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Higher Education Student Information Systems

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Oracle Higher Education Cloud

Higher Education Software
(14 Ratings)

Oracle Cloud is a platform for higher education institutions worldwide enrich the teaching and learning experience. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), consumer-market design elements, and collaboration tools, Oracle Student Cloud dramatically changes the student experience at every stage of the lifecycle, including financial aid. Track student interactions, improve student engagement and satisfaction, and deliver the personalized experience modern students expect. Deliver the highly personalized, contextual digital engagement students expect, target interventions to boost retention and improve outcomes, and drive engagement with sharable social content. show more

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Workday Student

Education System for Students
(49 Ratings)

Workday Student is a cloud-based student information system that helps educational institutions keep up with the needs of today's students. The system is designed to unite the entire institution and better serve both students and leaders. It provides tools for alerts, email campaigns, and more. The student system is connected to finance, HR, and planning, giving you real-time insight into your campus.

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SalesForce Education Cloud

Education Cloud products to support the full learner lifecycle
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Digital transformation is an essential step for educational institutions to stay competitive. It not only enhances the learning experience but it also improves the institution’s overall performance. The first step towards digital transformation is to unify constituent data into a single source of truth. This will ensure that data is collected, analyzed and used to deliver personalized experiences to learners. Institutions can also take advantage of customer councils, the Trailblazer Community and certified partners to further accelerate their digital transformation journey. Through these initiatives, institutions can gain access to valuable resources and learn from the experiences of other institutions. Institutions can also gain a better understanding of the actionable steps they need to take to drive learner and institution success. By leveraging digital transformation, institutions can increase efficiency, improve outcomes and remain competitive in today’s ever-evolving educational landscape. show more

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Salesforce for Education

Education Cloud, CRM for Higher Education - Salesforce.org
(29 Ratings)

Education Cloud is CRM-based education technology that enables higher ed institutions to drive learner & institution success across the lifecycle.

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Anthology Student

Learning Made Easy with Genuine Support
(34 Ratings)

Anthology Student information system is the key to unlocking better learner outcomes. From recruitment to career services and everything in between, it provides easy-to-use tools that make it simpler to manage faculty time, resources, and compensation while helping to secure funding and stay competitive. Advisors can gain deeper insight into student registration, degree progress, and future career planning, while students benefit from an engaging, learner-centric experience. When it comes to online, hybrid, certificate, and competency-based programs, Anthology Student ensures that each step in the journey is centralized, creating a seamless process for both administrators and students alike. With this powerful system, institution can make strides in improving learner outcomes and creating a successful future. show more

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Anthology Reach

Empowering Education Through Every Step
(2 Ratings)

Anthology Reach is an advanced software used to manage admissions, student success, retention, alumni, advancement, and more. It is designed to be responsive to the unique needs and experiences of each learner throughout their journey. It gives institutions a single platform to plan, communicate, and track outreach. With this tool, schools can gain a better understanding of their constituents, allowing them to create tailored action plans according to their needs. It’s the perfect tool for institutions to optimize the outreach process and ensure their learners are receiving the best quality of care. show more

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Class Registration Software
(3 Ratings)

CourseStorm is a powerful, cloud-based class registration and marketing solution, perfect for programs offering education to adults. It is designed to be straightforward and easy to use, with a streamlined process for handling refunds and transfers. CourseStorm takes care of all the technical details like security certificates, encryption, PCI compliance, and merchant accounts. The company also offers an automated marketing solution that includes an intelligent recommendation engine that sends personalized recommendations to individual students based on their past registration history with program, as well as reminders when class is about to begin and abandoned cart reminders when a student has forgotten to complete a transaction they started. show more

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Ellucian Banner Student

Simplify, Automate, Processes
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Ellucian Banner Student helps simplify the college experience by providing personalized information at the right time to students, faculty, and staff, on any device. It helps connect people and workflows across departments, making day-to-day processes easier. It also brings student data together for registration, enrollment, grading, advising, financial aid, and course planning. Additionally, Ellucian Experience creates a personalized space for students and helps manage all aspects of their college years. Lastly, administrative and self-service tools help identify trends, compare details, and report on progress toward institutional goals. show more

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Ellucian Colleague Student

Better Student Service with ERP Solution
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Colleague Student is a solution that helps deliver on the daily needs of students and pushes the right information at the right time to promote their success. It also ensures optimal curriculum planning with easy-to-access data. Configure the business processes and how the school works, as well as streamlines processes for students, faculty, and staff. Colleague Student connects the campus, informing faculty and advisors with key information.

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Edison career college & school management system for continuing ed
(1 Ratings)

Looking for school management software for your career schools or colleges? Try Orbund Edison which is the best student information system software.

Edison Alternatives

Student Manager

Student Registration Software | ACEware Systems, Inc.
(3 Ratings)

Course Management and Student Registration Software for Continuing Education, Community Education, Workforce Training, Career Centers, and Osher Lifelong Learning (OLLI)

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Open School: Enterprise School Management Software
(8 Ratings)

Open-School – A versatile school management software used by thousands of educational institutions worldwide for administration & management activities.

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Sycamore Campus

Online Student Information System
(3 Ratings)

Sycamore School is a 100% cloud-based SIS and a comprehensive system on the market. Customize the online application with an easy-to-use interface to track prospects from Inquiries to Acceptance. Gain insight into students, allowing to view and update their biographic records as well as custom fields at length. Simple and straight-forward learning management resources help faculty and staff deliver and manage course content and communications with students. Track of credits and hours (floor, internship, etc.) of students for reporting to job recruitment and testing agencies. show more

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Qual Campus

The End to End Education ERP
(0 Ratings)

Take Online Admission, Collect Fee Online, Deliver Online Live Lectures, Conduct Exams Online. Know more about School software Take Online Admission, Know more about School software. Packed with 80+ Modules like CRM- Enquiries, Online Admissions, Online Lecture Delivery, Online MCQ, Online Examinations, On Screen Marking, Proctoring, Library, Online Fee Payments, Financial Accounting, Payroll, Stores and Inventory, Chat, etc. all that you need for smooth functioning of your Institution.

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Alokito Software

Alokito Software - Educational Institute Management System
(1 Ratings)

Alokito Software, Cloud based school & college management system in Bangladesh; with Admin, Students, Teachers & Parents module. Contact Now to Use at Your Institute.

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Creatrix Campus SIS

Modern Student Information System Software | Cloud SIS Software
(1 Ratings)

Our student information system can be customized, scaled, and adopted faster and deeper to let you do your things like what is Cloud sis management System.

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STARS Campus for Career...

STARS | Postsecondary Career College Student Information Management System | Student Alerts, Attendance Tracking, Reports & More
(1 Ratings)

"STARS is a MUST for any postsecondary institution. STARS provides everything from student attendance tracking, academic progress reporting, to student financials. The STARS team is always on hand to answer any question & work diligently with our school."

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Knowledge4You MedSIS 3C

Medical School Information System - Knowledge4You
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MedSIS 3C is an all-encompassing health science information system for medical education programs. The system provides access to all student information required according to the user's job functions.

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Student Relationship Revolution
(0 Ratings)

Run entire operation on a single platform, from anywhere. Students and staff are more productive, more engaged, and more successful. Secure, efficient, remote work through cloud-based apps available on desktop and mobile.

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List of Higher Education Student Information Systems

Oracle Higher Education Cloud 4
Workday Student 4
SalesForce Education Cloud NA
Salesforce for Education 4.1
Anthology Student 3.1
Anthology Reach 1.8
CourseStorm 4.7
Ellucian Banner Student NA
Ellucian Colleague Student NA
Edison 3.5

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