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Strands BFM - Cash Flow Management Software

Strands BFM

Absolute financial solutions for SMEs
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Strands BFM pricing: Strands BFM Offers Custom plan.

What is Strands BFM and how does it work?

Strands BFM allows banks with bookkeeping and accounting services for the SMEs working with them. Primarily, the tool solves 3 basic problems. Firstly, the problem with money management. Secondly, getting a lending accession. And thirdly, successfully scaling their businesses. The software solution provides a product sheet to the banks and individuals to get an insight into the type of enterprise and how the finances are taken care of. Strands BFM then leverages and assesses the type of customer an SME has, and then plans to manage its finances accordingly. Furthermore, the solution also tracks the progress of the enterprises, analyses the pros and cons and then includes them in the finance management. It enables banks to improve the rates of engagement of the SMEs under them. This, on the other hand, helps them to get new revenue possibilities. The company also has several other services like Strands PFM, Strands Engager, Strands CLO and Strands Open hub. These provide banking and financial solutions to a varied range of customers. show more

Strands BFM Alternatives
AGICAP - Cash Flow Management Software


A simple way to manage differential cash flows
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AGICAP pricing: AGICAP Offers Custom plan.

What is AGICAP and how does it work?

AGICAP is a compact cash flow management software that helps small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with their day-to-day cash flow monitoring and task automation. At present 3500+ companies depends on AGICAP to proceed with seamless cash flow management. The software with its reliable cash flow forecast functionality helps businesses make better strategic decisions using the information provided. Moreover, active integrations with external accounting tools, banks and invoicing platforms save a lot of the users time. It also enables businesses to get a clear cut view of the available information related to their bank accounts with just a single click. They can run a detailed analysis of individual expenses within AGICAP’s inbuilt dashboard. These reports can also be exported as per convenience to get further loans. Large groups working together can depend on the software to obtain a consolidated view of overall expenses in a single click. show more

AGICAP Alternatives
PlanGuru - Cash Flow Management Software


Allow the Guru to take care of your business and budgets alike
(13 Ratings)

PlanGuru pricing: Starts at $74.91. Offers Custom plan.

What is PlanGuru and how does it work?

PlanGuru is an essential software for business planning and budgeting. It is a go-to for several large and small scale businesses for the purpose of informed decision making. PlanGuru facilitates over twenty strategic forecasting methods that allow client organisations for projecting plans up to an extent of ten years. Its integrated income statement, balance sheet and cash flow memo come with a smart ability to build custom business drivers and provide turn-key methods besides including non-financial data. Further, analysis can be created by importing historical results within minutes. Rolling forecasts can be built with a budget as well as actual reports that are delivered to the client on a monthly basis. PlanGuru further provides a flexible structure for creating high-level budgets for small businesses as well as for multi-departmental spaces with necessary consolidations for sophisticated business organisations. PlanGuru’s forecasting tool intimates company authorities with impending financial impacts thanks to different events with unpinned precision. This ultimately enables clients to generate scenario analyses of their own and proceed forward with smart investments accordingly. show more

Caflou vs PlanGuru | PlanGuru Alternatives
Akoni - Cash Flow Management Software


Take charge of your funds and get a higher rate of return with Akoni
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Akoni pricing: Akoni Offers Custom plan.

What is Akoni and how does it work?

Akoni is a finance management platform that lets you maximize your money earned and limit risk without the hassle of researching rates, setting up, and maintaining many accounts. It enables you to manage your money with ease with a savings dashboard, which provides quick and simple access to rates from all of the top-rated institutions. With Akoni, you can earn more interest on your money by combining numerous FSCS protected bank accounts and because of the variety of options available. With Akoni’s savings planner, you can get a single view of all your money, no matter where it's stashed. You can link your own current accounts and savings accounts to Akoni, enabling you to see all of your cash accounts alongside your Akoni savings. To better match your risk-return preferences and needs, you can employ FitchSolutions for unbiased Financial Implied Credit Scores (FICS). Additionally, all of your cash deposits can be tracked, analyzed, compared, and successfully managed using Akoni’s funds snapshot, 12-Month Liquidity Profile, and Risk Allocation chart. show more

Akoni Alternatives
CashFlowMapper - Cash Flow Management Software
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CashFlowMapper pricing: Starts at $25.0.

