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Seed to Sale Cannabis Software

Cannabis Seed To Sale Software is software designed to monitor the lifecycle of cannabis. The software is known to keep a check on the plant from its plantation till the time it is delivered. Various stages of the life cycle of the plant like planting, harvesting, lab testing, processing, and packaging fall under the ambit of this software. The software not only ensures healthy growth of the plant but also ensures safe delivery to the customer/ buyer. The software is primarily used by legal cannabis growers in order to monitor the growth of their plants. Example- Canix and GrowFlow

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Canix - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software


A comprehensive cannabis solution for cultivators and traders.
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Canix pricing: Canix Offers Custom plan.

What is Canix and how does it work?

Canix is an US-based software company that makes seed-to-sale cannabis software for cultivators, manufacturers, and dealers. Canix's cannabis ERP helps firms and traders to get rid of mundane and manual work related to inventory management, compliance, and sales so that they can focus on other important aspects of their business. It has an offline mobile app in which users can log plants and packages in the virtual field and that too even without any internet connection. Bluetooth connected scales help to record product weight quickly. To do these, the software uses an RFID scanner that scans RFID tags on the packages in a fraction of a second. With all information available in the Canix database, enterprises can track inventory in real-time and take decisions based on the same. The application can also generate detailed pricing for each of the created inventories. Besides the features, Canix also offers customer support facilities even when offline. show more

Flourish - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software


Cannabis Seed to Sale Software
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Flourish pricing: Flourish Offers Custom plan.

What is Flourish and how does it work?

Flourish helps cannabis businesses capture and centralize critical business data, automate processes, and access advanced analytics and reporting tools. Cultivators can use the software to optimize growing conditions for each strain, plan their cultivation operating procedures and track each plant's entire lifecycle even beyond harvest. Manufacturers can standardize their proprietary run processes and manage their entire facility, including machines and non-cannabis inventory. Distributors can perform partners and vendors relationship management activities and deliver products with driver, vehicle, and sales rep tracking. It's possible for retailers to provide their customers/patients with a smoother experience with the Point of Sale system. Users can use the mobile app to scan plants, supplies, and other items to manage inventory. The tool even allows them to manage their compliance data and offers integrations with tools such as HubSpot, WooCommerce, Salesforce, Argus, Leaflink, Cannabis One Five, LinxPay, and CanPay. Flourish can seamlessly connect to IoT enabled handheld scanners, weighing scales, and RFID tags and portals to enforce accurate logging of the records. show more

GrowFlow - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software


Perform smooth cannabis operations with GrowFlow
(22 Ratings)

GrowFlow pricing: GrowFlow Offers Custom plan.

What is GrowFlow and how does it work?

GrowFlow is an easy-to-use software that serves to be ideal for dealing with all cannabis operations. This software offers a complete compliance solution from the seeding to the selling process. This powerful yet simple solution handles all state compliance in a smooth manner. Users can save time on every task, with fewer clicks and less data entry, allowing one to have more time to organize, make better decisions, and grow their business successfully. If at all, there is any discrepancy, GrowFlow can reverse it and fix it right away. Besides, one can work on easy-to-learn workflows, which are more organized and display the visual flow of activities. In fact, such workflows can be used for training purposes too. GrowFlow has been built and crafted to match up with the real-life cannabis businesses and can fit each customer’s requirements with ease. The software works well with legal cannabis markets and is designed to integrate with all the State Reporting Software solutions, namely, LeafData, METRC and BioTrack. GrowFlow is suitable for cultivators and growers, processors and manufacturers, and retailers and dispensaries. show more

Distru - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software


Seed to sale solutions for distributors and mаnufасturers
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Distru pricing: Distru Offers Custom plan.

What is Distru and how does it work?

Distru рlаtfоrm aims to help trасk саnnаbis through its seed-to-sale рrосess. Distru’s sоftwаre helps аutоmаte соmрliаnсe with соmрliсаted and growing state regulations by integrating with Metrс, which is itself an inventory trасing sоftwаre, used to reсоrd the inventory and movement of cannabis and cannabis products through the commercial supply сhаin. You саn trасk which samples are the most effective in acquiring new ассоunt and uncover which customers are most receptive to samples. With sample аnаlytiсs, teams’ саn understand the quantitative benefits of samples on sales volume and sales velосity. From trасk and trасe соmрliаnсe to ассоunting to аnаlytiсs, Distru’s METRС, Quiсkbооks, Gооgle data studio integrations help streamline орerаtiоns from end to end by reducing double data entry and human errors. Distru орerаtes in Саlifоrniа аlоne today, but the соmраny is рlаnning to follow Metrс into the other markets where it орerаtes today, including Соlоrаdо, Оregоn, Alaska, Maryland, Michigan, Оhiо, Mаssасhusetts, Montana, Nevada and Lоuisiаnа. show more

Viridian Sciences - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software

Viridian Sciences

Get the reliable and safe seed-to-sale software to drive business growth
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Viridian Sciences pricing: Viridian Sciences Offers Custom plan.

