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File Converter Software

As you could guess, file converter software lets you convert documents from one file type to the other. Considering that there are so many formats out there, these tools make it easier to do file conversions with the click of a button. Moreover, they also allow you to do bulk conversion along with ensuring that you get high-quality files as output. Some of the file converter software also comes with recovery mode to allow you to go back to the original format.

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Convertio - File Converter Software


Convert files into any format of your choice
(3,477 Ratings)

Convertio pricing: Starts at $9.99.

What is Convertio and how does it work?

Convertio is a robust file converting tool that allows individuals to convert relevant business files into any format of their choice. The platform supports 25600+ conversion strategies, besides 300+ file formats. The tool is very fast, simple and easy to use. Users just have to drop their files on the page, select the output format and click on the ‘Convert’ button. It aims to complete all the conversions within 1-2 minutes. Convertio performs all the conversions in the cloud that means it does not consume any capacity of the users’ computer. Businesses can also customise their conversion settings in order to get the result file of their preference stored adequately. For example, while converting a video file, they can choose the aspect ratio, quality, codec and other settings as well as rotate and flip the videos. Convertio guarantees complete security of the users’ files and deletes the uploaded files after 24 hours of conversion. show more

CloudConvert - File Converter Software


Convert your files with CloudConvert
(51 Ratings)

CloudConvert pricing: Starts at $8.0.

What is CloudConvert and how does it work?

CloudConvert is an online file converter that supports nearly all audio, video, document, ebook, archive, spreadsheet, presentation formats and images. It does not take much time to set up this converter. To get the file converter started, individuals can use the button provided and select files that are to be converted from their computers. It acts like the Swiss army knife for file conversions. Featuring 200+ formats, the software allows individuals to convert files online even without downloading them. CloudConvert has been trusted by many users since its inception in 2012. The converter provides controllable access to people who share the files on this platform. Furthermore, CloudConvert has partnered itself with many other external software vendors to provide the best possible results. With the support of ZIP, TAR.GZ and RAR, this file converter converts individuals’ archives online. Also, with the support of MP3, WAV and WMA, CloudConvert makes it possible for users to convert audio files online. Amazon S3 integration and API documentation facility are other essential features provided by the same. show more

Zamzar - File Converter Software


Convert your files with Zamzar
(148 Ratings)

Zamzar pricing: Starts at $9.0.

What is Zamzar and how does it work?

Zamzar is the most popular online file conversion service. They offer software and services that enable individuals and organisations to convert files into a range of formats, including document, picture, video, audio, compressed, CAD, and more. A developer API for integrating file conversion into your business or app, as well as a web application for easy file conversion. It can convert between a large number of various file types.They are constantly adding support for new formats, and users may even contact them if there is a format, they would like them to support. You can use Zamzar to store and manage your converted files, but you must first register, which takes only a few minutes.Furthermore, you will have unlimited scalability because their services are cloud-based and can handle any number of files. They work according to your specifications, so if your app or website requires a large number of file conversions, you can rely on Zamzar. show more

ZonePDF - File Converter Software


A Simple PDF Editor
(9 Ratings)

ZonePDF pricing: Starts at $3.99.

What is ZonePDF and how does it work?

ZonePDF software is an All-in-one platform used to create, edit PDF in minutes. The software offers smart PDF tool to convert any number of files as per the user's requirements with high quality file. It has a secure connection over data and delete them from our servers within a few hours. Professionals, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Converter365 - File Converter Software


A one-stop file converter for all your needs
(6 Ratings)

Converter365 pricing: Converter365 Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Converter365 and how does it work?

Converter365 is a comprehensive online converter that facilitates seamless conversions for 1000+ formats. Detailed features offered by the software ensure high-quality transformation of any file to the desired format within seconds. With an inbuilt image converter, users get to streamline free online conversions of the most known image formats in use. Also, they can convert a wide range of audios to any desired format in an instant. Converter365 provides a comprehensive video converter facility that lets users convert their videos to any particular file format like mp4, AVI, MOV and more. Beyond multimedia, users can also convert documents of any format to their desired type conveniently. Also, conversion of documents into image files like JPG and PNG are made possible by Converter365. True to its name, Converter365 also enables conversion facilities for archived files, spreadsheets, ebooks and presentations. For designers, exclusive vector conversion tools made available by the software are of great use. show more

PDFShift - File Converter Software


Convert HTML to PDF using Page Link or Raw Code
(20 Ratings)

PDFShift pricing: Starts at $7.5. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is PDFShift and how does it work?

