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Ticket Tailor - Event Registration & Ticketing Software

Ticket Tailor

An Online ticketing and event managing tool
(132 Ratings)

Ticket Tailor pricing: Starts at $0.65.

What is Ticket Tailor and how does it work?

Ticket Tailor is an event management software and is also an online ticket selling platform.It is a quality ticketing partner for multiple events like supporting events; B2Bs; conferences; private parties, festivals, venue ticketing and charity fundraisers.With this software, you can expect to save money as it does not charge any booking fees to your tickets.You can customize your online ticket store to popularize your brand.It is easy and quick to set up and comes with wordpress plugin.This web-based cloud-hosted software supports iPhone/iPad,Android and Mac as well.This tool allows you to check sales summaries, manage customer orders and supports e-ticket designing. show more

CONREGO vs Ticket Tailor | Ticket Tailor Alternatives
TicketLeap - Event Registration & Ticketing Software


A Solution to Sell tickets Online
(31 Ratings)

TicketLeap pricing: Starts at $1.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is TicketLeap and how does it work?

TicketLeap is an Event Management tool used to design the event page. Add a logo, tagline, and background image, and monitor the upcoming events in calendar format. The software supports Mobile Android or iOS. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.

CONREGO vs TicketLeap | TicketLeap Alternatives
Evite - Event Registration & Ticketing Software


Celebrate together, wherever you are
(354 Ratings)

Evite pricing: Evite Offers Custom plan.

What is Evite and how does it work?

Evite is the world’s leading digital platform for bringing people together to celebrate their most important life moments. With over 32 million registered users, Evite has sent more than 2 billion event invitations in its history, enabling approximately 3 billion unique face-to-face connections across all types of gatherings. Through easy-to-use online and text invitations, a private sharing feed for event photos and conversations, and inspiring video content, Evite provides inspiration and tools to make your get-togethers effortless and even more memorable. show more

Evite Alternatives
AllEvents.in - Event Registration & Ticketing Software


Your simple yet powerful event manager
(29 Ratings)

AllEvents.in pricing: AllEvents.in Offers Custom plan.

What is AllEvents.in and how does it work?

AllEvents is an automatic event registration and ticketing software. Whether it is a yoga workshop with 20 - 25 people or a music festival with more than 5,000 people, AllEvents can provide event hosting services for all. Using AllEvents, organizers can easily convert their ticket buyers into email subscribers, send pre-designed personalized emails and push notifications, and instantly know who is interested in buying their tickets. AllEvents is beautifully designed and customized according to the user's aesthetic or niche; it is easy to share across channels and strives to attract more potential customers and sell event tickets online. Regardless of the scale of the event, the brand never lets customers wait for their essential inquiries. They work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to meet the company's needs. It is easy to use and flexible, and designed for companies of any age group and stage. Users can also view unfinished reservations, set reservation reminders, send custom messages, and close more ticket sales using AllEvents. show more

CONREGO vs AllEvents.in | AllEvents.in Alternatives
Tixily - Event Registration & Ticketing Software


Sell tickets or registrations to your event online faster than ever
(0 Ratings)

Tixily pricing: Starts at $35.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Tixily and how does it work?

Tixily provides an all-in-one software solution for event management. Using Tixily to sell tickets to your events and organize event schedules has saved organizers thousands of hours in time spent thinking, organizing, and planning. Easy to use online registration and event ticketing web application. A simple and fair-priced marketplace to sell tickets for your events. Organize your convention's entire schedule with their state-of-the-art scheduler. Layout your entire exhibition space online and create fantastic tradeshow floor plans. Not difficult to learn or understand the interface. Deciding on the best physical arrangement of all resources that consume your Map Exhibit space within a facility. show more

Tixily Alternatives

Products Similar to CONREGO

Yapsody - Event Registration & Ticketing Software


Create, Promote, & Sell Event Tickets Online
(24 Ratings)

What is Yapsody and how does it work?

This enterprise-grade event ticketing system is designed to support our concert clientele along with global hospitality entities at an industry-efficient price. There is no subscription fee on our premium event ticketing software that accelerates your ticket sales, event management, revenue generation, and branding on a single interface, unlike other ticket selling websites. Now create events and sell tickets online using our professional event ticketing platform. Being a top of the line hospitality & entertainment enterprise is now within everyone’s reach! Sign up now and sell the first 50 tickets for Zero fees using our free event ticketing system. show more

Yapsody Alternatives
Ticketbud - Event Registration & Ticketing Software


Create a ticketing experience that is second to none
(107 Ratings)

What is Ticketbud and how does it work?

