencies and marketers. Thousands of hashtag trackers are created everyday with our social listening platform. We try to listen to all the requests our clients and users make in order to improve our tweet counter. We are all ears when trying to give the most of Twitter and Instagram potential. Tracking hashtags with Tweet Binder is very simple and it will let you know the impact of your campaign. Our Twitter and Instagram plans have been conceived to fulfill all your needs and to help you to amaze your clients. show more

TweetBinder Alternatives
Tweet Archivist - Social Media Analytics Tools

Tweet Archivist

Essential analytics for tracking and archiving Twitter
(2 Ratings)

Tweet Archivist pricing: Starts at $14.99.

What is Tweet Archivist and how does it work?

We also analyze the archive for you, bubbling up information like top users, words, urls, hashtags and more. This allows you to find the influencers, measure campaign effectiveness, determine sentiment and view the most popular images associated with the tweets for this term. In addition, we do a language breakdown and a volume analysis based on number of tweets per day. show more

Tweet Archivist Alternatives
TrueSocialMetrics - Social Media Analytics Tools


Turn social insights into action
(2 Ratings)

TrueSocialMetrics pricing: Starts at $90.0.

What is TrueSocialMetrics and how does it work?

TrueSocialMetrics.com - is a social media analytics tool that measures the real value of Social Media activity for business and solves the problem of Social Media ROI. As a result you can easily understand in what social networks it’s reasonable to invest your money. No login credentials are required to connect competitors’ social media pages. Compare your results against your competitors, analyze their posting strategy, social media campaigns, followers and learn their best practices. Exclusive Instagram Competitive Analysis. show more

TrueSocialMetrics Alternatives
Snoopreport - Social Media Analytics Tools


An Instagram Activity Tracker For Individuals And Professionals
(2 Ratings)

Snoopreport pricing: Starts at $4.99.

What is Snoopreport and how does it work?

Snoopreport is a tool designed to keep informed of your favourite people and see what they like and who they follow on Instagram. Businesses and professionals can maximize their Instagram marketing performance using the tool. It helps professionals to discover a person’s interest by the content they like and will be able to see the most liked hashtags as well. The Instagram activity history is available in a convenient report format. The tool will show users all insights about someone’s activity in the Instagram activity log. It uses publicly available data including big data to predict a user’s behaviour and verify all their actions. There’s no access needed to anyone’s account or no installation of applications required. Users can view weekly and monthly reports of Instagram activity on the dashboard. It allows users to see all Instagram actions in the form of reports like the history of someone’s activity during a week or month, the number of pictures liked or the number of videos liked on Instagram. show more

Snoopreport Alternatives
ManageFlitter - Social Media Analytics Tools


Hone your Twitter accounts with deep insights delivered expertly
(27 Ratings)

ManageFlitter pricing: Starts at $12.0.

What is ManageFlitter and how does it work?

ManageFlitter as a futuristic Twitter management tool helps users gain detailed insight into their account activity and follower engagement levels in real-time. This advanced platform comes loaded with a nifty set of tools for social media influencers to work with. Its intuitive features help users manage multiple accounts and improve their account wise performance based on useful insights gathered from the same. An integrated search feature lets users filter out accounts by keywords, bio, latest tweet and location for a deeper discovery of profiles. Users can also PowerPost, which enables them to schedule important tweets at specific times for better reach. Moreover, profound insights and detailed analytics offered by ManageFlitter helps businesses with a better understanding of long-term trends, enhanced follower engagement and retention rates besides inclusive content creation strategies. Also, a reliable interface backed by a variety of sophisticated security functionalities make ManageFlitter stand out from the rest as a comprehensive social media engagement tool. show more

ManageFlitter Alternatives
Social Status - Social Media Analytics Tools

Social Status

Bring out power of social media
(38 Ratings)

Social Status pricing: Starts at $26.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Social Status and how does it work?

