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Updated on: January 21, 2022

Appointment Scheduling Software

Arranging, monitoring & optimizing work and workload are quite significant in any business, especially in the service industry. Manual maintenance can cost time, labor and even money. In this technology-driven world, seeking the help of a quality scheduling software to automate and add value to scheduling tasks is undoubtedly an intelligent decision. Scheduling software can be an appointment scheduling tool and or an employee scheduling one that helps in managing appointments/bookings and different employees/staff schedules respectively. In brief, a scheduling software offers automated online scheduling solution.

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Fastest Growing Appointment Scheduling Software

The Fastest growing Software award is given to the SaaS products registering the maximum growth across social media, web search and number of user reviews


Calendly is simple, easy-to-use and powerful scheduling software designed to save time, speed up sales and improve service quality. It removes the old ways of using email and phone tags to schedule appointments, calls, interviews, demos, and more. It allows Potential customers to log in instantly... read more

Calendly also won

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling software make your business run in full throttle round the clock. Your customers can enjoy 24*7 real-time availability and book their own appointments anytime. This scheduling tool comes appropriately equipped with all necessary appointment features, facilitates automated... read more

Acuity Scheduling also won


10to8 is a simple appointment scheduling software that helps businesses to manage virtual appointments in a hassle-free manner. It can track user attendance, report no-shows, send SMS, E-Mail, and telephonic reminders to clients and generate data on staff performance. 10to8 can easily integrate... read more

10to8 also won

Square Appointments

This is a scheduling and appointment software that enables professionals to manage bookings, meetings, generate leads and accept payment. It is the perfect solution for companies in the service producing industries. Square Appointments allows clients to book services 24/7 on the free, provided... read more

Square Appointments also won


Genbook is an online and mobile appointment scheduling solution. Genbook has everything you need to enable online booking, promote your reputation, and manage your business, staff, and customers. Genbook is for all types of health, wellness, beauty, and professional local service providers... read more

Genbook also won


Time Tap is a smart appointment organizer platform that enables you to arrange your day-to-day activities and free up time in your calendar to deliver the best service possible to your current customers. It assists you in receiving an unlimited number of appointments and customers each month, so... read more

TimeTap also won


AppointmentPlus is an online scheduling solutions for growing businesses, enterprises, higher education, government agencies and logistics. AppointmentPlus serves businesses in over 100 different industries - organizations ranging in size from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.... read more

AppointmentPlus also won


Timely is a powerful tool that simplifies the process of scheduling, reminding, and conforming events, activities and tasks to save your time and maximize your revenue. The software is focused on assisting B2B companies and revenue teams increase their customer satisfaction, conversion rates, and... read more

Timely also won


SimplyBook.me is an online booking and scheduling system software. Accessible from mobile devices or desktop PCs for 24/7 service, it allows service business to adjust their scheduling and booking procedures to an automated and simplified system. It offers a personalized, mobile-optimized booking... read more

SimplyBook.me also won


SuperSaaS is an appointment software to create an online booking system for individuals, organizations and businesses. It is a powerful software that can be linked to social networking channels and personal websites to make the scheduling process seamless and attune. The scheduling software can... read more

SuperSaaS also won