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Updated on: August 4, 2021

Seed to Sale Cannabis Software

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A comprehensive cannabis solution for cultivators and traders.
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Canix pricing: Canix Offers Custom plan.

Canix is an US-based software company that makes seed-to-sale cannabis software for cultivators, manufacturers, and dealers. Canix's cannabis ERP helps firms and traders to get rid of mundane and manual work related to inventory management, compliance, and sales so that they can focus on other... read more


Cannabis Seed to Sale Software
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Flourish pricing: Flourish Offers Custom plan.

Flourish helps cannabis businesses capture and centralize critical business data, automate processes, and access advanced analytics and reporting tools. Cultivators can use the software to optimize growing conditions for each strain, plan their cultivation operating procedures and track each... read more


Perform smooth cannabis operations with GrowFlow
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GrowFlow pricing: GrowFlow Offers Custom plan.

GrowFlow is an easy-to-use software that serves to be ideal for dealing with all cannabis operations. This software offers a complete compliance solution from the seeding to the selling process. This powerful yet simple solution handles all state compliance in a smooth manner. Users can save time... read more

Viridian Sciences

Get the reliable and safe seed-to-sale software to drive business growth
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Viridian Sciences pricing: Viridian Sciences Offers Custom plan.

Viridian Sciences is a cannabis seed-to-sale software, which has been built on a complaint, safes, and secure platform for users. This software offers inventory tracking, keeps up with the changing laws, demands planning, conducts reporting, finds out the cost-per-gram, and carries out other such... read more

MJ Platform

Gain visibility and control operations in the cannabis enterprise successfully
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MJ Platform pricing: MJ Platform Offers Custom plan.

MJ Platform is a cannabis compliance software that is designed to ease out cultivation, manufacturing and selling operations in the marijauna industry. The ERP software aims for preventing compliance, providing inventory visibility, and streamlines operations from the beginning to the end process.... read more


Get the best seed-to-sale tracking software

Trellis pricing: Trellis Offers Custom plan.

Trellis is a cannabis seed-to-sale tracking software that enables its users to keep them compliant and optimize all their operations. The software assists users in an efficient inventory management, and helps them to increase yields and optimize businesses right from the cultivation to the... read more

Helix BioTrackTHC

Perform seed-to-sale tracking and data reporting efficiently

Helix BioTrackTHC pricing: Helix BioTrackTHC Offers Custom plan.

Helix BioTrackTHC is an all-in-one cannabis tracking software that covers all the requirements of complaint seed-to-sale tracking and data reporting efficiently. The software is powered with a set of tracking and reporting tools that have been customized to the user’s jurisdiction regulations.... read more


Automate Business with Cannabis

Distru pricing: Distru Offers Custom plan.

Distru software is a Seed-to-sale CRM used to manage production, distribution, sales, and accounting teams. The software offers tools to manage product portfolio and inventory levels in real-time across multiple warehouse locations. Collaborate with your team to track sales or purchase orders for... read more


Grow Business with Seed Software

Nugistics pricing: Nugistics Offers Custom plan.

Nugistics software is a platform used to understand plants and track their progress with real-time data. It is a secure tool with extraction and refinement for manufacturing process for the product every time. Manage your customers and track purchase orders to build better experiences. Generate... read more


Gain Insights with Seed Software

GrowerIQ pricing: GrowerIQ Offers Custom plan.

GrowerIQ software is a tool used to automate business with crop yields. The software uses Machine learning tools to measure the pulse of production with smart reports in minutes. Monitor the inventory and orders with instant alerts. It offers a secure and compliant platform to generate one-click... read more

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