Social Status is a social media analytics software that automates social media reporting for Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter. Reports can be exported to CSV, PDF, PowerPoint or Google Slides.Social Status is a suite of four different social media analytics tools – Profile Analytics, Competitor Analytics, Ad Analytics and Influencer Analytics.Profile Analytics allows you to generate detailed reports and measure the success of all the pages and profiles you manage, such as Facebook Pages, Instagram Business Profiles, Twitter Profiles, and YouTube Channels. Their Ads Analytics function allows you to generate detailed information on the paid performance of your Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network ad campaigns.One of their most beneficial features is Competitor Analytics which compares the results of your Pages and Profiles to those of competitors and other public profiles. Create detailed reports that include the most popular competitor posts and content themes.With Influencer Analytics get reports on the performance of your influencer marketing campaigns. See which influencers perform the best across various funnel metrics and create post-campaign reports or monthly reports in a flash. show more

Social Status Alternatives
Tagembed - Social Media Analytics Tools


A no-cost social media collector for your site
(3 Ratings)

Tagembed pricing: Starts at $9.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Tagembed and how does it work?

Tagembed is a powerful social media aggregator tool that provides you with a new technique of distributing content that goes beyond social networking. It facilitates gathering, curating, and moderating of visually stunning and engaging social media widgets for use on websites. With Tagembed, you can increase social reach, traffic, engagement, and money with an all-in-one solution. You can upscale your marketing efforts with a flexible social feed widget. You can feature consumer testimonials on your website to provide transparency and credibility. You can increase engagement and conversions by displaying social media stories on your website. You can create visual galleries from your social network postings and effortlessly put them on your website for a more vivid appearance. You can embed, discover, curate, and collect social media material from different social networking sites to provide your website visitors with high-quality content. You can enhance the visitor experience, increase audience involvement, and lengthen the time spent on your website. You can use the comprehensive content filtering feature to monitor and manage the content you want to share with the world. show more

Tagembed Alternatives
ViralMoment - Social Media Analytics Tools


Make Your Brand Famous
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ViralMoment pricing: ViralMoment Offers Custom plan.

What is ViralMoment and how does it work?

Hashtags and views only tell part of the story. With ViralMoment, can now analyze every element of a video & image and truly develop a winning TikTok strategy for brand. TikTok is the king of segmenting. They serve content that you're interested in and are actively engaging with. So how can find content that's relevant to brand & growth strategy. Aside from ghosts accounts, there's no strategic way to curate a feed that's valuable to brand's analytical needs. show more

ViralMoment Alternatives
SocialTracker - Social Media Analytics Tools


The future leader in data analytics
(2 Ratings)

SocialTracker pricing: Starts at $4.99. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is SocialTracker and how does it work?

Social Tracker is a social media analytics software. With SocialTracker, you can monitor the performance of social media influencers and brands. Analyse Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok for followers, views, and postings! You get instant access to vast information on any profile using their powerful AI: monitor competitors, clients, or your own accounts.Some of their essential features include daily reports – you don’t have to perform any actions manually. They automatically provide you with daily reports on your social media accounts and campaigns. Reports are also available to be downloaded as PDF and can be shared easily.One of their most beneficial features is that of the ability to benchmark performances – you can compare the performance of any profile to similar social media accounts and detect the authenticity of the audience reach. It provides you insight onto the influencers working under your brand’s campaigns and keeps you updated on the impact of your accounts in comparison to your competitors. Most of their features are available for free and their premium version is also highly affordable and comes with very useful extra features. show more

SocialTracker Alternatives
Repozix - Social Media Analytics Tools


Not able to control your data? repozix is the answer!
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Repozix pricing: Starts at $19.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Repozix and how does it work?

Repozix is a digital marketing and social media reporting tool, built to help businesses gain insights from data extracted from different platforms. Repozix gives you full control over your data; choose which integrations to connect and select specific data sources; organize your clients by grouping the data sources together. Repozix combines a powerful no-code report designer with an easy to use tool i.e., connects your data, build reports and discover insights. No technical skills are required to create the reports or to manage them. Team members can be invited while controlling their access so that they can connect data sources to an account and contribute in report editing. Offers a rich library of templates; custom reports can also be created. It uses advanced analytics such as: using metric across many dimensions, comparing campaigns, adding upto 10 metrics in a widget. Built for scale; labels can be used to organize workspaces and to make sure your reports are in the right place. Helps to leverage reports (weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly) that refresh automatically. show more

Repozix Alternatives
Pivony - Social Media Analytics Tools


Never missout on your customer’s desires with Pivony
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Pivony pricing: Pivony Offers Custom plan.

