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Top 5 Lodgify Alternatives

Guesty - Property Management Software


Property Management Software for Short-term Rentals
(434 Ratings)

Guesty pricing: Guesty Offers Custom plan.

What is Guesty and how does it work?

Guesty is an end to end solution to simplify the property management needs of every business. The tool claims that users can increase their listings by 100% every year and boost their revenues by as much as 150%. This can save them more than 50 hours per week on average. Features include a channel manager that enables users to distribute & control listings across all channels. This includes Airbnb rentals, Booking.com listings, and much more. It also comes with a unified inbox that acts as a centralized dashboard for guest communication while it syncs the listing data. Users even get a multi-calendar view of all reservations in one place. With an associated mobile app, users can run their business on the go. They even receive a branded website that allows direct bookings with just a click of the mouse. With an Open API, users can build tools with specific capabilities. show more

Lodgify vs Guesty | Guesty Alternatives
Hostaway - Vacation Rental Software


The ultimate vacation rental platform is here
(404 Ratings)

Hostaway pricing: Hostaway Offers Custom plan.

What is Hostaway and how does it work?

Hostaway is an advanced All-In-One vacation rental software, developed specifically to provide assistance to property managers and handlers in managing their vacation rental business efficiently. It automates and streamlines every element of your property management company, allowing you to expand your business in the right direction. Hostaway is a one-of-a-kind Channel and PMS Manager as, unlike other softwares, it grows with you. Each module and service is built to help you scale up your property business with progressing steps. It offers all the communication tools with an industry-leading unified inbox to level up your business. Property managers can use Hostaway's Analytics & Reporting to gain important insight into their business and automate every single tedious activity. The platform's unique channel manager provides all the resources you need to promote your properties with the care and attention they deserve. You can manage every element of your everyday operations with precision and automation, and delegate jobs with confidence. Furthermore, Hostaway provides email/text marketing tools, personalised discounts, customisable booking websites, and monthly seminars on how to increase reservations. show more

Lodgify vs Hostaway | Hostaway Alternatives
OwnerRez - Vacation Rental Software


Fast, flexible vacation rental software
(38 Ratings)

OwnerRez pricing: Starts at $56.0.

What is OwnerRez and how does it work?

OwnerRez is a comprehensive booking management engine, built by people who have vacation rentals of their own. It integrates with channels like Vrbo, AirBnb, and Booking.com to seamlessly synchronize availability, rates, rules and listing content while taking online bookings, managing inquiries, and communicating with guests. OwnerRez provides modern fast websites, guest checkout with e-sign renter agreements and can process payments directly, including auto-scheduled future payments. All emails sent to the guest are templatable, and you can schedule your own emails to go out automatically. OwnerRez also provides travel insurance and damage protection insurance, as well as integration with QuickBooks, property management/owner statements, and other power features. Manage many properties, automate your communication and get detailed statistics and reports without needing to hire a staff. show more

Lodgify vs OwnerRez | OwnerRez Alternatives
Smoobu - Vacation Rental Software


Short Term and Vacation Rentals
(133 Ratings)

Smoobu pricing: Starts at $18.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Smoobu and how does it work?

Smoobu is the all-in-one vacation rental management software. Smoobu syncs all your booking portals, such as Airbnb, Booking.com, Trip.com, Agoda, Expedia etc, automatically, so you no longer need to worry about manual reservations and double bookings. One subscription, all tools. PMS, Channel Manager, Website Builder, Unified Inbox, Payments, Online Check-In, as well as a Dedicated Guest Portal that will make your reviews go up. show more

Lodgify vs Smoobu | Smoobu Alternatives
Hostfully - Vacation Rental Software


Reach out to travel freaks worldwide without in-platform hassles
(0 Ratings)

Hostfully pricing: Starts at $7.99. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Hostfully and how does it work?

Hostfully is a popular software well suited for vacation rentals and related tasks. For a notable duration, Hostfully has been connecting client organisations to their customers, helping the former make money and guaranteeing a dream of an experience for the customers. Client organisations can list themselves on multiple platforms available for vacation booking and attain leads faster than ever. Also as a property management platform, it helps in running and scaling the business in concern by including pipeline management, owner reporting, upselling tools, a calendar and other suitable facilities for widespread channel distribution. This ultimately helps vacation rental managers and organisers to grow and scale their hospitality services across multiple properties in varied locations. It further facilitates automated messaging, pipeline and booking dashboard for overviewing the ongoing sales rates and booking progress, upsells services along with essential tools for letting client organisations take hold of their business in the best way possible. There are, of course, notable benefits some of which include enhanced bookings, single-platform management and a single spot collaboration facility for all team members. show more

Lodgify vs Hostfully | Hostfully Alternatives

Products Similar to Lodgify

Cloudbeds - Hotel Management Software
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A reliable tool to manage several hotel aspects
(256 Ratings)

Cloudbeds pricing: Cloudbeds Offers Custom plan.

