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Updated on: August 3, 2021

Marketing Automation Software

The main function of a marketing automation software is automating your entire marketing campaign. This software comes with a bundle of tools and features that help you manage and convert your leads effectively. These softwares can also be integrated with other marketing tools or apps so that you can have everything you need under one roof.

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Fastest Growing Marketing Automation Software

The Fastest growing Software award is given to the SaaS products registering the maximum growth across social media, web search and number of user reviews


ActiveCampaign is designed by combining the all-around abilities of marketing automation, email marketing and Customer Relationship Management automation. It is suitable for any business size. With the phenomenal drag-and-drop interface, you can send beautiful newsletters, build and design email... read more

ActiveCampaign also won


Klaviyo is a platform used to build sales with for online business. Customize brand and build contact list by engaging your audiences with email and mobile experiences. The software offers a predictive tools to optimize customer experience across any channel. Measure the performance of your team... read more

Klaviyo also won

Mapp Cloud

Mapp is a leading provider of insight-led customer engagement. Thanks to customer intelligence and marketing analytics, companies can easily and effectively gain data-driven customer insights across all channels in order to trigger highly personalized marketing activities. Customers benefit from AI-supported forecasting models that enable targeted and self-optimizing cross-channel campaigns. Automated messages are sent via the most suitable marketing channel, at the right time, with the optimal contact frequency. Thanks to advanced one-to-one personalization, the highest levels of engagement and long-term customer loyalty are achieved.

RD Station

RD Station Marketing brings together the essential tools and a proven methodology for companies to effectively manage and automate their Digital Marketing strategy. You can attract visitors to the website, turn them into business opportunities, build relationships, close sales, and monitor the... read more

RD Station also won


Plumb5 is a state machine that is capable of real-time engagement regardless of any customer touch-point. The secret sauce behind this machine is the ability to compute in real-time and output customer states, which is consumed by the automation engine to respond based on rules for any kind of customer request. Everything in real-time. 24/7.


SharpSpring is a Marketing Automation tool used to drive more leads and optimize sales. Build a visual workflow. Engage leads, and score them, page tracking, fit and more. The software integrates with Salesforce, SurveyMonkey, Shopify, Zapier, and more.

SharpSpring also won


Omnisend is an eCommerce marketing automation tool that helps you to improve sales by combining several channels into your marketing strategy. It allows the user to integrate various channels within the same automation workflow. Boost your email marketing campaigns with the help of email blasts,... read more

Omnisend also won

Upland Adestra

Upland Adestra is Enterprise-Grade Email and Marketing Automation Software. The Automation Program Builder enables you to discover the benefits of marketing automation and its effects on customer engagement, enabling you to visualize customer journeys and tailor content appropriately. You manage your email marketing schedule, giving you a full understanding of any past or future launches. By seeing your content as if you were a recipient, you can review your email marketing templates in context.


Engagebay is software for growing businesses to streamline their marketing, sales, and services under one roof. It offers powerful email marketing which lets businesses create fully customizable email marketing communications to send to their target audience. With the use of the software, one can... read more

EngageBay also won


Customer.io is a versatile marketing automation tool for sending relevant messages based on behavior across web and mobile products. Impersonal messages lead to bad experiences. That’s why we use real-time data to help you deliver the right message, exactly when it’s needed like sending an... read more

Customer.io also won

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a marketing automation software, Easily orchestrate personalized multichannel journeys that deliver the right message at the right time in the right channel to create rewarding relationships. Create seamless customer experiences through marketing automation, shared data, and business processes connected to Dynamics 365 Sales to productively nurture leads and increase opportunities in the customer pipeline.

Adobe Marketo Engage

Marketo is a best in class marketing automation software that helps companies involved in various sectors to enhance their customers’ experience and encourage them to visit again at their store. It helps companies to identify and engage the right customers by tracking their behaviour. The... read more

Adobe Marketo Engage also won


PromoNavi is a digital advertising platform for PPC professionals, ads agencies and marketers, enabling them to boost their business operations and reach significant marketing KPIs faster. The platform helps users to create more effective campaigns, save time, reduce campaigns budget and increase the overall ROI. With PromoNavi, PPC professionals can see how effective their campaigns are and the steps they need to opt to boost their performance in the market. Moreover, businesses can automate routine tasks, reduce their traffic costs and optimise conversion value. The software can help agencies by cutting misused ad spend and boost their... read more


Erxes aids in the marketing, sales, and customer service of businesses by driving more engaged customers and leveraging growth marketing. This is delivered by focusing on the entire customer experience and the complete marketing funnel that they go through, contrary to traditional marketing. Erxes makes marketing experiment focused and places the teams to be self-reliant and cross-linked. The tool features a team inbox that combines real-time client and team communication along with in-app messaging, live-chat, email, and more. Businesses can even capture customer feedback and educate customers right through the messenger. Users can manage... read more


Encharge is a marketing automation software specially designed for startups, helping them send emails to clients based on the latter’s browsing habits. It is the first marketing automation platform for startups that integrates with the applications they already use. It is capable of nurturing leads and signing them up for available services and products. Encharge extracts the available data from the users’ database, analyses the customers’ behaviour and then sends them targeted messages. It also allows users to see the customers’ activity in real-time, like who is reading emails, upgrading accounts, etc. Encharge also help startups... read more


Retargeting.biz enables you to increase the revenue of your online shop by monitoring the activity of website visitors as they are browsing your site. Retargeting.biz tracks and analyzes behavior so it can understand how your customers are interacting with your site and what pain points they have. Maybe there is a particular page where they normally bounce and leave the site, or your checkout process asks for too many details or does not seem secure enough for customers to give you their details. Retargeting.biz uses a proprietary algorithm to track behavior and create profiles so that you can improve the user experience on your site and... read more


Taplytics software is an Customer Experience Automation tool used to build data into actionable campaigns with personalized digital experiences. Design product and customer growth with integrated A/B testing across mobile, web, and OTT. Measure Mobile ROI with personalized push notification and automated email campaigns. Collaborate with your team and segment customers to measure the performance of business to automate workflow. Marketers, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.

SimplyCast 360

SimplyCast 360 is an all-in-one marketing automation software solution that enables you to build personally-targeted campaigns in minutes. Save time and increase effectiveness through automated communication flows. Reach each customer and lead with messages that appeal to their personal needs and build stronger, more loyal relationships. SimplyCast 360 allows you to easily map out and automate communication processes in order to make day-to-day communications, marketing efforts, and internal processes more efficient.


WebEngage is a customer data platform and marketing automation suite that makes user engagement and retention simplified and highly effective for consumer tech enterprises and SMBs. The platform helps brands drive more revenue from their existing customers and anonymous users through highly... read more

WebEngage also won


Selligent is an intelligent omnichannel marketing cloud platform. Our dynamic technology provides actionable insights that empower companies to deliver more personalized and valuable consumer engagements, resulting in compelling experiences across all channels. With teams across the United States... read more

Selligent also won