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Dental Imaging Software

Dental imaging software helps dental professionals take and store x-rays and other images. The software typically has an imaging interface, patient browser, and tools for enhancing image resolution. Dental assistants and dentists use the software to photograph patients’ mouths, identify problem areas, map out procedure plans, and track treatment progress. Dental image software usually integrates with cameras, imaging technology, and dental practice management software to store and organize patient dental records.

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Edge Imaging - Dental Imaging Software

Edge Imaging

Advanced Imaging Technologies For Your Practice
(1 Ratings)

Edge Imaging pricing: Edge Imaging Offers Custom plan.

What is Edge Imaging and how does it work?

Edge Imaging is an online based Dental Imaging Software. Premier Imaging's morphing capabilities allow you to show patients stunning before, during, and after photos and presentations. Use these presentations to show prospective patients what can happen when they choose orthodontics. Ceph tracing makes your life simpler by automatically selecting and positioning each structure to be traced, then prompting you for final placement. With SmartCeph, you can superimpose multiple time points by plane or manually align them on the fly to meet your specific needs. show more

DentiCalc - Dental Imaging Software


4 dental apps in 1
(40 Ratings)

DentiCalc pricing: DentiCalc Offers Custom plan.

What is DentiCalc and how does it work?

DentiCalc is a mobile application specifically for dentists. This revolutionary, easy-to-use app integrates the 4 best tools (Photos, Videos, Calculator, Smart) which will be essential for your daily dental work. This visual communication aid can be a great help for dentists in explaining the treatments that are awaiting for their patients. Impress the patients and help them in choosing the treatment option that is the most suitable for them. New videos are added each month to show more specific cases and to offer different treatment solutions to a problem. show more

Planmeca Romexis - Dental Imaging Software

Planmeca Romexis

Comprehensive dental software
(3 Ratings)

Planmeca Romexis pricing: Planmeca Romexis Offers Custom plan.

What is Planmeca Romexis and how does it work?

Planmeca Romexis is a flexible and intuitive all-in-one dental software platform. The Romexis software allows capturing, viewing, and processing all types of data in the same system with all 2D and 3D images and CAD/CAM cases in the same database. To make sure you can always use the best technology available, they have made Romexis open for integration. It is easy to import and export 2D and 3D images in industry-standard formats, such as JPEG, DICOM, and STL, or to launch data directly into 3rd party software. show more

Dolphin Imaging - Dental Imaging Software

Dolphin Imaging

FDA-cleared Class II medical device
(11 Ratings)

Dolphin Imaging pricing: Dolphin Imaging Offers Custom plan.

What is Dolphin Imaging and how does it work?

Dolphin Imaging software is designed for use by specialized dental practices for capturing, storing and presenting patient images and assisting in treatment planning and case diagnosis. Supports TWAIN-compliant input devices and is compatible with industry-standard image formats. Optional x-ray integration software lets you automatically import digital x-ray images. Quickly re-contour the patient’s profile, such as the lower jaw, to show possible treatment outcomes by clicking and dragging your mouse. show more

Doctor Assist - Dental Imaging Software

Doctor Assist

Practical Clinic Management Solution
(1 Ratings)

What is Doctor Assist and how does it work?

Doctor Assist™ is a complete clinic management solution developed and supported locally, with the option of multi-practice enabled. It is the only solution in the world that can accommodate different practices under one roof without the need to go for a separate system for a different practice. After years of research and study were done with a group of medical, dentists and specialists with different needs, Doctor Assist™ is proven complied to Medical, Dentistry, Aesthetic, O&G, Maternity Hospital, TCM and other specialists.It is supporting the other sub-specialist too. show more

CS WinOMS - Dental Imaging Software


Enhance patient care and Improve productivity
(4 Ratings)

CS WinOMS pricing: CS WinOMS Offers Custom plan.

What is CS WinOMS and how does it work?

CS WinOMS is an online-based Dental Imaging Software. Fully integrated into WinOMS is the EMR Elite module. Launch it in one click and access all the features and information you need to safely and thoroughly care for your patients. Documents primary medical and surgical history captures consent forms and identifies medications, allergies, and alerts. Increases billing accuracy with improved charge capture capabilities, ensuring that all procedures, prescriptions, letters, and appointments are routed from the back office to the billing department. show more

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List of Dental Imaging Software

Edge Imaging 5
DentiCalc 4.9
Planmeca Romexis 4.8
Dolphin Imaging 4.7
Doctor Assist 4.5
CS WinOMS 4.1

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