What is Cloudbeds and how does it work?

Cloudbeds hotel management software helps users in managing multiple tasks necessary to ensure the proper management of hospitality services. Ensuring automation, integration, and systemization of the front office is extremely important to improve the overall hotel management task, which can be achieved efficiently via this software. Hotel managers can also make a good use of this software in managing employees, reservations, marketing, housekeeping, maintenance etc. Online bookings can also be handled. Cloudbeds comes integrated with POS and features GDS/OTA integration. It can support maintaining and supporting multiple properties. show more

Lodgify vs Cloudbeds | Cloudbeds Alternatives
eZee Absolute - Hotel Management Software
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eZee Absolute

A robust & feature-rich online hotel managing tool
(0 Ratings)

eZee Absolute pricing: Starts at $45.0.

What is eZee Absolute and how does it work?

eZee Absolute hotel management software comes with a lot many hotel property management features and is mobile-friendly too. POS and online booking facilities are available with this software. GDS/OTA integration helps to improve your hotel brand recognition globally by allowing you to broadcast the room tariff rates, packages and their availability to the network. This way more secured deals can be made and attract guests from far and wide. Reservations and guests reviews management are also possible using eZee Absolute hotel management software. If you wish to manage the affairs of more than one hotel using this software, it is doable as it supports multi-property. show more

Lodgify vs eZee Absolute | eZee Absolute Alternatives
Hotelogix - Hotel Management Software
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The next gen hotel business management software
(5 Ratings)

Hotelogix pricing: Starts at $1.0.

What is Hotelogix and how does it work?

Hotelogix is an advanced cloud based hotel business management software developed specifically for hotel owners and managers to reduce their workload by automating their workflow. It assists in simplifying the operations and tasks, increasing the market reach, driving in more bookings and in maximizing the overall revenue. The platform enables you to automate operations by providing smart tools to grow your business. It assists you in acquiring more commission free direct bookings by leveraging the web booking engine along with preventing the scenario of overbookings. It further allows the users to automate the entire inventory distribution process across OTAs. It also provides tools to manage the online reputation of your hotel and to promote positive feedback in order to enhance the brand value. Users can keep track of KPIs on the performance of the hotel and get fact based insights about it with Hotelogix. Users can streamline their entire housekeeping process to assign and create tasks to their staff. It additionally provides a customizable single dashboard to manage all of your operations related to the front desk and rooms. The software provides a smartphone app along with 24/7 live support for easy assistance. show more

Lodgify vs Hotelogix | Hotelogix Alternatives
SevenRooms - Hotel Management Software
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A better guest experience
(5 Ratings)

SevenRooms pricing: SevenRooms Offers Custom plan.

What is SevenRooms and how does it work?

SevenRooms is a hotel management software developed to enhance the guests' experiences and to help hospitality professionals in creating exceptional experiences that promote profitability and business repetition. With the seven rooms, guests interact with the customer's brand and from the moment they booked a reservation, joined the waiting list, or placed an order online; everything is notified to users. The App also takes care of all behind the scenes situations, and gives the clients the ideas to greet guests carefully and run a soft service. Furthermore, with automated profiles, customers can have a 360-degree view of each guest. To maximize income and profitability, customers can also control their digital presence in organic, direct, and third-party channels. The brand offers solutions to break data silos and have a complete view of preferences and descendants preferences of each guest. With the help of its automated features and efficient work strategy, customers can easily expand their reach and attract more and regular customers. show more

Lodgify vs SevenRooms | SevenRooms Alternatives
Sirvoy - Hotel Management Software
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Your ideal rental guide is here
(234 Ratings)

Sirvoy pricing: Starts at $9.0.

What is Sirvoy and how does it work?

Sirvoy is a Property Management System that helps hotels with a safe and professional hotel management system. Their application software operates for every type of accommodation ranging from motels to hotels, to lodges to hostels, and guest houses. With Sirvoy, your bookings will be easily accessible anytime and anywhere. Sirvoy provides a responsive hotel booking engine that enables the guests to effectively book rooms using the internet, from any type of device. The bookings made with Sirvoy are entirely commission-free. They also provide in-built templates to create the most attractive website. As per the current scenario, most hotel bookings are made via OTAs (online booking channels). Sirvoy helps you to reach millions of prospective guests. They save a lot of time of the users with two-way integrations; all bookings made on the website get directly updated on the business' database avoiding double booking and other numerous commotions. In addition, they offer customized email and SMS templates and allow you to create messages that are automated based on check-out and check-in information. Sirvoy aims to be the most preferred, cost-effective and user-friendly hotel reservation application in the market today, with their plans starting at only $9/month. show more

Lodgify vs Sirvoy | Sirvoy Alternatives
WebRezPro - Hotel Management Software
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Property management system
(11 Ratings)

WebRezPro pricing: WebRezPro Offers Custom plan.