What is CashFlowMapper and how does it work?

CashFlowMapper represents your business as it happens in real life. You can forecast your cash flow over any timeframe you like from days to years. Import your data directly from your accounting software or use data exported from your online banking website. Export your cash flow plans ready-made to excel for presenting and modelling or for inclusion in reports. Prepare automated rolling cash flow forecasts the most powerful cash planning tool there is. show more

CashFlowMapper Alternatives

Products Similar to Caflou

Finmap - Cash Flow Management Software


Modern enterprise cash flow management
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Finmap pricing: Starts at $12.0.

What is Finmap and how does it work?

Small business and entrepreneur financial management software provider. By integrating with banks, accounting tools, and CRMs, the company's simple and understandable financial management tool provides analysis of key business financials such as cash flows and profitability statements, as well as automating financial management routines, allowing clients to set up company financial and management accounting smoothly and optimise analytical summary reports in just a few clicks. It's a cashflow management solution for SMBs in developing countries that lets owners see their company's financial health without having to be a financial expert . We already collaborate with over 1600 companies from all around the world. More than 2000 banks and other services are integrated (new ones are constantly being added). P&L, CashFlow, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable reports are all automated. Multicurrency and cryptocurrency options are available. Automated profitability reports for projects and various business lines. Dashboards for money. Payment calendar that predicts cash shortages. Varying employees have different levels of access. Financial professionals form a professional assistance team. show more

Finmap Alternatives
Cashforce - Cash Flow Management Software
(2 Ratings)

Cashforce pricing: Cashforce Offers Custom plan.

What is Cashforce and how does it work?

Cashforce is a cash forecasting platform that automates the process of cash forecasting via working capital insights. It offers smart logic and AI/ML that provides proactive cash savings via better cash forecasting accuracy, making actuals vs. forecast analysis simple. With Cashforce, you get automated data aggregation, logic, and simple processes that help you organize your forecasting process, saving you time. You can get detailed insights into working capital drivers and improvement opportunities result in working capital savings outside of the treasury department. The platform offers machine learning approaches that help you improve the accuracy of your cash forecasts. You can streamline your organization's cash forecasting procedure and make manual modifications in the same way you would in Excel. You can integrate data from the system and manual uploads along with combining many sources in a seamless manner. You can create your own dashboard to visualize and concentrate important data. Using your FX rate settings, you can keep track of your balances and flows in various currencies. You can manually feed data into your cash flow forecast by integrating company-wide systems. show more

Cashforce Alternatives
Cash Flow Frog - Cash Flow Management Software

Cash Flow Frog

The simplest way to plan and predict your business-specific cash flows
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Cash Flow Frog pricing: Starts at $31.0.

What is Cash Flow Frog and how does it work?

Cash Flow Frog is a comprehensive cash flow planning and forecasting software that provides businesses with a clear picture of their current cash balance besides showcasing how much cash they will have at a given point in time in the near future. The software helps users to understand the current status of their finances. It also simulates different what-if scenarios helping businesses pay bills at the right time, hire new employees and get their money-drawing processes completed on the go. Cash Flow Frog includes an easy-to-use reports editor, which makes it simple for businesses to create stunning cash flow reports and share those forecasts and scenarios with reputed clients and colleagues with ease. Also, customer-specific insights provided by the same can be used to rank individual clients based on their sales, payment punctuality levels and overall collections gathered. The same process also helps users to optimise their payment terms and enhance cash flow planning on the go. show more

Cash Flow Frog Alternatives
ThinkOut - Cash Flow Management Software


Understand how money moves your business
(1 Ratings)

What is ThinkOut and how does it work?

