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Updated on: March 9, 2021
Roam Research Roam Research to Explore Ideas
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Roam Research Alternatives and Competitors

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A comprehensive list of competitors and best alternatives to Roam Research.

Top 5 Roam Research Alternatives


Organize your personal and team notes

Nototo can store all your information, no matter the volume. Access and switch between your notes faster than ever. With effortless navigation, you’ll never lose your train of thought. With no folders or menus to hide your notes, it’s easy to keep track of everything. Share your maps and... read more


A Quick Note Taking Application to Capture, Organize, And Share Ideas

Notes.io is an easy-to-use application that is designed for taking notes and sharing it within your network by providing them with just a URL. The tool is built to take notes quickly and does not require any installation. The application is free and simple to use and provides users with a yellow... read more


Organize Ideas and Projects into Visual Boards
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Milanote is a tool to collect all ideas, projects, and notes in one place. It is a tool to collect, organize, and generate ideas and brainstorm. The tool has a simple text editing and task management feature, which lets users add their thoughts on the boards. It allows users to upload all types of... read more


Organize your digital life

Cling is your desk in the cloud. The perfect place for all that matters to you. Keep your content safe, have everything at hand, and always stay on top. Cling is the best place for your notes. Note down your ideas and thoughts. Cling does far more than merely store bookmarks. Drop your current... read more


A Learning Workspace Tool

RemNote software is a platform used to organize to grow your knowledge. The software offers tools to manage link notes and ideas to supercharge your memory, organization, and thinking skills. Create flashcards within your notes and personalize spaced-repetition learning schedule. Share documents... read more

Products Similar to Roam Research


Quickly share text between computers

sharetxt is a minimalist app that lets you collaborate docs in real-time. It works on Linux, OSX, and Windows. All you need is a browser. Make edits and see your changes in real-time and copy the short link and share it with anyone.


Efficient Note-taking Tool for Records, Ideas, Tasks, and Lists.

Supernotes is a fast tool that enables users to take notes and collaborate with friends. It helps to create notecards with images, emojis, markdown, LaTex, and much more. The tool can be used by startups, chefs, developers, students, mathematicians, researchers, authors, corporates, and educators.... read more


Managing Meeting Notes Made Simple
(5 Ratings)

Hugo software is a platform used to centralize searchable meeting notes with your favorite tools. Collaborate with your team, take notes and make tasks into emails and chat. It integrates with Trello, Slack, Asana, Jira, and more. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.


A Simple Note-taking App

Contexted software is an relational note-taking app to write notes into a personal knowledge base. The software offers a Markdown-based to manage notes stored in plain text and exportable. It supports end-to-end encryption on all your notes and can visualize your connected notes with mindmaps.... read more


Managing Notes for Professionals Made Simple

NotePlan software is a note-taking app integrated with your calendar to automate workflows. The software offers tools to document your meetings through tags and backlinks to make better decisions. Collaborate with your team with tasks to gain insights with decisions. It supports Mobile iOS.... read more

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