What is WebRezPro and how does it work?

WebRezPro offers two modern booking engines. Both are commission-free and built for upsells. Email confirmations, paperless check-in, folio splitting, and POS purchases are just a few popular features. WebRezPro offers a full accounting suite. Save time and money with an all-in-one hotel property management solution.​ WebRezPro synchronizes all system data in real-time. Export to a spreadsheet or automatically email reports. Fully integrated with the front office, the housekeeping report displays room status and occupancy in real-time. show more

Lodgify vs WebRezPro | WebRezPro Alternatives
RoomKeyPMS - Hotel Management Software
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Hotel Property management made easy
(3 Ratings)

RoomKeyPMS pricing: RoomKeyPMS Offers Custom plan.

What is RoomKeyPMS and how does it work?

RoomKey PMS is an integrated hotel management system that assists the user in improving guest experiences, boosting income, and cutting costs. It can assist you in maintaining high levels of visitor satisfaction while boosting income and decreasing expenditures. With RoomKey PMS, you can increase the number of reservations, decrease the number of cancellations, and customise the visitor experience. You can automate changes to pricing, limitations, and bookings in real time on some of the world's most popular travel sites and reservation systems. Furthermore, through Guestfolio, you can engage your visitors with beautifully designed, automated reservation messages. Users can manage various activities from a single window such as travel agency information, guest services, and routing. Whether you want to simplify payment processing, speed up reconciliations, or improve the security of your hotel, RoomKey’s integrated platform can help you accomplish it all. They additionally offer a Rate Shopper tool that makes keeping track of rival prices and performance simple. Instead of spending hours manually comparing prices or paying for pricey services, RoomKey gets reports delivered directly to your email, saving you time and money. show more

Lodgify vs RoomKeyPMS | RoomKeyPMS Alternatives
Clock PMS+ - Hotel Management Software
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Clock PMS+

Managing large hotel chains just got easier
(1 Ratings)

Clock PMS+ pricing: Clock PMS+ Offers Custom plan.

What is Clock PMS+ and how does it work?

Clock PMS is an amazing hotel management software that can be used to manage several rooms and engage with guests in real-time. Clock PMS with its integrated set of tools generates new opportunities on the go. It’s well organised online distribution system ensures accurate sync between multiple tasks. Also, two-way guest engagement functionality promises robust outcomes throughout the entire customer journey. Further, businesses get to drive the ultimate guest experience leveraging the complete set of tools offered by Clock PMS. Its advanced web booking facility enables commission-free bookings from websites, newsletters, social media etc. besides offering a variety of unique abilities to extend fenced rates and deep links. For large hotel chains and hospitality groups, a centralised repository made available by the same is of great help. Also, a built-in hotel kiosk system helps with self-check-in. Other essential aspects include sales autopilot, guest connect autopilot, mobile hotel point of sale, events and meetings along with payment processing autopilot. show more

Lodgify vs Clock PMS+ | Clock PMS+ Alternatives
Innkey PMS - Hotel Management Software
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Innkey PMS

Property manager with hotel operation facilities
(2 Ratings)

Innkey PMS pricing: Innkey PMS Offers Custom plan.

What is Innkey PMS and how does it work?

Innkey PMS is an advanced hospitality property management software, which is incorporated with an array of hotel operation features. Managing all your hotel reservations becomes orderly and hassle-free with the use of this software. It also automates, streamlines and modernizes your front desk management needs. Housekeeping and maintenance are two very vital departments of any hotel and Innkey PMS ensures taking care of these two with the utmost efficiency. Employee management, group management, guests experience, review management, POS etc are the other benefits included. Innkey PMS comes integrated with GDS/OTA, hence helps your hotel get more traffic from far and wide. show more

Lodgify vs Innkey PMS | Innkey PMS Alternatives
Djubo - Hotel Management Software
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Hotel manager with reputation monitoring facility
(0 Ratings)

Djubo pricing: Starts at $768.0.

What is Djubo and how does it work?

Djubo hotel property management software comes enhanced with reputation management, revenue management, and review management features as well. You will also find this software helpful in managing catering activities. Reviews given by hotel guests play crucial roles in building as well as destroying the market reputation of a hotel. This software allows response management, review notifications and monitoring, negative feedback management etc. Djubo features front office, staff, marketing, reservation and social media management. It has a dashboard, POS and GDS/OTA integration. Guest experience and vacation rental functionalities are also present. show more

Lodgify vs Djubo | Djubo Alternatives
NewBook - Hotel Management Software
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Manages your hotel and resort business remarkably
(0 Ratings)

NewBook pricing: NewBook Offers Custom plan.

