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Top 5 Zapier Alternatives

Pabbly Form Builder - Online Form Builder Software
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Pabbly Form Builder

Makes creating online forms easier and quicker
(47 Ratings)

Pabbly Form Builder pricing: Starts at $10.0.

What is Pabbly Form Builder and how does it work?

Pabbly Forms is designed to give its users amazing form building experience with its unlimited features. This online form builder helps in faster form building with its drag and drop element that does not require coding and gets the form ready in just a few clicks. Pabbly Form Builder can work as an amazing option for product selling too, thanks to the unlimited secure payment collection integration. It can be used to handle anything, be it a lead generation or form sharing. There is also a back-end for the users where all the forms are displayed at once, including the new messages, replied ones and the ones on hold. All of these make Pabbly Form Builder among the best options to choose if you intend to build forms for multiple usages. show more

Zapier vs Pabbly Form Builder | Pabbly Form Builder Alternatives
IFTTT - New SaaS Software


Enabling devices and apps to work seamlessly together
(183 Ratings)

IFTTT pricing: Starts at $3.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is IFTTT and how does it work?

Nothing in your business works in isolation, so it’s important that the software from different parts of your business works together. This is what IFTTT (which stands If This Then That) can deliver for your business. Sometimes apps and programs can seem to be incompatible, and it’s difficult to share data between them, which can make collaboration and connecting all the different areas of your business a serious challenge. IFTTT is a free tool that aims to help build those connections so that your apps and devices will share data in a seamless way. One of the main parts of IFTTT is its applets. This is a chain of simple conditional statements, which are triggered by things that change in other popular web services. This can include programs such as Gmail, Instagram, and Facebook. It also provides services, which are the apps and devices that people use every single day. show more

Zapier vs IFTTT | IFTTT Alternatives
Make My Contest - Contest Software
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Make My Contest

A great place to run campaigns
(0 Ratings)

Make My Contest pricing: Starts at $50.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Make My Contest and how does it work?

Make My Contest helps you create contest for your online portal as well as help you run a number of fundraising campaigns. A very easy-to-use software where you can just sign and create unlimited contests that help you increase your followers and customer base. You can create a number of contests like a calendar contests, t-shirt design contests or logo contests. You also get to customize these contests the way you want to, so that it looks like your own and also attracts new potential customers and followers. show more

Zapier vs Make My Contest | Make My Contest Alternatives
Integromat - iPaaS Software


Easily automate manual processes
(182 Ratings)

Integromat pricing: Starts at $9.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Integromat and how does it work?

Integromat is an online automation platform that will automate processes that you currently handle manually. As well as connecting your apps, it can also transfer and transform data.This advance automation platform helps automate procedures so you can free up time to growing your business or handling more skilled tasks. You don’t need to oversee what Integromat is doing –– all you need to do is set it to do what you want and leave the software to do the hard work – at any time of day or night. Integromat supports most of the popular apps and services available today, and through its HTTP/SOAP and JSON modules, it can also enable you to connect to almost any web service so you can virtualize a lot more of your technology landscape. You can also use the Integromat Developer Platform to create your own app. show more

Zapier vs Integromat | Integromat Alternatives
Workato - Data Management Software
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Workflow Automation Software
(252 Ratings)

Workato pricing: Workato Offers Custom plan.

What is Workato and how does it work?

Workato is a unique workflow automation software that automates almost everything in the workplace. A simple workflow platform can be used to build complex workflows across multiple organizations. Workato can help make workflows in departments such as Finance, IT, HR, Marketing, Sales, and Support. An IT workflow can be set up to escalate open tickets and security threats. Workato helps to streamline HR workflows, automating hiring and online training. By automating core HR processes, it saves a significant amount of time and effort. It comes with a built-in data loss prevention feature. It is serverless, so it is easy to set up and operate. Workato has market-leading security and governance trusted by major financial institutions and is independent of any app. It can run without any developer apps. Workato is 100% web-based and can therefore be accessed from almost any remote location. The software is quite powerful, even though it is a low-code platform that is simple to use. show more

Zapier vs Workato | Workato Alternatives

Products Similar to Zapier

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform - API Management Software
92%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

Anypoint Platform for APIs and Integrations
(501 Ratings)

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform pricing: MuleSoft Anypoint Platform Offers Custom plan.

