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Personal Trainer Software

Personal Trainer Software is helpful for fitness professionals, gym coaches, and personal trainers to manage their clients and collect payments. Personal trainers can seamlessly create customizable training sessions for clients and monitor their progress. Fitness professionals can automate the schedule, workout sessions, and connect the client with a nutritionist in real-time.

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Ubindi - Personal Trainer Software


Booking and admin solution for instructors and teachers
(2 Ratings)

Ubindi pricing: Starts at $8.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Ubindi and how does it work?

Ubindi is a simple yet complete booking and admin solution for independent teachers and small studio owners. It includes everything you need to operate your business. All you have to do now is instruct your students! The rest is taken care of by Ubindi! Your customers may easily book online and in-person lessons, purchase passes and memberships (credits are automatically monitored), and purchase and watch on-demand movies. That implies less administrative tasks, easier payments, attendance, client administration, and group emailing for you. Ubindi also automates the signing of waivers and regulations, provides a simple and successful referral scheme to help you build your business, and includes a configurable widget for embedding your schedule and offerings on your own website. Made for all independent yoga, fitness, dance, pilates, wellness, music, cuisine, arts, and other instructors. All instructors are welcome to attend, and Ubindi's easy toolset will empower them. Ubindi has a free version, however there is no free trial. The paid edition of Ubindi costs $10.00 per month. show more

FitSW - Personal Trainer Software


Redefine personal training by integrating the best e-tools for the same
(1 Ratings)

FitSW pricing: Starts at $16.66. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is FitSW and how does it work?

FitSW is the short form of Fitness Software. The particular is used by fitness trainers for coaching, personal training, and gyming. FitSW provides a network for personal trainers to make themselves visible to a large community. The software integrates all the tools that are needed for channelling businesses of fitness professionals. It has multiple media present on the platform to reach multiple communities easily in a short duration. Be it online personal trainers or studio gyms, the software helps every trainer irrespective of their mode of training. It has features like tracking nutrition, and inspecting the calories lost & gained. The results are shown on a daily basis to motivate people to continue with their fitness regime. The software inculcates over 2 million fitness and workout plans that are scrutinised by experts in the industry. Moreover, FitSW is available in 6 different languages from around the world. show more

MacroActive - Personal Trainer Software


Impact lives of other people with your fitness content
(2 Ratings)

MacroActive pricing: MacroActive Offers Custom plan.

What is MacroActive and how does it work?

MacroActive enables fitness trainers, coaches, influences and athletes to create their own training lessons. It helps users to reach people and fitness lovers all over the world, provide them with the right knowledge and make a positive impact on the latter's lives. Trainers can create their own brand with their unique style, as well as retain complete ownership of their content and data. Using MacroActive, trainers can create special training routines for their clients and train them on a one-on-one basis. They can create personalised nutrition programs and workout plans that are specific to particular clients. The platform provides its users with their own customer support team that helps them, by reducing workload and answering all the questions that a client can ask, in general. Also, with MacroActive, users get informational podcasts where they can listen to the success stories of other trainers, hear new insights of the training industry and get inspiration to move forward. show more

PT Distinction - Personal Trainer Software

PT Distinction

Be a prosperous online personal trainer by adapting technological advancements
(256 Ratings)

PT Distinction pricing: Starts at $19.90.

What is PT Distinction and how does it work?

PT Distinction is an online personal training software that helps trainers with the growth of their online business. The software helps them create personal training applications of their own, showcasing the uniqueness of their brands. Besides, users can even integrate PT Distinction with their existing websites to convert them into highly powerful, time-efficient membership sites that boost up their trustworthiness. A built-in library lets trainers get access to top-notch marketing and business resources besides acquiring knowledge from specialists like Janak Patel, Linh Trinh, Sukh Sidhu etc. Moreover, small trainers can use the software to create systems that will help them scale their individual business. They can try out multiple methods other than 1-1 online training, such as flagship courses, free trials, nutrition coaching, and more. Users can even produce and automate their whole training packages to sell on social media platforms, on their websites, or through email marketing. Inbuilt coaching tools, flexible program builder along with functional training systems lets users give their best. show more

Everfit - Personal Trainer Software


Stay fit, stay fine with Everfit
(45 Ratings)

Everfit pricing: Starts at $24.00. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Everfit and how does it work?