What is Pivony and how does it work?

Pivony is an AI-first data analytics and visualisation tool that helps businesses search for opportunities that are not easily discoverable. It also allows companies to generate additional revenue with actions they take. The AI-based engine of the software analyses and contextualises millions of texts in minutes. With Pivony, users can also indulge in fast queries, generate insights and take actions on the go. Users get to choose data sources with reviews intact. Furthermore, this tool helps businesses solve the most difficult part, analyse the dashboard and generate social insights. Top brands that use Pivony include H&M, HSBC and Deliveroo. It filters out redundant options and focuses on what matters the most for a business. Organisations get benefitted from Pivony’s automated data and NLP pipeline. When mobile app reviews are analysed with this tool, access to valuable information comes in handy. Moreover, Pivony also ensures that businesses capture insights from customer complaint websites. show more

Pivony Alternatives
Livedune - Social Media Analytics Tools


Grow your audience, engagement and sales
(9 Ratings)

Livedune pricing: Starts at $5.0.

What is Livedune and how does it work?

We collect social media statistics from your accounts and your competitors hourly for in-depth analysis, and pinpoint opportunities for growth. Manage your online presence with minimal effort when you use our social media publishing tool to schedule your posts ahead of time. Every missed comment is a potential client lost. Keep up with conversations and engage with followers from one easy interface. Aggregated data across all your accounts in all social media in one simple dashboard. show more

Livedune Alternatives
Leadklozer - Social Media Analytics Tools


A Social CRM Software
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Leadklozer pricing: Starts at $155.0.

What is Leadklozer and how does it work?

LeadKlozer allows you to use Super Fans to create first-of-a-kind custom and lookalike audiences that are proven to reduce ad costs by over 20%.

Leadklozer Alternatives
Twitonomy - Social Media Analytics Tools


Gain Insights with Twitter Analytics
(17 Ratings)

Twitonomy pricing: Twitonomy Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Twitonomy and how does it work?

Twitonomy software is a Media Analytics tool to manage all your tweets, retweets, replies, mentions, hashtags on a same platform. Search and monitor interactions with other Twitter users. Track and list of the followers to measure the performance of tweets on social channels. Generate reports to Excel & PDF in just one click. It supports Mobile Android and iOS. Individuals, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Twitonomy Alternatives
Trend Watchers - Social Media Analytics Tools

Trend Watchers

Then channel got demonetized
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Trend Watchers pricing: Starts at $15.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Trend Watchers and how does it work?

This experience taught me the importance of leveraging trends to get traffic & channeling it off YouTube to diversify my income online. To help others avoid the mistakes I made, I created Trend Watchers. This will notify about new trends in niche & show how to use them.

Trend Watchers Alternatives
Olwi - Social Media Analytics Tools


Powerful Marketing Tool
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Olwi pricing: Starts at $15.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Olwi and how does it work?

Olwi is a social media analytics tool designed for marketing research on reddit. Olwi offers users the option to search for a variety of terms, exact matches, titles and descriptions, posts and comments, certain subreddits, and a specific time period. It has a vast list of features such as – makes research easier. involve extensive use of data to identify patterns and opportunities. find customers and examine competing brands. locate your desired niche communities. Make smart use of product promotion. the health of your brand or the brands of your rivals. be aware of the features that potential client desire. One of its most beneficial features is their Queries Notification System - Your search queries can be tracked. When something you've discussed is published, Olwi notifies you. a few instances of this You can answer a new inquiry with your goods. Someone is trying to find an alternative to your rival's offering, right? Be present and say you can help. You can use the Olwi search field to retrieve posts or comments in a certain selection of subreddits by entering some keywords that the target audience may use. show more

Olwi Alternatives
Social Opinion - Social Media Analytics Tools

Social Opinion

Gain Insights with Twitter Analytics
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Social Opinion pricing: Social Opinion Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Social Opinion and how does it work?

Social Opinion software is a platform used to analyse Twitter comments in real-time. Create a Campaign and can monitor Social Opinion to match your Campaign configuration. Visualize metrics with graphical dashboards to understand your data. Receive Notifications about your Campaign performance and can export Tweet data in JSON format. Brand Managers, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. . show more

Social Opinion Alternatives
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