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Updated on: August 3, 2021

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Laboratory Information Management System, or LIMS, is also called a laboratory information system (LIS) or laboratory management system as it makes it easier to manage and track samples and other things in a lab. Simply put, such software helps lab conduct tests, automate workflows, and standardize operations in a better manner. The software could be used in all sorts of laboratories, be it clinical, production, or food and natural sciences. It also helps in report generation to visualize the status of samples and projects.

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Quality control made simple
(1 Ratings)

WeLIMS pricing: Starts at $9.99. Offers Custom plan.

WeLIMS is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Its power resides in its simplicity as it adapts to the Quality Control needs. User can now focus on what's important for your business, WeLIMS will take care of the Quality Control data, save you time and money an make your process... read more


One Stop Laboratory Management Software
(2 Ratings)

MocDoc LIMS pricing: MocDoc LIMS Offers Custom plan.

MocDoc is one stop Digital Healthcare Solution catering to Healthcare professionals and patients. MocDoc Solution digitizes all transactions, documents, medical records in Hospitals, Clinics, Labs and Pharmacies eliminating paper work altogether while providing an online platform that connects... read more

Wavefront LIMS

The Science Behind the Solution
(1 Ratings)

Wavefront LIMS pricing: Wavefront LIMS Offers Custom plan.

Wavefront Software, to bring a new approach to LIMS solutions. While assessing the LIMS market, we concluded that it is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. With their rigid process flows and terminology, traditional LIMS offerings are not a good fit for labs that exist in highly specialized... read more

Apex LIS

One click processing of devices lab results
(4 Ratings)

Apex LIS pricing: Starts at $500.0.

Apex technicians can normally deploy the LIS in a week. Webinar training is available to make sure all of your lab staff is properly trained. There is a setup fee to get started which varies from $3000 to $5000 based on complexity of your lab, test volume and number of providers. The setup fee... read more


A modern, cloud-based, affordable laboratory information system
(3 Ratings)

LimitLIS pricing: LimitLIS Offers Custom plan.

LimitLIS is the solution your LABS are searching for to increase your accuracy, efficiency, and productivity. Results reports are delivered through the Client Portal (online), e-mail, fax, and SMS, and in various formats, ensuring the fastest turnaround and client satisfaction. Instruments,... read more


Digital transformation of laboratories
(2 Ratings)

ENSO-LIMS pricing: ENSO-LIMS Offers Custom plan.

Ensō-LIMS has been developed to cater to the demand for automation and digital transformation in the testing laboratory market. It has quickly gained acceptance in the Indian and overseas laboratory market due to general lack of robust Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) in this... read more


Web based SaaS LIMS Software
(16 Ratings)

CloudLIMS pricing: Starts at $75.0.

CloudLIMS offers web-based SaaS LIMS software for biobanks, clinical, research, and testing laboratories. The lite edition is meant for small laboratories graduating from a manual to an automated system essentially, for any laboratory wanting to automate their informatics systems in a secure and... read more


Managing Laboratories Made Simple
(11 Ratings)

STARLIMS pricing: STARLIMS Offers Custom plan.

STARLIMS software is a platform used to manage the entire product lifecycle. The software offers analytical instruments, and system-to-system communications via web services, file transfer (text, CSV, HL7, ASCII, etc.) and direct database communications. Search multiple data sets with audit trails,... read more

LabWare LIMS

Laboratory Information Management System Made Simple
(5 Ratings)

LabWare LIMS pricing: LabWare LIMS Offers Custom plan.

LabWare LIMS software is a fully integrated LIMS and Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) to automate workflows. The software offers tools to manage Windows compatible barcode scanner or printing devices and can create the samples to be collected and/or processed in the lab. Batch can incorporate... read more

Labgen LIS

Managing Laboratory Information Made Simple
(11 Ratings)

Labgen LIS pricing: Labgen LIS Offers Custom plan.

Labgen LIS software is a fully integrated computer system used to manage laboratory information. The software offers a portal to manage access and security built on standard healthcare systems. Manage customizations of billing with orders and generate reports for sales groups to make informed... read more

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