What is Viridian Sciences and how does it work?

Viridian Sciences is a cannabis seed-to-sale software, which has been built on a complaint, safes, and secure platform for users. This software offers inventory tracking, keeps up with the changing laws, demands planning, conducts reporting, finds out the cost-per-gram, and carries out other such tasks with ease. Developers have designed this software, especially for dispensaries, distributors, growers, and processors, to ensure complete compliance, automation, and scalability in this field. This ERP solution is extremely flexible and offers an in-depth analysis of business operations, generating automated reports that include information pertaining to sales, production, purchasing, finance, human resources, and more. Besides, it provides a spectrum of services, where one can access their company’s data on any device powered with an internet connection and keep purchasing, managing, and other burdens completely at bay. Viridian Sciences runs on the latest programming practices and ensures continuous improvements, additions and offers a complete solution to businesses right from seeding to selling. show more

MJ Platform - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software

MJ Platform

Gain visibility and control operations in the cannabis enterprise successfully
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MJ Platform pricing: MJ Platform Offers Custom plan.

What is MJ Platform and how does it work?

MJ Platform is a cannabis compliance software that is designed to ease out cultivation, manufacturing and selling operations in the marijauna industry. The ERP software aims for preventing compliance, providing inventory visibility, and streamlines operations from the beginning to the end process. The application looks into cultivation, where it tracks plant genetics, calculates costs, improves profitability, and accesses data across businesses. Next, it pays attention to manufacturing, where the software allows one to manage suppliers and customers efficiently. Then this software platform aims to streamline workflows while paying additional attention to sales and marketing data. Besides, it looks into distribution and deals with sales and inventory management tracks, shipping deliveries, and more. MJ Platform lets users look into retailing and track sales and inventory in real-time, allowing one to understand more on customer analytics. Additionally, it helps users with delivery management, where it pays maximum attention to the ways of optimizing the delivery operations, and gains visibility on the same in real-time. show more

Blaze Grow - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software

Blaze Grow

Cannabis Cultivation Software
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Blaze Grow pricing: Blaze Grow Offers Custom plan.

What is Blaze Grow and how does it work?

Designed from the ground up for cannabis cultivators, by cannabis cultivators. BLAZE Grow seed to sale software makes it easy to manage entire cannabis cultivation operation along with packaging and sales processes. Quickly generate compliant shipping manifests with the click of a button. Cultivation taxes are automatically calculated and included to ensure. show more

Trellis - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software


Get the best seed-to-sale tracking software
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Trellis pricing: Trellis Offers Custom plan.

What is Trellis and how does it work?

Trellis is a cannabis seed-to-sale tracking software that enables its users to keep them compliant and optimize all their operations. The software assists users in an efficient inventory management, and helps them to increase yields and optimize businesses right from the cultivation to the extraction process. The software comes with features like inventory tracking, purchasing, cultivation, harvest, extraction, disposal, reporting, dashboard, and more. With Trellis, users can consolidate their purchases and generate customizable orders to input their production costs successfully. Besides this, they can easily track wet, dry, and all other tasks pertaining to harvesting and extraction efficiency. This software comes along with a dynamic dashboard offering real-time cultivation and inventory updates to users at all times. One can get hands-on customer experience, gather continuous feedback, and improve business on this platform without any fuss. Trellis comes with a very user-friendly design that offers a simple navigation experience, with a linear tracking process and identifiable tools. Moreover, the software utilizes an advanced analytics and reporting throughout the entire cannabis growing process, right from seed to sale. show more

Helix BioTrackTHC - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software

Helix BioTrackTHC

Perform seed-to-sale tracking and data reporting efficiently
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Helix BioTrackTHC pricing: Helix BioTrackTHC Offers Custom plan.

What is Helix BioTrackTHC and how does it work?

Helix BioTrackTHC is an all-in-one cannabis tracking software that covers all the requirements of complaint seed-to-sale tracking and data reporting efficiently. The software is powered with a set of tracking and reporting tools that have been customized to the user’s jurisdiction regulations. Along with the above, it even includes scores of features to assist users in operating every aspect of their licensed cannabis business successfully. These mainly include data-driven marketing tools, reports, customized workflows, and more. Helix BioTrackTHC closely looks into cultivation operations and monitors countless numbers of plants in the easy-to-understand cultivation grid. This cannabis monitoring solution also optimizes future yields and other related tasks such as the nutrient cycle, ongoing clone potency, etc. by staying compliant. Moreover, it pays attention to the processing and manufacturing segments, where it tries to convert multiple barcodes and other variations of the products as the user prefers. Lastly, it acts out a smooth selling process too, by monitoring countless purchase orders through a single interface. This full vertical cannabis software is integrated with METRC, Leaf Data Systems, and Helix BioTrackTHC state Traceability Systems, which makes it user-friendly. show more

GrowerIQ - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software


The smart cannabis cultivation platform
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GrowerIQ pricing: GrowerIQ Offers Custom plan.