What is MuleSoft Anypoint Platform and how does it work?

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform is a niche tool for organizations to launch their projects by leveraging a single marketplace for both APIs and integration assets. Developers can use the tool to accelerate their development speed significantly. This is done via reusing prebuilt APIs, connectors, templates, examples, and other integration assets. Simultaneously, teams can effectively collaborate with the ability to rate and comment on any underlying asset. By leveraging reusable assets with clicks or code, users can automatically transform data with the help of machine learning-based recommendations. Developers can easily test their APIs and integrations with built-in support for Maven and Jenkins. Additionally, they can also automated security and threat protection with the help of out-of-the-box compliance and prebuilt and custom policies. And finally, apps can be easily deployed to the cloud or on-premise with a single runtime. Hence, users can gain real-time visibility and troubleshoot faster using one interface. show more

Zapier vs MuleSoft Anypoint Platform | MuleSoft Anypoint Platform Alternatives
Integrately - iPaaS Software


Integrate your applications in just a minute with Integrately
(1,054 Ratings)

Integrately pricing: Starts at $15.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Integrately and how does it work?

Integrately is an iPaaS software (Integration Platform as a Service) that assists the users in automating their manual tasks with just a single click. It is developed specifically for business owners and professionals that wish to automate their tasks and processes as easily as possible. It enables the users to integrate apps like Google, Salesforce, Hubspot, and Facebook to move their data automatically in order to save money and time. With Integrately, you can send market leads to your CRM, update meetings in Google calendar & CRM, get notifications through email or slack on finalizing deals, add purchases or leads to spreadsheets, and create invoices using Quickbooks automatically. You can create personalized automation or customize existing ones and add multiple actions and conditions as per your requirements. Users just have to select the apps and then they get a choice of over 250k+ integrations that are ready to use. The software offers various premium plans to try and test its features apart from a refer and earn option that helps the user to earn free credits. show more

Zapier vs Integrately | Integrately Alternatives
Zoho Books - Accounting Software
94%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More

Zoho Books

Ensures professionalism in your accounting books
(597 Ratings)

Zoho Books pricing: Starts at $15.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Zoho Books and how does it work?

Zoho Books is a simple and affordable accounting software that specializes in keeping a detailed track of the cash flow of your business and helping you track your expenses and income. The software also provides you with multi-currency features that is helpful for an organization making transactions in multiple currencies across the globe. Zoho Books also offers professional invoice services along with a tax filing portal that allows you to directly file your returns. The software also provides other accounting services like Bank Reconciliation, and handling your general and accounts, letting you concentrate more on the core activities. show more

Zapier vs Zoho Books | Zoho Books Alternatives
AWS AppSync - iPaaS Software

AWS AppSync

Access and include the right data into your apps easily
(99 Ratings)

AWS AppSync pricing: Starts at $0.04.

What is AWS AppSync and how does it work?

AWS AppSync is an app data management service that helps companies to develop GraphQL APIs through which they can securely connect to data sources like Lambda AWS DynamoDB and more. GraphQL is a data language that developers use in their apps to change, fetch and subscribe to data from the servers, accordingly. AWS AppSync lets users specify which part of the data must be available to access by the app in a real-time manner with the help of GraphQL Subscriptions. The service comes with an Amplify DataStore featuring a local-first programming model where apps can interact with data seamlessly, in both online and offline modes. With AWS AppSync, developers can give their applications the ability to determine data requirements with the help of GraphQL so that only the required data is accessed. Finally, the server-side data caching capabilities of the AWS AppSync reduce the need to directly access data sources by offering the data in high-speed in-memory managed caches. show more

AWS AppSync Alternatives
Azure Logic Apps - iPaaS Software

Azure Logic Apps

Streamline powerful integrations with Azure Logic Apps
(71 Ratings)

Azure Logic Apps pricing: Starts at $0.12.