Everfit is an online fitness management platform that enables you to keep your customers on track with their fitness objectives from anywhere, at any time. It offers powerful coaching tools at your fingertips to let you train your clients from anywhere in the globe. With Everfit, you can create a personalized workout regimen in minutes and maintain client engagement and accountability with ease. You can monitor food journals, do macro tracking, send video and picture messages in real time, and track workout PRs and any biometric. You can add your own logo and color scheme to the application for an improved interface. You can train clients using Autoflow, and create DIY packed courses for low-touch clients. Users can use pre-loaded templates or build their own to quickly set up and assign routines with Everfit. It also enables comprehensive coaching and additional contact points, such as automated reminders and community forums, to boost customer engagement and retention. Additionally, messages, exercises, assignments, and habits can all be automated so you can concentrate on providing high-value coaching at scale. show more

Tari App - Personal Trainer Software

Tari App

Your personal fitness coach is here
(4 Ratings)

Tari App pricing: Tari App Offers Custom plan.

What is Tari App and how does it work?

Tari App is a fitness monitoring software platform that helps you monitor and stick to your exercises and fitness objectives with the help of digital technology. It offers smart features to manage and monitor proper diet, losing weight, and ultimate vitality all with just a few clicks. With Tari App, you can keep track of calories and macronutrients to achieve your nutritional objectives. Blood pressure, breathing rate, heart rate, weight, and sleep are all important health indicators that can be tracked and monitored with the Tari App. The software can be connected to FitBit and Apple Watch, among other fitness gadgets for easy and effective health monitoring of the user. Users can track progress, share goal scores with peers and coaches, and log workouts and diets straight in their app which saves time and boosts enthusiasm. The product's main goal is to assist users in tracking and sharing their daily diet, health information, and workout goals with friends to promote excitement and induce motivation. The app offers a free trial version for testing of its features. show more

Trainerize - Personal Trainer Software


Train and grow at the same time with Trainerize
(262 Ratings)

Trainerize pricing: Starts at $4.50. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Trainerize and how does it work?

Trainerize is a personal training and fitness management portal that aims to make fitness accessible to all. It is a cloud-based personal training software that helps personal trainers, health clubs and other fitness professionals connect with their clientele base in a seamless manner. With Trainerize, fitness enthusiasts can create workout videos that are on-demand and tailor-made for each client. Further, fitness professionals can also depend on the same to plan and build workout templates, create fitness targets and monitor clients on the go. Trainerize helps them connect with the needs of the clientele. Video coaching, nutrition tracking and management, habit and lifestyle coaching are some of Trainerize’s excellent features. Apart from these, client communication is also delivered seamlessly through in-app messaging and automated notifications. Besides facilitating business growth, professionals and clubs can also utilise the same to collect payments in real-time. Active integrations with third-party platforms like MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, Withings Health Mate makes the software stand out from the rest. show more

My PT Hub - Personal Trainer Software

My PT Hub

Get fit with professional help
(1,758 Ratings)

My PT Hub pricing: Starts at $15.00.

What is My PT Hub and how does it work?

My PT Hub is an online web application that lets coaches, personal trainers and gym owners run and manage their clients by creating tailored training and nutrition programmes. It is an all-in-one software that can be used to track clients’ progress levels, develop and assign custom meal and nutrition plans in an efficient manner, besides creating specific workouts regimes to match the needs of individual clients. My PT Hub is laden with a variety of features that combine convenience and intuition remarkably. Client admin feature present within the same allows users to develop and manage their clientele by sending personalised notifications, progress photos and client wise notes besides asking them to fill questionnaires illustrating the desired outcomes. With the branding feature, My PT Hub encourages its users to develop their personal brands and markets them to garner a specific audience. Other essential features present within the same, like calendar, business, marketplace, finance, event stream and instant chat turns out of great help. Beyond these, My PT Hub is also compatible with Fitbit + Google Active and Apple Watches for an immersive experience and better goal tracking. show more

Fit Ferret - Personal Trainer Software

Fit Ferret

A one-stop hub for all your personal training needs
(2 Ratings)

Fit Ferret pricing: Starts at $19.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Fit Ferret and how does it work?

Fit Ferret is a one-stop online Personal Training management software, looking after a variety of needs like client schedule management, meal planner, workout builder and more. This intuitive platform delivers a flawless program for fitness professionals and clients alike, equipped with a plethora of robust features and a fluid user experience. To aid fitness professionals in building their brand and clientele, this platform comes equipped with an online training facility, complete with a customisable interface, personalised workout videos and a dedicated client profile page. Also furnished within the software is a scheduling feature that assists trainers in managing their tasks and appointments easily. Fit Ferret provides more than a hundred pre-made meal plans to choose from or customise based on clients’ needs. This savvy platform works well across all devices besides offering a comprehensive printing facility. Other detailed features include a pre-made exercise library, custom workout uploader, email reminders and a fully synchronised calendar. show more

Omnify - Personal Trainer Software


Booking and Scheduling Software All-in-One
(56 Ratings)

Omnify pricing: Starts at $79.00.