Ticketbud is a ticketing and event management software. It aids in the online sale of tickets for big festivals and events. The software simplifies and increases the profitability of event planning. In less than five minutes, people can create an amazing event page that they can share. Furthermore, users may quickly make money by selling their tickets using the Promote & Sell feature. Lines and check-in are also a breeze with Ticketbud's point of sale, scanner, and printed tickets. Users can also balance sales revenue figures to improve next year's performance. Customers may easily obtain continuous assistance by email, phone, and live chat with the personalised support option. Aside from that, Ticketbud's robust tools provide customers with all they need to effectively market event tickets. The promotion tool aids in the promotion of an event, audience growth, and the filling of the venue. All of this is accomplished via secure payment systems that include mobile point-of-sale, various payment providers, and global coverage. In addition, it offers thorough and detailed statistics on one's event achievements. show more

CONREGO vs Ticketbud | Ticketbud Alternatives
Weemss - Event Registration & Ticketing Software


A contest software for one and all
(50 Ratings)

Weemss pricing: Weemss Offers Custom plan.

What is Weemss and how does it work?

Weemss help you sell event tickets online effortlessly with its easy to use and dynamic tools. Event organizers can perfectly handle every type of events starting from user registrations, ticketing, seat reservations and collecting payments. Weemss is suitable for every business type and the whole ticket buying experience can be customizable. show more

CONREGO vs Weemss | Weemss Alternatives
ThunderTix - Event Registration & Ticketing Software


Cloud-hosted ticketing software
(235 Ratings)

ThunderTix pricing: Starts at $65.0.

What is ThunderTix and how does it work?

ThunderTix is an efficient ticketing software and event planning tool.You can use this tool for any kind of theatres, non-profit events, annual festivals, trade shows, train reservations and many more. Ticketing and event creation can be enhanced and simplified using this software.It extends support to both online as well as walk-in/phone orders.You can directly set events into official websites as it is a highly customizable platform.This ticketing software offers several tools for efficiently managing events. ThunderTix supports online ticket sales, mass email integration, financial and sales insight, online donations and highly customizable PDF tickets. show more

CONREGO vs ThunderTix | ThunderTix Alternatives
EventCreate - Event Registration & Ticketing Software


Create An Attractive Website For Your Next Big Event
(0 Ratings)

EventCreate pricing: Starts at $4.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is EventCreate and how does it work?

EventCreate lets users create beautiful event websites online. Users can choose from several event websites and invitation templates. Once they choose a template, users can customize it as per the needs and creativity. They can add their photos and colors along with text and content. The tool also allows them to add a map to the website if needed. Users can use all these features free of cost. Users can efficiently operate the tool even if they don't have any technical knowledge or coding experience. EventCreate also lets users customize the event registration process. Users can sell tickets of the events or accept payments from customers through credit cards. The platform enables users to track their attendees in one place efficiently. It helps users identify influencers, VIPs and learn more about who is attending the events. The tool also enables users to invite attendees with fully customizable and beautiful email invitations. The other features offered are bulk list upload, delivery tracking, and automatic reminders. show more

CONREGO vs EventCreate | EventCreate Alternatives
SimpleTix - Event Registration & Ticketing Software


Ticketing made easier and efficient
(80 Ratings)

SimpleTix pricing: Starts at $49.0.

What is SimpleTix and how does it work?

SimpleTix is a ticketing solution platform for arts organizations through which users can create and promote events and sell tickets. The software enables users to get paid instantly with Square, Stripe, PayPal or Authorize.net. Users can set up their events in minutes through the easy to use platform that makes ticketing a breeze. One can promote and sell tickets with a variety of customer-friendly features that makes it easier for the patrons to buy tickets. SimpleTix allows users to manage their events by tracking sales, retrieving information and even making payments all from a smartphone through the software. The software enables users to create stunning landing pages that look great on any phone, computer or tablet. The built-in seating charts and the available reserved seating snap up the tickets faster. Users can empower customers to choose tickets, pay, and download right on the website through SimpleTix widget. One can take payments using swiper, wireless chip reader, and the Square stand. show more

CONREGO vs SimpleTix | SimpleTix Alternatives
Konfeo - Event Registration & Ticketing Software


Online Event Registration Made Simple
(6 Ratings)

Konfeo pricing: Starts at $0.5. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Konfeo and how does it work?