What is Azure Logic Apps and how does it work?

Built on a containerised runtime, Azure Logic Apps is a top-level iPaaS. With this, companies can run and deploy Logic Apps anywhere to enhance scale and portability, while automating business-critical workflows. The integration platform also enables private endpoints, simplified virtual access and deployment slots. Users can even deploy multiple workflows to a single logic app, simplifying automated deployments and CI/CD pipelines. Even without writing code, non-technical professionals can use Azure Logic Apps to create large and complex workflows. Furthermore, to enhance performance for requests and response scenarios the platform supports stateless workflows, besides offering real-time telemetry. Azure Logic Apps allows users to take advantage of a large ecosystem of software as a service and cloud-based connectors. The integration platform features working with top trading partners like X12, Edifact and AS2. Azure Logic Apps also offers Azure Monitor and Application Insights to troubleshoot any occurring issue. show more

Azure Logic Apps Alternatives
Azure Event Grid - iPaaS Software

Azure Event Grid

Event management made easy
(29 Ratings)

Azure Event Grid pricing: Starts at $0.6.

What is Azure Event Grid and how does it work?

Use event grids to simplify event-based apps. This is a single service that manages the routing of all events from any source to any destination. Built for high availability, consistent performance, and dynamic scaling, you can focus on your app logic instead of your infrastructure. Eliminate polling and associated costs and delays. The event grid uses a pub / sub model and simple HTTP-based event delivery to separate event publishers from event subscribers, allowing you to build scalable serverless applications, microservices, and distributed systems. Dynamically enable massive scalability and notify you of changes of interest in near real time. Use event grids to simplify event-based apps. This is a single service that manages the routing of all events from any source to any destination. Built for high availability, consistent performance, and dynamic scaling, you can focus on your app logic instead of your infrastructure. Eliminate polling and associated costs and delays. The event grid uses a pub / sub model and simple HTTP-based event delivery to separate event publishers from event subscribers, allowing you to build scalable serverless applications, microservices, and distributed systems. Dynamically enable massive scalability and notify you of changes of interest in near real time. Build better, more reliable applications with responsive programming with guaranteed event delivery and high availability in the cloud. Develop more complex application scenarios by linking multiple possible event sources and targets.Azure Event Grid uses top-level Azure objects to create events such as image and video loads, button clicks, and database updates. This is a good solution for events generated by the cloud infrastructure. Three authentication types are provided: subscribe to events, publish events, and post events via webhooks. show more

Azure Event Grid Alternatives
IBM App Connect - iPaaS Software

IBM App Connect

Automate your enterprise
(421 Ratings)

IBM App Connect pricing: Starts at $40.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is IBM App Connect and how does it work?

By connecting business applications, integrating data, creating APIs, and responding to events, application integration reveals the value of your systems and data. Leaders of multinational corporations from various sectors and industries have relied on IBM® App Connect to integrate and automate processes for more than 20 years. Smart connectors can enable simple, quick cloud integration. When you maximise the potential of your consumer data, your company will become insight-driven. By substituting time-consuming manual procedures with intelligent workflows and AI-powered tooling, you may enable your business and IT users to create new solutions more quickly. Create reliable resource planning, inventory management, and accounting systems with decentralised ownership that can scale as needed. Utilize microservices-based solutions with light, scalable runtimes to perform integration close to where your data resides with complete deployment flexibility. By utilising corporate messaging and Kafka, you can combine APIs and events to create compelling customer experiences. Smart, effective, and safe networking. many of the most popular apps and data stores. IBM oversees and supports everything. Work with data from hundreds of platforms, such as SaaS, ERPs, data stores, and many others, with ease. show more

IBM App Connect Alternatives
MuleSoft Anypoint Connectors - iPaaS Software

MuleSoft Anypoint Connectors

Leverage on pre-built connectors for seamless endpoint management
(596 Ratings)

MuleSoft Anypoint Connectors pricing: MuleSoft Anypoint Connectors Offers Custom plan.