What is Omnify and how does it work?

Omnify is a cloud-based scheduling and booking solution for all types of organizations. It has tools for managing employees, billing, online payments, and social customer relationship management (CRM). Users can create mobile-responsive websites with online registration possibilities using website management tools. Users can make online payments using the software's integrations with PayPal and Stripe. Users can establish customer profiles and track interactions within those profiles using the customer management module. Customers can also be divided into groups based on designations like lead, active, and inactive. Marketing management is also available, allowing customers to design customized campaigns with custom text, languages, and colors. Omnify provides Android and iOS mobile applications that allow clients to manage their registrations from their phones. Create your own branded website with Omnify and add several schedules for different buildings, amenities, and services. Features such as automatic emails, contactless check-ins, exclusive member benefits, and more to improve the user experience. show more

TrueCoach - Personal Trainer Software


Develop a business and brand that speaks for you
(221 Ratings)

TrueCoach pricing: Starts at $19.00.

What is TrueCoach and how does it work?

TrueCoach is a one-stop solution for fitness professionals to grow and enhance their business by providing one-on-one coaching and fitness training to individual clients. The platform is trusted by over 20,000 coaches, personal trainers and gym owners located in different parts of the globe. This platform offers a vast range of features that includes a workout builder which enables fitness professionals to develop and curate different workout schedules as per their client needs. Also, a video exercise library installed within the same helps the clientele with personalised videos that they can access as per convenience. Real-time messaging ensures seamless coach-to-client communication by letting both parties comment and text via the TrueCoach platform. With the client management feature, coaches and physical trainers can manage and organise each client based on their needs and goals to create bespoke workout plans. Apart from these, other beneficial features like email notifications, progress tracking, program builder, nutrition tracking, team accounts, custom themes, compliance tracking and personalised dashboard are available as well. show more

TrainerMetrics - Personal Trainer Software


A reliable fitness testing software that values your business
(12 Ratings)

TrainerMetrics pricing: Starts at $39.20. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is TrainerMetrics and how does it work?

TrainerMetrics is a fitness testing platform for personal training analytics that lets fitness professionals convert inquiries into clients. The software enhances the online presence of individual businesses by running detailed analyses and pinpointing areas of weakness that need proper addressing. With impressive features like client management, fitness calculation, progress tracking among others, TrainerMetrics provides a detailed idea about professionals’ online presence. With an inbuilt fitness reporting mechanism, it lets trainers take printouts of individual progress reports of clients and offer tangible results related to their efforts. TrainerMetrics remains mindful of its users’ data and ensures no data breach is possible by creating a secure database to store client information with cloud-based programming. Using Amazon EC2 virtual private servers, this software eliminates all potential chances of data loss. Several organisations like Up Lift Training, Bearcats Binghamton University, Fitness Together, etc. depend on TrainerMetrics to extract true business value out of their data. show more

Nutritionist Pro - Personal Trainer Software

Nutritionist Pro

Create nutritious menus with ease
(3 Ratings)

Nutritionist Pro pricing: Starts at $299.00.

What is Nutritionist Pro and how does it work?

Nutritionist Pro is a nutrition management software that is used by nutritionists and food professionals all over the world. The particular platform covers a variety of modules inclusive of subjects like diet analysis, menu creation, food nutrition labelling and more. The Diet Analysis system embedded within Nutritionist Pro monitors exercise and builds recipes for a healthier lifestyle. It can create menus based on nutrition assessments. Professionals use it in healthcare, fitness, food service and education. Also, it offers a 24-hour recall facility. The Menu Creation module samples calorie menus. It aids in creating healthy menus and cycling them. The software focuses on setting up menu nutrient goals while building recipes. Professionals in restaurants, hotels, hospitals can use it to enrich their menu building tasks. The Food Nutrition Labelling part helps to create nutrition fact labels for foods and beverages. The label displays the nutrition profile of particular food items and can easily determine the nutritious values of a certain food product without the need for laboratory analysis. Finally, the Raw Nutrient Data Licensing facility available within the same offers flexible data format and custom applications for the nutrition industry. show more

CoachMePlus - Personal Trainer Software


Enhance your fitness and performance
(2 Ratings)

CoachMePlus pricing: Starts at $19.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is CoachMePlus and how does it work?

