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Medical Practice Management Software

Medical Practice Management Software (PMS) is a type of healthcare software that manages a medical practice's day-to-day activities, including veterinarians. Users may usually enter patient demographics, schedule appointments, keep track of insurance payors, execute billing duties, and generate reports using such software. Most Medical practice management software includes systems for entering and tracking patients, scheduling and tracking patient appointments, sending insurance claims and patient statements as part of the collection process, processing insurance, patient, and third-party payments, and generating reports for the practice's administrative and clinical staff.

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Bp Premier - Medical Practice Management Software

Bp Premier

Medical Practice Workflows Made Simple
(1 Ratings)

Bp Premier pricing: Starts at $428.87. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Bp Premier and how does it work?

Bp Premier software is a Practice management software used to enhance clinical decision making. The software offers inbuilt clinical tools to work efficiently and automate repetitive tasks to free up staff. Gain insights into detailed financial and management reports.

Socrates - Medical Practice Management Software


A Healthcare Management Software
(1 Ratings)

Socrates pricing: Socrates Offers Custom plan.

What is Socrates and how does it work?

Socrates software is a platform used to manage practice and patients journey in minutes. Socrates Kiosk is the patient self-check-in system to automate patients to check in for an appointment without the need for any staff intervention. Measure the quality of patient care and support via iPad/Tablet to manage workflows. show more

Doctor Sahab - Medical Practice Management Software

Doctor Sahab

A Medical Software for Needs
(1 Ratings)

What is Doctor Sahab and how does it work?

Doctor Sahab is a platform to handle your practice and care delivery to patients. The software offers patient registration tool to improve staff efficiency and comprehensive drug database already built-in. Manage practice and revenues by using appointments. Track the Health of Patients and manage all medicines items with CSV import functionality. show more

ChARM Health - Medical Practice Management Software

ChARM Health

Records management software for medical professionals
(5 Ratings)

ChARM Health pricing: ChARM Health Offers Custom plan.

What is ChARM Health and how does it work?

CharmHealth is a cloud-based EHR, practice management, and medical billing solution that is MU certified and supports the efficient operation of healthcare organisations ranging from big multi-specialty groups to small independent medical practices. To that end, CharmHealth's pricing is straightforward, distinctive, and useful for helping practices plan for and control the price of purchasing software. Practitioners can easily record patient encounters and store them in a database for future use with CharmHealth's editable SOAP templates. The inventory management module can be used by practices to manage, dispense, and keep track of their stock of drugs, supplements, and other items. Staff members can also generate reports on current stock, reorder levels, and medicine expiration dates, as well as specific reorder thresholds for each inventory. For practitioners to manage appointments, notes on consultation charts, task assignments, and other procedures, CharmHealth offers mobile applications. Users can handle transactional records, invoicing, and other accounting processes thanks to QuickBooks connectivity. A free patient portal offered by CharmHealth enables patients to securely communicate with Practices, access visit summaries, handouts, treatment plans, get Rx refills, pay bills, sign forms, make appointment requests, and more. Reminders sent via text, email, or phone can be customised to help practices treat patients promptly and well. Support is provided by certified Support specialists over the phone, chat, and email. show more

Solution Series - Medical Practice Management Software

Solution Series

EHR, RCM, Enrollment Company | Practice Management Software
(1 Ratings)

What is Solution Series and how does it work?

Give your most valuable time to your patient's medication and leave the rest to us. Our company will help you deliver the best care with our electronic health record, practice management software, credentialing systems, enrollment and RCM solutions. Visit us to know more!

Private Practice Manager (PPM) - Medical Practice Management Software

Private Practice Manager (PPM)

Simple Practice Management System
(2 Ratings)

What is Private Practice Manager (PPM) and how does it work?

Private Practice Manager (PPM) software used to manage workloads of private medical practice system. The software offers user-friendly calendar to manage appointments with text messages. Access the complete medical history of every patient and exports data to Outlook in minutes.

PDS MDsuite PM - Medical Practice Management Software

PDS MDsuite PM

Don’t Let Your Practice Manage You
(2 Ratings)

PDS MDsuite PM pricing: PDS MDsuite PM Offers Custom plan.

What is PDS MDsuite PM and how does it work?

PDS MDsuite PM helps you manage your practice by streamlining the flow of patient information. From care to billing, the system helps ensure that you cover all relevant issues, deliver the best, most comprehensive care, and that every action is captured and accounted for so you receive full, fair compensation. Here are a few more ways it helps you manage your practice. show more

WebABA Professional - Medical Practice Management Software

WebABA Professional

Practice Management Made Simple
(1 Ratings)

WebABA Professional pricing: WebABA Professional Offers Custom plan.

What is WebABA Professional and how does it work?

WebABA Professional by Therapy Brands used to meet the needs of patients with solid billing functionality. The software offers tools to create sessions with an intelligent scheduler for therapist to save time. Engage patients with customizable email or text reminders for treatment and visualize the patient progress and share with parents. Clients can use the portal to check appointments, view session notes, and provide sign-off - all via the web and accessible on any device. show more

HENO - Medical Practice Management Software


All-in-one solution for streamlining your practice
(2 Ratings)

HENO pricing: Starts at $150.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is HENO and how does it work?

HENO’s PT Scheduling Software. The days of scheduling limitations are officially over. HENO’s PT Appointment Software lets you see Your calendar, Your Way from any device. HENO is a fully integrated, cloud-based solution designed to save you time and make managing your practice easy.

MacPractice MD - Medical Practice Management Software

MacPractice MD

A Mac Medical Software
(8 Ratings)

MacPractice MD pricing: MacPractice MD Offers Custom plan.

What is MacPractice MD and how does it work?