What is MuleSoft Anypoint Connectors and how does it work?

MuleSoft Anypoint Connectors is a comprehensive solution of API connectivity that acts as an extension for Mule and lets users work with a wide range of external systems. This unified platform helps companies build application networks of data and devices, both in the cloud and on-premise. MuleSoft Anypoint Connectors offer a wide range of features that enable users to connect with numerous third-party APIs and databases in no time. These reusable extensions can be connected to various SaaS applications and lets users integrate cloud infrastructure in AWS and Azure as well. Furthermore, it empowers teams to connect with clicks, not codes which make integration simple and efficient. Users can also connect supported applications such as Salesforce, Twilio, SAP, Amazon S3, Kafka, among many others for an integrated experience. This platform lets users customise, configure and extend integration patterns as per their needs. Its robust connectivity and centralised configuration let all systems configure simultaneously. With a public marketplace, users can build and publish their designed cloud connectors and become certified partners of the product in a hassle-free manner. show more

Zapier vs MuleSoft Anypoint Connectors | MuleSoft Anypoint Connectors Alternatives
Formstack Sync - iPaaS Software

Formstack Sync

Sync systems & tame data chaos
(50 Ratings)

Formstack Sync pricing: Formstack Sync Offers Custom plan.

What is Formstack Sync and how does it work?

Formstack Sync is a data synchronization tool that can help you unite disparate systems and avoid data inconsistencies. Unique identifiers for each object type are used to pair and de-dupe records across systems so you always have the most accurate data available. Easily update your integrations and decide which objects should automatically sync between systems, including contacts, companies, and opportunities. The cloud data integrations are standardized and easy to configure so you don't need to worry about creating integrations from scratch. show more

Formstack Sync Alternatives
OpenText Alloy - iPaaS Software

OpenText Alloy

Eliminate data silos and unlock the information advantage
(68 Ratings)

OpenText Alloy pricing: OpenText Alloy Offers Custom plan.

What is OpenText Alloy and how does it work?

Alloy enables organizations to harmonize, cleanse, enrich and aggregate data in a single cloud platform to improve process automation and efficiency. With increasing data volumes, fragmented enterprise application landscapes and a growing variety of data types, many organizations struggle to manage data quality. Creates new data models based on changing business needs. Stores data in an immutable log that enables new data models to be applied to historical data. Leverages the scalability of the OpenText Cloud to adapt to new and more diverse data and analytics capabilities. show more

OpenText Alloy Alternatives
TIBCO Cloud Integration - iPaaS Software

TIBCO Cloud Integration

Integrate your applications and data quickly
(160 Ratings)

TIBCO Cloud Integration pricing: Starts at $400.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is TIBCO Cloud Integration and how does it work?

TIBCO Cloud Integration, speeds up the integration process for enterprises and their employees, by an API-powered approach irrespective of the place they are located in. Organizations get to establish an agile information landscape by enabling their API project managers to develop, publish, protect and analyze multiple API products with ease. They can create a connective tissue across digital business based on standard interfaces. Application owners and business analysts get to collaborate with a variety of business applications like ERP, CRM and marketing automation systems, text files, REST, XML and more. With tailored experiences, the platform empowers users to generate top-graded scalable and customizable integrations as per their business needs. Users also get the flexibility to access their information assets from anywhere. They can also deploy integration apps within containers, on-premises, serverless environments, and edge devices. Further, TIBCO Cloud Integration comes with standard interfaces that help users operate and adapt their business faster via automatic decision-making. show more

Zapier vs TIBCO Cloud Integration | TIBCO Cloud Integration Alternatives
TORO Cloud Martini - iPaaS Software

TORO Cloud Martini

Manage APIs with TORO Cloud Martini
(307 Ratings)

TORO Cloud Martini pricing: Starts at $75.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is TORO Cloud Martini and how does it work?