PDFShift provides its users an API for HTML to PDF conversion. This service allows users to input a webpage link, which after a few seconds, returns a downloadable PDF version of that webpage. They allow users to integrate the service in their own websites by copying some of PDFShift code in their own code. This can be added to Javascript, Python, PHP, Ruby, JAVA, C#, etc. The service also offers multiple conversions simultaneously or parallel conversions, notifications, advanced options for custom headers and footers with pagination, injecting custom CSS and javascript, and encrypting documents. Users can also send their raw HTML code and get it converted, without them having to publish it on a public page first. Their offerings differ in the number of monthly conversions and the max PDF size that can be downloaded. They also differ in the responsiveness of the support provided, parallel conversions, custom headers and footers, PDF compression, and more. show more

PDF Convert Free - File Converter Software

PDF Convert Free

A Free Online PDF Tool
(27 Ratings)

PDF Convert Free pricing: PDF Convert Free Offers Free-forever plan.

What is PDF Convert Free and how does it work?

PDF Convert Free software is a platform used to optimize the PDF conversions services online. The software offers a drag and drop tool to convert PDF files and press convert button. Remove unwanted PDF files with a click on the "Remove file" button and can start uploading and PDF-to-docx conversion process. Professionals, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

SelectPDF - File Converter Software


Convert HTML codes into deliverable PDF files as per need
(28 Ratings)

SelectPDF pricing: Starts at $15.83. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is SelectPDF and how does it work?

SelectPDF is an online PDF converter that can be used to transform HTML codes and links into shareable PDF files in no time. REST API backed by a dedicated cloud service offered by the software can be used to convert multi-language HTML into impressive PDF files. Users just need to embed the ‘convert PDF’ feature within their blog or site and add a link to their web page, facilitating adequate outcomes. Moreover, a fully equipped .NET library is present within the software, which can be used to add PDF functionality to any .NET framework application of choice. The integrated feature suite of SelectPDF is quite diverse, enabling users to make real-time changes as per need. The list goes as complete html5, javascript and css3 support, PDF document information and PDF viewer options setting facility, personalised headers and footers for PDF documents, a beneficial bookmark generating option while converting HTML into PDF files. Also, SelectPDF offers real-time integration with third-party libraries, facilitating adequate decision making. It is even compatible with a variety of programming languages. show more

Doc Converter Pro - File Converter Software

Doc Converter Pro

Convert Documents in Minutes
(14 Ratings)

Doc Converter Pro pricing: Starts at $8.33.

What is Doc Converter Pro and how does it work?

Doc Converter Pro software is a platform used to convert documents to HTML/HTML5. Convert and copy clipboard for CMS Store files online and the API used to automate the powerful document conversion engine in your web, mobile or desktop apps. It works on Windows browser. Professional, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Quixvert - File Converter Software


Convert Files using Quixvert
(0 Ratings)

Quixvert pricing: Starts at $8.0.

What is Quixvert and how does it work?

Quixvert is a versatile file converter tool designed to make life easier for professionals. It simplifies complex tasks, enabling the smooth conversion of different types of files from one format to another. Whether the customer is converting an eBook or audiovisual files into a different format, can count on Quixvert to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and on budget. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, users can quickly upload files and select the desired output format with a few simple clicks. What’s more, users can adjust settings before, during, and after conversion, allowing them to customize their results and get the most out of their conversion experience. t’s easy to use, versatile, and secure, ensuring accuracy and speed in every conversion. So if you need to convert files, Quixvert is the perfect choice. show more

ConvertOnMac - File Converter Software


High-quality conversions for more than 500 file formats
(0 Ratings)

ConvertOnMac pricing: ConvertOnMac Offers Free-forever plan.

What is ConvertOnMac and how does it work?

ConvertOnMac is the best choice. At least, if you are searching for the safest, fastest, and highly efficient online file converter for Mac users. Just follow a simple three-step process, and all your files are converted in no time.

pdfEndpoint - File Converter Software


Effortlessly Convert HTML and URLs to PDF
(0 Ratings)

What is pdfEndpoint and how does it work?

pdfEndpoint is the perfect solution for all the HTML to PDF needs! This high-quality output and powerful integration options allow users to customize their output with full control over formatting. With just a few lines of code, they will have everything they need to achieve their desired results quickly and efficiently. They offer comprehensive Documentation so that they can learn how to do that right away. pdfEndpoint also provides an easy way for developers to ensure accuracy in the final product across all devices, ensuring compatibility with any platform. They will get the features they need without overwhelming complexity that uses up more time than necessary. With pdfEndpoint, rest assured that this HTML to PDF solution has been tested thoroughly they only offer reliable results that can be trusted. Try pdfEndpoint today and take advantage of the efficient, dependable HTML to PDF solution! show more

Scanner Go - File Converter Software

Scanner Go

Fast & Secure File Conversion
(0 Ratings)

Scanner Go pricing: Scanner Go Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Scanner Go and how does it work?

