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Freight Management Software

Freight management software helps companies to optimize transportation options for their needs. This software is particularly beneficial for companies that do not have their fleet and need to work with freight services providers. Businesses use freight management to gather information on carriers and the services they provide, as well as to evaluate carriers and choose the best option for their transportation requirements. This software is often used by logistics and supply chain companies and professionals who are responsible for delivering goods to customers. For optimal experience, freight management software requires integration with the supply chain suite and other logistics solutions such as transportation management, shipping software, and yard management software.

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FreightPath - Freight Management Software


A Simple TMS Software
(1 Ratings)

FreightPath pricing: Starts at $24.99.

What is FreightPath and how does it work?

FreightPath software is a cloud-based transportation management software for brokers, carriers, and 3PLs to automate operations. Create invoices, and store documents from one system. Collaborate with your team in real-time and track the status of shipments using an exception-based transportation software. Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

GoFreight - Freight Management Software


Simple Freight Forwarding Software
(19 Ratings)

What is GoFreight and how does it work?

GoFreight is a modern, web-based Freight Forwarding Software as a Service (SaaS) designed for International Freight Forwarders and NVOCCs. Constantly developing new features, this easy-to-use cloud software includes a complete set of functions covering ocean/air/inland operations, warehousing, security filing, invoicing, track and trace, PO management sales, and also includes fully integrated accounting features. show more

Freightos - Freight Management Software


Online Freight Shipping Marketplace and Platform
(690 Ratings)

Freightos pricing: Starts at $40.0.

What is Freightos and how does it work?

Freightos makes global trade frictionless with the world's online marketplace for the trillion-dollar international shipping industry. Freightos gives you the freedom to switch between logistics providers, pairing you with the best one for all of your shipments. Online messaging, around the clock support, and proactive automated exception management, means that you stay in the know. The Freightos marketplace ecosystem sees over one million monthly searches, thousands of shipments, and tens of millions of pricing updates. show more

FreightPOP - Freight Management Software


Managing Logistics Made Simple
(26 Ratings)

FreightPOP pricing: FreightPOP Offers Custom plan.

What is FreightPOP and how does it work?

FreightPOP software is a Enterprise TMS software used to automate workflows of logistics. Collaborate with your team with a multi-carrier rating system to view all your shipping rates across your carriers. Track shipping orders with a data-driven decisions with dashboards and custom reporting. It integrates with Salesforce, Oracle, Zoho, and more. Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

Freightview - Freight Management Software


Freight Software
(608 Ratings)

Freightview pricing: Starts at $99.0.

What is Freightview and how does it work?

Freightview is an online freight management software that dramatically cuts the time and money SMBs spend on freight shipping. They have created easy-to-use shipping management software that consolidates all of your negotiated freight and parcel rates into one place so you can compare rates and book your shipments. Comparing rates is great, but the real power of shipping management software lies in booking your shipment. show more

eFreight Suite - Freight Management Software

eFreight Suite

End to end freight forwarding ERP software
(0 Ratings)

eFreight Suite pricing: eFreight Suite Offers Custom plan.

What is eFreight Suite and how does it work?

eFreight Suite assists all its customers with user-friendly tracking systems, ready-to-use financial transaction details, all recent freight management upgrades, and more.Users can deftly perform their forwarding services with the necessary integrations and interfaces available in the eFreight Suite platform. Focus is to bring good connectivity, end to end shipment visibility, automation and business intelligence to the core of Freight Forwarding Operations. show more

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List of Freight Management Software

FreightPath 5
GoFreight 5
Freightos 4.6
FreightPOP 4.5
Freightview 2.9
eFreight Suite NA

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