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Updated on: September 30, 2022
Amazon SNS Simple Notification Service

Amazon SNS Alternatives and Competitors

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Top 5 Amazon SNS Alternatives

Aritic PinPoint - Marketing Automation Software
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Aritic PinPoint

For full-stack marketing automation use Aritic PinPoint
(54 Ratings)

Aritic PinPoint pricing: Starts at $48.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Aritic PinPoint and how does it work?

Aritic PinPoint is a full-stack marketing automation platform that automates the entire business funnel seamlessly. From generating new and quality leads to converting them into brand advocates this platform does it all. The round-the-clock support team of Aritic PinPoint helps industries to create marketing efforts and processes seamlessly. This platform creates unique automated users’ experience workflows to attract and connect leads across multiple online avenues. Also, by elevating the marketing approach, Aritic PinPoint transforms these potential leads into regular customers. Further, this platform uses its bi-directional native CRM integration system to harness the potential of good marketing automation, thus rapidly establishing relationships between prospects and customers. Aritic PinPoint’s marketing automation tools offer detailed performance data, enabling marketing teams to streamline and align several campaigning strategies. This would help the organisations in particular to get higher marketing returns. By obtaining dynamic segment lists, this platform helps to send fitting communication and deliver personalised content for potential buyers. Also, Aritic PinPoint features email automation, contact segmentation, anonymous lead nurturing & tracking among other things. show more

Amazon SNS vs Aritic PinPoint | Aritic PinPoint Alternatives
OneSignal - Push Notification Software
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Free application for push notification service
(272 Ratings)

OneSignal pricing: Starts at $9.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is OneSignal and how does it work?

OneSignal is an entirely free application that allows user to send unlimited push notifications to unlimited subscribers. It supports all platforms such as HTML and also integrates well with WordPress. It provides real-time tracking feature to track notifications instantly after sending it. The software has A/B testing feature, which enables user to try different messages to smaller set of visitor to figure out effective message. It also has automatic notification feature that automatically sends notifications to the customers. This feature notifies the customer every time when new post is published. The software is capable of delivering a huge number of notifications in a very quick time. show more

Amazon SNS vs OneSignal | OneSignal Alternatives
Twilio Flex - Cloud Communication Platforms

Twilio Flex

A communication centre that fits your business
(441 Ratings)

Twilio Flex pricing: Starts at $1.0.

What is Twilio Flex and how does it work?

Twilio Flex is a programable communication platform designed for effective businesses, helping brands connect with their customers over text messages, voice/video call and email. To set up a communication network, the software either uses the Internet of Things, Elastic SIP Trunking, Phone Numbers or Short Codes. It accelerates the communication process by providing the widest breadth of communication mechanism. This way, Twilio Flex also saves 34% of the users’ operational expenses. The platform deploys a 100% cloud contact centre within days at which companies can adapt, inspect and adjust any part of the contact centre. Organisations can also provide relevant and contextual information to their agents for highly personalised interactions. With Twilio Flex, developers can respond to rapidly changing market conditions by making alterations in their applications. It also allows them to get feedback from individual customers and deliver the right outcome. The software helps to generate new business insights that further enhance operational strategies. show more

Amazon SNS vs Twilio Flex | Twilio Flex Alternatives
Amazon SES - Transactional Email Software
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Amazon SES

The next gen email service software
(196 Ratings)

Amazon SES pricing: Starts at $0.1.

What is Amazon SES and how does it work?

Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) is an email marketing and transactional emailing software that facilitates a cloud based emailing service to send transactional mails. It enables the users to send and receive notifications and messages in order to enhance campaigns used for marketing. With Amazon SES, you can create email templates with replacement tags to engage clients with fully personalized messages for content personalization. It offers various methods to send email that include the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) interface, Amazon SES API, and Amazon SES console. It additionally offers personalized dashboards, automated IP Warmup, email suppression, multi factor authentication, custom spam filter, and email personalization. Users also get smart email marketing features like auto responders, click map, event triggered mail, click through tracking, and spam check. With its multi-functional features, it is ideally suited for all types of business ranging from large to small to medium. The platform offers a free version for upto the first 62000 emails every month followed by some premium plans to fit every type of requirement. show more

Amazon SNS vs Amazon SES | Amazon SES Alternatives
Amazon Kinesis - New SaaS Software

Amazon Kinesis

Easily collect, process, and analyze video and data streams in real time
(99 Ratings)

Amazon Kinesis pricing: Amazon Kinesis Offers Custom plan.

What is Amazon Kinesis and how does it work?