What is GrowerIQ and how does it work?

GrowerIQ is a compliant cannabis growing management software, created in collab with Master Grower, Shlomo Booklin. It is the first platform to combine all facility systems used for the management of cannabis cultivation into a single interface, including ERP, sensors, QMS, and controls. GrowerIQ uses unique machine learning technology to automate your facility and offer cultivation insights that will improve quality. It transforms a regulatory obligation into a platform for learning, analysing, and improving crop performance for farmers. GrowerIQ is developing the first cannabis seed-to-sale monitoring software that unifies all facility systems. It is more intuitive and reflective of real-world best practises than other non-cannabis ERPs since it is the only platform built from the viewpoint of a Master Grower. It assists the clients in decreasing their compliance risk by switching to all-digital operations that saves two weeks of monthly Quality Assurance work by producing regulatory compliance reports with a single click. Additionally, users get integrated environmental sensor data and unique machine learning algorithms to help identify insights, and a built-in performance measurement system to stay consistent with GrowerIQ. show more

Nugistics - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software


For your Cannabis business and related tasks
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Nugistics pricing: Nugistics Offers Custom plan.

What is Nugistics and how does it work?

Nugitics application helps users with quick data entry, robust reports and business-critical insights under the hood. Basically, cultivation and manufacturing industries depend on the particular to get their day to day tasks streamlined within both office and remote settings as per need. At present, international boundaries of countries like Arizona, California, Oklahoma and Rhode Island are covered by the application. The developers of the Nugistics app aims to offer access to a user-focused platform, simplifying the overall production and sale of Cannabis on the go. Clients get to dial in their yields, extract with perfection, make packets with ease and proceed to sell with confidence. Moreover, as a reliable system with vertical integration for a variety of full-scale operations, Nugistics provides access to an exclusive suite of operational tools that facilitates sustainable organisational growth seamlessly. For cultivators, Nugistics has a full range of services planned to help out users gain proper insights into different aspects of their business, starting from inventory tackling to lineage details, backed by useful reports. Manufacturers can depend on the same with Cannabis and Non-Cannabis tracking. show more

Elevated Signals - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software

Elevated Signals

Supercharge your operations
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Elevated Signals pricing: Elevated Signals Offers Custom plan.

What is Elevated Signals and how does it work?

Move cannabis operations into the digital era. Increase profitability and make better decisions with real-time data. Liberate teams from tedious paper-based processes, frustrating seed-to-sale platforms, and old-school ERPs. Give them the software they need to be efficient and competitive.

Blaze Retail - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software

Blaze Retail

Speed Up Transactions
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Blaze Retail pricing: Blaze Retail Offers Custom plan.

What is Blaze Retail and how does it work?

Designed for budtenders, delivery drivers and front desk personnel, the iPad & iPhone Dispensary POS app makes customer interactions easy. Sign up members and get them checked out quickly by using the fastest, most intuitive Dispensary POS software in the industry.

365 Cannabis - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software

365 Cannabis

Organize agro business and grow beyond limits with 365 Cannabis
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365 Cannabis pricing: 365 Cannabis Offers Custom plan.

What is 365 Cannabis and how does it work?

365 Cannabis is an ERP solution that is specially designed for the cannabis industry. The software helps users grow beyond the limits and organize business in the best way possible. This software comes with a vertically integrated and an all-in-one ERP solution that enables cannabis industries to grow their business. There are different modules used for every cannabis operation, and they are for financials, cultivation, processing, CRM, distribution, and retail. Users can now record and store all of their financial data in one place; and they can forecast, plan, track, and register the cultivation process successfully. Besides these, they can configure routes and calculate requirements and costs effectively. Users can also gain complete visibility of their sales, customers, and patients. The software enables users to plan, track and manage their inventory for accurate supply counts. Lastly, one can perform smooth back-office management and have access to a built-in POS designed for dispensaries. With 365 Cannabis ERP software, users can connect their business wherever they are, and get instant assistance tailored to their unique cannabis operations efficiently. show more

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List of Seed to Sale Cannabis Software

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Flourish 5
GrowFlow 4.9
Distru 4.8
Viridian Sciences 4.5
MJ Platform 0.8
Blaze Grow NA
Trellis NA
Helix BioTrackTHC NA
GrowerIQ NA

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