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Updated on: December 1, 2021

Mind Mapping Software For PC

According to various studies, the mind mapping technique has proven to be 15 percent more reliable and effective than conventional note-taking methods. The mind mapping technique has taken over the project management area with a blow.  Instead of standard documentation work, the project managers now prefer to indulge in creative brainstorming seasons using mind mapping software. Mind mapping software is a visual aid tool that adds graphical structure to a typical brainstorming environment. It is software that allows you to add diagrams, visual structures, and segments to your business ideas. Mind Mapping software for PCs allows users to integrate projects, add deadlines, connect focal points and enhance the productivity rate of the project altogether. It is a potent weapon in the technical realm of organizational brainstorming.

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The smart software for mind mapping

iMindQ pricing: Starts at $39.0.

iMindQ is an intuitive mind mapping solution that promotes brainstorming, encourages creativity, and offers a new way to organize, visualize, and communicate ideas. It offers smart tools that include a variety of map layouts for business, education, and personal purpose, which can be used by any... read more


Collaborate with others using mindmaps, outlines, and charts
(87 Ratings)

Mindomo pricing: Starts at $3.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

Mindomo is an idea management software that creates mind maps and enables you to collaborate with your other team members in order to exchange opinions. It is an excellent collaborative mind mapping tool explicitly built by the software application to help the users develop their ideas and... read more


Stimulate your imagination with MindGenius
(35 Ratings)

MindGenius pricing: Starts at $13.33.

MindGenius is a mind mapping tool for organizing and prioritizing your thoughts and information in order to improve understanding and clarity, as well as the conversion of ideas into outcomes. It helps you create, cooperate, and work efficiently for project management using interactive and engaging... read more


Mind mapping for personal and organisational success
(359 Ratings)

MindManager pricing: MindManager Offers Custom plan.

MindManager is an advanced mind mapping software for businesses and individuals to transform their data and scattered ideas into dynamic visual mind maps, concept maps, flowcharts, matrices and other diagrams. The software helps to capture, organise and structure information easily, boosting up... read more

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