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Salesforce Knowledge logo

Salesforce Knowledge

Service Cloud: The Knowledge Management Solution 4 Based on 18 Ratings
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Let your customers find answers on their own with Salesforce's knowledge management solution. See how our knowledge base software helps maximize agent productivity.

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Salesforce Self-Service (Customer Community) logo

Salesforce Self-Service (Customer Community)

Self Service Portal and Customer Communities by Service Cloud 4.1 Based on 75 Ratings
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Give your customers the self-service portals, discussion forums and access to the answers they need quickly, anytime, and from their laptop, tablet or mobile device. You can empower your customers with Communities by Service Cloud. With self-service communities, you can provide your representatives and employees the tools for greater customer engagement that will resolve problems and answer questions faster.

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Nina logo


Intelligent automated virtual assistant technology | Nuance 5 Based on 3 Ratings
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VirtuOz is the leader in Digital Customer Relationships. Large and mid-market enterprises use Intelligent Virtual Agents to provide world-class online marketing, sales, and support channels. The company processed over 166 million conversations on behalf of its customers in 2011.

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HelpDocs logo


Knowledge Base Software - HelpDocs 4.6 Based on 6 Ratings
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HelpDocs creates knowledge base software your customers and team will adore. It's fast, flexible, and super simple to use. Start with 14 days free.

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Helpjuice logo


A Simple Knowledge Base Software 4.4 Based on 4 Ratings
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Helpjuice software is revolutionizing customer support and team collaboration, specifically tailored for Customer Service sectors and Small to Medium-sized businesses. This comprehensive Knowledge Base tool is designed to scale the client assistance efforts with a powerful search engine at its core, ensuring that answers to queries are just a click away. Its adaptable customization options mean that knowledge base can be fine-tuned to mirror the organizational needs and aesthetic. With seamless integration capabilities, Helpjuice slots into the existing support workflows, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, breaking down language barriers becomes effortless as Helpjuice provides multi-language support, allowing business to expand its reach and cater to a global customer base in mere minutes. Whether aiming to streamline information sharing within the team or elevate user experience for customers, Helpjuice stands as an indispensable asset in the modern digital ecosystem.

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Pega Customer Service logo

Pega Customer Service

Personalized customer service across every journey 4.4 Based on 13 Ratings
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These days, you need to do it all. Minimize costs and get the most out of your channels with intelligent automation and case management. Your customers want to feel taken care of. Provide them with proactive, personalized, and frictionless experiences across any channel. Your agents are integral to your success. Keep your team connected, effective, and productive wherever they are.

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phpMyFAQ logo


phpMyFAQ - Open Source FAQ software 4 Based on 1 Ratings
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phpMyFAQ is a mobile-friendly, feature-rich, scalable open source FAQ web app for PHP 7 and PHP 8

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SAP Hybris Service logo

SAP Hybris Service

Customer Service CRM and Call Center Software Solutions | SAP 4.5 Based on 2 Ratings
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Provide great service experiences with SAP Service Cloud, customer service and field service software for SMEs and enterprises. Learn more now!

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eGain SelfService+AI logo

eGain SelfService+AI

Best Web Self-Service Software for Customers | eGain 4.5 Based on 3 Ratings
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eGain’s web self-service software ensures that customers who choose web self-service are able to use it successfully to resolve their issues.

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Elevio logo


Lower Support Load and More Engagement 4.9 Based on 9 Ratings
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Elevio offers a pioneering approach to customer education within the product, revolutionizing the way support is provided. The platform features the Elevio Assistant and Hotspots—intelligent tools designed to deliver instant, context-sensitive help precisely when and where the customers need it. Envision a seamless user experience, where Hotspots become unobtrusive beacons of guidance, positioned on the pages to offer hints and link to further information without interrupting the customer's workflow. Not only do these innovations empower users to solve problems independently, but they also have a measurable impact on the support team by deflecting an average of 20% of customer tickets. Thanks to Elevio's Advisor, which harnesses the power of machine learning, the documentation is continually refined, optimizing customer engagement and drawing invaluable insights from user feedback. In essence, Elevio is not just a tool, but a customer education partner, transforming how users interact with and learn from the product.

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Forumbee logo


Forumbee | Community Software for Customer and Employee Engagement 5 Based on 2 Ratings
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Scale product support and increase customer satisfaction with an online user community for your product or website. Easy to use discussion forums, Q&A software, knowledge base, and customer feedback tools.

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KnowledgeBase logo


A Knowledge Base Software Write a Review
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A well-designed KnowledgeBase software can significantly enhance customer support by enabling effortless self-service. By offering customers in-depth articles to address their issues, it can reduce the need for them to contact support agents directly. This not only streamlines the support process but also empowers customers to resolve their problems efficiently. Additionally, an SEO-friendly knowledge base helps attract more potential customers by improving the website's ranking in search results, thereby driving more organic traffic and increasing visibility. Implementing such a system is a strategic move towards better customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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Inflectra KronoDesk logo

Inflectra KronoDesk

Help Desk Software & Service Management Tools - Free Trial! 4.3 Based on 3 Ratings
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Learn how to utilize help desk software and other ticketing tools to ensure the best customer experience with your brand. Start your free 30-day trial today!