MacPractice Mac medical software for Mac and iPad to increase productivity and optimize workflow. The MacPractice Patient Portal used to manage their patient records and communicate with practice on the web. Fully HIPAA compliant Patient Portal enhances patient experience and maximizes connection with patients. show more

WriteUpp - Medical Practice Management Software


Practice Management Software For Healthcare Professionals
(1 Ratings)

What is WriteUpp and how does it work?

WriteUpp software is a platform used to automate workflows in minutes. The software offers tools to Scheduling tool to manage patient appointments. Collaborate with teams to create secure electronic health records and view their activity and communication history. Schedule and conduct video consultations directly in the platform. Take patient notes that you can easily share and store. It supports Mobile Android and iOS. show more

Quadrant - Medical Practice Management Software


Logibec | Solutions TI innovantes pour hôpitaux
(1 Ratings)

What is Quadrant and how does it work?

Depuis 40 ans, Logibec développe des solutions TI innovantes pour faciliter le travail des intervenants en santé et améliorer la qualité des soins.

Essential MD Software Suite - Medical Practice Management Software

Essential MD Software Suite

Medical Billing Software Systems From ClaimTek | Medical Billing Software
(1 Ratings)

What is Essential MD Software Suite and how does it work?

ClaimTek provides comprehensive medical billing software, business training and marketing. Start a viable medical billing business from home or small office providing medical billing and advanced practice management services to the health care community.

MedEvolve - Medical Practice Management Software


A Medical Practice Management Software
(2 Ratings)

MedEvolve pricing: MedEvolve Offers Custom plan.

What is MedEvolve and how does it work?

MedEvolve Practice Management Software is a platform used to automate operations. MedEvolve PM allows front desk staff to make appointment changes, handle scheduling complications and quickly resolve physician delays. It has built-in analytics to view practice’s financial and operational performance. Monitor the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to streamline the financial operations. show more

ClinicSense - Medical Practice Management Software


Massage Clinic Management Software
(4 Ratings)

ClinicSense pricing: Starts at $39.00.

What is ClinicSense and how does it work?

ClinicSense is a comprehensive software platform that provides a range of essential tools and features for healthcare professionals. Their offerings include point-and-click SOAP notes, customizable forms, online booking and scheduling, automated reminders, online invoicing, marketing tools, and more. By streamlining and automating these key processes, ClinicSense allows healthcare professionals to focus on delivering high-quality care to their patients, while reducing administrative burdens and improving overall efficiency. Their platform is easy to use and customizable, enabling users to tailor their experience to their specific needs and preferences. With ClinicSense, healthcare professionals can manage all aspects of their practice from a single, convenient location, saving time and resources while increasing their capacity to provide outstanding care. As a leader in healthcare technology, ClinicSense is dedicated to helping practitioners stay up-to-date with the latest tools and trends, empowering them to achieve their goals and deliver the best possible outcomes for their patients. show more

Eclipse PM - Medical Practice Management Software

Eclipse PM

A Practice Management Software
(11 Ratings)

Eclipse PM pricing: Starts at $1995.00.

What is Eclipse PM and how does it work?

ECLIPSE is an complete EHR to care patients in minutes. The software offers multi-faceted documentation to create SOAP Notes with password protected PDF and submit it electronically as required with bills or email it to an attorney. It is HIPAA compliant KIOSK functions to keep staff efficient by allowing patients to enter PHI and subjective complaints. Custom forms used to automate standard payer documents such as HMO certification requests. show more

CGM CLINICAL - Medical Practice Management Software


Integrated PM and EHR Software Suite
(1 Ratings)

CGM CLINICAL pricing: CGM CLINICAL Offers Custom plan.

What is CGM CLINICAL and how does it work?

CGM CLINICAL is a platform used to manage important documentation, patient health records, reports, billing information and scheduling tools. The software offers customizable scheduling templates and user-friendly charts to measure the patient's progress. Generate reports through audit portal for PQRS, medications, allergies, orders, and more. show more

TaskMaster Pro - Medical Practice Management Software

TaskMaster Pro

An IDD EHR Software
(1 Ratings)

TaskMaster Pro pricing: TaskMaster Pro Offers Custom plan.

What is TaskMaster Pro and how does it work?

TaskMaster Pro software used to automate care scheduling components every day. The software offers tools for staff, (DSP’s, QDIPs, QMRPs, Nurses, and others) to have a guided pathway, directing their activity while documenting client progress. Manage the incident in real-time and automated training administered before care is delivered. Compliance data is gathered and tracked simultaneously to measure the progress of clients. show more

ImagineMedFM - Medical Practice Management Software


Medical Practice Management Software
(1 Ratings)

ImagineMedFM pricing: ImagineMedFM Offers Custom plan.

What is ImagineMedFM and how does it work?

ImagineMedFM software is a Web-based medical practice management software to monitor patient visit. The software offers a secure platform to capture and extract data automatically. Measure organization’s workflow to monitor claims tracking, trend reporting, and more.

My Clients Plus - Medical Practice Management Software

My Clients Plus

EHR for Mental Health Practices
(1 Ratings)

My Clients Plus pricing: Starts at $26.58.

What is My Clients Plus and how does it work?

My Clients Plus software offers a high-quality practice management product. The Electronic medical records (EMR) system to record patient demographics, comprehensive documentation of patient encounters, and treatment plans. A secure HIPAA compliant platform used to monitor practice health with comprehensive reports. show more

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List of Medical Practice Management Software

Bp Premier 5
Socrates 5
Doctor Sahab 5
ChARM Health 4.8
Solution Series 4.5
Private Practice Manager (PPM) 4.5
PDS MDsuite PM 4.5
WebABA Professional 4.5
HENO 4.3
MacPractice MD 4

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