Konfeo is an Event Registration software to create an event and sell tickets or seats. Track all your event statistics and can create registration forms. Customize events with text fields, drop-down lists or options to be checked. Make online payments directly to your account. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

CONREGO vs Konfeo | Konfeo Alternatives
idloom-events - Event Registration & Ticketing Software


An award-winning event management software
(0 Ratings)

idloom-events pricing: Starts at $115.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is idloom-events and how does it work?

idloom-events has been awarded for being the most user-friendly event management software.The software is a futuristic event registration platform that offers automated processes for smarter utilization. It is richly designed with all the necessary event managing and organising features like multi-page event website creation, payment processing, on-site quick check-in, attendee management, badge printing, invoice generation and hotel room booking. Idloom-events facilitates integrating event guest list into your preferred CRM. show more

CONREGO vs idloom-events | idloom-events Alternatives
SkyBox from Vivid Seats - Event Registration & Ticketing Software

SkyBox from Vivid Seats

The Suitable and Efficient way to Increase Sales
(0 Ratings)

SkyBox from Vivid Seats pricing: SkyBox from Vivid Seats Offers Custom plan.

What is SkyBox from Vivid Seats and how does it work?

SkyBox from Vivid Seats is the most convenient and effective way to increase your sales volume and profit margins, and automate your entire business. It provides advanced features like Ticket Downloader, Post Sale Delivery, Reporting Tool and much more.

SkyBox from Vivid Seats Alternatives
Regpack - Event Registration & Ticketing Software


An Online Registration and Event Management Solution
(366 Ratings)

Regpack pricing: Starts at $125.0.

What is Regpack and how does it work?

Regpack is an Online Registration process to creates a unique flow for every applicant. The software offers features like Camp Management, Course Management, and Trip Management to increase enrollment. Manage programs, engage attendees and make Online payments to analyze and understand your data. Generate reports to monitor the performance of your events. show more

CONREGO vs Regpack | Regpack Alternatives
123Signup - Event Registration & Ticketing Software


Association & Event Management Software
(0 Ratings)

What is 123Signup and how does it work?

123Signup is a leading provider of powerful, cloud-based software designed to support a wide range of organizations or associations. Integrated member management and event registration tools help drive membership and revenue growth, while reducing administrative tasks.

123Signup Alternatives
ePly - Event Registration & Ticketing Software


A comprehensive event management solution at your service
(1 Ratings)

ePly pricing: Starts at $4.0.

What is ePly and how does it work?

ePly is an industry level event management software, helping out companies with both in-person and hybrid conferences on the go. Irrespective of the type, size or venue of an individual event, ePly helps out organisations in the most imperative way. Starting from a variety of promotional features to powerful registration and attendee management tools, ePly provides access to all. Further, organisations can also depend on the same to generate mobile-ready registration forms, monitor payments/finances, collaborate with brands to promote events, generate intuitive badges and certificates, go through real-time attendee data at times of need and evaluate performances with accurate surveys. A dedicated customer care team of ePly provides adequate on-call assistance, assuring one-on-one support training and advice. Thus helping out industries to optimise their software workflows, besides enabling teams to leverage attendee databases for impactful reports and feedback on the go. show more

CONREGO vs ePly | ePly Alternatives
eRegNow - Event Registration & Ticketing Software


Event management software for online registration
(0 Ratings)

What is eRegNow and how does it work?

eRegNow is an event management platform that facilitates easing online registration process for conference and as such event managers. This software comes backed by an advanced online registration technology and is integrated with multiple payment gateways. This comprehensive event registration platform supports multi-currency, generates useful reports, features dashboard, automated email and invoicing facilities etc. Users just require giving a few clicks to download xls files and also can plugin their very own payment gateway. eRegNow helps in setting room inventories, allows attendees select their accomodation, build custom event registration forms and send email notifications. show more

CONREGO vs eRegNow | eRegNow Alternatives
Attend - Event Registration & Ticketing Software


Drive Revenue with Events
(16 Ratings)

Attend pricing: Attend Offers Custom plan.

What is Attend and how does it work?

Attend software is an All-in-one event platform to build promote business. The software offers tools to manage registration, check-in, post event metrics and engagement for every stage of the process. The Mobile event app delivers intelligence and live status notifications of your key guests. It integrates with Marketo, Hubspot, Salesforce, and more. Event Managers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Attend Alternatives
The Echo - Event Registration & Ticketing Software

The Echo

A Virtual World for Events
(10 Ratings)

The Echo pricing: The Echo Offers Custom plan.

What is The Echo and how does it work?

The Echo by Event Farm software is a platform used to create online event experiences. The software offers a range of presenter tools and can share files in PPT / PDF / image upload, screen and webcam sharing, laser pointers, and video casting. Collaborate with teams to personalize and interact with other attendees to automate workflows. Event Planners, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

The Echo Alternatives
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