TORO Cloud Martini is an integration platform that answers to all API management requirements and workflow automation of different companies. The platform offers low code convenience with full code satisfaction. Also, TORO Cloud Martini ensures seamless integration and automation. With this, a business can create and publish APIs. The platform further allows users to build solutions in the cloud or on desktops. TORO Cloud Martini takes care of the full lifecycle of API management including API first design, applying API services, deployment, authentication and discoverability. The platform features a robotic process that streamlines complex business processes to free up a company’s staff for higher-value work. As a result, there are no chances of human error and it delivers greater efficiency. It also brings data together from multiple sources to give one’s business a detailed picture. Accurate data integration capabilities help companies effectively manage and harness all necessary information. TORO Cloud Martini allows users to integrate virtually, besides enabling users to implement enterprise-grade data integration using little to no code. show more

TORO Cloud Martini Alternatives
Teradata Everywhere - iPaaS Software

Teradata Everywhere

Freedom to analyze anything, anywhere, anytime
(4 Ratings)

Teradata Everywhere pricing: Teradata Everywhere Offers Custom plan.

What is Teradata Everywhere and how does it work?

Teradata Everywhere™ is a flexible, agile, scalable way to ensure a high return on your analytic investments, allowing you to modernize your analytics environment with integrated technologies to address your toughest business problems at enterprise scale and performance. Enables analytic users throughout the organization to access their preferred analytic tools and engines across data sources, at scale, by embedding analytics close to the data. Whether your resources include on-premises, private, public, or managed cloud, Teradata Cloud Solutions delivers, allowing you to quickly and seamlessly adjust workloads between environments based on evolving business needs. show more

Teradata Everywhere Alternatives
Talend Cloud Data Integration - iPaaS Software

Talend Cloud Data Integration

Gather, combine and use relevant data to get productivity levels enhanced as per need
(206 Ratings)

Talend Cloud Data Integration pricing: Starts at $1000.0.

What is Talend Cloud Data Integration and how does it work?

Talend Cloud Data Integration is an efficient data management software that helps companies to bring all of their data together from multiple sources. It also empowers companies to use the data and make better business decisions on the go. The software provides a unified approach helping organisations with rapid data integration, mapping and transformation through automated quality checks. Talend Cloud Data Integration offers convenient self-service tools, making it easy for users to bring data from almost any source of their choice. It can also be used to send data to any destination, whether it's on-premises or in the cloud. As a flexible software, Talend Cloud Data Integration also enables users to build multiple data pipelines with ease and run them over any platform accordingly. In addition, users can also combine data integration, data sharing and data quality within a single space, which is easy to deploy and use. Talend Cloud Data Integration’s powerful API provides the ultimate help to individual users while gathering quality data, increasing team productivity and making better decisions. show more

Talend Cloud Data Integration Alternatives
Talend Application Integration - iPaaS Software

Talend Application Integration

Boost staff productivity with Talend Application Integration
(2 Ratings)

Talend Application Integration pricing: Talend Application Integration Offers Custom plan.

What is Talend Application Integration and how does it work?

Talend Application Integration is the software that aids in enhancing efficiency. Talend integrates application integration, APIs, and other features, allowing the team to concentrate on delivering better, faster projects at lower costs rather than worrying about data depletion. The software uses simple visual elements and wizards to guide users through the whole design phase. It is feasible to construct higher-quality APIs more rapidly with Talend Application Integration since it eliminates the need for human programming or numerous tools. The programme further simplifies even the most difficult integrations by allowing users to manage various data types using the built-in visual data mapper. As a result, instead of spending time on maintenance, one may focus on new ideas. It also ensures the quality of embedded data at every stage. Individuals may develop trustworthy data services to distribute internally or with partners. With Talend's built-in data quality services, users can create microservices that include enterprise database quality elements to verify, clean, standardise, and conceal data in any size or format. show more

Talend Application Integration Alternatives
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