Amazon Kinesis makes it easy to collect, process, and analyze real-time, streaming data so you can get timely insights and react quickly to new information. Amazon Kinesis is fully managed and runs your streaming applications without requiring you to manage any infrastructure. With Amazon Kinesis, you can perform real-time analytics on data that has been traditionally analyzed using batch processing. You can use Amazon Kinesis to process streaming data from IoT devices such as consumer appliances, embedded sensors, and TV set-top boxes. show more

Amazon SNS vs Amazon Kinesis | Amazon Kinesis Alternatives

Products Similar to Amazon SNS

New Relic Alerts - IT Alerting Software

New Relic Alerts

Catch problems before they turn critical
(14 Ratings)

New Relic Alerts pricing: New Relic Alerts Offers Custom plan.

What is New Relic Alerts and how does it work?

New Relic Alerts integrates easily with team software like PagerDuty, Campfire, HipChat, Slack. When you're scrambling to fix a problem, nothing's more frustrating than being alerted about the same error again and again. With configurable incident rollups and prioritized search terms that are monitored and tracked, team members can get the alerts they need faster, and achieve lower response times. Catch problems before they reach your end-user. With New Relic Alerts, you receive notifications when leading performance indicators spike or drop. Alerts can keep you aware of issues that go beyond the server with complex applications and real user data integration. show more

New Relic Alerts Alternatives
AWS Personal Health Dashboard - IT Alerting Software

AWS Personal Health Dashboard

Alerts and remediation guidance
(19 Ratings)

AWS Personal Health Dashboard pricing: Starts at $29.0.

What is AWS Personal Health Dashboard and how does it work?

AWS Personal Health Dashboard provides alerts and remediation guidance when AWS is experiencing events that may impact you. Personal Health Dashboard gives you a personalized view of the status of the AWS services that power your applications, enabling you to quickly see when AWS is experiencing issues that may impact you. The dashboard also provides forward-looking notifications, and you can set up alerts across multiple channels, including email and mobile notifications, so you receive the timely and relevant information to help plan for scheduled changes that may affect you. show more

AWS Personal Health Dashboard Alternatives
Micro Focus OpenFusion - IT Alerting Software

Micro Focus OpenFusion

Robust, high-performance open-source ORB for the Java Language
(0 Ratings)

Micro Focus OpenFusion pricing: Micro Focus OpenFusion Offers Custom plan.

What is Micro Focus OpenFusion and how does it work?

OpenFusion Enterprise products offer large-scale integration solutions for key application verticals, such as telecommunications, defense, aerospace, manufacturing, and finance. For applications that require high performance, massive scalability, high availability, predictable end-to-end QoS, security, and with the ability to be easily configured and managed, OpenFusion Enterprise products continue to be the leading choice in many of the world’s largest integration projects. show more

Micro Focus OpenFusion Alternatives
TelAlert - IT Alerting Software


Amp up your communication levels to drive more growth
(0 Ratings)

TelAlert pricing: TelAlert Offers Custom plan.

What is TelAlert and how does it work?

TelAlert is a critical event and mass notification monitoring software that enables companies to send messages and notifications to their employees, clients and customers on the go, assuring business continuity. It allows companies, quickly define key audiences, create clear messages or use templates and distribute information securely. Users can also gather data by creating simple surveys with yes/no options or personalised text responses. The software also helps to define hierarchical and role-based permissions so that brands can grant or restrict employees access to notification templates, recipient groups and other features. It even includes a Geographical Information Service (GIS) that provides users with information about target alerts, when employees are facing regional threats or evacuations. With TelAlert, companies can integrate notifications with their existing systems using the inbuilt API or command-line option. The software also goes through automated upgrades to ensure that all the information is always up to date and synced with critical systems (badging systems, BC tools, etc.). show more

TelAlert Alternatives
SiteUptime - IT Alerting Software


The website monitoring service
(0 Ratings)

SiteUptime pricing: Starts at $10.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is SiteUptime and how does it work?

Know when your website or server is down - before your customers do. SiteUptime will check your website at 2 minute intervals from 11 different locations across 4 continents. Before alerting you, any failure is confirmed with an alternate geographic location check, minimizing the potential of false positives. show more

SiteUptime Alternatives
Everbridge IT Alerting - IT Alerting Software

Everbridge IT Alerting

Gain full visibility and control responses with ease
(18 Ratings)

Everbridge IT Alerting pricing: Starts at $32.0.

What is Everbridge IT Alerting and how does it work?