CoachMe Plus is a fitness performance management platform that assists athletes and coaches in achieving their performance and fitness objectives with ease. It enables coaches and fitness specialists to improve the performance of their athletes, hence enhancing the productivity and talent of their organization's ‘members.’ CoachMe Plus offers a comprehensive range of strength and conditioning tools that helps athletes to reach their maximum potential. It offers personalized training and nutrition tracking that help your clients live better lives along with data visualization and applied sport science, used to improve human performance. You can plan out your workouts right down to the last rep, copy and distribute exercises easily across athletes and training groups, and track completion, workload, and growth in real time. You can use reporting options to visualize athlete training and print or export data points in the format you require. With the press of a mouse, you can create a comprehensive overview of recovery trends, athletic rehabilitation, and training. Additionally, you can create a custom dashboard quickly to observe real-time data changes when an athlete's status changes with CoachMe. show more

Coaches Console - Personal Trainer Software

Coaches Console

Deliver high-quality services to your clients, all from a single source
(2 Ratings)

Coaches Console pricing: Starts at $124.92.

What is Coaches Console and how does it work?

Coaches Console is an efficient practice management system that automates and organises a wide range of coaching practices within a unified portal. It is a feature-rich solution that caters to helping professionals such as coaches, nutritionists, fitness consultants, wellness providers and more. Coaches Console provides new and established functionalities helping professionals develop their brand and related services for individual clientele in an efficient manner. Also, this professional services automation software comes laden with a variety of features enabling seamless business. Coaches can depend on the same to build professional coaching websites of their own and promote their services in an instant. They can even add contact forms, additional pages and lead magnets as per requirements. Moreover, private client portals offered by the same let professionals maintain detailed notes and client information including appointment schedules and workout plans accordingly, without compromising on the data part. Also, packed with a variety of client management features, it enables seamless client wise progress tracking, updated goals and organised customer-professional relationships. Bonus features like scheduling, billing, email promotions, reporting, content delivery, technical support and virtual assistant make Coaches Console a highly sought after software. show more

Nutrium - Personal Trainer Software


Take care of patients adequately
(1 Ratings)

Nutrium pricing: Starts at $28.00.

What is Nutrium and how does it work?

Nutrium is a one-stop software for nutrition analysis and CRM. It is technically the first-ever platform of its kind that brings certified and professional nutritionists together. Business is taken care of by Nutrium itself while professionals can keep their focus directed on the patient’s health records. Nutrium tracks every patient’s health statistics through an intuitive dashboard that offers various other functions like meal planning, nutrition analysis, practice management and monitoring. Thus, professionals get an adequate overview of their patient’s overall performance from a single platform. Nutrium is flexible as far as operation is concerned and thus, practitioners can handle their clinics and patients from any device at any time. Patients’ data lodged in the platform are kept safe thanks to them being electronically encrypted in real-time to prevent leakage or inception. Nutrium’s AI-powered analyser not only lists down and records a patient’s progress but also provides ideal suggestions that can be incorporated as the next step after undergoing medical approval. show more

DietMaster Pro - Personal Trainer Software

DietMaster Pro

Professional Nutrition Desktop Software
(4 Ratings)

DietMaster Pro pricing: Starts at $499.00.

What is DietMaster Pro and how does it work?

DietMaster Pro offers Best-In-Class professional nutrition technology with infinite options as well as private white-label branding and Teleconference integration. The software is now available in both PC and Mac edition. It provides features like Meal Planning, Menu Planning, Nutrient Database, Scheduling, Analytics, Tracking etc. show more

Meports - Personal Trainer Software


Health Monitoring Made Simple
(0 Ratings)

Meports pricing: Meports Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Meports and how does it work?

Meports software is a platform used to monitor the health wearables with alerts. Add as many people in your dashboard to identify health feeds in real-time. Gain insights with the metrics to improve the health condition of the people. It integrates with Google Fit, Samsung, Oura, Fitbit, and more. Individuals, Small, and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

LVLUP - Personal Trainer Software


Train, track and manage your clients
(0 Ratings)

LVLUP pricing: Starts at $48.00.

What is LVLUP and how does it work?

Start adding packages, prices, training calendar, check-in days and clients. Because LVLUP was built by coaches for the coaches. User understand the struggles of running a fitness business and they are here to help realize your maximum potential.

AthletaDesk - Personal Trainer Software


Payout More Time in Training
(0 Ratings)

AthletaDesk pricing: Starts at $12.95.

What is AthletaDesk and how does it work?

AthletaDesk is for the coaches, trains, or instructs any type of athletic activity. It provides fundamental features like client management, scheduling, billing, and marketing. And AthletaDesk is fully featured across all mobile, tablet and computer devices.

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List of Personal Trainer Software

Ubindi 5
FitSW 5
MacroActive 5
PT Distinction 4.8
Everfit 4.7
Tari App 4.7
Trainerize 4.7
My PT Hub 4.6
Fit Ferret 4.5
Omnify 4.4

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