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Updated on: April 11, 2021

File Converter Software

As you could guess, file converter software lets you convert documents from one file type to the other. Considering that there are so many formats out there, these tools make it easier to do file conversions with the click of a button. Moreover, they also allow you to do bulk conversion along with ensuring that you get high-quality files as output. Some of the file converter software also comes with recovery mode to allow you to go back to the original format.

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An Online PDF Converter
(3,650 Ratings)

AltoPDF software is a platform used to edit PDF documents online in minutes. Convert PDF and save a portable document format to Excel spreadsheets with formulas and make reports. Protect documents with passwords and can share documents with teammates or email directly to the recipient. Process... read more


A Simple PDF Editor
(11 Ratings)

ZonePDF software is an All-in-one platform used to create, edit PDF in minutes. The software offers smart PDF tool to convert any number of files as per the user's requirements with high quality file. It has a secure connection over data and delete them from our servers within a few hours.... read more


An Online File Converter Tool
(34 Ratings)

CloudConvert software is a platform used to select and convert from your computer. The software offers tools to support audio, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheet, and presentation formats. The API lets to manage custom integrations with your app and can manage conversion types with... read more


Online PDF Convertor Tool
(30 Ratings)

SelectPDF software is a platform used to convert HTML to PDF in any language. The software offers tools to add 'Convert to PDF' functionality to site and can add a link to your web page. It supports .NET library to add pdf functionality to any .NET framework application. Professionals, Small and... read more


Design Different formats in Minutes
(6 Ratings)

Converter365 software is a platform used to create free online converter for 1000+ formats. The software offers tools like Audio Converter, Video Converter, Document Converter, Archive Converter, and more. Upload files with "drag and drop" tool and can choose the format of your files as per the... read more

PDF Convert Free

A Free Online PDF Tool
(27 Ratings)

PDF Convert Free software is a platform used to optimize the PDF conversions services online. The software offers a drag and drop tool to convert PDF files and press convert button. Remove unwanted PDF files with a click on the "Remove file" button and can start uploading and PDF-to-docx conversion... read more

Doc Converter Pro

Convert Documents in Minutes
(14 Ratings)

Doc Converter Pro software is a platform used to convert documents to HTML/HTML5. Convert and copy clipboard for CMS Store files online and the API used to automate the powerful document conversion engine in your web, mobile or desktop apps. It works on Windows browser. Professional, Small and... read more

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