Everbridge IT Alerting platform lets users gain full visibility and control IT incident responses successfully. It comes with a Workflow Designer that helps to accelerate one’s operational responses to all critical incidents through the automation of various actions and activities, which are associated with the respective business processes. Users can work with the Everbridge’s Smart Orchestration Cockpit, which provides self-service, drag and drop Graphical User Interface to define and monitor workflows. Besides this, it also looks into a wide variety of workflow components like computer processes, human activities, etc. With Everbridge IT Alerting, users can locate and contact the right people anytime and anywhere. The software automatically identifies sources for immediate responses. It uses pre-built message templates for error-free communication and active engagement. Everbridge IT Alerting software ensures that users never miss a critical alert. It automatically sends out multi-channel alerts until they are acknowledged, and maintains a self-service calendar and notification management for best results. Lastly, it plays a vital role in fixing issues faster. For this reason, it uses workflow automation and executes the best remedies to solve the ongoing problems; and even creates an end-to-end resolution plan for all. show more

Amazon SNS vs Everbridge IT Alerting | Everbridge IT Alerting Alternatives
IDERA Uptime Infrastructure Monitor - IT Alerting Software

IDERA Uptime Infrastructure Monitor

Monitoring the performance of your IT infrastructure with ease
(0 Ratings)

IDERA Uptime Infrastructure Monitor pricing: IDERA Uptime Infrastructure Monitor Offers Custom plan.

What is IDERA Uptime Infrastructure Monitor and how does it work?

IDERA Uptime Infrastructure Monitor is an all-in-one uptime infrastructure monitoring platform that allows you to monitor and enhance the performance of your IT infrastructure. It enables you to keep track of apps, servers, network devices, and virtual machines from a single dashboard. With IDERA Uptime, you can utilize historical data to forecast future server capacity requirements. For SLA reporting and compliance, you can keep track of enterprise-level performance movements. You can screen almost anything using a variety of pre-built custom scripts or plug-ins. You can restructure event organization using native ServiceNow integration. You can monitor apps, physical servers, network devices, virtual machines, and services across many platforms, whether they are on-premise, remotely, or in the cloud, in real time. You can create NOC (network operations center), team dashboards (networking teams, server, capacity, and application), and private IT dashboards for the entire data center in minutes. Additionally, users can easily define SLAs, track their performance trends and progress, and transfer the outcomes to administration for reporting and compliance purposes using IDERA Uptime Infrastructure Monitor. show more

IDERA Uptime Infrastructure Monitor Alternatives
Pingability - IT Alerting Software


Come to the site at any time
(0 Ratings)

Pingability pricing: Starts at $9.95.

What is Pingability and how does it work?

Pingability can monitor basic web pages, of course. It can also check SSL secured URLs (no extra cost); check for the existence or absence of a keyword on that page and check the page responds within a certain time. You can tell the service to alert you based on rules you specify. e.g. on the first outage, or when the server comes back up, or if there are, say, five outages in a two hour period. You can have our service run any SSH commands you like in the event of a problem. e.g. to restart your web or database server. Or even to reboot your server. The SSH actions are unique to Pingability.com's service. show more

Pingability Alternatives
iLert - IT Alerting Software


The perfect platform for uptime heroes
(0 Ratings)

iLert pricing: Starts at $9.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is iLert and how does it work?

iLert is an all-in-one platform for uptime monitoring, on-call, and alerting that notifies you when your website is offline so you don't miss an important notice. It notifies you of important uptime concerns by phone call, SMS, or push notification, and allows you to acknowledge them on the same channel. iLert offers tools for on-call scheduling and automated escalations that enable you to always inform the correct person and distribute on-call responsibilities throughout your team. It doesn't matter if it's your website, API, or server; it allows you to keep track of your whole online presence's uptime and performance. iLert can also monitor your monitoring equipment with heartbeat monitoring. Users additionally get a call routing feature to contact on-call staff. Users also get the option to allow callers to leave a voicemail if no one is present. The notice will be accompanied by voicemails. Users can also personalize their greeting message and route calls based on the information provided by the caller. You can also define your IVR menu in Spanish, German, English, and French among other languages. show more

iLert Alternatives
LepideAuditor Suite - IT Alerting Software

LepideAuditor Suite

The ideal data security platform
(1 Ratings)

LepideAuditor Suite pricing: LepideAuditor Suite Offers Custom plan.

What is LepideAuditor Suite and how does it work?

Lepide Auditor Suite is an advanced data security platform that provides unrivalled risk reduction and behavioral analysis. The Lepide Data Security Platform helps you protect your data, comply with regulations, and respond to attacks. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, Lepide uses Data-Centric Audit & Protection to provide advanced-level insights into your surrounding and data systems. With Lepide, you can discover, analyze, and safeguard sensitive information. Even the changes to sensitive data and your hybrid environment can be audited, reported on, and alerted to with Lepide. You can additionally keep track of all changes and alterations that users make to important files and directories. Users can identify which people are most likely to pose insider threats by running specific reports for individuals with excessive rights. They can additionally scan, find, and classify data automatically at the moment of generation to keep track of where their sensitive data is stored. To keep on top of your most sensitive data, you can also categorize and evaluate it based on monetary worth, compliance, incidence, risk and much more. show more

LepideAuditor Suite Alternatives
Dedrone DroneTracker - IT Alerting Software

Dedrone DroneTracker

Track the movements of your drone
(1 Ratings)

Dedrone DroneTracker pricing: Dedrone DroneTracker Offers Custom plan.