Scanner Go is a file conversion software. An image, a document, a book, or anything else. Scanning and conversion take only a few seconds.You can access your papers from any device, at any time and from any location. At your fingertips, secured storage. Managing, editing, printing, and sharing all in one tool for the boost in productivity you need daily.It has a vast list of features such as – PDF splitting/merging After selecting the range and uploading the PDF file, click/tap 'Split PDF' to begin splitting the PDF file into numerous PDF files or upload the files you want to merge and generate a merged document. The updated PDF files are accessible to download after the processing is completed. To obtain the updated PDF file, click/tap 'Download.'One of its most beneficial features is PDF locking. You can encrypt and lock a pdf file, protected with a strong password. Just upload and set a password, the encrypted file would be downloadable in a few seconds.Your files are transferred through a secure connection. They are kept safe and are permanently erased after processing. show more

PDFtoExcel.com - File Converter Software


Document Conversion Made Simple
(0 Ratings)

PDFtoExcel.com pricing: PDFtoExcel.com Offers Free-forever plan.

What is PDFtoExcel.com and how does it work?

PDFtoExcel.com software is a web app used to convert documents of all sizes. The tables trapped in PDF will be extracted and OCR technology used to recognizes numbers and data. Conversion speed depends on the file size and servers overload. Import PDFs from your Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive account. Individuals, Professionals make use of the software. show more

PDF.to - File Converter Software


PDF Converter
(0 Ratings)

PDF.to pricing: Starts at $5.0.

What is PDF.to and how does it work?

PDF.to is fast, sleek, and easy to use. It can convert a lot of files to and from PDF's. PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to Images, and even rotate, merge or delete pages from your PDF.

Geekersoft OCR - File Converter Software

Geekersoft OCR

Online OCR word recognition
(0 Ratings)

Geekersoft OCR pricing: Geekersoft OCR Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Geekersoft OCR and how does it work?

Free conversion of scanned PDF or pictures into editable Word, Excel, PPT and TXT documents. Upload the JPG/PNG/PDF need to OCR word recognition to Geekersoft Online. After upload successfully, wait for the conversion to complete. After conversion, click File Download to download the converted file.

LitPDF - File Converter Software


Converting products to PDF
(0 Ratings)

LitPDF pricing: Starts at $4.99.

What is LitPDF and how does it work?

LitPDF will allow user to select products and lists and convert them to PDF. The product listing that is created will be in the same order of selected listings. LitPDF is a simple and effective way to share creative PDF documents. User can choose how user document will look by selecting one of this many design templates, and soon user can use customize the design. LitPDF is an online PDF processing tool that saves time and money. PDF files will be optimized and a download link will be sent to user email. Usually, the processing time lasts from a few seconds to five minutes. In general, the smaller is the PDF document, the faster it will be processed. show more

Geekersoft PDF to Word - File Converter Software

Geekersoft PDF to Word

Convert PDF files accurately on Geekersoft Free Convert PDF to Word Online
(0 Ratings)

Geekersoft PDF to Word pricing: Geekersoft PDF to Word Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Geekersoft PDF to Word and how does it work?

Geekersoft Free Convert PDF to Word Online is a PDF converter. It is used to convert a word document into a PDF with some simple steps. The tool provides the high-precision conversion of PDF that looks identical to the original PDF document. Its cloud-based processing techniques are compatible to be used with all devices. The software makes it so simple to convert a PDF to a Word document with a single click. It is not needed to register or download the software for converting a Word document into PDF. Furthermore, the platform provides rapid action to its users as within a second, a converted file can be downloaded. Also, Geekersoft Online is a secure platform as in just an hour, all uploaded files are permanently deleted from its servers. No one can access the deleted data then. Geekersoft PDF is an effective and free solution with a maintained and secured structure. show more

PDF4me - File Converter Software


PDF Made Simple
(0 Ratings)

PDF4me pricing: Starts at $6.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is PDF4me and how does it work?

PDF4me software is an Online PDF Converter software for needs. The software offers a drag and drop tool to upload and convert various popular document formats to PDF files. The PDF Converter provides best PDF quality and can download the PDFs to Dropbox or Google Drive. Developers, Individuals make use of the software. show more

Vertopal - File Converter Software


Convert files into different formats using the best tools in the market
(0 Ratings)

Vertopal pricing: Vertopal Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Vertopal and how does it work?

Vertopal is software available online for converting computer files into different formats easily. With the software, the conversion quality is maintained at a top-notch level. This can be done without the necessity of installing a third-party application. Besides, changing format the software can be utilised for editing, converting images, optimising, and making spreadsheets, documents, presentations, fonts, and ebooks. The software is unique as it supports almost all formats of files and it continuously adds formats. The formats can be changed swiftly and edited in a very short span. Moreover, it can be used at any place at any time of the day. The files are absolutely secured as they are automatically deleted from the platform within a few hours. However, the files are safely secured in other sources. The software gives scope to customise the files and edit them easily. The tools are cloud-based which run at high speed and perform brilliantly in good cloud servers. show more

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List of File Converter Software

Convertio 4.9
CloudConvert 4.7
Zamzar 4.6
ZonePDF 4.5
Converter365 4.5
PDFShift 4.4
PDF Convert Free 4.4
SelectPDF 4.2
Doc Converter Pro 4
Quixvert NA

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