What is NewBook and how does it work?

NewBook hotel and resort management software can also help you in managing motels and villas. The software comes designed with not just hotel property management features, multiple reservation functionalities. This software helps in handling reservation activities with features like revenue management, payment processing, online booking, third party booking, guests management, CRM etc. GDS/OTA integration allows enjoying maximum exposure and attracts more guests through multiple channels. You can automate and systemize hotel management responsibilities like managing housekeeping, maintenance, front office, employee, marketing, guests reviews etc. NewBook features POS and multi-property. show more

Lodgify vs NewBook | NewBook Alternatives
Quore - Hotel Management Software
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Grow your hotel business by streamlining your workflows smartly
(28 Ratings)

Quore pricing: Quore Offers Custom plan.

What is Quore and how does it work?

Quore is a futuristic hospitality management solution designed to help hotel owners or managers streamline their workflows and communications through a variety of essential hotel based operations. The platform can be used to take care of day to day operations besides last-minute changes. Its multilingual approach lets managers attain guests all over the globe. Managing essential items and amenities available within the hotel, get super essay leveraging the inbuilt asset management facility offered by the software. Moreover, an intuitive attendance management system facilitates supervisors to take care of staff wise sick days, time offs and vacations besides making sure that everyone stays accountable. Quore also comes loaded with a powerful budgeting tool that lets hotel owners stay on track, besides providing adequate assistance in other managerial works, including expense management, guest complaints management, custom inspections, report generation, and more. Hotels can make use of the available front desk tools like callback requests, SMS, logbook handling, etc., to keep their guests satisfied all the time. show more

Lodgify vs Quore | Quore Alternatives
mycloud PMS - Hotel Management Software
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mycloud PMS

The complete platform for your hotel management
(0 Ratings)

mycloud PMS pricing: Starts at $8.0.

What is mycloud PMS and how does it work?

mycloud PMS is a cloud-based online hotel management software (HMS) for hotel operations. This cloud-based management platform provides a reliable and robust system to manage all aspects of hotel operations, including booking, logging, check-in and check-out, efficiently and effectively, comments from customers, travel agencies and lot more. The hotel management software offers hotels and similar facilities an unassailable and reliable cloud management system that manages and automates important processes. The system allows you to carry out all important hotel business, such as booking, room administration and maintenance, staff planning and administration, inventory, etc. The software also optimizes your workflows with other outside bodies such as travel agencies, booking agencies, agencies, etc. The HMS is equipped with a straightforward and intuitive interface that allows you to see tasks and execute functions in a few clicks. You can easily view your bookings, tickets and outings or view the status of each room daily, weekly and monthly. Unlike other hotel management software, mycloud PMS integrates a credit card processor. This allows you to easily make payments online and on the pages of your guests. You do not need to spend money to buy external systems or additional credit card management programs. show more

Lodgify vs mycloud PMS | mycloud PMS Alternatives
innRoad - Hotel Management Software
89%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More


Hotel property management system
(201 Ratings)

innRoad pricing: Starts at $10.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is innRoad and how does it work?

innRoad is a cloud-based PMS designed to meet the needs of properties of all sizes. Checking guests in and out, assigning rooms, processing reservations. More than 20 reports allow you to report on everything (reservations, accounts, net sales, daily flash, etc.). Keeping track of guest requests, housekeeping tasks, room maintenance. Group reservations (blocks, route billing, group pickups via the booking engine, dynamic group reporting). show more

Lodgify vs innRoad | innRoad Alternatives
Booking Ninjas - Hotel Management Software
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Booking Ninjas

Manage properties and finances from anywhere
(0 Ratings)

Booking Ninjas pricing: Starts at $0.34.

What is Booking Ninjas and how does it work?

Booking Ninjas is a compact property management system (PMS) used in the hospitality industry. It works as a comprehensive platform capable of managing all types of properties, ranging from hotels to vacation rentals. The system is Salesforce-based, equipped to handle different property needs at any time. Its tech ecosystem prioritises pressing business needs to provide permanent solutions in no time. Booking Ninjas customises the entire package to fit the specific requirements of an individual business. Emphasising better customer relationships, the system comes up with important information about guests for businesses to personalise their experience. Also, the centralised system serves as a well-equipped property management portal. An intuitive accounting system within the same is quite efficient in managing different aspects of finances while synchronising essential business data in real-time. The software with its improved data analysis facility based on artificial intelligence, cuts down costs, drives digital engagement and ensures healthier customer experiences. show more

Lodgify vs Booking Ninjas | Booking Ninjas Alternatives
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