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A Complete Ecommerce Personalization Software - Nosto
(97 Ratings)

Nosto predicts and delivers the most relevant shopping experiences in real-time to every individual customer. Customers using Nosto's full suite see 10-30% average increase in revenue & 7x average return on investment.

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SheerID Identity Marketing Platform with Instant Verification
(21 Ratings)

The SheerID Identity Marketing Platform digitally verifies eligible customers for personalized offers via 9000 authoritative data sources.

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StoreYa: Online Marketing Tools for eCommerce SMB
(5 Ratings)

Join 400,000+ businesses that have automated their advertising and marketing activities. Get targeted traffic and sales from Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram.

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Conversion Rate Optimization - Convert Visitors to Customers
(10 Ratings)

UpSellit's flexible pricing models lends itself to meet the needs of any businesses. In-house creative and development teams perfectly align UpSell it's technologies at targeted stages of the conversion funnel.

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Kunden & Branchen Referenzen · trbo.com
(1 Ratings)

Trbo is a leading technology provider for dynamic onsite personalization, optimization, and testing. Well-known retailers and manufacturers such as Ströer, Telefónica, mydays, Triumph, Vertbaudet, and XXXLutz rely on trbo's SaaS solution.

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Welcome to Certona - The leader in personalization engines
(4 Ratings)

Certona is the leading real-time omnichannel personalization solution. Trusted by more than 500 brands and retailers in over 70 countries. Recognized by Gartner as a Leader in the 2018 & 2019 Magic Quadrant for Personalization Engines.

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edrone CRM for e-commerce
(3 Ratings)

edrone, an Autonomous eCommerce Cloud, is the first eCRM designed for eCommerce. The system consists of two sections: Learn & Engage. edrone handles Internet transactions worth over 3 billion Euros. Some of edrone customers: DUKA, Tous, x-Kom, Energa, Abra Meble, Wojas.

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PureClarity | Intelligent AI-Driven Ecommerce Personalisation
(0 Ratings)

PureClarity is a leading provider of intelligent ecommerce personalisation software. Allows businesses to increase online revenue, average order value, online conversion rate and also build a loyal customer database. The software is compatible with all ecommerce platforms and offers plugin extensions for Magento 1x and 2x, Shopify, BigCommerce, X-Cart, WooCommerce and Kooomo. PureClarity's AI upsell and cross-sell products in real-time to maximise your online sales.

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Composable Headless Personalization
(0 Ratings)

Add real-time omnichannel personalization to your GraphCMS website in minutes. Enhance user visitors' experience and grow their customers with personalization for headless CMS and modern Jamstack frameworks without performance trade-offs.

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Solutions that deliver great shopper experiences that also meet your commercial goals
(1 Ratings)

Solutions that deliver great shopper experiences that also meet your commercial goals. Discover incremental performance growth on the shopper journey; Optimize the Shopper Journey, Enhance the User Experience and Deliver Efficient Visual Merchandising.

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Vue Personalization Engine

A.I. based personalization engine, customizing eCommerce journey
(0 Ratings)

Vue.ai is a brilliant eCommerce personalization software. The engine helps retailers by learning and re-learning client behavior using A.I., understanding their needs, and in turn increasing revenue abundantly. It learns from each consumer's actions on the site and maps them to rich product data to create complex shopper profiles. Using this, the A.I. discovers and highlights the products in the catalog that the shopper is most likely to buy throughout the purchasing experience. With Vue.ai, you get tailored A.I. models which are following your business goals and priorities. It has both product and customer intelligence. Its data signals towards catalog imagery, visual attributes, textual data, and product metadata. It also understands shoppers’ style profile and intent using its historic and real-time data. You get many solutions and products as a client with this software. You can use one platform to build, test, and optimize targeted shoppers’ experiences. The decisions are based on high-quality data and you can run A/B tests, measure, and optimize. Additionally, it helps businesses tackle cart abandonment by increasing basket size with personalized on-site suggestions and custom retargeting campaigns to help generate a sense of urgency. show more

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Personalization Software for eCommerce Business
(1 Ratings)

SwiftERM predicts imminent consumer purchases, so to do that concentrate solely on the data that indicates each consumer’s unique buying choices. No segmenting, or interest in what someone else bought. Swift offers an additional revenue stream from existing consumers, to use alongside existing marketing and promotional email software. This is an automatic email marketing software for eCommerce. It uses predictive analytics to identify imminent consumer purchases and runs alongside promotional email software.

