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Updated on: January 18, 2022

Online Form Builder Software

Online forms are essential for any web-based business. These forms can help with hundreds of use cases, including lead generation, making necessary market research and churning out consumer feedback. An online form builder helps you with creating such forms. Most of such form builders are user-friendly can help you with building forms without having any coding knowledge. Some of the form builders go beyond the lines of merely gathering inputs and offer complex functions like collecting payments, multi-step functionality with progress bar, third-party integration, etc. Some tools provide conditional logic and triggers to help with achieving more complex functionalities. That said, forms are an indispensable part of your online presence and hence, choosing a suitable online form builder is critical.

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Fastest Growing Online Form Builder Software

The Fastest growing Software award is given to the SaaS products registering the maximum growth across social media, web search and number of user reviews


JotForm comes with the options of creating excellent forms for many uses, including registration, payment, HIPAA-compliance, etc. It has a very intuitive layout depending on what you actually want to use it for. It is very easy to set up with form builder that helps to create customised ones to... read more

JotForm also won

Google Forms

Google excels in the online form builder arena like any other field. Google Forms come as a part of the Google Drive Suite that features tools like Docs, Sheets, etc. There is a pretty good number of pre-installed themes to choose from to cater to all the segments, be it survey, registration,... read more

Google Forms also won


Connect forms to popular apps like Google Sheets, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox with just a click! Formplus integrates with these native apps to help you work the way you want. Make graphs from form entries, and translate submitted data into charts using key metrics. Monitor form performance and identify traffic source and location with Formplus Analytics.


Paperform is a form creator with multiple intuitive features that make form creation as easy as possible. Users can type styled text, upload pictures in forms, embed video content, and even personalize them to match their brand with custom media, colors, and fonts. The various features of the tool... read more

Paperform also won


TypeForm makes it very easy for any online business to collect data by offering its responsive and intuitive forms on every device, be it desktop, tablet or smartphones. It allows creating questionnaires for surveys like never before as it predicts the questions as the user types. It can... read more

Typeform also won


WPForms is an advanced and user-friendly form builder for WordPress that lets you design innovative and engaging forms with just a few clicks. It enables the user to design an outstanding form without writing any code in only a few minutes and also offers pre-designed templates to save both time... read more

WPForms also won


Formfacade allows businesses to impress website visitors with professional-looking forms that match with their theme. It works with popular CMS like Squarespace, WordPress, Bootstrap, and many more. Users can track form submissions by using Google Analytics and also use HTML file upload, so that form respondents can upload files and submit them without logging in. It supports images, videos, descriptions, and question types without any problems. If users do not like a default look, they can easily customize the layout, colors, and language to suit their needs. Users can change background colors and form elements including fonts for headings... read more


Tally is an innovative form builder that leverages modern technology to help users build interactive and engaging forms without prior knowledge of coding. With exceptional features and a comprehensive set of tools made easily accessible to businesses, this platform makes form building tasks quite easy. With Tally, users get access to unlimited form templates as well as the power to create custom ones in an instant, with a highly interactive and simple interface. Moreover, users can add unlimited responses and response styles to their forms. Also, the platform offers exceptional data collection opportunities by letting users build forms to... read more

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is an advanced form builder and is available as a WordPress plugin. It enables users to deliver forms with data-driven applications and functionalities using simple drag-and-drop. It can help build forms with file uploads, conditional logic, and calculations and then display the... read more

Formidable Forms also won

Zoho Forms

Zoho Forms is an amazing online form builder that can be integrated with the provider's campaigns, CRM and desktop apps as well. It offers the users with everything that is needed to have the perfect forms to show up on the web media, be it just simple text boxes or the complex fields for formula.... read more

Zoho Forms also won

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is a comprehensive WordPress form building platform that enables web developers to create user-friendly WordPress forms in no time. The platform is 100% beginner-friendly and does not require knowledge of any coding language to create forms. It allows users to design beautiful and... read more

Ninja Forms also won

Cognito Forms

Cognito Forms ranks among the best online form builder tools that offer amazing security and integrations. To start of which, there is a high level of encryption that keeps all the entry data safe. It comes with HIPAA compliance for unlimited forms, which adds an extra layer of security over... read more

Cognito Forms also won

Pabbly Form Builder

Pabbly Forms is designed to give its users amazing form building experience with its unlimited features. This online form builder helps in faster form building with its drag and drop element that does not require coding and gets the form ready in just a few clicks. Pabbly Form Builder can work as an amazing option for product selling too, thanks to the unlimited secure payment collection integration. It can be used to handle anything, be it a lead generation or form sharing. There is also a back-end for the users where all the forms are displayed at once, including the new messages, replied ones and the ones on hold. All of these make Pabbly... read more


Array makes work simpler, quicker, safer. From your app or platform you can collect data from mobile teams, manage tasks and jobs throughout your organization, and generate insightful reports. Array allows users to collect data using a mobile or desktop device, replacing all your paper forms. Array mobile forms are for job completion reports, incident reports, asset surveys, sub-contractor reports and much more.


FormBakery is an intuitive platform that helps individuals and businesses to create forms that can be used for various official and unofficial purposes. The platform allows users to create professional forms and export them easily. It provides a simple drag and drop interface to build forms. FormBakery is capable of generating code that is so perfect that it looks like a human has written it. Users can customise the forms and use them to create their own designs. Multiple CSS for individual forms provided by the platform helps users to customize them as per their needs. The forms built over FormBakery can be used for commercial and personal... read more


FormSite offers a plethora of online form types like contact and lead forms, order forms, surveys and registrations. It is exceptionally easy to use with its drag and drop form builder that makes it much more convenient than many other options that allow building forms from the scratch. It offers... read more

Formsite also won


FormGet is among the most useful and easy-to-use form builder with a drag-and-drop element on the editor section. It alerts the users with email notification each time a visitor fills out a form and submits. Plus, post the submission, there is also a conditional redirect where the users can be redirected to another landing page. It can be integrated with multiple applications like the Dropbox and certain other email marketing tools. It can even be integrated with payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe that can collect both single-time as well as recurring payments. And if you need analytics, it provides an option to be integrated with... read more


FormKeep is an appropriate form building platform that enables businesses to create beautiful HTML forms serving different purposes. A powerful all in one form backend equipped within the platform, allows developers and designers to edit their existing forms seamlessly. It enables users to send email-based notifications, including relevant data, to their teams every time a form is submitted. Users can also send follow up emails automatically to their customers after receiving forms to negotiate about the next steps. With FormKeep, businesses can stop bots from filling out forms. The platform enables users to forward the data to their HTTP... read more


forms.app is a form builder that offers its users an intuitive and friendly manufacturer interface and allows customers to create modules within a couple of minutes and start collecting answers immediately. The application is equipped with four essential privacy features. Only manufacturers can... read more

forms.app also won


FormStack is among the best online form builders since it offers A/B testing between two forms to check which one is better. It can convert the form data into PDF files that can be downloaded and shared. It also has analytics that offers key insights to help the users in understanding the user’s... read more

Formstack also won