ThinkOut is the online platform that supports managers to better understand their businesses through cash flow analysis and forecasting, by automatically aggregating the transactions from their bank account(s). Based on the transactions history, ThinkOut builds forecasts of Income and Expenses for the following months. You can adjust them at any time or add your own estimations. It’s the way to stay in control of your finances and take action in good time. Right after you sign in to ThinkOut account, you are able to see the total balance for your connected bank accounts, the revenue and expenses of the past three months or the cash runway, given the current balance and the expense rate. show more

ThinkOut Alternatives
CashController - Cash Flow Management Software


Monitor your finances seamlessly with CashController
(1 Ratings)

What is CashController and how does it work?

CashController is a financial software to control the cash flow. Simply put, CashController takes charge of every activity related to a registered client’s cash. This ranges from real-time insights of incoming and outgoing cash, maintaining budget spreadsheets and cash collections for handling projects of varied sizes. The software is a go-to for eminent clients from various business fields like SMEs, wholesale distributors, accountants, transport, services, start-ups, ICT companies and webshops to mention a few. Further, it also offers clear and interactive dashboards, readable reports, drill down to invoice level and extensive simulations alike. The dashboard is one of the highly reviewed inclusions of a CashController package. Firstly, it offers an overview of the pertinent financial situation. The four most important financial components of business operations that are displayed include sales, gross profit, costs and net profit. Secondly, the insightful reports are prepared with readable details. Thirdly, based on current information automatic rolling forecasts are prepared for clients to take action on. Thus, for companies with multiple main activities, CashController becomes more of a financial assistant than a mere software. show more

CashController Alternatives
Payference - Cash Flow Management Software


Unlock hidden cash by optimizing operating capital
(9 Ratings)

Payference pricing: Payference Offers Custom plan.

What is Payference and how does it work?

Payference is a cash management platform that assists CFOs and finance teams in effectively managing and forecasting cash. It brings together all of your financial data in one place by effortlessly connecting with ERPs and bank accounts. With Payference, you get Payference IQ that unleashes cash by improving payables and receivables. You can automate repetitive activities and data entry, allowing the finance department to concentrate on higher-value things and improve your collections. You can provide your executive teams and boards with easy-to-understand reports and reconcile payments with bank transactions. Payference offers you a clear picture of your cash situation today and in the future, allowing you to make better choices. The platform assists in raising DPO in an intelligent manner and automates processes for collecting cash. It identifies working capital leading indicators, displays trends across multiple criteria, and makes recommendations. It clears the path for the finance team from start to finish, empowering them with actionable information and advice. Additionally, Payference's AI-powered collection intelligence platform offers a consistent, proactive, and automated approach for receivables management. show more

Payference Alternatives
Moneto - Cash Flow Management Software


A financial tool for organization
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Moneto pricing: Moneto Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Moneto and how does it work?

Moneto is the creator of an online monetary platform that may be utilized for any organization's financial needs. The company's platform is a financial services program that automates the entire invoicing process and allows firms to get payments on time while also having access to credit to reinvest in their business. Moneto addresses a crucial issue that most small businesses using spreadsheets face. It's a better way to receive a financial picture of the past, present, and future that's more organized, rapid, and productive. Moneto was created because we wanted what any other firm wants: a financial tool to remain on top of finances, make educated decisions, decrease financial uncertainty, and drive growth. Track top keywords for every app out there, as well as how an app's search position for the keywords that matter is changing over time. Examine App Reviews and Ratings for valuable user feedback. To find issues, track ideas, and enhance your software, slice and dice by version, country, and date range. For each day, country, device, or department, see when and where apps have been featured in the various app stores. show more

Moneto Alternatives
My Cash Flow Plan - Cash Flow Management Software
(0 Ratings)

My Cash Flow Plan pricing: My Cash Flow Plan Offers Custom plan.

What is My Cash Flow Plan and how does it work?

My Cash Flow Plan - Transactions are either income or expense. Cash balance is automatically calculated. Determine cash balance at any time in the future. Make adjustments to plan to see the possibilities. New job, buying a car, purchasing a home, retiring. Life events are inevitable and reflected in cash flow. show more

My Cash Flow Plan Alternatives
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