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Clerk.io Pricing: The Best Investment You've Ever Made, Guaranteed
(65 Ratings)

Clerk.io is transparent with everything we do, also our pricing. We don't just promise that Clerk.io will work for you - we guarantee it!

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The smartest, most advanced funnel builder
(0 Ratings)

Upgrade the development workflow and save precious time, days, or even weeks without going through thousands of lines of boilerplate code. Get inspired by templates from real word tested scenarios, such as E-Commerce Platforms, CRM, Tourism Platforms, etc.

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1 to 1 Personalization Solutions | Engage in Real-Time with Reflektion
(24 Ratings)

Reflektion Customer Engagement Platform delivers best-in-class, highly engaging, predictive, and individualized shopping experiences. A scalable, modular architecture delivers experiences for Search, Recommendations, Category, and Landing Pages, Content Personalization, and Email. All made smarter with E-Commerce AI that's continuously uncovering hidden relationships.

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Create Stores with AI
(0 Ratings)

If the customer is looking to start own e-commerce site without the hassle and expense of stocking inventory, shipping orders, and managing customers, Evolup is the perfect solution. Evolup requires no upfront costs and allows to create an online store in just a few clicks with all of the features and tools needed for success. With Evolup, can easily partner with affiliate programs and choose products that excite customer--showcase them on site with powerful artificial intelligence tools, advanced SEO features and Amazon integration capabilities. Make those commissions more real than ever before with a fully customizable and cutting-edge digital store powered by Evolup! Take business into own hands with confidence knowing that evolup is here to help provide the best possible end-to-end e-commerce experience at an unbeatable price point. show more

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Samba.ai makes your digital marketing superior
(2 Ratings)

Samba automates and optimizes your marketing efforts across all of your touch points. The only thing easier than using our platform is getting it set up and integrated with your current e-commerce solution.

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Crossing Minds

Take your recommendations to the next level
(0 Ratings)

See how a tailored recommendation pipeline can transform engagement, conversion, and retention metrics. New, anonymous, and unknown users are a major percentage of traffic. Within just a couple clicks, can automatically recommend highly relevant products to every visitor on site - even if they aren’t in database. The future is cookie-free. No more invasive practices that exploit personal data. They help transform customers’ on-site behavior into a rich profile about their interests, all with the highest standards for customer privacy. show more

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Technology – Findmine
(0 Ratings)

FindMine learns to mimic your stylists through AI to truly automate outfit recommendations. It can show shoppers three different ways to wear each item, resulting in a 4-7% incremental revenue lift.

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E-commerce level personalisation and engagement
(0 Ratings)

refive is the perfect tool for marketers who want to collect in-store customer data in an efficient and sophisticated way. refive combines digital receipts with other innovative touchpoints to create an environment that is conducive to personalized customer engagement. With refive, businesses are able to develop more meaningful relationships with their customers leading to increased loyalty and higher purchase frequencies. And since improved customer retention means bigger basket sizes, refive’s smart technology can help the business boost its profits. refive offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that make data capture easy for any size business. From advanced optimization capabilities to easy implementation modules, they have the power to personalize customer engagement with minimal effort. With refive, they can say goodbye to traditional approaches and hello to next-generation technology. show more

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List of E-Commerce Personalization Software

Nosto 4.6
SheerID 4.4
StoreYa 4
Upsellit 4.7
trbo 5
Certona 3.5
edrone 4.5
PureClarity NA
Ninetailed NA
Attraqt 4