What is Dedrone DroneTracker and how does it work?

Dedrone Tracker is a drone tracking software that identifies and defends against dangers posed by drones. It offers a cutting-edge technology and classification engine that detects and classifies all types of drones. It can distinguish between different drone types and distinguish between drones and other moving objects like aircrafts, birds or other items. The DedroneDNA database is used by the DedroneTracker software, which can be hosted in the cloud or on-premise, to detect and categorize non-Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi, and RF drones. DedroneDNA signatures are updated in real time through the cloud, ensuring that the Dedrone system is constantly protected against the newest threats. Drone incursions are recorded forensically using integratable external video cameras and DedroneSensors. The DedroneTracker programme captures a variety of forensic data, including drone model, manufacturer, video verification, and time and length of drone activity. DedroneSensors link to the cloud automatically, and frequent software updates keep the airspace safe from the newest drone threats. Surveillance cameras, radar, and third-party countermeasures like automated blinds, fog bombs, and jammers can all be readily linked too. show more

Dedrone DroneTracker Alternatives
NotifyNinja - IT Alerting Software


Save your website from crashing before down time with Notify Ninja
(2 Ratings)

NotifyNinja pricing: NotifyNinja Offers Custom plan.

What is NotifyNinja and how does it work?

Notify Ninja is an IT alerting software that aims at protecting a website from crashing by informing the developers in less than 30 seconds. If something goes wrong, it contacts your team and alerts them within 30 seconds. With Notify Ninja, you can now keep an eye on your site at any time and from anywhere. It relieves you off the stress of maintaining your website all on your own. Additionally, it is an excellent method to upload several screens and Link Options and Lightbox are included in the Carousel. Users get a quick and responsive team of developers to manage their website during downtime with this software and it is ideally suited to all types of enterprises, from small to medium to large. The pricing of the Notify Ninja software is quotation-based and users have to contact them directly through their official website for accurate pricing details. show more

NotifyNinja Alternatives
DERDACK Enterprise Alert - IT Alerting Software

DERDACK Enterprise Alert

An efficient critical alerting software for organizations
(47 Ratings)

What is DERDACK Enterprise Alert and how does it work?

DERDACK Enterprise Alert is a critical alerting software designed for enterprises. The software empowers teams to respond to incidents, which are threatening the continuity of business services and operations. It alerts processes, enables reliable and fast actions that are required 24/7. This software responds to incidents by combining four main pillars, which include sending out automated alert notifications in real-time, encouraging ad-hoc collaborations, performing convenient duty scheduling, and providing anywhere incident remediation. On-premises and private cloud deployments within the software would serve to be ideal for around the clock enterprise IT operations, IT managed services, manufacturing, financial, and other such fields. The software can widely help with enterprise IT alerting, mobile alerting in manufacturing industries, critical operations alerting in banking and financial sectors, field service e-dispatching in energy and utilities, and more. Enterprise Alert offers users persistent and automated alert notifications via voice, push, emails, text messages, and even IM. The software also tracks the delivery status of the notifications and sends acknowledgments accordingly. In the case of non-reply or non-delivery, it immediately reacts or replies automatically by making use of efficient escalation chains, presence information as well as on-calls schedules. show more

Amazon SNS vs DERDACK Enterprise Alert | DERDACK Enterprise Alert Alternatives
Downtime Monkey - IT Alerting Software

Downtime Monkey

Monitoring website made easier
(1 Ratings)

Downtime Monkey pricing: Starts at $0.69. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Downtime Monkey and how does it work?

Downtime Monkey is a network of worldwide servers providing website outage warnings and uptime monitoring in India. It enables monitoring response times, uptime statistics, and downtime records all at one place. You can also monitor the availability of a website with Downtime Monkey. With this software, every minute, websites are examined and monitors can be seen to analyse all of your websites at once or to watch specific websites in real time. You can additionally start monitoring in seconds by adding individual monitors or uploading websites in bulk. You can receive notifications the moment a website is detected offline, or you can create custom alerts so that messages are only delivered if a site is down for an extended period of time. You can also monitor response time to keep track of website performance. With Downtime Monkey, daily average response times for the past two years, hourly average response times for the past week, and individual reaction times for the past 24 hours are all graphed too. Up to 60 websites can be watched for free with this software. show more

Downtime Monkey Alternatives
Activity To Go - IT Alerting Software

Activity To Go

Get notified when Heroku app changes
(1 Ratings)

What is Activity To Go and how does it work?

Activity To Go users will get real-time updates about what's happening on the Heroku apps via favorite services. As they understand the sensitivity of data and they take all the necessary steps to safeguard it. Keeping these services secure is fundamental to the nature of our business. That's why security is their number one priority. show more

Amazon SNS vs Activity To Go | Activity To Go Alternatives
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