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Synthetix logo


A Conversational AI Software 3.8 Based on 3 Ratings
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Synthetix software is a Customer Service software to automate business workflows. The software offers a searchable knowledge-base of solutions to convert leads in real-time. Engage customers with CRM and Live Chat integration to generate revenues and boosting CSAT scores. Collaborate with your team and measure agent productivity with responses. Marketers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.

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HelpSite logo


HelpSite: Make a Knowledge Base / Support Center - for free! 5 Based on 4 Ratings
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HelpSite is a support site with your FAQs and knowledge base. It's beautiful, mobile-friendly, and searchable so your customers can find answers fast. Users get their questions answered faster and support agents save time.

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AnswerDash logo


Businesses Trust AnswerDash for Intelligent Self-Service Support — AnswerDash 4.3 Based on 16 Ratings
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AnswerDash has helped businesses of all sizes to provide great customer experience and a reduction in their customer support costs with self-service support

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OMQ Help logo

OMQ Help

AI based customer self service with smart knowledge base Write a Review
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OMQ Help is an auto-searching help page similar to FAQ. The intelligent knowledge database reacts to ongoing changes in customer behavior. It displays the current most asked questions and their solutions.

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EverAfter logo


The first Customer Collaboration Platform 4.5 Based on 15 Ratings
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Are you looking for a reliable workspace that provides users with customized options and empowers the customer success team to take care of customers? Look no further than EverAfter! This all-in-one self-service workspace is fully white-labeled and offers customization, allowing users to create unique experiences for each customer. It enables customer success teams to have greater control over the customer experience. With this intelligent widget-based hubs, users can easily design personalized workspaces for different user types and stages in the life cycle. Plus, it can be embedded into the existing product or shared through a private link the choice is yours! At EverAfter, they were committed to helping businesses provide amazing customer service that keeps customers coming back for more. This intuitive platform will help this team build longer-lasting relationships with customers and ensure their loyalty. That’s why we believe so strongly in this motto: taking care of customers ‘happily ever after’. So why not give EverAfter a try today?

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LabiKnow logo


Сustоmizаble & Scalable Knowledge Base Software Write a Review
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LаbiKnоw is a robust knowledge base & сustоmers оnbоаrding solution with embeddable help widget with answers, customizable help center site and ability to соntасt suрроrt, аnnоunсements and public rоаdmар. With LаbiKnоw's сustоmizаble knowledge base, embeddable help widget & change lоg in one аttractive widget you can create a fully simplified suрроrt experience in а single widget. The solution will let you seamlessly оnbоаrd clients, keep them engaged and updated, without having to spend hours on suрроrt. The help widget mixes your knowledge base, соntасt suрроrt form and announcements feed which makes it the best customer suрроrt sоftwаre. With LаbiKnоw, you can create a dedicated center раge for help without having the need to code. You can also customize the help center раge to match your brand identity with simple editing tооls. The easy to use online editor can сreаte help center articles in a few seсоnds. You саn even add images, videos, texts, and much more. LаbiKnоw’s Starter plan costs 39$/month while growth and enterprise plan cost 159$ and 399$/month. You can also set up a 14 day free trial with LabiKnow.

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Helpix logo


Automated, Intelligent Customer Service Write a Review
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Introducing Helpix—the clever, AI-powered platform that engages the customers in a natural, conversational way! With Helpix, the business can provide lightning-fast customer service via text, email, social media, live chat, and WhatsApp—all while maintaining the human touch. Say goodbye to cumbersome, rigid support systems and hello to a modern and intuitive experience. Helpix ensures the customers feel heard and respected: it uses an optichannel approach, seamlessly guiding customers through the precise process they need to resolve their issues quickly. In addition, a suite of integrated tools allow users to check the status of their requests at any time. Helpix is so smart, it’s like having a world-class customer support team at the fingertips. Whether the customers need help with a product, an account issue, or general inquiries, Helpix provides comprehensive, round-the-clock customer care.

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List of Customer Self-Service Software

Salesforce Knowledge Salesforce Knowledge 4
Salesforce Self-Service (Customer Community) Salesforce Self-Service (Customer Community) 4.1
Nina Nina 5
HelpDocs HelpDocs 4.6
Helpjuice Helpjuice 4.4
Pega Customer Service Pega Customer Service 4.4
phpMyFAQ phpMyFAQ 4
SAP Hybris Service SAP Hybris Service 4.5
eGain SelfService+AI eGain SelfService+AI 4.5
Elevio Elevio 4.9

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